5 Points to Consider When Selecting Your Wedding Photographer

The followings are 5 points you need to consider when you are selecting your wedding photographer

1 The budget

The very first thing you need to consider when choosing the photographer is your budget. A higher budget does not necessarily mean that you will have better photos or a better photographer. You should never make the decision only by the price. You may want to get some of the photos the photographers taken in the past and see if they are reliable. Considering both the price and reliability will lead to a wise decision.

2 Hiring two photographers

You should spend your money on two photographers instead of one. Two photographers who both charge you a low price can be better than one who charges you a lot.

The reason for hiring two people is that even the best photographer may sometimes make mistakes but you can only have your wedding once. One real case is that I have a friend who works as a wedding photographer. He usually works on his own and in one case there was something wrong with his camera and he did not know that when he was taking the photos. He only realized the problem when the photos were all developed and printed. Due to the problem of the camera, the photos are all in a mess.

In the above case it would be a lot safer if two photographers were hired. It will be really a rare case that the cameras of both of them are having problems. Some photo studios may offer packages of two or even three photographers and you should always ask if they will provide you with more than one photographer.

3 Personality of the photographer

A wedding photographer will need to meet many people and guests in your wedding. His or her personality should play an essential role in order to make your decision. A photographer with bad temper may ruin both your wedding and the wedding photos. Both of you and your guests will suffer if the photographer is very impolite.

You will need to meet and talk with the photographer for a few times so that you can have a rough idea for her / his temper. Of course it is something you need to be careful but most photographers should have good tempers and be very polite.

4 The style

The forth point you need to consider is the style of the photos. Whether you will like snapshots or more journalistic style is totally up to you. However, it will be really a pity if you finally find the style of the photos is not what you like after the wedding.

Making up your mind for the style beforehand is always a good idea. You can even hire photographers with different styles so that you can get collections of wedding photos in different styles. You should communicate with the photographers and take reference to their past works so that you can make your decision.

5 The photo album

You will certainly get photo albums from the photographer when the photos are developed and printed. You should take extra care on the quality of the albums. Quality here means both aesthetic and durability. The album should be beautiful. What is more important is that it should also be durable.

You can not imagine if the album becomes a mess after one or two years. The album should be something you will keep for your whole life. Again, you can ask the studios or photographers to give you samples of their albums so that you can evaluate if the albums they provide are of high quality.

It is not very difficult to evaluate the photographers. Once you make up your mind, you should inform the photographer as soon as possible. Otherwise if he / she gets another job on the same day as your wedding, you may need to go through the whole process of selecting wedding photographer again!