The Barber Shop Tradition

The Barber shop tradition started way back in Rome around 300 BC but the Golden Age was in America in the late 1800's and early 1900's. In that period men congregated at the neighborhood barber shops to relax in the barber chair to read the newspaper or enjoy the convivial male atmosphere and conversation. While the barber worked rich foamy lather onto their faces and scraped their day's growth off, or wielded his barber clippers or barber trimmers to shape their beard or cut their hair.

The popularity of this tradition declined with the invention of the razor and the upsurge of salons. But the salon chair, salon equipment and salon supplies were designed primarily for women, and men never really felt at home. Sadly, they no longer had a tradition that they could call their own.

But now the barbershop has made a comeback. Barber chairs are once again filling up with men searching for that male camaraderie and wanting to use hair care products and barber supplies that are made specifically with men in mind. Over the years barber shop equipment has not changed dramatically: the easy comfortable chair, the hot towels, clippers, trimmers, the barber's razor and leather strop are stock-in-trade and are as much a necessity as a part of the general atmosphere.

However while some barber products harken back to the 1940's (foamy lather and hair pomade, for example) others have benefited from the passage of time and the influence of salons. Professional barber supplies cover a wide range now, from clippers, trimmers and scissors to hair care and facial products. And as the barber shop becomes increasingly popular again and owners can buy barber shop products wholesale, many are able to offer hair clipper deals and discount barber products.

If you're a man and you have not visited a barbershop yet, give yourself the treat of a lifetime. Reconnect with this tradition of your forefathers. You will not regret it. …

What You Must Know About Wedding Decorations

Imagine a wedding with only the bride, the groom and the guests in an empty room. All is plain and dull and no wedding decorations are present. Nothing would be interesting. The guest will get bored. No mood for festivals will be felt. Everyone would just end up itching to finish the ceremony and go home.

Believe it or not, every detail used as decoration in a wedding makes a difference. Typically, this type of decorations used in the wedding is responsible for setting the romantic mood of the event. It creates a mind set for the participants on what the event is all about as well as what emotion is anticipating. In a wedding, there is union of two souls. It is only proper that the decorations set suggest that certain feeling of elegance, solemanity and romance.

The most popular wedding decoration is flowers. Every wedding will not be complete without adding these fragrant yields of plants and trees. There are many reasons why flowers are great used as decorations. Flowers come in different colors, shapes and sizes. These characteristics make flowers visually appealing. They also add great and vibrant colors in any venue. In addition, most flowers do not cost much especially since they are in season.

Lighting is also considered as decorations for a wedding. Just like all other decorations, lighting contributors in the mood setting as well as the visual appeal in a venue. Soft and low lighting are the common tones used. Chandeliers, candles and other fancy lighting equipments are appearance.

Other examples of decorations used in a wedding are ribbons and fabric. Of course, velvety carpets will always be present especially when the bride finally takes her walk down the aisle. Ribbons and fabrics embellish other parts of the venue such as the walls and the ceilings. Silky and flowing types of fabric work best in adding that romantic and dreamy feel.

There are also those who want a different touch in their wedding. They add a unique creation in their venue. These fixtures can be an ice sculpture, a champagne tower or a chocolate fountain. For a more exotic taste, some couples even hire a moving artwork or installation.

Setting the mood depends on how one designs the wedding decorations in the venue. Plan ahead and have a certain vision. Budget may be a factor but with creativity, imagination and resource, the perfect dream wedding can easily be achieved.

To your beautiful wedding! …

Quality Anti Aging Skin Care Products Can Promise Skin Beauty Goals

Anti aging skin care products offer credible and safe alternatives to invasive cosmetic procedures. When top skin care products are used, reversing the signs of aging, is now possible. Quality antiaging products that contain high concentrations of the right ingredients have been successful in delivering the promises they state.

Professional products tailored to address your specific skin problems can improve the overall appearance of your complexion and help reverse the effects of sun damage to skin, pollutants, and other elements that make skin look dull, stressed, and unhealthy.

Anti aging products can range from simple daily face moisturizer to intense acne treatments to spa rejuvenation regimens.

Skincare and Cosmetic Ingredients

Many effective anti aging ingredients are used in rejuvenation products and new,improved face makeup to reduce wrinkles on the face and neck, fine lines under eyes, even out skin tone, and provide sunscreen protection.

