Valentine’s Day Messages – What and How

Famous French historian and philosopher Voltaire had once said “Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination.” This is exactly what Valentine’s Day celebration is all about. It is really a lovely canvas which is embroidered by the imagination of each one of the people who have fallen in love.

Valentine’s Day is meant to be celebrated as a day when you express your innermost feelings of care and affection to your near and dear ones. For some lucky ones it means, flowers, chocolates, engraved gifts, cards or a romantic candlelight dinner with their partner. This is an occasion when the mood is upbeat and everyone wants to convey their love and affection to their romantic partners, friends or their family members.

The main question arises when it is time to pen down your feelings on the paper. It seems so easy when you see some romantic mushy movie where the protagonist eulogizes his fair maiden or the first love of his life. But in real life, not everyone is so linguistically gifted. So while writing down your Valentine’s Day message, one should keep some things in mind:

Be Your Own Self:

Even though tradition says that you have to write down some real good message for your loved one. But it may so happen that you are a person of very few words and that is how your partner knows you. So be the same on this day too. If all of a sudden you become very poetic and find a thousand poetic ways to impress your partner, it might backfire. Instead think of all the things that you share what both of you like to talk about, your shared interests, what amuses both of you and write down your message related to that. It will surely be treasured and liked by your beloved.

Honesty Pays:

It is very easy for others to say that you should be honest and speak out your heart to the one person whom you admire and love. But if you are not an extrovert person, then this can be a bit of problem. But try to overcome your hesitation and jot down your true feelings on a piece of paper in the best possible way you can. Your beloved will appreciate honest feelings rather than the superfluous poetry you give to her/him which is copied from somewhere. Originality always bears more fruit in love!!!

Be Real:

Don’t promise the stars if you are in a new relationship or are looking forward to establishing one. These are some promises which are very difficult to uphold if the times are not favorable and then it might bring bitterness in your relationship. It is always better to be realistic and say something which might be nice and appropriate for the occasion instead of declaring undying passion and love for ever. Do not go overboard with your plans and vision for the future. It might make your partner uncomfortable.

What Message to Write:

Valentine’s …

Wedding Cupcakes

Wedding cupcakes are the new wedding cake for today. The wedding planning timeline has started and many brides are looking for that unusual presentation. Brides are looking for something a bit different for their wedding day that will set them apart from the rest. Of course they want their guests to walk away amazed at the beautiful displays. Gone are the days where a wedding required a six hundred dollar wedding cake or more. There is also no need to saw through that royal frosting that required an extra ordinary strength. Can you imagine the surprise during the cake cutting ceremony when the knife wouldn’t cut the cake? I still remember that on my wedding day. Of course no one had shared that with us. We just smiled and pretended as the cake was not cut.

Consider wedding cupcakes as a great alternative for the wedding cake. They are versatile, unusual and can be presented in many, many different ways. With ease of serving of these tasty morsels how can one say no. Cutting endless slices of cake to serve to your guests are no longer required. There is no brow sweating or finger crossing involved when transporting these. Can you imagine serving your guests smashed and ruined wedding cake? No need here, simply pop on a plate and voila cake is served. Or guests could help themselves. No danger here of drooling butter cream icing or of avalanches of tiers. Cupcakes are self contained and can be displayed in a safe manner without danger of capsizing.

Wedding cupcakes are the way to go for cost, presentation and ease. All in all they are so cute and delicious every guest will clamor to have one.…

Safe UK Shopping on the Internet

Online shopping is becoming one of the easiest ways to buy almost anything you want, when you want. Unlike going to your local highstreet, you can shop at any time, day or night without leaving home. All you need is a credit card. So if you have never shopped online before, but you would like to try, I have put together these shopping tips to help you on your way.

Check To See If The Site Is Secure

When shopping online always make sure, before giving out any of your credit or debit card details, whether the company has secure payment. You will know if that a site is secure when you see an intact padlock on your browser. This means you are on a site that is using SSL to encrypt your personal information while it is going from your PC to the website operator's system, so that it can not be read by anyone intercepting it. Also check that the http: // address is written as https: // – the 's' standing for secure.

