3 Things You¡¯re Probably Doing Right Now That Make Women Want to Treat You Like Crap

Why do you feel that some guys get the royal treatment while others get treated like crap around women? You see the fact is that it's got nothing to do with your looks, age or even money. You see there are things a lot of men do out there due to which they get such treatment from females. Read on to discover what these things are and see what can be done about it ………

Having a low opinion of yourself- Now if you go around with a low opinion of your own self how do you ever expect a girl to show any respect towards you? You see women can easily smell insecure and once they do they subconsciously do not feel like respecting you. You see so it's more or less like they see you the way you see yourself there before the only way to get liked by them is to start loving yourself first.

Clinging onto them all the time- Now this completely means that you are just too desperate for attention and are in desperate need to be felt loved by someone else. No girl likes desperate men and clinging onto them is a clear sign that you are desperate for sure. Once she senses that you are clingy she will try to get rid of you at all costs.

Letting her walk all over you- Women have a tendency to test the man all the time. You see you might not even know and the woman might be trying to test you. What happens in most cases is that she tries to check how strong you are emotionally and she tries to test the level to which you will let her dominate you. A lot of guys out there let girls walk all over due to which they are never able to reverse the consequences.