The Beauty of Temporary Jobs

Some job seekers understand the benefits of taking up a temporary job. There are hundreds of employers who just want that. Generally it’s a win-win situation for both – the employer and employee who have a stake in this type of arrangement.

  • The bold and enterprising choose a temporary job because it gives them a sense of control over their career. You can take a break and return back if you feel like, or you can switch job if that is what you want. Normally, in a temporary job, you commit yourself to a very short period, and with a provision to quit prematurely. It is a win-win situation for the employer too – they don’t have to be saddled with an employee whose service they don’t need. Moreover, it costs very little to retrench a temporary employee.
  • As a temporary worker, you get variety. Though many companies in which you might work do the same thing, the advantage to you is you learn new ways to do it. This gives you immense advantages. You get multiples of employers to approach when you want a job. Yet another advantage is you can learn new skills, which you can possibly use it for monetizing.
  • You get the opportunity to build a network. By building a network, you will be able to find a new job, should your employer go bust. Yet another advantage is you get more time off – temporary work allows it. You will be able to work like a contractor, though not exactly that.
  • You can have your cake and eat it too. Whether you are a temporary worker or permanent, the laws make it mandatory to give you sick leave, weekly off, holiday allowance and insurance. The employer is also under definite obligation to give you the same working condition benefits that permanent employees get. That is yet a big advantage to think about.

With so many benefits to temporary job, who will not want it? There are some businesses that prefer to employ temporary employees exclusively, though you may not be aware of it. The best way to land a temporary job is to talk to a recruitment company; some even specialize in this segment.

Temporary jobs can be found in almost every business – back office support, information technology enabled services, marine activities, travel & tourism, banking, hospitality industry, healthcare services, drugs & pharmaceutical manufacture, retail business, restaurant management, and even in government departments.

Businesses will not normally publicize the requirement for temporary jobs, so you will have to depend on your network to get wind of where opportunities are arising. If you don’t have a network, you are still on a strong turf with an employment agency on your side. The advantages of using employment agencies are many – you can take your pick, get help to negotiate a temporary work contract, and even get insider information about working conditions in your new work place.…

Black Friday Always Results in Red Monday

I'm not sure who come up with this term "Black Friday" but I am definitely not for it. To me, Black Friday is rather devious and I know the only purpose is to get their teeth into my money, which is a sacred area to me.

When it comes to shopping, I certainly am not a fan. I really do not like shopping. I get nervous when I'm in the shopping mall, start sweating and have to leave and sit in my car for at least half an hour to regain composition.

I have many interests and passions in life, but trust me, shopping is not one of them. I can live my whole life without ever shopping.

On the other side of our residence, it is a different story.

I am not sure, but I suspect shopping is second nature to the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage. She has it down to a science; she collects coupons and whatever else is associated with it all year long.

She is always boast about how much money she has saved. Because I enjoy our life together and I enjoy living, I always go along with her. But, and it's a big but, I'm not sure it's legitimate.

For example, one time she came from a shopping spree and showed me on the receipt she had saved $ 79.43. I studied the receipt and realized that in order to save that much money she had to spend over $ 200. Now, my dilemma is, do I point this out to her and encourage a scaling look back at me? Or, do I smile and keep on enjoying living?

Here is the difference between my wife and me. All year long, she saves coupons for this shopping spree that she enjoys. I, on the other hand, save up money all year long to enable her shopping spree.

I am beginning to think I am an enabler. Is she a Shopaholic? Is this a disease?

Do not tell her I'm thinking about this, but I believe I am enabling her in this shopaholic lifestyle.

One thing about being a Shopaholic is that it's not contagious. It is outrageous, but not contagious.

For me, black Friday always ends on red Monday.

On Friday, my checkbook is all in the black. Come Monday afternoon, it is all in the red.

Of course, I must say it has been working out very well for someone like me who does not like to go shopping. If I liked to go shopping, we might be in competition and that could create some stress. As it stands, she loves shopping and I love her enough to support her shopping. Can you think of a better scenario?

