Devotion of Ukrainian Women

“If your wife is Ukrainian, you will not have the traditional bachelor’s bread with peanut butter; you will have a really good restaurant at home, because Ukrainian women are some of the best cooks in the world! They are able to cook something delicious even from “nothing”. But if a West Ukrainian woman arranges a special reception (Christmas, Easter, New Year, wedding, birthday, or simply just a meeting with friends or relatives), she could actually stay up all night before the event preparing for the festivity.

It is a quote of one my stories I wrote about the incredible hospitality of Ukrainians. Now I would like to tell more, actually, about Ukrainian women and some their features. Also I want to say that I will tell mostly about West Ukrainian women. As I grew up in West Ukraine, I know very well the life there, also many experiences and stories from my family, friends and other people of whom I met during my work in journalism.

When I was 16 years old, all my classmate girls already were thinking seriously about marriage. Yes, I am not joking. It is tradition in Ukraine, to get married at a very young age. This tradition is especially strong in the West Ukrainian villages. As I am a farm girl, I know it very well. I remember that even 20-year-old girls were called “old maids” in my village. I am silent about myself at what age I got married.:)

Actually, a lot of such 30-40 years old are now searching for husbands abroad because almost all the Ukrainian men are already married before the age of 30. Well, everybody has own choice. Perhaps, if I would think more about marriage when I was 16 years old, maybe, I already would be a grandmother, like many my classmates are now. But at 16 years old I was thinking about studying in University, about future work in newspaper and I did not think how to bake a pie properly. I remember my classmate Lyuba telling me about her first cooking experience and how she burnt the pie. A young gentleman classmate overheard Lyuba and said “What? You are 16 years old, and you are not able to bake a pie?” Even at such a young age, it is expected by society to be proficient in cooking.

So, this story can explain more why Ukrainian women become such good cooks. It is because in their 30’s, they already have had a big experience of cooking.

OK, to know how to cook, it is just half of the story. The second half it is that all the good West Ukrainian mothers are to teach their daughters before their marriage, “When you are cooking for the family, remember: the best pieces of meal must be to your husband and children”.

It is not just truth, but historical truth. To give you an example, I will translate the words of one of the West Ukrainian folk song “Otkel Sonechko Shodilo” …

Creative Birthday Presents in a Gift of Good Taste and Style

Edible delights creative birthday presents are works of art with good taste. The classic creative baskets have been delivering good thoughts to friends and families through the years, as the warmth and magic of birthday wishes keep friends alive and well.

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Creative birthday presents are them gift baskets in a variety of flavors and tastes. Snack baskets entertains us with movie gift baskets, snack attacks, office bytes, classic globe gift boxes and creative baskets for special gifts for friend or family members.

Sports gift baskets sends your favorite sports fan a birthday wish in football, all stars, fishing creels, and golf gift baskets. Your birthday friends can enjoy theible delights, while being entertained with fishing or golfing wisdom.

Cheese and crackers gift baskets send a savory message of delicious tastes with savory food gifts. The classic creative food gift boxes are an all time favorite for many birthday boys.

The delectable creative birthday presents with incredible edible delights for your friends and family birthdays are loaded with fun, warmth and friendship. Send your friendly birthday wishes today! …

Thai Shorts – The Significant Meaning and Purpose for Thai Muay Boxing

Thai shorts in Thai Muay are popular for fighters throughout Thailand and are the official style of shorts worn by fighters in the country’s national sport. Although these types of fighting trunks ride a bit high, there is a purpose. Unlike trunks common in the Western world, Thai shorts are much shorter and are made for function. Meaning, Thai shorts are made to allow free movement in the legs which is important for Thai boxing.

Trunks that hang too low are not functional for the Nak Muay. When a Thai fighter kicks or knees, it is important that there is no impairment of his attacks due to drag from the Thai shorts against his thigh. Trunks that hang too down too long will hinder kicks and knees thus taking the power out of them and slowing down the fighter. In addition to being short in length, Thai shorts have patterns on both the front and back sides. These patterns are actually Thai writing and other symbols unique to Thai Muay.