Check For Contact Address

All online merchants must give their name and geographical address, not just a PO Box number or email address. Do not shop at any stores that fail to provide this information.

Pay By Credit Card

Paying buy credit card will give you the added protection for any good whose value is between £ 100 and £ 30,000. This is because your credit card issuer becomes jointly responsible for the goods you buy. If the goods are delivered damaged or you have problems receiving a refund, the credit card company will help you.

Check Your Monthly Credit Card Statements

Check your monthly credit card statements for any payments made over the internet. You need to be aware that some company names which appear on your statement may be different from their website.

Returns Policy

Before purchasing, check the returns policy of the website. Find out who pays the returns postage and if they have come from abroad, make sure their is no hefty bill to return goods. Refunds must be made within 30 days.

Postage And Delivery

Look out for high postage rates and hidden cost like VAT or other duty payable, especially if the goods are being sent from abroad. Remember that goods being sent from abroad take longer to deliver, check with the trader to see how long this will take. If no deilvery date has been agreed, delivery must take place within 30 days. Goods and services ordered from the UK and European Countries will be covered by the 'Distance Selling Regulations'.

Shop Around

Always shop around for the best deals. The price of goods online can vary to a large degree depending on the product. In most cases you are entitled to a 7 working day cancellation period if you change your mind.

Keep A Record

Always keep a record of anything ordered online, print out the order and keep the terms and conditions that appear on …

How a Woman Can Measure a Man's Penis Size Without Him Even Knowing It!

Women are smart and they're smarter than men. But the real scary part about women is that they do things in very covert and secretive methods. Once men catch on, if they ever do, they'll realize that they've been outwitted.

Women make the best spies, too. The most famous and prominent "sting" operations are what are called "Honey Traps." This is where a man is set up by a woman. The woman pretends she's in love with the man just long enough to escape with the secret papers. Does this still go on? Why, yes. It is considered the most prominent method of how China is "gathering" the Western world's military, industrial, chemical, medical, nuclear, and technical secrets …

But back to women! Women have ways of measuring a man's penis and he will not even realize she's done it. Of course, she does not have an x-ray vision, but when the two of you are in the sack together or may just be enjoying some foreplay or oral sex, this gives her the chance to size you up in seconds.

The first method is to calculate your length. With an erection, all she needs to do is push your penis up and against your chest. Typically, and your mileage may vary, if your head extends to the top of your belly button, it means you are at least seven inches in length. She can easily gauge the length based on this method. An inch below and you are six inches. An inch above and you are about eight inches.

If you were born without a belly button, she can always make a note of how long your penis is in relation to her hand, arm, or other body parts. Some of these distances she already knows the exact length of. If your penis falls out of this range, she will simply make a note of the distance and measure it later.

Next comes the penal-head girth or penis-shaft girth computation. All she needs for this easy calculation is to make a circle with her thumb and forefinger and place it over the head of your penis to see if it will fit. If she has to spread out her circle by distancing her two fingers, this is good news. If you fit inside with plenty of room, this is bad news. After "sizing" up your head, she'll move on to your shaft.

Trust me. She already knows that the inside of a paper-towel tube has a diameter of 1.5 inches (which is a girth of 4.7 inches). And she knows how the paper-towel tube compares to the diameter of her own thumb and forefinger circle.

Now, how can we prevent women from secretly sizing us up …?

You're probably wondering if you can have your belly button surgically moved higher up on your body. Honestly, I do not think that will work.

The way to pass her "size" test is by enlarging your penis. The best method is by …

Working In Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts may be aptly named. They feature a number of pockets, both in the front and the rear. Also, many also feature deep side pockets. For many, these shorts are great example of casual fashion. However, they serve another purpose. If you work in general retail or in a warehouse, cargo shorts are an absolute must. They are extremely comfortable, and the multitude of pockets makes performing your job a lot easier.