The reason I do not like shopping, especially at the mall, is because of all of the people crowding the stores in the hallways. Although I do not like to shop, there are times when I must go shopping and when I go shopping, …

Is Kim Kardashian’s Cellulite Really That Serious?

To Photoshop or not to Photoshop, that is the question. Kim Kardashian is not a plus size woman, but she is known for her voluptuous figure. Complex Magazine created a buzz when it inadvertently put up an unaltered photo of the reality star on its website, and then replaced it with a retouched version later. The new and improved Kim had smaller breasts, a trimmer waist, and of course, slimmer cellulite-free thighs. The entire photo had been lightened including the background and Ms. Kardashian’s complexion. Side by side comparisons of the two images popped up all over the web.

Kim immediately took to her blog to defend herself. She brushed off the entire hubbub by responding “So what; I have a little cellulite. What curvy girl doesn’t?” Okay, that works. But then, after claiming to be proud of her curves and her body, she lets everyone know that she’s worked hard to make herself acceptable once again. Kardashian goes on, “At the same time as this Complex shoot, I was gearing up for my fitness DVD and you should see my thighs now!!! Ha ha!”

This is all disturbing on a few levels. For starters, the fact is that using Photoshop to change real bodies into cookie-cutter fakes is common industry practice. It is ridiculous, but it’s also old news. So, why do women still buy into the “this is how you should look” drama of magazines? And if Kim is so proud, why ruin a perfectly good with response by claiming she doesn’t look like that anymore?

What bugs me the most about the whole thing is that people think it is okay to criticize her figure whether it’s Photoshopped or not. There is no perfect or ideal body. Yet, women continue to make the news for gaining or losing weight like it is a matter of national security or something. Oprah felt so ashamed that she put her own side by side comparison on the cover of her magazine. Tyra Banks ranted on her show about her weight gain after critics ripped into her. Jennifer Love Hewitt blogged about the negative response to her bikini laden vacation photos. And weightloss companies like Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem keep making comeback stories of people like Valerie Bertinelli and Marie Osmond.

So what’s a full figured girl to do? It may seem nearly impossible to tune out all the negative body image messages flying around. It’s time that we learn to embrace all bodies for what they are. Let’s cut out the competitiveness. Beauty doesn’t come in one shape or size. If you’re plus sized, work it. If you’re slender, work it. If you’re somewhere in between, work it. Just don’t let someone else’s standard of beauty determine how you feel about yourself.…

Crosses – Excellent Religious Gifts

Crosses are a symbol of religious faith for many people. Therefore, people will reflect their beliefs and spirituality with a religious cross of some type. The religious cross has evolved to become more than just a piece of religious jewelry. Crosses are now available to add to your home décor, or your outdoor relaxation area.

For many Christians, and even non-Christians, the addition of a cross to our home in any size, material, or shape, can add not only to the atmosphere of spirituality, but can also add to the rustic, modern, or gothic style of your surroundings. Not only that, it can bring a sense of belonging to us, knowing that we are part of a much larger group of similar-minded people. Just looking at the crosses that we have chosen helps us to realize that we are a piece of a much larger group of believers. No matter what your cross means to you.

To understand the difference between a cross and a crucifix is ​​quite simple, although some people may not understand. They look the same, except for one glaring difference. When the body of Christ is added to a cross it becomes a crucifix. The Lord transported his cross to Calvary, but when he was placed on the cross it became the crucifixion. Any cross with Jesus on it is a symbol of the crucifixion of Christ.

Some of the many types of crosses that are available include, Celtic Crosses, Russian Orthodox Crosses, as well as Franciscan and Jerusalem Crosses. No matter what your personal beliefs are, you will find a cross that will suit you, even if you just want a small pocket cross so you can privately feel the strength of your faith.

When you begin looking for a cross you must first decide if you want a cross to wear around your neck, or as a different type of jewelry item. Maybe a cross ring, or a bracelet. If it is not a personal accessory, then maybe you prefer an item for home décor so you can let people know when they enter your home or office that you have a spiritual side to you.

