Plus Size Sexy Clothing to Sex You Up!

To have the feeling that you are sexy, seductive and flirty, has nothing to do with how thin you are. No matter what size a woman is, she can most certainly still feel sexy when she has confidence that she really is just that. Whether you are in a dress or a negligee, with absolute confidence in yourself, you will know that you look and feel your best.

Let your wild side out by wearing a little black dress that is made for you. The best thing about a little black dress is that it does not have to be tiny, skimpy, or short. Just look at Audrey Hepburn who wore a little black dress that was beautiful, long, sleeveless, flowing, and very sexy.

Shopping for a little your LBD should be done with the idea to find a perfect match for your own sense of style, body shape, and which features you want to show off. The LBD can be flirtatious or carry a mysterious air, a longer dress with a fitted waist can be chosen or ladies may favor different fabrics rather than different cuts. Audrey Hepburn’s classic style can be captured with a little black dress in satin or velvet. The event and season will also influence your choice of LBD. However, ladies need not be limited by the name little black dress, other dark colors such as navy, royal purple, wine, or deep red are also possibilities.

Every plus size woman simply must own a little black dress. The most slimming color is black, and is a color that looks great on almost every woman. The look of it can be sexy, classic or sophisticated. The shoes and accessories that you choose to go with the ensemble, play a big part in the entire look. A little black dress that is an inch or two above the knees is a great look. It looks good strapless and sleeveless. You might want to wear a shawl or sheep wrap so you won’t get cold.

An exciting new trend in lingerie is exploding for the plus size woman. No longer does your underclothing need to be plain and functional. Sexy lingerie for the larger women is here to stay. In addition to having fun buying lacy bras and panties, you can treat yourself to pajamas and robes. No longer just for sleeping, this sexy loungewear can make you feel like the desirable women you truly are. If your taste runs to frills and lace, you should treat yourself to a leisurely trip to a good department store with a large lingerie department. While you are there browse all the pretty camisoles and nighties. Try some on! Have fun and enjoy how beautiful you will feel in your sexy new under things.…

Wedding Anniversary Poems – A Perfect Gift

Are you and your spouse celebrating your 50 years together in a Golden Anniversary? 25 years in a Silver Anniversary? One year in a Paper Anniversary? Congratulations. In contemporary American society, only 45% of marriages last. Take this occasion to renew your commitment to each other with wedding anniversary poems that encourage you to stay on the journey together.

Married couples that practice a spiritual dimension and who attend church together tend to have a longer and happier marriage. When they take their wedding vows, they promise to be faithful to each other and to include God through their own lives. So, using inspirational wedding anniversary sayings can help renew those vows in a fresh and more meaningful way.

Why fresh and more meaningful? A long-term, successful married relationship includes many hours, days, weeks and years of routine, habitual ways of communicating with each other. After thirty years of marriage research, Dr. John Gottmann discovered that long-term marriages are strengthened when spouses expressively express fondness and admiration to each other. Writing and reading wedding anniversary poetry allow a husband and wife to share their personal feelings in a unique, fresh and more meaningful way.

One of the best wedding anniversary gifts that couples can give each other are personal wedding anniversary poems that share heart-felt emotion. These poems may be as simple as: "Roses are red, violets are blue, I am so happy that I married you" to sonnets, books, and letters. Poems do not have to rhyme. Consider these three tips for writing a poem to your spouse on your anniversary day.

First, identify the best and happiest moments of your marriage. Close your eyes and relive the memory. Then, write down the highlights, the details and the positive feelings of those moments. Think of what your spouse was like at the time of your memory. How did she look? What did he do? Was there a sparkle in his eye? Were her smile and wink exciting? Write down every detail. Choose one memory from the list and rewrite it on a new sheet of paper (or use your word processor.)

Second, take that second sheet of paper with the one memory. Ask yourself what that moment meant to you. Write down your thoughts and feelings. Fast forward to today. What do those thoughts and feelings mean to you now? Get your pen out and record what you think now. Compare the two lists and circle the most moving phrases and words.