On the front side of Thai shorts is commonly the name of the camp. The camp will not only be represented but actually the Nak Muay since he will take the name of the camp. For example, if a fighter has a name of Nok and comes from at Thai Muay camp named Pak Issan, the fighter would then have the name, Nok Pak Issan. So not only does the writing on Thai shorts represent his camp, it will also represent himself since a fighter will no longer bear his family name until he moves out of the Thai Muay boxing camp. For the time being, his Thai trunks will have significant meaning to him. The front will bear his new family name, the sides will often have symbols of strength such as a tiger, snake or elephant. The back sides may bear his nick-name such as Super Nok or Lightening Dtung, accordingly.

Unlike the United States or other Western countries, a Nak Muay will not wear his Thai shorts used in fighting anywhere but in the boxing ring. Although a Nak Muay will have other Thai trunks which he will train in at his camp, the trunks used in fighting will be significantly nicer. These Thai shorts will be flashy with flashy design and bright colors. Pink, Blue and Yellow are among colors that often bring curiosity to foreigners watching.

Yellow in Thailand is a Royal color for His Majesty King Bhumibol. In addition Yellow is the color representing the Moon God. Pink is a very popular color in Thailand worn by men and women alike. Unlike the Western countries, Pink signifies strength and became as popular as ever when His Majesty King Bhumibol wore a Pink shirt when he exited out of the hospital after a serious sickness.

For Thai Muay fighters who wear Pink Thai shorts, they are signifying strength and perseverance unlike the meaning of Pink worn by a man in America which symbolizes softness or …

The Health Advantages and Disadvantages of Eating Avocado

By now, you all have seen those bumpy, greenish-black globes called avocados in your grocery store. Avocado is considered by many to be a “superfood” and lots of people love the taste. They can be creamy and have a subtle flavor. Beyond taste, avocados have numerous health benefits, too.

Advantages of Eating Avocados

Protects Against Eye Disease

Avocados have the antioxidant, lutein, that is needed to help prevent eye disease. Not only that, but avocados also enhance the eye-disease-fighting nutrients in other foods when paired with them. Other good sources of lutein are: spinach, tomatoes, kale, carrots, corn, and other deep green, orange, or yellow-colored fruits or veggies. To get the most benefit for your eyes, toss sliced or diced avocado in a salad with spinach, carrots, red peppers, and corn.

Helps Lose Weight

Avocados do have a good amount of fiber in them – 3.4 grams of fiber in half an avocado. Fiber is an essential element to helping you lose weight and make you feel full. In addition, the oleic acid in an avocado creates a reaction in the brain to make you feel full after eating avocado. For a yummy, filling, less fatty treat, use mashed avocado instead of mayo or butter on a sandwich.

Protects Pregnant Women and Their Unborn Babies

Avocados have a high rate of folate, an essential nutrient that helps lower the rate of birth defects in pregnant women. An added bonus of folate is that it helps prevent heart disease and heart attacks as well.

Keeps Blood Sugar Stable

After you eat avocado, your blood sugar will be more stable and will not spike because avocado slows your digestion. This is important for people who cannot easily control their blood sugar levels.

Lowers Cholesterol

It can increase the healthy cholesterol and lower the unhealthy cholesterol in your body. You can thank the oleic acid in avocado again for that. A plant chemical in avocados called betasitosterol also helps lower cholesterol.

Promotes Healthy Blood Flow

The monounsaturated fats are good for promoting healthy blood flow. Healthy blood flow is important for many body functions, such as aiding mental activity and decreasing blood pressure.

Provides Necessary Nutrients

Avocados are an excellent source of potassium, vitamin C, iron, and B6 as well. Just as with lutein, combining avocado with different fruits and veggies will aid in the absorption of immunity-boosting nutrients and vitamins. So don’t eat it alone!

Downsides to Eating Avocado

Although they obviously have enormous heath benefits, avocados also have downsides to them. First, they are high in fat and calories. With one avocado, you would be getting 30 grams of fat and 300-plus calories. However, it helps that the fat is monounsaturated fat, which is good for cholesterol and heart disease. Of course, like any other food, you want to eat avocados in moderation.

Secondly, not many people know that a person can be allergic to avocados. If you are allergic to latex, you may be allergic to avocados, too. An enzyme …

How Men and Women Communicate

Research has shown that the communication styles of men and women differ significantly. This difference will help a couple manage their finances more effectively and achieve goals more efficiently. Unfortunately, these advantages are not experienced by all men and women. The compatibility might not arise in daily interactions because both are more consumed by their differences and both do not experience the advantages of cooperation.