Your choice can be a simple as a small decorative wall cross or standing cross to place on a mantle. But it can also be as elaborate as a beautiful religious fountain for your backyard that constantly calms you with the continual flow of water that is so peaceful. The right choice can add sophistication and beauty to any environment.

Crosses make an excellent religious gift choice for your loved ones or just for yourself. So be yourself, and express yourself with the type of crosses that are most important to you. …

Level 3 Beauty Therapy – Revision Questions for Exam Success

A level 3 Beauty Therapy course is designed to provide students with all the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the Beauty Industry.

The following subjects may be covered;

Face & Body Electrical Treatments
Body Massage

Students are required to undertake theory papers, oral questioning and practical evaluations and as a result, must be fully prepared for exam time.

There is a lot of revision involved and therefore it is important to have a set of revision questions to help with exam success.

The best type of questions to use, when revising for your level 3 Beauty Therapy are multiple choice. With these questions you get one question with four different answers and you must pick only one.

Some examples include;

01. Which type of skin would citrus paradisi most benefit?

a) Dry skin
b) Oily skin – Answer
c) Sensitive skin
d) Mature skin

02. Which one of the following is an effect of deep effleurage?

a) Improves skin texture
b) Spreads the medium
c) Improves muscle tone
d) Increases lymph flow – Answer

03. When performing vacuum suction over bony areas what should you do?

a) Lighten up on pressure
b) Apply a massage oil over the area first
c) Avoid the area completely – Answer
d) Increase the pressure

My advice would be to find a study guide that includes a large set of these questions. The idea is to take a number of multiple choice every day and learn them. Have a structured revision plan in place so you know what area to learn and how many questions to revise. If this system is repeated every day then you will find passing your exams a little easier. …

Hiring Wedding Limousine Services

Hiring wedding limousine services entails making the most informed choices after comparing the wedding transportation services on offer. It calls for early preparation on the individual’s part. One should start conducting research on the wedding limousine services available as early as possible. This enables one to make a thorough comparison of the services on offer with the accompanying costs from the various wedding transportation companies in good time. This is because wedding limousines are usually in high demand all year round. Early research helps one make room for any unexpected changes. Most wedding limo providers offer information on their services on the internet.

When looking for wedding limousine services, there are a number of areas to base the search on. These would include cost. Wedding limousine service providers compete for clients. Therefore, one should go for the most comprehensive value-for-money offer. The best deal would be from the company offering the lowest possible prices for the most comprehensive service. It is important to verify that there are no hidden or extra charges beforehand. The number of guests to be carried in the wedding limos must be considered to determine the size of wedding limo to request for.

The other area to consider when sourcing for the wedding limousine is the model and the physical state of the wedding limo. Newer and established makes of wedding limos are more likely to give better services and smooth, comfortable rides than older models. When booking for wedding limousine services, one should enquire on the hourly charges of the service. The longer the duration of hire, the higher the resulting cost.

Good wedding transportation service companies have fully qualified, competent and experienced drivers in their official uniforms during execution of work, usually in tuxedos or suits. In addition, the wedding limos should be fully insured and road worthy.

The other important area to check with the wedding transportation company is the variety of services on offer. The best wedding limousines on offer are supposed to have extra features on their standard catalogue. The typical and ideal wedding limousine services package would include an extra package such as interior and exterior wedding limo decorations; a floor carpet, a courteous and ready-to-help chauffeur fully at one’s service; complementary champagne bottles; a wide selection of beverages such as wine, beer, hard liquor, soft drinks, fruit juices and water. Flowers, balloons, ringing bells and a “just married” sign would top up the wedding transportation package.

At all times, an impeccable red carpet wedding limo service on the part of the wedding transportation company delivered in style and substance should form the benchmark of quality service measurement.

An ideal interior entertainment system package for the wedding limo should include, but not be limited to, the following: a karaoke system, CD/DVD player, ice cooler, air-conditioned interior, satellite radio, mini kitchen, an open bar, snacks, neon flashing lights, mini kitchen and dance floor.

