Anniversary Gifts – Seventieth Anniversary

It's your seventieth wedding anniversary, or sometimes referred to as your platinum wedding anniversary. Even with today's increased life expectancy, not everyone even makes it to 70 years of age, let alone end up married for 70 years. This is truly a special day and one to be cherished for so many reasons. Finding an anniversary gift should have considered a trivial matter in relation to what you've accomplished by staying married for so many years. The traditional and modern gift ideas are both platinum. If you do not exactly know what platinum is, we'll make this very simple. It's VERY expensive.

Maybe by this time money is no object. Maybe you've been saving up for most of those 70 years and even the thought of buying a small country is like walking down to the corner store for a gallon of milk. Let's hope so, because this year's anniversary gift is going to make that small country look like the local lemonade stand. Sometimes this is why many of today's modern couples go the modern alternative route when picking up a gift for this special occasion.

One of the more common things that people do when picking out a gift for a seventieth wedding anniversary is to take a trip to Africa. Why? Because Africa is the home to some of the largest platinum reserves. Okay, so maybe it's not the same thing as actually getting your spouse a big chunk of metal but it's still a nice gift. Africa has a number of places of interest that will more than make for a memorable vacation and anniversary gift. Yes, you may need a little help getting around at this stage of your life, but that can easily be arranged.

If, however, a trip to Africa is not exactly your idea of ​​a good time, there are other alternative anniversary gifts that you could consider. One such alternative gift that people seem to go for, though it's hard to say why, is the aalto petrol vase. These are some of the most unusual vases you will ever see. They come in a variety of sizes but the shape of them are unmistakable. They have a very modern and trendy design. The price range of these vases is from $ 55 to $ 125.

Another alternate route that many people choose is to find things that were around from 70 years ago. As of this article publication, that would be 1936. Finding anything from 1936 is not an easy task. You'll have to go to antique shops, comic collectible shops, coin collecting shops and other rare collectible stores. Should you find something from that era, expect the price tag to be rather steep. Comic books from that era, especially if they are in mint condition, can be hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

What's important to remember, regardless of what gift you choose, is that this is a very special day. It's one that not many people get to celebrate. The most important thing is that you're spending it together. The gift, whatever it is, is secondary to the years you've shared together.