A Wedding Photographer Helps You Tell Your D-Day Story

Romanesque architecture, romantic courtyards, idealistic settings of stone bridges-spoiled for outdoor venues such as these, residents of New Orleans need not settle for anything less spectacular for their wedding.

Now imagine such a fairytale setting flawed by staged pictures of forced kisses and happy smiles. A marriage is not just any event, it is a part of your life and those memories should tell a story. A New Orleans wedding photographer understands this and gives you a visual memoir of candid pictures.

Known for its artistic and creative locales, a local New Orleans wedding photographer is well qualified and reputed to incorporate that artist into your special day. So years later, when you flip through the memory lane, phony images may just make you cringe and wish it had never happened.

Whereas an honest picture of a three-year-old ring bearer trying to fit it onto his cute chubby fingers or your hubby stealing a hasty kiss from you in the middle of a long boring toast can be what ideal wedding albums are made of.

This is called as informal, freestyle or photo journalistic style of photography. Basically the photographer captures your nuptials as it happens and not just when you happen to pose for it. Those sweet or funny moments which otherwise may be overlooked or forgotten are all captured for eternity.

So, if you decide to get married in the picturesque locales of New Orleans, and are more than willing to get candid during the photo shoot, there are some things to be kept in mind.

* Go for a New Orleans wedding photographer, especially if you are not from the area. This will help to cut the travel and lodging cost of the photographer.

* And if you are choosing a locality, ensure that he has good knowledge about his neighborhood, most importantly; he knows how to make it work in the pictures. Say for instance he catches you and your spouse in a passionate embrace on the steps of a large cathedral, a sepia toned image that would give it that old world charm and effect.

* Now, just to be on the safer side, before you say an eager yes to any photographer, go through his portfolio. See if his ideas match your taste. The candid camera should not turn into a spy monster.

* Consult and tell your goals beforehand. Such as if you want pictures taken in different locations or for ceremonies on different days, or still do you want the camera guy to come a few hours earlier to catch some pre-wedding shots.

* Get the money aspect deal with first. Do not forget to ask if the fee includes both color and black & white snaps, or is it different rates for each. Since some photographers specialize in one, there is a possibility of them over quoting the price.

* And most important of all, keep a back-up camera man ready. You do not want your nuptials to go down in your family history as a no show because the photographer forgot to turn up or got lost in transit.

So go ahead, get yourself a dream wedding in New Orleans. The local wedding photographer will take care of the fact that you relive the moments every time you catch a glimpse of it.