6 Cold Weather Essentials That We Swear by for Making It Through Autumn and Winter

When the temperatures drop below 10 degrees for the first time of the year, those t-shirts and shorts that you’ve been wearing are going to be put aside for something warmer.

Regardless of whether you spend most of your time outdoors or you’re just braving a commute, you’ll appreciate having the right clothes for the season and the accessories required to go with them. Thankfully, you don’t have to stress over these details as Insider Picks has sent out their team to compile find this information for you so, that you can stay plenty warm in London.

To assist you in your preparations for the colder months, here are all of the essentials we’ve rounded up for cold weather. From fleece jackets to flannel lined jeans, you’re sure to appreciate these picks. Tech-friendly gloves by Chester Jefferies and even waterproof boots are sure to keep you warm.

Check out our list below:

1. Patagonia Organic Cotton Quilt Snap-T Women’s Pullover

It took me some time to learn about Patagonia and all that it had to offer me, that is until I received this sweater. Today, it’s my most favourite prized possession. Warm and soft, it’s ideal for lounging and running errands. I wear it over Tees and under my coat to stay warm. Thanks to the stay up collar, my neck stays warm as well when I button it. If I don’t require more coverage, I simply leave it unbuttoned and appreciate the water-repellent finish that helps to repel the snow and rain and thus, I’m warm and cosy.

2. Madewell Crewneck Sweatshirt

This piece is very sturdy and tightly woven. I’d wear it over an Oxford or a Tee even at the office. Of course, it’s made of French terry cloth and thus, it’s plenty cosy to just toss on for lounging. You could even wear it to bed on a cold dreary night. I think I could make this crewneck sweatshirt work for any outfit and it’s now a staple of my wardrobe.

3. 32 Degrees Scoop Thermal Top

I’ve stocked my closet with these. They’re ideal for layering or wearing alone. The fabric is stretchy and yet, it sticks close to your skin to keep you plenty warm. I wore them so much last year that I was afraid they’d lose their shape, but they didn’t. They’re warm and comfortable and retain the heat.

4. Topshop Humberg Heavy Stripe Scarf

This is a blanket style scarf and is by far my favourite cold-weather staple. It’s all warm and soft and makes me feel all bundled up. Ideal for an extra layer of warmth on any day. I also love putting it on to jazz up a plain outfit.

5. Michael Kors Packable Hooded Jacket

Last year, I moved to New York from an area where sub-60-degree weather would drive everyone into a shiver. Whilst I didn’t really own a lot of great clothes for winter, I did have this particular jacket and boy was I glad. I was ready for my first storm of the season on the East Coast. Whilst it’s not particularly thick, it was very warm. I wouldn’t test it out in the rain or snow for long, but it worked wonders when wearing it as an outer layer.

6. Chester Jefferies Unisex Touchscreen Gloves

I was given these as a stocking stuffer and I love them. I wear them far more often than my nice woollen gloves. They don’t offer a lot of warmth as they are thin, however, unlike my woollen gloves, I can still text when I’m wearing them. This makes them very convenient for me and the ideal choice when I’m out and about on a wintery snowy day. I love them.