The Best Clothes and Accessories to Add to Your Summer Wardrobe

Trendy clothes are always ideal, but there are certain essential garments you should always have ready to wear because you just don’t know when those items may be put to good use. With these essential summer items, you’ll be able to put together some awesome outfits that can boost your confidence, flatter your figure, and genuinely make you feel good. Whether it’s a basic white t-shirt, a denim jacket, or something else, there are simply a few essentials worth buying the next time you go to the mall.

Simple White Shirt

The white t-shirt is simple, casual, and relaxed, but that is what makes it worth owning. It’s something that can match with a lot of your other clothes, including leggings with unique and bright patterns on them. If nothing else matches with a specific pair of pants or a skirt, you can rest assured knowing the simple white t-shirt will match perfectly.

Stylish Denim Jacket

While it’s hot outside during the day, it can get a bit chilly at night during the summer. Keep cool and comfortable by pairing some of your outfits with a stylish denim jacket. These jackets are available in a few different colors and may even have some embellishments on them, such as gemstones and glitter.

Sleek White Shirt With Buttons

For days when you’re trying to dress up a bit but still want to keep it semi-casual, you can wear a sleek white shirt with buttons. The shirt goes with more than you might realize, including skinny pants, skirts, and denim jeans.

Comfortable Shirt Dress

The shirt dress is such an essential staple. It’s something you can wear when you’re meeting up with a friend for coffee, shopping at the mall, or visiting the park to have a picnic with your children. These dresses are simple yet stylish and they look great with open-toe sandals as well as wedges in different colors.

Cool Midi Skirt

Who needs a mini skirt when you can feel more comfortable and relaxed in a midi skirt? It’s longer than a mini skirt, not nearly as tight, and it flows freely, so you can feel comfortable and cool on those days when it’s simply too hot outside.

Basic and Plain Trainers

You may have several trainers in different colors, but make sure you purchase at least one pair of plain trainers in a shade of white. The white color pops out and looks great with a lot of outfits you may choose to wear. The trainers are ideal for those days when you don’t feel like wearing heels, flats, or even sandals.

Cute Woven Straw Hat

Pick out the perfect woven straw hat in your favorite color and pair it with a lot of your favorite summer outfits. These hats look great with maxi dresses, denim jeans with graphic tees, and even swimwear.

Flattering White Jeans

While you may normally stick to blue denim jeans, summer is the perfect time to bring out those white jeans and rock …

Puiforcat Still Serving Up Beauty After Nearly Two Centuries

"A work of art must in its modest sphere elevate the soul by its beauty." The exceptional French silversmith Jean Puiforcat expressed himself well with both words and silver. Nothing could be more humble, common, or modest than a fork, for instance, but in his capable hands it could become of exquisite beauty.

Puiforcat belonged to a family of skilled metalsmiths who opened up shop in Paris in 1820. As successful generations took over the business, they built on the family's fine reputation as craftsmen. When Louis Victor, Jean's father, entered the business, he embraced the French people's love of history, collecting 300 examples of old silverware to study and work from.

Many of Puiforcat's current designs reflect that love affair with historical silver. Elysee bears an elaborate lace scrollwork design etched into the handle of each piece. The Cardinal pattern has an earthier, more primitive ancestor-the 17th century hunting knife. Its curved knife blade, three tinned fork, and knobbed knife handle are simple and colonial in essence.

Jean Puiforcat began his amazing career in 1920 and his designs reflect the clean geometric elements of the Art Deco period. He was fascinated by line and contour and prided himself on contemporary pieces with precis detailing and, oddly enough, mathematical perfection. Today's patterns incorporated reproductions of his work. The Cannes is strictly Art Deco in design, for example. Other modern patterns that owe their origin to Jean Puiforcat are Nantes and Chantago. Simplicity and clean lines define all three patterns. The modern collection also includes place settings and servings pieces in white with red and gray trim created from Jean Puiforcat's 1930's geometric designs.

The choice of fine Puiforcat silverware can add beauty to any table. Silver has a natural beauty all its own, but in the hands of a master craftsman it is elevated to art. …

Bridesmaid Gifts

A bride looks her best on her wedding day. Every woman is transformed into a lovely vision on her wedding day. She becomes the cynosure of all eyes and no one can stop talking about 'Oh! What a lovely bride she makes. ' 'She looks so beautiful today, she reminds me so much of how her mother looked at her wedding.'

As much as we would love to believe, it is not magic that transforms even ordinary looking women into a princess for their wedding ceremony and reception. There is a team of people working to help the bride look her best and one amongst the team is a person called a bridesmaid.