Third, write out and arrange the most moving phrases and words into several lines that make up your wedding anniversary poetry. Be natural and be yourself. If you can work in rhyming, go ahead. Keep working on the words until they tell your spouse a short love story about the memory that meant so much to you. In a sense, you are giving away a piece of your heart which is worth more than any wedding anniversary gift you can buy. Take that poem and print or …

Quit Smoking – Why Is It Harder For Women Than Men?

A commonly stated fact is that women find it harder to quit cigarettes than men. Further, women smokers are unable to take advantage of certain smoking cessation therapies that are used by men to great effect. As a woman who is addicted to cigarettes, this is definitely bad news for you. Not only are you at greater risk than non-smokers to get certain cancers as well as heart or pulmonary diseases, but you are also more likely to suffer from osteoporosis as you age. If you are planning to have a child then you might experience a difficult pregnancy and your child might also have low birth weight.

An understanding of why women smokers have such a hard time quitting this habit will help you address your problem in the correct manner. This will ensure that you have a fighting chance of quitting this habit.

According to many scientific studies done on this subject, the main reason is that non-smoker women have the same number of nicotine receptors in their brain as women who smoke. It is believed that this has something to do with the progesterone levels in their body.

Fewer nicotine receptors mean that they might still have the urge to smoke even if the body is exposed to nicotine. The implication of this fact is that women tend to be unable to take advantage of nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs). Male smokers, on the other hand, have a lot more nicotine receptors in their brain than non-smoking men. Therefore, they can make good use of NRTs, and quit smoking easier than women.

Studies have also found that women tend to be more dependent on the physical actions associated with smoking. These include holding a cigarette in the hand or the lips and drawing on it.

Needless to say, this does not mean that women smokers should be resigned to their habit since they can not get rid of it. They can use NRTs that mimic the act of smoking; while nicotine patches will not work for them, electronic smoking devices might. Further, they can also practice yoga, meditation and any other exercise that involves deep and rhythmic breathing. This will definitely go a long way to help them quit smoking.

Now that you know what you are up against you can plan better to quit smoking. If you get the right kind of support then you'll find it relatively easy to quit this habit. …

Baby Doll Accessories For Your Newborn Baby Doll

If you have a newborn baby doll, then you will definitely need some baby doll accessories to have the most fun and satisfaction from your unique and beautiful man-made child. Just like any other child, you can not expect your newborn doll to go around in the same swaddling clothes he or she was "born" in – can you?

Some who have spent a thoughtful sum on their newborn often cringe at the thought of spending a dime more on accessories – but you can get away fairly cheap, if you know how to shop. Plus, what is the fun if you can not "accessorize" your surrogate child? Here are a few ideas for you to think about;

This holiday season, American Doll accessories and baby doll accessories make a great gift for that special little one! With the amazing array of 18 "doll accessories available, they will spend hours playing with these unique and affordable gifts!

Baby Doll Clothing Be ready to enjoy the seasons in style with an outfit for every occasion. Spring is the season for rebirth, so I feel it's appropriate to start with comfortable, yet warm spring clothes for your reborn doll. The cold of winter is mostly a memory now, and the heat of summer has not yet arrived, so think long sleeves and something to cover your baby's feet.

When summer finally arrives, short pants, light tops and bare feet are what I suggest. You should be ready for a summer cloud buster, so have a nice, sturdy umbrella ready, and do not work about taking baby to the fair, baseball game or simply out for an evening stroll.

Fall may just be the best of the four seasons with warm days and cool nights. That's why I suggest a heavier set of shorts plus a jacket and warm socks for those cool evenings out. Remember to keep your lifelike doll out of direct sunshine – so she will not get sunburned!

If you live in a mountain where winter comes roaring back, it's best to provide full-length pants plus a long-sleeved shirt or sweater for baby. Socks and shoes are always a good idea, and do not forget to have a warm comforter in the crib for those cool winter nights.

Furniture Your newborn baby doll will need, at the very least, these items; a good bassinet or infant crib, a high chair for taking meals, and a stroller if you ever expect going out for walks. Of course, there are plenty of other furniture accessories you can get to fill your home – dressers, tables and every imaginable play-furniture piece that your mind could ever imagine!