Retail is far from being a mindless job. Besides interacting with customers, you are tasked with solving many problems within a day. This involves how product is merchandised and how shelving is laid out to issues of freight in the store's stock room. If the store is very large, you can accrue a lot of items over the course of a day. Most times, this involves tape and box cutters. In other cases, it could have small merchandise fixtures like peg hooks. Also, since price integrity is a daily priority, you can easily find yourself carrying around a roll of blank shelf tags. Lastly, you may be carrying a walkie-talkie.

A good pair allows you to carry all of these things and you can even organize them by which pockets you place them into. This dynamic is much the same as working in a warehouse. A regular pair does not afford this convenience. As a result, it is much easier to misplace the things needed to do your job and do it well. Of course, before buying a pair, you should make sure that they fit your company's dress code. …

Who Discovered Leather?

Millions of years ago, those who evolved into becoming homo sapiens first discovered that the skin of a dead animal could fulfill their clothing needs. Over time, tools were created and techniques were developed without the knowledge of "why and how". For example, they would let the skins soak in an organic base solution filled with bacteria that would attack the surfaces. This process is explained in loosened fibers and partly dissolving proteins of the dermis to make it easier, even just possible, to remove the hair. Also, to prevent putfaction, they would let the skins dry on the ground and they would rub them with organic substances such as animal fat or brain mixture to try to preserve flexibility. Once, as time went by and new ways were tested, they would let the hides rest on a forest's ground leading, unknowingly, to the discovery of tanning. As natural chemicals and tannins formed from the plants and leaves linging underneath the skins, the ancestor of tanning was slowly taking form. Many centuries passed before tanning methods were implemented with similar techniques all over the world. It is using earth salts (containing alum) that inhabitants discovered they could create softer and cleaner leather. This new technique lead the way to colored leather using plant pigments. The colors were but but met the need of relating and expressing with the increasing of the population. Prior to "white" leather, as they called it when they used alum, organic matters left quite a distinguished dirty dark color on a hide … You can imagine!

From wall paintings and artifacts found in Egyptian tombs to ancient Greece and Rome, leather continued to be used for a wide variety of purposes. Clothes, shoes, household items, military equipments, transportations and the list goes on. Leather kept gaining popularity and by medieval times, practically every town had their own tannery. They would be located next to rivers, or other water sources, as they needed it to process the hides or to power some basic machinery. Some of these tanneries still exist today but the majority of them were eliminated as the ongoing stench was hard to end for the locals. Nowadays, only street names and books remain evidences of the past.

Leather has an extensive history and although today's industry constantly improves its techniques, there is a sense of our roots deeply anchored within each piece that can not be copied by anything else. This "aesthetic appeal" is complex to explain theoretically but on the field, it is a tangible phenomenon. The smell and feel of natural leather has something comforting for many people and this can only be explained by our long history: it is in our genes. …

Art Boots – Every Woman's Fantasy

Women and fashion go hand in hand. Every woman in this world wants to wear what is in vogue and desired by other women. Women's fetish for shoes is very much similar in the intense range of foot wear created for them by the footwear industry. Shoes for women are available in a wide range of designs, colors, styles and patters. Art boots have been manufactured keeping in mind every woman's desire to create the best of women's footwear while giving attention to detail.

You can easily find the latest and unique designs in women's Art boots. These boots not only serve the purpose of covering the feet and keeping them in a safe heaven inside away from the dust and crime of pollution but also impute them a modern look. Boot is not just another foot wear that you can find at every shop that sells shoes. In fact, it is a special type of footwear that is available in a variety of lengths ranging from the ones that only cover ankles to the ones that also cover knees.

The price of these boots varies with length, design, material and various other factors. However, Art boots have something to proffer everyone ie these cater to a variety of budgets. You can easily find a pair of boots inexpensive enough to not bust your budget and even highly expensive ones that attract a lot of attention and make you the eye candy at every gathering that you attend.

