5 Things to Remember When Planning Your Wedding With a Short Engagement

No matter which checklist you use, it's almost inevitable that you will forget something on your wedding day. There is simply too much to remember and the planning stage is often overlooked if the engagement is short. Here are five things to be sure you remember when planning your wedding with a short engagement.

Reserve the Venue As Soon As Possible

Depending on the time of year, you may have difficulty finding a venue. This is especially true if your wedding date is between June and September. Call around to find available venues and available dates. Once you have your venue set, the rest will start to fall into place.

Choose Your Wedding Party

Some people will not be available on short notice. As soon as you have the venue locked in, start finding your wedding party. If your wedding is going to be a much larger affair, you will also need a flower girl, ring bearer, ushers, and other attendants. Make sure you give the people you want in your wedding enough notice to attend.

Use an Online RSVP

This has become increasing popular, as many people are more likely to return an RSVP online than through the mail. This can help with catering and seating arrangements at the reception. You certainly do not want more seats than people or vice versa. While this form of RSVP is frowned upon by some who favor traditional wedding invitations and the like, it's your wedding and your choice.

Reserve Your Wedding Car

Many wedding car companies require at least a month's notice to make a reservation. This should be one of the first things you do after you lock in the venue and the wedding official. You will also have a better selection of vehicles to choose from.

Get Hotel Reservations for Out of Town Guests

This is also something that is quickly overlooked during this busy time. Depending on the events happening in your area, you may find it difficult to get reservations at the last minute. You may want to consider booking a section of rooms until you know exactly how many people will need them. This will ensure that some family members and friends will have a place to stay if needed.

A Few Final Thoughts

You'll need to check and double check all of the details of your wedding in order to be sure you have not missed any important details. Make sure you schedule your wedding dress fitting in time for any alterations to be completed. However, you'll also want plenty of time for additional alterations if they are needed. Confirm the venue, the caterer, the band, and the wedding car about a week before. This will allow you some extra time if something falls through. Most of all, relax and know that your wedding will go beautifully.