Men are more inclined to express their needs, interests, and wants and then wait until others do the same things. Women, in turn, are inclined to ask or end their sentences with a question. This will often lead men to guess what their female partner wants. Women will gently give answers without expressing what they exactly want.

Men talk and interrupt much more whereas women like to react on something said by others and often do not come back to the topic at hand after being interrupted.

Men talk about money in a competitive way: "My investment in the stock market went up." On the other hand women do not talk about money in a competitive way. They even try to avoid the subject of money in their conversations.

Let have a closer look at the different characters of men and women.

Character of Men

Men like to talk about impersonal topics and rarely admit having financial problems and need help to solve them. They are inclined to emphasize the joys of freedom from obligations and make decisions without consulting their partner. Men like to go straight to the point of the problem or do an important thing to achieve their goals. For instance, men go to the toilet to deliver something. On the other hand, women use the toilet to powder their noses, gossip and hang around. Obviously women consider the toilet to be a multi functional room.

When communicating, men like to start talking about a problem at hand and focus on it whereas women do the opposite. This is caused by the fact that men have a mono-tracking brain causing them to be able to focus on one topic of conversation. When the conversation touches many other topics and drags on, they will stop absorbing relevant information. Women are much better to engage in conversations covering many topics because they have multi-tracking brains.

How to Communicate with Men

The character of men is stiffer compared to women and this must be understood during conversations. Avoid communication styles which are not to the point. This will not impress them and they will think badly about their counterparts. So try speak to the point, analyze a problem thoroughly, avoid side tracking, use logic when expressing an opinion, avoid talking about other people, use simple words and a firm voice, appreciate them (start them ego), avoid belittling them with negative judgments, and avoid debts if possible. Use exact numbers when talking to men. By using a more rational style highlighting numbers and figures, men will be able to understand better. So when giving directions, avoid …

How to Choose the Most Appropriate Corporate Clothing

If you want your staff to dress appropriately for work, then you might have decided that you need to introduce corporate clothing.

Here’s how to get it right first time.

1. You’ll want to decide why your staff need to wear corporate clothing, and what you want it to achieve. Are you fed up of your customers seeing your staff in ripped jeans and dirty T shirts? Do your on site engineers look like they could do with smartening up? Are you worried about the safety of your staff whilst on jobs?

2. You’ll need to establish what you need your corporate workwear for. Are you a small shop? Firm of painters? Electricians? Mechanics? Different roles will require different sorts of clothing.

3. It’s important to determine what sort of work clothing will be required. You might want polo shirts and fleeces, or perhaps T Shirts and sweatshirts will be most appropriate. Will your staff be working indoors or outdoors? Will they be working in the rain?

4. You might need your corporate workwear to have certain features, such as big pockets, or hoods, or maybe you’ll need high visibility workwear, or warm gloves.

5. It’s essential that the corporate clothing is durable and well made, so that it is long lasting. If you know that your staff demand a lot from their clothing, then you’ll want to get it right, and not have to keep replacing it.

6. You might want to get your corporate clothing embroidered with your company logo and contact details on, so that your name and number is visible to everyone who sees your staff. In the same way that you have business cards, your shop details on your carrier bags, and your vans have your logo and website address on, why shouldn’t your clothing too?

7. You’ll want to give a professional impression to your customers, so that they can be confident that you can do a good job. Looking smart shouldn’t be as important as having the skills and experience, but first impressions count.

8. Your customer will appreciate the smart nature of your staff. Perhaps your engineers turn up when a pipe has burst, or a car has broken down, or to fit a kitchen or fit a new roof you’ll want corporate workwear that looks smart and suitable.

9. As well as looking smart for your customers, you’ll want clothing that will set you apart from competition. You’ll want to stand out for all the right reasons. You might have the best products, and the best service, or the most qualified and experienced engineers, but if your staff don’t look good, customers will go elsewhere.