Shoes Even though I mentioned shoes and socks above, I think that shoes may be important enough to mention all by themselves. For around the house, I like to get a pair of heavy socks. These can function as slippers, and keep your child's feet warm – and they're cheap! For going outside when it's …

Sexy Lingerie For Women

Being a woman is not just about motherhood, you need to go beyond that! Satisfying your man with all sorts of pleasures also needs to be given full attention. And when satisfaction of all levels comes calling, you can not afford to present yourself bland in front of your man for sure. As your man in armor for days of happiness and sadness, he would just love to explore you to the fullest. So, you also need to keep him happy every minute, every moment. Small things may matter a lot to him, so why not focus on those issues related to your love making as well. Let your man imagine you in the most seductive undergarment and make him long for more of you. Starve him of passion just by wearing a sexy lingerie before you come and fall in his arms. This can play a really big part in reinventing your love life again.

The power of our dressing sense is really very strong. Buy your lady those elegant women sexy lingerie and make her the most beautiful creation in this world. The present day undergarment market is full of so many choices, so you can easily get the most seductive ones for your lady all easily. The arrival of a large number of online undergarment sellers, have made the scene even more lucrative for you. Now, you can instantly buy a sexy lingerie or a thong or G-string for your lady in the right size and color at just a few mouse clicks. The online stores also offer easy shipping facilities to you at no extra costs.

While you shop for lingerie or undergarments online, you get many choices before you strike the final deal. Right from all size clothing to the latest styles and designs, everything can be owned just by spending a few dollars and a few minutes of time. So, what's the wait for? Go ahead and try to find what you want. And once you find that, simply make it yours! Because, thinking is nothing, it's just a waste of time! …

Gold Charms – The Perfect Gift Idea

Charms are as ancient as jewelry. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Chinese were so fond of wearing charms that they had elaborately decorated and intricately carved jewelry made for the particular purpose of 'warding off the evil eye'. The use of charms continued and grew stronger with the passage of time and was a popular trend up until the 1970's and the 1980's when suddenly, the trend declined and almost disappeared. But, these days charms are back in fashion, and how!

Charms are decorative pieces of jewelry that have been associated with luck and love. Typically, charms are figure-like and are made of metals, silver and gold being the most popular. They may be old or new, assembled or ready-made, gem-studded or made of stone and plastic. As far as charms are concerned, anything works, so long as it brings you luck.

These days, gold charms are becoming quite popular as gift items. One reason is their versatility. A charm can go well with a bracelet or a chain. Charms are perfect for all occasions, whether it is a birthday, a wedding, a holiday, Valentine's Day or even Friendship Day. Gold charms come in all kinds of varieties, so it is just as easy to gift a romantic charm as it is to give your colleague a funny charm. Beside, you have charms befitting any and every theme you can think of from sports and animals to romance and geometric shapes. Since there is no dearth of designs, you can almost always find just what you are looking for, which makes shopping for gold charms easy and fun.

From the simple and straightforward to the highly decorative, charms are available for all kinds of tastes and budgets. This makes gold charms a very affordable gift. For the receiver, gold charms are a lovely present; and if it brings them good luck, the joy is doubled.

Once you start looking for the perfect charm to be given away as a gift, you may be stumped by the sheer number of varieties. So, here are some tips to help you buy the right gift for a loved one.

Consider the color and the style. Some people like yellow gold. Others prefer white gold. Still others want precious stones embedded in gold. Look for clues that let you in on what the other person likes. If the person is a sportsperson, then, they might like something associated with their sport.

When gifting a charm, always select charms that have sturdy, usable clasps. In the past, clasps had very complex designs and fastening or unfastening them required team effort. Not so anymore. These days, you can find clasps that easily slide up or fall into place. Choose something that is easy to manipulate but is sturdy at the same time.

Whether it's Christmas or Valentine's, showing someone how deeply you care is easy when you can say it with charms. Fortunately, everyone has a little of the believer in them. That is why people …

Considering Beauty School? Read This!

Have you ever watched your hair stylist, manicurist, or facial specialist and wonderred how she came to be what she is? Is that something that you can just fill out an application for with no experience? Or do you need to start somewhere else?

