A Guide to Choosing Your Wedding Cake & Cake Maker

When should you order your Wedding Cake?

You should try and order your wedding cake approximately six months in advance, especially if you are getting married during popular wedding months such as March, April, May, August and September.

Look for Cake ideas

Turn to bridal magazines and websites to find wedding cakes and styles that suit your taste. Think of other wedding factors that may influence your cake choice, such as, number of people attending your wedding, the theme or colors of the wedding and even the time of the reception or ceremony. Ask friends for referrals of cake makers. Once you have an idea of ​​the cake you would like, contact cake makers for quotes.


Remember that large cakes with a lot of detail can be extremely expensive but this does not mean that you can not have an affordable stylish cake. It comes down to detail – to create intricate flowers out of marzipan takes time and will be expensive but decorating the cake with real flowers, between each tier for example can look just as nice but for half the price. A polka dot marzipan pattern which is quick and easy to make, will be much cheaper than intricate flowers or weaves. The size of the cake will also come into play – typically the larger the cake the more expensive, but you can request the caterer to make one or two "dummy" tiers with polystyrene – this gives the extravagant look without the extravagant price!

Also bear in mind flavors and shapes. A cake with one flavor will be cheaper to make than one with two or three different flavors. In terms of shape – Round cakes will not serve as many people as square cakes (of the same dimensions).

Determine Numbers

Finalise your guest list before meeting with the caterer because he / she will need this to determine the minimum size of the cake and the cost.

Make an appointment with the cake maker or caterer

Speak to the caterer in person and ask to see photos of previous wedding cakes before deciding on using their service. Ask what their specialty is and whether they have any ideas or recommendations for your wedding cake – they are the experts so you want their creativity and advice as well. Butter icing, for example, is not a good choice for a hot summers day wedding because it will melt. This is the type of advice you need take heed of. If you have a particular cake design that you like, ask the caterer if they have experience in making that type of cake.

Taste test

Not all caterers do this but it is something that you should definitely request to avoid disappointment! You want your cake to taste just as good as it looks. If the caterer is not willing to do a taste test, then consider looking for someone else.

Toss tradition

There is nothing wrong with opting for something non-traditional like cupcakes, mini-cheesecakes or creme brulés. You an stack these on tiered trays or serve them pre-plated.