3 Horrible Mistakes That Screw Up Your Success With Women

Most men can not just go out and meet women. Either because they do not know how or they've just gotten out of a relationship or a marriage and need to "get back in the game."

So I've put together the list of three of the largest, the most horrible mistakes guys make to mess it up with women. When my students come to me for a solution to their dating problems, I usually ask them whether or not they do these 3 things and 99% of the time they say "yeah, I do that".

So if you spot one of the three or two, maybe even even ALL three in your behavior, work on eliminating them all.

1. Being needy.

What is being needy? It's calling too much, too often, paying too much attention to the girl, in other words "trying to get something from her".

Women, and people in general are repelled by other people who want to TAKE something from the instead of give, so if you catch yourself trying to take from the girl, instead of give, then you'll be rejected.

2. Not approaching women when they're giving you a clear "Go" signal. If there's a woman sitting there making direct or indirect eye-contact with you for the past 5 minutes, what you do in this situation is you get up, walk up to her and say "hello, my name is George" (Do not say George if your name is not George). From there, the woman will carry on a conversation by herself.

Just try to keep it up.

In reality, how do you expect to even have women in your life if you do not welcome every opportunity that comes to you? Say, if a woman interested in you and you think she's good-looking, interesting or whatever, go up to her and introduce yourself. That'll give her a chance to "make it happen" with you. You miss every shot you do not take!

3. Not understanding what women are telling you with their bodies. This is a biggie: most men are CONFUSED and do not know how to read women's "signs". The 1% of men who are extremely successful with women have this down, and that's part of the reason why they're so successful. If you can learn how to communicate with women just using your body, you'll be at an overwhelming advantage over any other guy out there. You can easily train yourself by simply observing women (and people in general) and try to guess what they're feeling at the moment.