10. No matter what work clothing you buy, you’ll want to make sure that you get value for money. The cheapest corporate workwear isn’t necessarily the best value if it has no pockets, or needs replacing every month. The most expensive corporate clothing might be offer the best value for money, if it lasts s long …

9 Most Common Engraving Mistakes and Misconceptions About Engraving

Misspelled Name – Always confirm the spelling of names. Do not rely on your memory. So many names have different spellings. Example: Terry or Teri or Terrie and on and on it goes.

Wrong Date – This is the same as the number 1 mistake. Always get it in writing before we engrave it. Remember, engraving can not be erased.

Engraving is like Printing – Wrong! Engraving, we are using diamonds to plow the surface, like a farmer plows his fields. Or we use lasers to burn off a layer of the surface of the engraving material. None of these engraving processes are we adding ink to the surface. Note: There are other engraving processes, but diamond drag and laser are the most common.

All metal surfaces can be engraved – The answer is no. A ruff metal surface is almost impossible to see the engraving. The roughness is competing with the engraving. Also, many metal surfaces, especially gifts, are plated. Most of the time plated surfaces will engrave OK. Once in a while they have bad plating. The bad plating is only uncoated when it is engraved. The bad spot, the plating peels up. This only happens about 5% of the time.

Assuming what you have can not be engraved – We have all received gifts to an award stores only for them to say, "It can not be engraved." They are implying that nobody can engrave it. In reality – They can not engrave it. Many times it can be engraved by another company. One great example is watches. The manufacture loves to put all sorts of markings on the back leaving almost no room for engraving. We get around this by engraving on an arc, many times around the edge.

Engraving is too expensive – Yes, it is too expensive – if you take it to a jewelry store. Most jewelry stores do not engrave. They send it out. The jewelry store and the engraver both need to make a profit. It is best to go to an engraver first. Save some money. Beside, all your concerns can be given directly to the engraver, not passed on through notes from the jeweler.

Lack of engraving choices – Most small awards and engraving places have limited capabilities. Do your research. Ask what the engraving choices are for your engraving job. Ask for testimonials from the engraver's customers. If they do not have any, continue your search for an engraver.

It takes forever to get something engraved – Yes, if you take it to a jewelry store. They have to send it out and the time goes by. Taking your engraving job directly to an engraver cuts out the shipping time between the jeweler and the engraver (both ways). Deal direct!

It can be buffed out and re-engraved – The answer is (yes and no). Solid metals like gold or silver can be buffed out and re-engraved. But most jewelry and gift items are plated. When it is buffed …

The Truth About Wedding Planners

We have all heard a story about the wedding that went wrong. It's common knowledge that "the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray", yet we do nothing to plan for it. Every bride wants the most talented photographer to reserve her memories and the most gifted florist to create the most beautiful scene, yet they proceed to put someone like their mother or their maid of honor in charge of running everything. This makes no sense to me. There are so many talented wedding planners out there who can make your special day run seamlessly and help you with every little detail, yet many brides would rather invest in expensive wedding favours that no one will remember instead of a qualified planner. Let me put it this way: It's like bringing together an all-star football team and then asking your mother to coach them …. for free. Are you beginning to see how ridiculous this notice is?

Let me be clear, I am not against DIY. In fact, I often advise brides to do some DIY projects. They can be fun and save you tons of money. However, there are some places where I think it is foolish to try to do things yourself. If you would not dream of doing your own photography, why would you try to orchestrate the contracts, relationships and schedules of 20+ vendors when you are trying to have fun?

Now I know you're on a budget, I understand. But, did you know that a wedding planner can actually save you money? We have relationships with vendors that allow us to negotiate discounts for our clients that the general public can not get. Let's look at an example. Many of the vendors that I work with offer 10% off of their services for clients that I refer to them. Now, if your wedding budget is £ 10,000 and you book all of your sellers through me, you will save £ 1,000. Think about what you could do with an extra £ 1,000.

Venue coordinators and relatives that want to help with your wedding are great, but they are not there for you to dump the load of planning your entire wedding on. A good venue coordinator can make sure that your reception runs smoothly but will not have relationships with vendors that can save you money. As for relatives, I personally think they deserve to have as much fun at your wedding as you should be having! Leave the stress and the worry to the professionals. You should be preparing to have one of the best days of your life, not worrying about why the cake has not arrived. And did you know that, on average, it takes a couple 250 hours to plan a wedding? Nobody wants to take on such a daunting task alone. Do yourself a favor, just take five minutes and call a local wedding planner to set up a consultation. When you are having the time …

The Beauty of Large Wall Clocks

It seems like every time I walk into a really nice home I am sooner or later confronted by one of the hot new trends in interior design: large wall clocks. They are everywhere! And there’s a good reason why: they add a real magnificence to any home in which they appear. I am seriously becoming a big fan of this take on the typical smaller or medium-sized version. Go big, that’s what I say.