A bridesmaid is a woman who attends to a bride on the day of her nuptials. She is with her constantly, helping soothe frazzled nerves and whisper words of encouragement.

As the bride walks down the aisle towards a new life, it is her maid of honor and bridesmaids at her side, ready to expect even her small need and ensure that all goes well.

It goes without saying that a bridesmaid should also get something in return for all her efforts. A small token of appreciation would go a long way in making her feel special and thanked.


Get Personalized – This is probably the one time your bridesmaid would not mind you asking her personal questions. Try getting to know her likes and dislikes. That will help you in making her gift something personal, something she would always treasure. Also, personalized gifts make your token of appreciation unique. For example, gifts like monogrammed cosmetic or travel bags, or inscribed gifts such as tote or spa bags make perfect bridesmaid gifts.

Keep Sufficient Time – Bridesmaid gifts are not something you can get at the last minute, it should be planned well in advance. Devote sufficient time to the planning and buying of the gifts, this will help make it even more special.

Do Your Research Well – With the advent of the internet, it is possible to choose an appropriate gift for your bridesmaid, in the comfort of your own home. Make the effort to do research on the internet, so that you can explore all the possible options.

Get Creative – A bridesmaid is usually someone you know close and you would want her to cherish the memory of your wedding and the gift you give her for the rest of her life. If you have sufficient time and are a creative person, put your creativity to work and come up with a unique gift she is sure to treasure. But remember – planning is of the essence. Ensure adequate time and resources for this – it's a project on its own.

Bridesmaid gifts range from tote bags, to monogrammed jewelry bags, to photo CD cases, to manicure sets, to travel bags, to a whole variety of things. But remember – more than the gift, the feeling with …

Beach Wedding Flowers – Five Ideas For Your Beach Wedding

One of the highlights of having a tropical wedding are beach wedding flowers. Many tropical locations have unique colors and varieties of flowers that are only found on islands like Hawaii and the Caribbean. Even if you are not having your beach wedding on an island, it has become reliably inexpensive to find them on the mainland as well.

The first step in picking your flowers is to know what types are available where you are getting married or know what can be imported to your location. Local styles and customs will also change depending on where you are.

Once you know what is available at your wedding location, you can plan your flower budget accordingly. Working with a florist or local wedding planner or expert can help tremendously in this area. Knowing what is available will also help with deciding on what your wedding colors will be for decorations and bridesmaid dresses. Some tropical locations have flowers and colors that are unique to it which might open up different color schemes to choose from.

Listed below are five beach flower ideas to get you started:

Hawaiian Wedding Flowers

Hawaii is known for beautiful flowers, and there are several fun, colorful options for your wedding flowers. Leis are probably the best known Hawaiian tradition that can easily be added to your wedding day.

Also a Hawaiian tradition, a Haku wristband, headband or anklet is another Hawaiian tradition that you could use to sprinkle color and uniqueness to your wedding.


These colorful flowers are very resilient and can withstand hot, tropical weather. Typical colors include white, yellow, pink, pale green and purple.

Use them alone or with other colorful flowers to create stunning bouquets. They can also be part of your ceremony and reception decorations.


Typically found in red or pink, tropical hibiscus will add color and class to your wedding. Many island brides match hibiscus red with their bridesmaid's gowns and wedding accent colors.

Hibiscus can be used by themselves in bouquets or paired with other tropical flowers like orchids or lilies.


Heat resistance is just one of the reasons that make lilies a favorite among beach brides. They are also striking beautiful when used in bouquets or by themselves as decorations.

Many brides choose bouquets of white, sometimes accented with red roses or other flowers. Other popular lily colors are pink and yellow.


Popular for any wedding, roses do very well in hot climates which make them a popular choice for beach weddings. Use bouquets of red roses, or combine them with other beach wedding flowers like lilies or bird of paradise.

As you probably already know, roses come in more colors than red. Try mixing white or yellow roses in bright, tropical flowers. …

Woman – Man's Christian Gift From God

The Bible's first story of man tells us that man was created from the dust of the earth, (Genesis 4: 2). Then, God created woman from the rib of man, (Genesis 4:18). Woman was not created from man's arms to be held in bondage. She was not created from his back to never be seen or heard. Nor was woman created from his feet to be stepped on. She was created from a rib on his side, to signify that they should walk side by side through life together. A man's side is under his the arm to signify that she should be protected by him. It is also close to his heart, to be always loved by him. This was truly the position with man that God intended woman to be.

