Anniversary Gifts – The Reason For Giving

Over time it is easy to forget to buy anniversary gifts for your loved one to celebrate the day you got married. Also many people in this day and age will agree not to buy them for each other due to money constraints.

Even when an agreement is made between married couple to not buy anniversary gifts for each other there is a feeling of discrimination on both parties sides as the day comes and goes without any acknowledgment by an exchange of sentimental gifts. We are all well aware that each anniversary year should be represented by a theme such as wood, paper, silver, ruby ​​etc. although to make your loved one happy you do not need to have to abide by these traditions.

Rather than agreeing not to buy anniversary gifts for each other if you are indeed keeping an eye on what you spend you could reach an agreement to limit what you spend on them to say $ 10 or $ 20. This way you will not break the bank on lavish and expensive presents for one another.

You should remember that even if you can not afford to spend any money on anniversary gifts that even a simple handmade card will bring a smile to your partners face and it shows that while you could not afford to buy any gift you still remember the special day you got married and it still means enough to you to take some time to celebrate it.

Also giving anniversary gifts does not inevitably mean you have to spend any money at all. I probably would not be far wrong thinking that most couples have settled into doing certain jobs around the house such as cleans the car and puts the bins out and she cooks the dinners and does the polishing.

Why not show how much you care by arranging for your partner to go out for a couple of hours and while they are gone do all the jobs they would normally have to do around the house so that when they come back they are overjoyed to find them can have a break from the same old routine. Trust me they will remember this gesture long after any expensive roses have wilted or any chocolates that have been consumed.

Anniversary gifts are a way of remembering the special day you got married and a reminder to one another how much your partner still means to you. They are not about who can spend the most money and topping last years history as like all gifts it is the simple act of giving that will warm your partners heart and remind them how lucky they are to have you.