The first thing you need to consider if you want to emulate this design trend is if you even have the room to do it. You really only need one thing: a big empty space on a wall. That is all you will need. (And a little cash.) If you are very stylistically inclined then you might be able to kind of wedge a large wall clock in next to some other things on the wall such as photographs or paintings, or even light switches and TV’s. But most people will probably prefer to play it a bit safer and have some space on either side of the clock.

Most people agree that large wall clocks should be classified as being at least two feet wide. This alone is quite big, approximately a third the height of a human. But you may even want a larger one than this. If so, I applaud you. Just make sure you have the wall space and do your measurements before you make the purchase. A lot of us aren’t exactly intuitive when it comes to making visual approximations on measurements. (By the way, two feet equals about 0.60 meters.)

No one can really deny the magnificence of these items. They are a great way to really do something with a big wall. Rare is the person who can make an empty wall look good without doing anything to it. You really ought to make use of this space to show something off. Large wall clocks are a new and modern way to do this. Also, no one will ever forget what time it is! It sort of has the effect of diminishing the consciousness of time in a paradoxical way. It parodies time and our obsession with it. But beyond this it tells everyone who walks into your home that you do things in a big way and you are not afraid to take chances. This is an impression that I think most of us would like to make on our guests and visitors. (It also tells people you are a bit wealthy.)

So that is my little spiel about large wall clocks and how I have become a big fan of them. I suppose not everyone will echo my thoughts, but I just think they are great. The other side of things is that if you take this plunge you will probably want to (at least over time) re-emphasize everything else that is within vision of the clock. It would be a mistake to have your house …

The Fashion Market Acts Up

In 2009, Vogue Magazine's Anna Wintour produced what is almost a charity of sorts. This one is not by the fashion industry, it can be for the fashion industry. For the second 12 months in a row, suppliers in major cities opened their doors and held shopping events. The point is to attract crowds of people and improve sales.

The style industry certainly noticed sales drop in recent years. At first it absolutely was a sociable return to crafting your own garments and going retro with Goodwill finds. The style industry adjust and went along for a while, designing old style looking clothes in their fancy studios and also behind their own garage doors. But the custom label old style was not vintage and it unduly didnt have the Goodwill price. As the economic downturn set in, the fashion industry saw drastic product sales Declines. Somebody had to take a step to keep the industry afloat. Many designers were giving up comfortable studios for home companies behind garage doors. Anna Wintour, the fashion industry's fearless leader was the lady with the big idea.

This particular night of shopping in trendy boutiques is known as Fashion Night Out. Artist boutiques that wish to take part stay open late and host designer events that draw in the crowds of people. It is a night to shop with the list of stars. Each and every boutique recruits Hollywood darlings to sing, serve drinks, and go shopping and mingle with the consumers. Ever desired to ask Bett Midler what size those red pumps come in? Fashion Night Out is your opportunity.

Fashion Night Out 2009 was not a serious stunning achievement, though it had been star studded and undressedly dressed many people quite strikingly. The amounts after the fact shown that numerous designer boutiques spent at least as much hosting the events as they earned in sales-if not more. Even so, the fashion industry did it again in 2010. Many trend designers tell the reason for continuing the event as the pure quantity of fun and energy which comes with it.

That makes sense. The fashion industry is as much about fun and energy as it is about being confident and building a statement. Whenever sales tend to be lagging and designers and also models are working from makeshift studios behind garage doors, what better way to refresh the industry and also everyone inside it than to throw a big get together? The international recession is ending and also consumers are once more pulling out there their pocket books, specifically for the good items that they deemed deprived of in the course of scarier financial times. The fashion industry must keep up the good work along with their vitality and common level of excitement. It will not be long before the garments are soaring off the racks again. Serving spirits while raising the actual spirits of those who make the fashion industry work is a powerful way to boost the industry and get it …