All the Wedding Festivals You Should Know About

The Institution- Marriage

Marriage is one of the most holy celebrations and often a transit phase from an adolescent to an adult. We say that because marriage with many good times brings in a lot of responsibilities too. And these are responsibilities not only pertaining to your spouse but also his or her entire family.

In spite of a wedding legally meaning the sign of a bond, it goes on to mean something a lot more intricate- a lot of emotional attachment, sharing of responsibilities, frustration, sorrow and joy. Marriage is to find a person on whatever you would want to depend on all your life- not someone you can live with, but someone you can not live without!

Engagement Excitement

The excitement, the countdown, the long to longer wait starts from the very day of the engagement. The dream to be together turns to a hope and a wait. All the plans made come to being all of a sudden and new expectations start blooming.


As we all know from any occasion right from a birthday party celebration to a wedding, the success of celebration lies in a good planning. So, if you want to impress your friends, relatives and collections, get the flower decorators, the caterers and the tailor to working. Get the marriage hall set; start inviting before it is too late. After all wedding is an occasion that you do not get to live many times in a life!

Dressing and Accessories

The wedding dress is one of the most eye-catching dresses. And since the day belongs to you, you should not compromise on the details. If you want to get a perfect fit, you should rush to the tailor five to six months in advance. If you find you do not have enough time to go to the tailor, you can possibly invest a little more in a ready made wear. And in case even that pinches your pocket, you can always go in for a wedding dress on rent.

Choose the color according to what suits you the best. Nowadays, brides go on to explore a lot of other colors than white. Even the groom can go in for a dark blue or brown or even a white suit instead of the regular black ones. The bride's accessories should be simple yet exquisitely stylish to set her apart from the good-wisher milieu.

Celebration Time

With you getting married, all your well wishers should be happy people because you have found the person of your dreams. And you should indeed make them a part of this joyous occasion of your life. You should let them see that you are really happy when you say, "I do" or the priest say, "You may now kiss the bride". Your wedding is one day you celebrate your love and others celebrate it with you too! this is probability one occasion you fall back on each year when it comes to telling how special your partner is!