The key points to consider from a perfect wedding limousine service provider and wedding limo are luxury, safety, …

Older Women Looking for Men

Older women looking for men is not exactly a new thing. There are older women who are single because of having gone through a divorce, or they just came out of a relationship or they became single as a result of a life partner dying. They are older because logic says that they should be settled but it does not mean that they should not have someone to share their lives with, they might even be lucky enough to find real life.

It is not easy being an older woman looking for love, especially if you have been out of the dating game for a long time. You become unsure of how to go about meeting men that you might be interested in, and you find that the dating rules have changed so much from when you were younger and it might be a daunting experience for many to have to go back.

Fortunately, thanks to the internet, anyone can start dating slowly and carefully, at their own pace without the pressure of actually having to meet a guy face to face. Online dating has made it possible for older women looking for men to be able to meet different kind of guys in a safe environment, and be able to start chatting to them and getting to know them better.

There are also other ways to meet eligible men that an older woman can be with and ultimately like. There could be men at your workplace, or men at the library where you get your books, or at your nearest bookstore where you buy your books or at your grocery shop. Every place where an older woman finds herself in is a potential place to meet a man that you can get to know better and like.

Besides older women being on the lookout to meet men, they have to make sure that they are approachable to the men that are also looking to meeting them.

If you are going to come across as too serious, without a smile on your face, someone will take it that them talking to you is bothering you and they are just not going to want to do it. If you enjoy someone’s attention, you need to show them without being too forward.

Going back into the dating scene requires that one looks good, a woman has to look good for men to look at her and give her the attention that she wants. If you look good, men will be more likely look your way and want to show their interest.

Also, guys like confident women. An older woman should have more confidence than she did when she was younger, because now she knows better about who she is and what she wants and what her place is in the world. Guys are looking for a woman who is sure of herself and whose self-esteem is solid. If you are going to come across as unsure of yourself, this is not an …

Cellulite Be Gone – Natural Beauty

Cellulite – what is it and how can you get rid of it?

In contrast to natural beauty, cellulite is ugly and it tends to accumulate on thighs, around the knees, on hips and buttocks. Cellulite is the result of abuse more than age, the very opposite of natural beauty which is complimented by self-awareness and self-care. Cellulite can affect women of normal weight, indeed even thin women are often bothered by cellulite. Cellulite takes time to appear and a long time to repair.

The French, who claimed it was a special sort of fat that you must treat in a special way, invented the word cellulite. But cellulite is ordinary fat that is waterlogged. The best way to get rid of it is to promote your natural beauty through diet accompanied by exercise, and by controlling fluid retention.

Cellulite is caused by many things that hinder natural beauty, bad circulation and retention of fluid, the latter being the reason why the skin looks puffy, dimpled and soggy. Cellulite is also a sign of lack of exercise and a diet too full of the sugar and starch carbohydrates. Fighting cellulite is a two-pronged attack because the very things that reduce cellulite enhance natural beauty.

Some doctors believe an excessive secretion of oestradiol (female hormone) causes cellulite and it would seem logical that there could be a counter-balancing treatment. But at present cellulite is helped only by physical means – self-care, natural beauty procedures and salon treatment. Try the following with daily regularity – the only way to get good results, increase your natural beauty and rid yourself of cellulite:

Diet: Cut back on fats, sugars and starches: concentrate on high protein meats, green leafy vegetables, salads and fruit. Eat plenty of cucumber, first and foremost a diuretic food which helps to firm tissues. Every day eat cucumber salad – finely sliced ​​complete with skin and mixed with a little olive oil, garlic, lemon juice and parsley (to counteract the smell of garlic).

Exercise: Walking and swimming are ideal for fighting cellulite, so is bicycling whether the real thing or simulating the movements by lying on your back supporting hips with hands and cycling in the air. Walk around the house doing the goose-step – you'll feel the inner thigh muscle working hard to keep your leg in a straight line.