Wellies: Available in a wide range of styles and colors, Wellies or Wellington boots provide the best protection to your feet against heavy showers and on wet areas.

Military Boots: Choose from a variety of crochet designs, platform, high heels, fur and lace up styles if you are in love with military boots.

Fashion Hiking: These come in a range of gorgeous designs that are sure to attract the looker at the first sight. The popular ones include BRONX Fur Wedge Boots and ZARA Heeled Military Boots.

Cowboy: Women love to wear cowboy shoes and Art boots come in a wide selection of fantastic cowboys shoes that will enhance your cowboy look in every way.

Ankle: Whether you are looking for regular evening wear boots or want to groove in a party, you can easily find an ankle length pair complimenting the type of dress you plan to don.

Desert Boots: These boots make a perfect and the most comfortable choice for those who love to go to deserts for adventures sports.

Designer: Who does not wish to wear designer boots to make an impact on ever mind? These are offered in a stylish designs and elegant colors to help you make a suitable selection.

Trend watch Shearling Boots: Fashion conscious women must not over look shearling boots that come in vast range of designs to set you mood for every occasion. …

Why Men Leave Pregnant Women – How to Stop This Happening to You

There are any numbers of reasons why men leave pregnant women, and I hope that you have never found yourself in this position. This is the kind of situation where prevention is better than cure.

Anyways, why would a man marry a woman and when his wife is pregnant, leave her?

Usually this is very sudden and unexpected, and unfortunately not very common, but even once is one time too many. If it is unexpected with a married man to leave his pregnant wife, then it is much easier to identify the kind of man who would abandon his pregnant girlfriend. This is where it is better to take your time and use your common sense before getting physically involved with your man.

Take your time to really get to know your guy before getting too intimate, as the intensity of passion once aroused tends to cloud your thinking and reasoning. When you have been together for a little while, there will probably already have been some signs that the man you love is a loser.

I have seen and heard women excuse their man's bad behavior. You know the things they say. Some things like, "you do not know him like I do," "he is a kind man deep down," "he has had a hard childhood," or "it is a guy thing," and they use that to cover for the fact that he is being selfish, inconsiderate and disrespectful. If this sounds like your situation, you may benefit from some counseling to help you understand why you are attracted to this kind of man, or would accept a relationship like this.

In truth, there are some men who for whatever reason do not like women, and who secretly enjoy mistreating them. As much as these men do not like women, they are drawn to date and surround themselves with women. They get a kick out of treating their girlfriends like trash and then watching them come crawling back repeatedly. If his girlfriend were wretched enough to get pregnant, it would not be surprising if he left her as soon as he knew she was.

If your man is abusive in any way, emotionally, verbally or physically, then no doubt he will be the kind of man that would leave you when the relationship does not suit him anymore. Take care that if your man displays one or more of these negative qualities that you do not get pregnant, placing yourself and your baby at risk. The abusive behavior is likely to increase if he stays and does not leave you.You would be better off if you left him.

Therefore, if your man does not treat you with a genuine affection or respect, and he shows signs of being abusive in any way, then it will not surprise you if you become pregnant and he decides to leave. There are many reasons why men leave pregnant women and most men could not tell you truthfully what they were, because they …

What Mom Never Told You About Women

Have you ever asked your mother, how to impress certain girl, or girls in general. She told you to be sweet, nice and thoughtful. She told you, that you should do anything, that a girl asks you for. And you've tried that and it never worked. It even backfired – you always get accustomed to the friend zone or never even get ever there.

And not only your mom. If you ask a girl, what kind of guys she likes, most of the time she'll answer something like that:

I want someone tall, blond and handsome, who fears me nice and will do anything about me.

Being nice … doing all kind of things that do not feel right. Giving compliments, making gifts, doing favors and providing resources, pretending to always feel good, even if you do not.

This is how society teachers us to be. These are set of rules, created by today's environment. We are in a way programmed to do so. The truth is most women do not know what they want. They respond on an emotional level.

