5 Tips on Making Your Own Unique Wedding Favors

Everyone would like to make their wedding favor as unique as possible. You may find it quite hard to find a really unique wedding favor. To this end you will probably think of making or designing your own wedding favor. The followings are some tips for you to make your own wedding favor.

1 Candle

Candle is a traditional idea of ​​wedding favor. Most people will have the perception that this idea is too traditional and it will not be something special and unique. However, it is not the truth. There is a kind of candle which is in the shape of "Double Happiness", a Chinese character which is usually used for wedding. This is already quite a unique wedding favor.

A candle can be even more unique if you make the candle yourself. If we think of the above example of "Double Happiness" candle, it is the shape of the candle which makes it different from a traditional candle. You can start thinking of your unique candle by considering the shape of it. Since candle should be something like ice it can be made in any shape. By making different shapes of the candle, a new and unique wedding favor will be created.

2 Wedding CD

If you love singing you can make a wedding CD of your own. You can have a professional musician to write your theme song and you can sing this theme song yourself. You can then sing this song and make your own wedding CD. No one will doubt about the uniqueness of such a wedding favor.

3 Calendar

Everyone will need a calendar. A calendar wedding favor is something useful, and at the same time very unique. You can use your wedding photos to make this calendar. You may use twelve photos for the twelve months. If you can manipulate graphic software such as Adobe Photoshop, you can even design and make this calendar yourself. You can also ask your wedding invitation designer to design this calendar for you so that the design can match your wedding invitation and wedding theme.

4 Chocolate

It is also quite common to use chocolate as wedding favor. One of the way to make it unique is to make the package of the chocolate to match your wedding theme. As in the case of calendar, you can either make the package yourself or have your wedding invitation designer to design it for you.

Besides considering the package, you may also take advantage of the technology of printing on chocolates. You can print your photos on the chocolate (and it is edible of course) and it will be certainly very special unique. It will not be difficult for you to find companies which prints photos on chocolates if you search in Google.

5 Diary Book

You can also make a diary book as wedding favor. Again, you may need to have your wedding invitation designer to design this for you. However, you may still need to have your own input for the diary book. It will be very sweet of you if you can put your wedding day, as well as the birthday of your guest in the diary. You will need to make the diary one by one in this case.