3 Realities to Negotiate When Inviting Children to Participate in Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony

Having kids participate in your wedding ceremony can be a wonderful, if somewhat dicey, thing. It can transform your wedding. It can be a hilarious disaster where all hopefully ends well. (Did I tell you about the little boy playing catch with his wedding pillow to which the platinum wedding bands were at one point attached? , understand that the situation can be managed. It probably can not be controlled too exactly.

If you're going to add the wonder of kids to your wedding, here are a couple of things to remember.

  1. Somebody, and not the parent in the wedding, needs to be working with the kids . In the run up to the wedding, things get hectic. Do not get them dressed hours beforehand. Do not feed them sugar . Have something fun (and quiet) for them to do. And have a cute kid wrangler who can get them down the aisle and then out of the way of the ceremony. Kids like ritual and want to be in the middle of things, so figure out how to make that happen.
  2. Something unpredictable is likely to happen . Children fall apart in tense situations. Or they go to sleep. They get stage fright. They discover they are meant for the runway and you can not get them off stage. Plan for them to participate. But count on nothing. The procession is not what makes your wedding ceremony perfect. The wedding vows and your obvious love for one another make your wedding ceremony perfect. The kids just make it sweet. I invited all the littles to participate in my wedding. Feather fairies one and all. They ran all over the floor, waving peacock feathers and opening everyone's hearts. It totally set the stage for the wedding. I knew it would be cute. But transcendent? I had no idea! It was great!
  3. They will always be cuter than you are . I know. No one's supposed to outshine the bride or the groom. But when a couple of two-year-olds wander down the aisle, dumping clumps of pets on the floor, everyone's going to go "awww!" And that's ok. They can not help being charming and adorable! That's why you asked them! They will be connected to you in a real way forever. How fun is that?

Having kids in your wedding ceremony says that you think life is fun and unpredictable and filled with little joys. Those are great things to say about a wedding! They're even greater to say about a marriage!