A good example of a Woman; Man's Christian gift from God and of God's true intention of a woman's place with man is "The Book of Esther." In (2 Chronicles 36: 15-17) we are told, God became so upset with His people "The Israelites" that He allowed them to be taken from the "Promised Land," and for many years held in bondage and slavery. Then God chose a woman named Esther to save the Jews from a certain death.

When Hadassah who was also called Esther was growing up had no immediate family and seemingly no future. Her cousin Mordecai adopted her, and took her into his family. Mordecai taught her to respect and love God with all her heart, all her soul, and all her mind. He told her that she was one of God's children and special in His eyes. He told her that if she would always follow "God's Word" that she would grow up to do great things.

Mordecai taught Esther that God has uniquely gifted each of His children. He also told Hadassah that she needed to discover her gifted talents, abilities, and natural strengths. Because God has a plan for her and that there would be something important that someday only she could accomplish for God!

Xerxes King of Persia, ruler of 27 states and all the Israelites once held a 7 day feast to honor every man in his palace, and Queen Vashti also possessed a banquet to honor every woman in the palace. On the seventh day of this feast King Xerxes sent his messengers to his Queen with a command to make an appearance to show her beauty to the people and important men, but she refused. The King was so embarrassed by her refusal that he banished her from the kingdom never to return.

King Xerxes then set out to find another Queen to replace her, and by by his side. He ordered that only the most beautiful virgin women of his kingdom gathered together to make audience with the King, and Esther was chosen as one of them. King Xerxes was pleased with Esther more than any of the other women and was elected to become his …

Women Test Men – Why They Do it and How You Must Respond to Her Tests

Women are extremely socially perceptive. From time to time, a woman will use manipulation tactics in order to collect information about who you as a man. All women test men, whether they’re aware of it or not. And more often than not, the male quality being tested is your ability to cope with her behavior. If you can’t handle a woman’s tests, how can she trust you to cope with the relationship when the shit really hits the fan?

To get a reaction out of you, a woman might put on a cold exterior, she might act moody, or she might act like a spoiled little brat. The important thing is to NOT react emotionally and get pulled into her test.

Don’t take things that women say at face value. Look past the content and distractions. Always ask yourself, “What’s really going on here?”

For example, let’s say you walk approach a girl in a bar and within seconds she says “I have a boyfriend.” For most guys, this would be enough for them to give up and move on to another target.

Only a small percentage of men will not be fazed by the “I have a boyfriend” comment. Whether or not she’s telling the truth doesn’t matter. What’s important is how you deal with the situation.

Of course, there are times when she will have a boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to go home with you. She may very well be interested in a one night stand because her nice guy boyfriend is lousy in bed. Or maybe she’s only keeping her boyfriend around because he’s her walking ATM machine.

The next time a woman tells you she has a boyfriend, say something like: “That’s great! I hate it when I’m talking to a woman who doesn’t tell me right away that she’s in a relationship.”

I might even give her a high five here if the energy feels right.

This conveys that you’ve got balls, giving you a bad boy edge.

Another example, let’s say you’re in the club and a hot babe asks you “Can you buy me a drink?”

Again, this is a simple test that most men fail. Whether or not you buy her the drink doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you deal with the situation while maintaining your personal power:

“Sure, I’ll buy you a drink… and you’ll buy me the next one, right?”

In other words, YOU test the woman.

Women are tired of being able to walk over men. Women use tests to make their life easier. It’s not so much about being dishonest as it is necessary. It’s her way of filtering out the predictable and boring nice guys.

A woman simply needs to know that she’s dealing with a real man, and not a boy. Once you’ve commanded respect by passing her little tests, she will let her guard down, revealing the warmer side of her personality.…

Gourmet Wine Gifts

Gourmet wine gifts can be given for almost any occasion. You can choose to buy a gift set that is already made for you, or you can actually put your own gift package together. Putting together your own gift basket requires that you have some knowledge of wine and know what you are doing, it also is a nice way to add your own unique touch to the gift. These gifts can come in any size that you choose to make or buy. You can make it simple with one or two items, or choose to make it more elaborate buy adding a few more things to the gift basket. Let’s take a look at how to go about buying or making gourmet wine gifts.

Wine can be quite expensive. Before you set out on buying or making your gift set, know how much you are willing to spend. If you are planning to buy premium aged wines and are making a large gift basket, you can spend over $100 easily. If your tastes are much simpler, you can put together a gift that is well under $100. Knowing how much you are willing to spend will narrow down your selection. Know the tastes of the person that you are buying the gift for. Do they like white or red wine? Do they have a specific brand of wine that they really enjoy? Knowing these things may be easy if you know the person well enough. If you don’t know the likes of the person you are buying for, it is perfectly fine to ask around and find out what others would recommend.