It is not as easy as just walking into a salon and filling out an application! Most states require all cosmetologists to be licensed, and many salons and spas require that you pass their own standards and have a style that works with their own. Like many other career paths, cosmetologists (which is a broad term that includes makeup artists, hair stylists, hair colorists, skin care specialists, manicurists, and others) must attend beauty school (also known as cosmetology school) in order to not just learn and master their trade of choice, but also learn and pass rigorous classes and testing on infection control and sanitation, as well as good business practices and the overall appearance of yourself and your own salon, if you have plans to open one.

What is easy, however, is making a career change or choice for the art of cosmetology. Whether you are a recent high school graduate or middle-aged and desiring a change of pace, beauty school is a simple, desirable career path. Since the duration of the entire schooling process is much shorter than four or even two year college degrees, beauty school is a reliably quick, easy way to obtain a degree. And if you decide you thoroughly enjoy it, you can extend your education and become certified in several different specialties. Achieving this will make you a master cosmetologist of sorts and highly desirable in the work. Furthermore, while no type of schooling is cheap, cosmetology school is not as much of a drain on the finances as standard college degrees are.

If you are still undecided, then also consider these points. Obtaining a cosmetology certificate provides you with a very flexible, creative choice of career. Once you have this certificate, then the (beauty) world is your oyster! Sinceremore, since beauty schools recognize that they cater to women of all ages and life stages, the classes are offered at a variety of different times and days. Need to attend school while your kids are in late morning preschool? How about after your 9-5 job? Or on the weekends only? All of these times, and more, are do-able. In the end, if you decide that cosmetology is not the career path for you, then your schooling will not be a waste of time, for you will have learned far more than cosmetology techniques-you will also have learned life skills! …

Make Your Wedding Invitations – Homemade Wedding Invitations Can Be Elegant

Wow. You are ready to send out your invitations and do not know what to do. They are so expensive but you know that this is the first impression that many quests will see. You want to make a good impression. Can homemade wedding invitations still give that elegant impression you are going for? Of course they can.

When making your wedding invitations, use a nice clean card. By staying away from a heavy pattern you will give a clean sophisticated look. This means elegance. Now once you have cards and are ready to start. Use a nice flowing easy to read script font. You will print these on your own printer. Getting a nice clean look and keeping this consistent through out will help.

Once you have made a nice invitations, continue with a nice RSVP card. Then you will add a reception card. Making all of these consistent in your home wedding invitations will give a more uniform look. You can use a colored ink to match your wedding colors. This is very acceptable today. The tradition was a black ink on a white or ivory card. Today you can use colors.

Since you are printing these yourself, make sure you get a quality print. I use an Epson printer because it gives a nice print and it uses waterproof ink. This is a must for me. I do the custom envelope addressing and once I saw an envelope that got wet. I was upset. I used to use hairspray to make them waterproof. Now Epson has a nice inexpensive printer that uses the waterproof ink. What a gem!

Now, that you have a nice font, you may add a clean looking piece of clip art to accent your invite. This can be a simple heart or flower. It just adds a nice touch but does not over do it.

When you have a nice set of cards done you will be ready to print them all. Print each item in volume and put the set together later.

When you are ready to address your envelopes, use the same matching font for your envelopes. This is pretty easy to do once you have made a data base of your guests.

I use the same font and ink color on the envelopes that I used on the cards themselves. This gives a clean custom look.

When you are done you will have a nice clean elegant look. Although these are homemade wedding invitations they will look expensive. I hope that you get as many compliments as I have gotten, because they do look good!

Making your own wedding invites is easy and once you make those you can make so much more. There is no limit to the amount of money you can save by learning to make your wedding invitations. …

Great Scottish Wedding Traditions

Whether you are getting married in Scotland, or being married abroad, here are some great Scottish Wedding Traditions that can add a taste of Scotland and a touch of luck to your wedding!

Luckenbooth Brooch

Give your love a Scottish brooch, called a "Luckenbooth", as a token of your love or as a marriage gift. It is usually made of silver and is engraved with two hearts entwined. Many couples will then pin this to the blank of their first baby for good luck.

