The Best Clothes and Accessories to Add to Your Summer Wardrobe

Trendy clothes are always ideal, but there are certain essential garments you should always have ready to wear because you just don’t know when those items may be put to good use. With these essential summer items, you’ll be able to put together some awesome outfits that can boost your confidence, flatter your figure, and genuinely make you feel good. Whether it’s a basic white t-shirt, a denim jacket, or something else, there are simply a few essentials worth buying the next time you go to the mall.

Simple White Shirt

The white t-shirt is simple, casual, and relaxed, but that is what makes it worth owning. It’s something that can match with a lot of your other clothes, including leggings with unique and bright patterns on them. If nothing else matches with a specific pair of pants or a skirt, you can rest assured knowing the simple white t-shirt will match perfectly.

Stylish Denim Jacket

While it’s hot outside during the day, it can get a bit chilly at night during the summer. Keep cool and comfortable by pairing some of your outfits with a stylish denim jacket. These jackets are available in a few different colors and may even have some embellishments on them, such as gemstones and glitter.

Sleek White Shirt With Buttons

For days when you’re trying to dress up a bit but still want to keep it semi-casual, you can wear a sleek white shirt with buttons. The shirt goes with more than you might realize, including skinny pants, skirts, and denim jeans.

Comfortable Shirt Dress

The shirt dress is such an essential staple. It’s something you can wear when you’re meeting up with a friend for coffee, shopping at the mall, or visiting the park to have a picnic with your children. These dresses are simple yet stylish and they look great with open-toe sandals as well as wedges in different colors.

Cool Midi Skirt

Who needs a mini skirt when you can feel more comfortable and relaxed in a midi skirt? It’s longer than a mini skirt, not nearly as tight, and it flows freely, so you can feel comfortable and cool on those days when it’s simply too hot outside.

Basic and Plain Trainers

You may have several trainers in different colors, but make sure you purchase at least one pair of plain trainers in a shade of white. The white color pops out and looks great with a lot of outfits you may choose to wear. The trainers are ideal for those days when you don’t feel like wearing heels, flats, or even sandals.

Cute Woven Straw Hat

Pick out the perfect woven straw hat in your favorite color and pair it with a lot of your favorite summer outfits. These hats look great with maxi dresses, denim jeans with graphic tees, and even swimwear.

Flattering White Jeans

While you may normally stick to blue denim jeans, summer is the perfect time to bring out those white jeans and rock …

How to choose the right suit

If you haven’t bought a suit in a while, or it is your first time, there are a few things you need to know about choosing the right option for you.

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You can start with ensuring you have the right measurements, and these you can take yourself, or you can have done in store, or at a tailor. Once you know what size you are, the real fun starts!

Choose your type

There are so many different types of suits available, and with double-breasted jackets now back in fashion, you have even more available options. It is, of course, important to choose a suit that works with your body shape, so bear that in mind too.

Just some of the many options available include skinny, close-fitting suits with very tapered legs, slim suits that have a trimmed waistline and tailored suits that are more contemporary and are ideal for everyday wear.

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There are also the more classic styles that are all-purpose, and the more formal styles that are really suited to special occasions rather than everyday wear. When you choose your type of suit consider what you will be wearing it for, and whether the purpose you are buying a suit for suits the style you choose.

Choose your fabric and colour

The colour of your suit is important, and if you opt for a very standard charcoal or dark navy you can always add a splash of colour with Farah shirts like those available at This way, you’ll also get more wear out of your suit, as it is more versatile.

If however, you want to really stand out you can go for a suit in a brighter hue, and with a texture too. Beware however of opting for a fabric that is too shiny, especially if your suit is for daytime business wear, or for a wool blend that is too heavy and warm. 100% wool suits give a more luxurious look, and are ideal for occasion wear, while poly viscose is perfect for day to day wear.

Once you have these choices down, you can decide on the number of buttons you prefer, whether you want vents or not and what type of lapels will suit your build. A lining is also an important choice and one that needs careful consideration too.