Every wine that you can buy has a complimentary food item that goes with it. Everything from chocolate to caviar can be chosen to compliment the wine that you have chosen to buy. In many cases a gift of wine will come with cheese. Wine and cheese are thought to go well with each other. Not everything in the gift set has to be edible. You can add something like a nice smelling essential oil to the package. Including a gift card is also an idea that you can go with. You can even include tickets to a special event in the gift package. Hopefully the above ideas will help you when it comes time for you to choose which gourmet wine gifts to buy for a person.…

The How-To Guide on Using a Washing Machine

Believe it or not, there are many people that are not sure how to use a washing machine. This includes the types of washing powder and fabric softener to use and how much of it to put into the washing machine. The best part about living in the modern era is that most washing machines include the instructions to make your life easier.

In this instance, we are going to use a front loader as an example.

  1. First thing’s first – the sorting of your laundry. White or very light clothes need to be washed separately from clothing such as jeans, scarves and velvet. The reason why this is done is because certain fabrics lose colour after washing it multiple times.
  2. Next, you need to add the washing powder into the correct compartment. The washing machine will usually indicate which compartment it is using a small image. No more than a scoop or a small cup would be needed depending on the capacity and model.
  3. Fabric softener is a definite must if you prefer your clothes smelling fresh and feeling soft. Some clothes also look better when the fabric softener has been added.
  4. Now we need to turn the washing machine on so that we can pick the correct option for the type of clothing that has been loaded into the washing machine.
  5. The option you choose prior to starting the cycle would depend on the clothing that is inside the machine. The “Delicates” option should be chosen for small and fragile items such as underwear, thin t-shirts, and lacy jerseys that could be worn over evening gowns. “Duvets” could be bedding such as duvets, comforters and quilted blankets. Items such as jeans may also have an option that you can select that won’t damage the fibre.
  6. Some washing machines have the intelligence to determine the amount of time it will take to run the chosen wash so that you can plan your daily chores around that. This allows you to manage your time better at home especially if you are a parent or working professional.

If you are a working parent or busy professional, then you don’t have the time to run around for washing powder and fabric softener every month. So save time, buy wholesale and get the washing powder and fabric softener in bulk. This could also end up being a cost saving and time saving exercise for your household.…

What Is The Role of A Toastmaster / Master of Ceremony

We are familiar with the terms toastmaster or Master of Ceremony and probably associate them with royal or VIP occasions. Yet this need not be the case. A Toastmaster can make your special occasion a memorable one.

A good toastmaster will discreetly go about his duties and provide confidence and a calming influence on the bridal party and hosts. He will be an expert on wedding etiquette and protocol which ensures that the members of the bridal party, who have roles to fulfil during the reception, do so in the right order and without embarrassment.

The toastmaster introduces guests to their hosts at the start of the receiving line; announces meals, speeches, toasts and organises the cake cutting. They may also help guests to find their seats for the wedding breakfast. Having someone with responsibility for these elements of the reception will ensure that the event runs smoothly, eliminating pauses where the bridal party and guests aren’t sure what’s happening or what to do next. This can save those awkward, quiet moments when everyone is waiting for something to happen.

Etiquette and protocol

The proposing of formal toasts should be considered as a particular and special honour or reward. In most cases, apart from State occasions, Civic receptions, and Wedding receptions, there is usually certain local customs and traditions that need to be maintained. The recipient of the toast is usually expected to reply. If a formal reply is expected, the recipient will have been briefed in advance of the occasion. When the toast is given the guests, as tradition dictates, stand whilst the recipient is expected to remain seated. The exception to this custom is when the toast is given on board a ship and is observed today at British Royal Navel dinners when the Toast to the Immortal Memory of Admiral Lord Nelson.

There are a number of general and conventional toasts included at any formal gathering or meal. Toasts are usually made at the end of a meal, with the exception of State events, where they are often made before the meal.

The normal or traditional toasts are:

The Loyal Toast

The Loyal Toast is usually the responsibility of the chairperson or president. The tradition here is for all to stand, except at Royal Navy functions and certain Regimental occasions, where convention dictates otherwise.

Formal Toast

The Formal Toast or a toast which is proposed, but to which no reply is expected or required is usually proposed by the Chairman or President or by the incoming President or a senior representative etc.


Usually proposed by the President; a formal reply is expected from one of the ladies present who will have been nominated before the event.

Burns Night:

A toast is usually proposed to Robbie Burns, and also to the Haggis. This would be carried out with due ceremony.


The first toast is proposed by the Father of the Bride to; The Bride & Groom.

The second toast is proposed by the Groom to; The …