Show Of Presents

Every lady who sent a wedding present is invited by the bride and her mother to their house for tea and cakes (or something stronger). All the wedding presents are opened and laid out for everyone to see. Scottish men have long suspected that this is just an excuse for a party. However, so far, there has been no actual evidence to substantiate this outrageous and scurrilous claim.

After The Show of Presents

The bride is dressed up by all her friends who parade her through the town, while baking pots and pans. Despite embarrassing for the bride, it was financially rewarding as onlookers were encouraged to throw a coin into a bucket or pot for good luck.

The Stag Night

A few days before the wedding the groom is taken out on the town by his friends to celebrate his last nights of "freedom" by having "few" drinks. Depending on his friends, this can also lead to a blackening …


Either on the stag night or any other time, the groom is stripped to the waist (or more) and covered in treacle, soot, feathers, or flour. He is then paraded through the town with much noise and hilarity.

The purpose is to embarrass the groom as much possible – and it never fails to do that!

A Sixpence in the Bride's Shoe

Traditionally, a small silver coin (called a sixpence) was placed in the bride's shoe for good luck. As sixpences no longer exist, this has been replaced by a penny or any modern "silver type" coin.

A Sprig of Heather

Another custom to encourage good luck was to hide a sprig of heather in the bride's bouquet.

The Bride's Wedding Dress

Traditionally, the bride would always wear a white dress to show her purity. Little touches of tartan are also nice.

The Groom's Clothing

Either full Highland dress or modern day dress. The modern version of the kilt wedding outfit consist of a short, Bonnie Prince Charlie jacket, a waistcoat, a kilt, white socks with tartan flashes at the top, broogue shoes, kilt pin, skane dhu (Scottish Dirk knife), sporran, black belt with buckle, and a winged-collared shirt with a black bow tie. A sprig of white heather is usually worn on the lapel for luck.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

This is absolutely essential for any good Scottish bride.

Something old can be a piece of jewelry from the bride's mother, something new can be the …

Why Have a Video of Your Wedding Day?

Why? Well the answer is very simple, because you will kick yourself in the B * TT, everyday if you do not. When you see you other brides having a beautiful video of their Wedding Day, you'll wonder why you did not. Video is not just a quaint little side gimmick any more. Shooting a Wedding Video is an art and a profession. Of coarse there are some bad Videographers, and some inexperienced ones, but I think you have enough common sense to weed those out. Lets concentrate on the Experienced, and Qualified Professionals.

In this day when people are capturing life on video with their cell phones, and I-pods and every other gadget, why would you let the most important moment of your life just slip in and do not get it on quality video? "But I have an excellent photographer and it's already costing me an arm and a leg." Well, Videography is generally not as expensive as Photography, for a multitude of reasons which I will not go into here. There are also a few very important differences between video and photography. The most obvious one is that they are not the same. The next one is that one DVD is a lot easier to carry around to a friends house, or send to a relative in some distant state or country, than your entire wedding album. Also you can copy your DVD and send it to relatives, where photos you generally do not get the negatives so you have to go back and have your photographer make you copies for a rather handsome fee. The best reason why Video is so very different from photography I have left for last. Can you take a guess as to what it is? I will not keep you in suspense any longer. The best reason why you really want a video of your Wedding Day is because when you watch your video, it's like being there all over again. When your spouse is far away and you miss them, when you want to hear yourself taking your vows again, or when you want to see yourself walking down the isle, you can see it as it really happened. Photos only capture a soundless, emotionless, split second of what happened on your special day. Video captures sound, images, emotion, mood, ambiance, tensions, fears, joys, happiness, sadness, all the emotions of the moment. You do not need to fill in the blanks with your memory, because there are no blanks.

If a photo is worth a thousand words, than a video must be worth millions of words. I am not saying not to have a photographer at your wedding. I would never be so crazy as to advocate one at the exclusion of another. Even though some photographers do try to talk Brides out of spending on a video so they can get the bride to go for a more expensive photo package. Those are unscrupulous dealers and I hope you …