Applications: Try massaging anti-cellulite creams into your skin (see below for method) but it is usually the movement more than the cream that aids the area. Ivy is an ingredient in many creams and when used on its own it has a noticeable effect on cellulite. Ground ivy works when crushed and rubbed into the skin or applied as a poultice. You can make a solution by steeping ivy in cold water for twenty-four hours and using it as a wash to bathe the dimpled areas repeatedly.

Friction: The idea is to improve circulation, stepping up the metabolism of the fat cells to break down the cellulite. Pinch your skin …

Tips To Plan A Wedding Online

With the ease and efficiency of the internet, many bride elects have tried to plan a wedding online. You get a wider range of ideas and products for your big day when you plan a marriage online, while you do most of these things from the comfort of your own home.

You can compare different prices, companies, and even talk with others online that have had similar experiences. When you plan a wedding online, the creative possibilities for your day are endless.

To plan a marriage online, you can visit The Knot. With this website, you'll find great wedding shower invitation ideas. They are often the first of many gatherings and parties that lead to your wedding day. So naturally, creative wedding shower invitation ideas set the tone for the approaching event.

Basic invitations include information about the event, but other shower invitation ideas include creatively-written poems, stories or anything else that will get your guests' attention. Since it typically includes your closest friends and family, you can incorporate creative and non-traditional invitation ideas without worrying what others will think of you.

At The Knot and other wedding-based websites, you can also get a variety of marriage speech examples. Some of your bridal party may have trouble writing reception toasts or other speeches that go along with a wedding.

You can give them this website so they can get marriage speech examples in creative or traditional formats. The site also provides links to other sites that have even more examples. The wedding speech examples will show what kind of information to include, as well as tips on overcoming nervousness (other than visiting the open bar beforehand!)

Marriage program ideas are a great way to add an extra special touch to your ceremony. When you plan a wedding online, you can find many websites offering marriage program ideas. Although the main concept is the same, you can have fun with your wedding programs and reveal a sense of your personality with them. At Ez Wedding Planner, brides find a variety of program ideas that guests are sure to remember.

When you plan a wedding online, there are limitless possibilities to make it unique. By comparing prices and products, you can search for the best deal and cut costs. Other websites offer free worksheets and wedding materials for added convenience.

Aside from the shower invitations ideas, marriage speech examples and other hints for a unique wedding, you'll make your special day a memorable event when you plan a wedding online. …

Attract Asian Women by Circulating and Meeting a Lot of Asian Women

Here are some tips on how to pick up girls.

A lot of times, guys will find one girl that they wish to talk to and then will zero in on that girl and talk and talk and talk all evening with her. Unfortunately, a lot of girls will find some excuse to get away from that guy.

In this approach, the guys will talk forever and then the conversation just seems to disappear into thin air. This leads to an uneasy situation between the man and the woman as they both feel uncomfortable and eventually do not talk to each other. This gets away from your goals of keeping the interaction between you and your favorite lady exciting and keeping her highly interested in you. Now how do you do this? You will want to become the “socializer”. Now your next question is how do I do this? There are two main ways to accomplish this.

#1 – Circulate around the social gathering

The best way to do this is to circulate around the social gathering that you are at. As you move around the social gathering, you will have a quick initial interaction with each woman. You as the man will initiate the conversation, but you will also initiate the end of the conversation. So when you are ready, stop the conversation and move on to the next person that you want to talk to.

This will make you stand out, because you were the first guy to leave the conversation and the woman will find out that she didn’t have the power in the interaction like she normally does. You have just created interest in yourself from the woman, because you are now a challenge to her. All of you that are trying to attract an Asian women will love this because Asian women love a challenge.

#2 – Approach as many Asian women as you can

You will want to approach as many Asian women in the social gathering that you can. This will help you appear more popular with the ladies to the other women in the social gathering. When other Asian women see that you are socializing with a lot of women at this social event, you will appear as someone that they want to get to know and they will do whatever they have to do get and keep that attention from you.

So in conclusion, instead of approaching one woman and talking her all evening until there is nothing left to say, approach many women throughout the evening and have short conversations with them. In the process, you will be the “socializer”.

To your success,

Bruce Min…