3 Women Arousal Tactics – How to Get Her Excited Even Without Touching Her!

Do women normally take longer to get aroused than men? Not really. Women are sensitive to sensual vibes and they have an active imagination. But I have news for you – getting a woman sexually aroused is relatively easy compared to making sure you maintain that high level of arousal when you’re making love.

Most men haven’t realized that they need to turn a woman on consistently during the foreplay phase to push her over the brink of climax. If you’re in a relationship with a woman and you want to make her feel more loved and cherished in the bedroom, read on to find out how to make her feel more sexually stimulated so she will never want anyone else but you.

Get Her Stimulated Using Three Covert Sex Methods

Technique #1 – “Provoke Her Sexual Side”.

Teasing can drive her wild if used correctly. You can start by moving close to her and acting like you’re about to touch her, then move away slightly. You can smell her hair, whisper to her or gaze at her seductively. You are essentially provoking her into making the first sensual move. This method will amplify sexual tension.

Technique #2 – “Sultry Talk”.

Dirty talk will erotically turn her on. Express to her what you want to do and what you’re feeling for her at the moment. Blatantly sexual advances can negatively affect her, but if you phrase your words seductively, you will arouse her even more.

Technique #3 – “Awaiting Bliss”.

Make her anticipate her climax, and make her crave release by making her wait for it. Remember this when you’re doing foreplay on her. You can hold your hands steady over her body, close enough to make her feel the heat of your touch, but distant enough so that you’re not really touching her yet. This will create a sexually charged atmosphere inside her mind, and get her excited.