Not a lot of people, really understand how attraction is sparked and works. Not even your mother. That way, even if she wants to give you a good guideline, she can not. No matter how much she loved you and wanted the best for you. As David DeAngelo said once:

Mom may have gotten the tingles when she saw Clint

Eastwood shooting everyone … and Neil Diamond

running around with his sneer, hairy chest and

that pickle in his jeans … (and that reminds

me … EWWWWWW … your mom is gross, dude).

I've read lots of books and seen a lot of material about evolution, social psychology and human behavior now. At that point I can say I see a lot of the things going on around me in a very different way. The interesting thing here is that people do not like to change their belief. Most people stuck with a belief that is not really true and use it as an excuse for their whole lives.

As first you have to change Your beliefs and stop sabotaging your self. Stop limiting yourself from all the stuff you can have in your life. People say that "Seeing is believing", but the opposite is even more powerful – Believing is seeing, guys. Believing is seeing!

That's because you brain is constantly looking for proof to your believes. So if you believe, that you suck in dating – you are going to suck in it. If you believe women only care about fame, money and looks … they are going to (they will not actually, but it's how your going to see it!).

David DeAngelo became famous with this – "Attraction is not a choice". Understand how true is that.

You can not talk anyone into FEELING attraction towards you. You can not! If you try to convince a girl to FEEL it, she will not. She'll actually loose …

Hip Hop Culture and the Rise of Bling

Hip Hop culture has added a variety of terms, fashion trends, music styles and even personalities to the culture at large. Nothing has captured public interest more than "Bling." The late 1990's first saw "Bing" come into the general vocabulary. Bling, originally used in several different rap songs of the time, was coined to describe elaborate jewelry and personal accessories that show that the wearer has taste, talent, and lots of cash.

Hip Hop culture has had a tremendous impact on fashion in general, well beyond the world of Hip Hop. Much of what is "cool" today originally derived from the world of Hip Hop. Jewelry has been particularly impacted by Hip Hop.

Bling is now more commonly used to refer specifically to flashy types of jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, watches, body jewelry, rings and grillz (braces and caps for the teeth). Of course it can also include other accessories such as cell phones or even jeweled glasses or purses. Bling is commonly associated with diamonds and other precious gems, and precious metal such as gold and platinum. This term has become so universally accepted it was actually added to Webster's Dictionary in 2002.

Hip Hop has made ornate jewelry as prevalent for men as for women. The popularity of Hip Hop culture and bling has drawn a lot more attention to larger pieces of jewelry that are selected to become the center of focus, not to just add to the overall outfit. Hip Hop artists can be seen on music videos sporting huge link chains in gold and platinum with large diamond and gem-encrusted pendants. The designs are specifically designed for men, with heavier weight and larger scale.

Bling is big, bling is flashy, and bling is meant to impress. It is meant to symbolize success. The use of various symbols including dollar signs, ornate crosses and other religious symbols, gambling symbols, and even different breeds of dogs and animals are all within the Hip Hop jewelry world.

Bracelets and necklaces tend to be very large link or dog collar-type chains, however solid bracelets are also very popular for both men and women. Rings tend to be chunky, wide, and feature multiple small diamond chips or several larger diamonds, either real diamonds or cubic zirconia, depending on your budget, in elaborate patterns and designs. There is a general sense of more is better with regards to wearing Bling. Rarely will you find any piece being worn alone. More typically, pieces are worn in multiples.

Jewelry designers outside the Hip Hop world have integrated the concepts of large, heavy, and flashy elements into their own jewelry lines. Over the last ten years jewelry styles have absolutely been impacted by the bling style, becoming larger, bulkier, and more ornate. You can now find Bling-style jewelry everywhere from fine jewelry designers to department stores. Available Bling jewelry ranges from the high-end, in gold and platinum with genuine gem, s to the more affordable, in sterling silver with simulated gems. Today, everyone can …