3 Reasons Why You Have Not Learned How to Pleasure Your Women

Do you know how to make your women? Most men think they have the skills to make women orgasm on command, but statistics tell a different story. Let me reveal the three core reasons you're leaving her sexually unsatisfied.

Once you understand where you are going wrong, then it will be much easier for you to begin bringing her intense pleasure she has been craving.

  1. Your lack of understanding concerning her erogenous zones is a reason she does not enjoy sex more. Too many times we place focus on one area and hope it brings her enough to make her orgasm. There are more sensitive areas on a women than you can imagine and only focusing on one area for long periods of time will not bring her pleasure. Neither will jumping around and trying different areas every two seconds.
  2. The G-Spot is not some mythical area. It exists and is a key in arousing women, helping them reach a climax when you know how to arouse it properly. You probably heard about using your fingers and rubbing on it, but have you ever tried a light tapping. It works wonders if you tap on it while performing oral sex. It's a great way to make a woman orgasm. Do keep in mind, women want someone who understands what he is doing. Make sure you have no hangnails and your fingernails are clean and clipped. It's a humble way to show you care about her and want to make each sexual experience enjoyable.
  3. It's not about how deep you penetrate her. Stop trying to see how deep you can get, it does nothing for her sexual arousal. You want to be able to not only stimulate her vagina but also her clitoris at the same time. And the best method for finding out what works is by trying different sexual positions.

Sometimes you need to lay that ego aside and learn why she is not receiving pleasure, having the chance to make love to a women is an incredible experience and you should not only think about herself. Just imagine is she has a rocking good time, the odds are she will want to experience more pleasure with you.