Alpha-hydroxy (AHA’s) and beta-hydroxy acids (BHA) are two highly effective ingredients to look for in anti-aging products. AHA products accelerate the exfoliation of dead surface cells, helping to smooth the skin and reveal younger-looking skin.

Skin vitamins such as vitamin c products have been shown to increase the formation of collagen, which decreases the appearance of face wrinkles and helps repair skin damage from the skin.

Retinol is a form of vitamin A that diminishes facial lines and wrinkles and is an excellent solution for individuals who have skin sensitivity.

Skin Care Tips for Buying The Best Anti aging Products:

  • Determine exactly what type of skin you have– Knowing whether you have dry, oily, mature, sensitive or a combination skin type will help you buy anti-aging products that are best suited for your individual needs.
  • Read and understand the products label – Study, research and familiarize yourself with the list of active anti aging ingredients. It is important to know the skin care product ingredients benefits to help you in your product decision.
  • Compare prices, brands, and companies – Experiment with the many different reputable skin care and cosmetic companies to find the best skin care products that work best for you.
  • Use professional products correctly and faithfully – An anti aging product can not work properly if you not stay dedicated to a daily skin care regimen and if the product is not used the way it was intended. Always give a new beauty product a reasonable amount of time to see if it is going to work for you.

Shopping in Leicester

The Victorian Clock Tower, located at the meeting point of seven city streets, is generally acknowledged as the main meeting point in Leicester. It is also the focus point for most of the city's shops with the two main shopping centers – the Haymarket and the Shires – on either side of it. The shops located in the city center are in a pedestrianized zone where only buses are allowed. Being a geographically flat city, walking to and from shops in the city center is very easy and hassle free.

The Haymarket shopping center is located below the Haymarket bus station in the triangle of roads formed by the Haymarket, Charles Street and the High Street. It is open weekdays and Saturdays from 07:00 in the morning to 19:00 in the evening and on Sundays from 11am to 5 pm. During the christmas period these times are generally extended by one hour. With over 50 shopping outlets, of the larger stores only Boots and Woolworths are located within it. However, a lot of the smaller and emerging stores are to be found here including TK Max and Claire's Accessories.

Literally across the Haymarket road is the newer Shires shopping center. Here you will find a much clearer range of shops including all the major High Street chains, for example Debenhams, Rackhams, The Early Learning Center, Virgin Megastore etc. With around 100 different major shops to choose from, just about all of your shopping needs can be met in here. Opening hours vary, but generally speaking; week-days 09:30 to 18:00, except Wednesday when it shuts at 20:00, Saturday it opens at 09:00 and Sunday is the usual 11:00 to 17:00. Again, extended opening hours apply during the Christmas period.

The main on-street shops in Leicester city are located on the High Street, Gallowgate and Humberstone Gate. Belvoir Street and Market Street is where you'll find relaxing cafes and bars alongside jewelers and confectioners. If your taste in shopping is a bit more quirky, then seek out the Lanes. Here you'll find coffee shops mixed in with tattoo parlors and shops that cater for an alternative clientele from that usually found on the High Street.

Leicester has a tradition of holding markets going back over 800 years. The main outdoor Leicester Market has been located in the same place for over 700 years now. It has a capacity for approximately 300 stalls catering for buyers requiring food, clothing, and ironmongery, furnishings and just about anything else you might need. It is open Monday to Saturday between 07:00 and 18:00 and is located at the Market Place above Horsefair Street. Built in 1973 and adjoining the outdoor market, Leicester also has an indoor market. This market has two floors, on the ground floor is the food hall and upstairs there are a variety of stalls which mainly sell clothing. The indoor market is open Monday to Saturday 08:00 to 17:00. There is another large market at the Beaumont Leys shopping center to the …

Gothic Clothing for Fun

Are you ready to put a different type of style into your life? If you are into punk gothic clothing is going to be the type of clothing that will fit your style. for the cuts, the off the shoulder looks, and the inclusion of leather in your clothing, gothic clothing is going to set your style, set you out from the crowd, and put you in the scene you want to be in.

Gothic clothing uses a look that includes what some people feel is a sexy, sleek, and wild look. Not everyone is going to dress in a suit and tie for work, and if you are not in that group, consider gothic clothing to set your mood for fun all day and all night long. Gothic clothing is based on the use of tight corsets, tight clothing, leathers, the look of chains and an overall style that is different from many other types of designers and styles that are available.

Most gothic clothing is not available in retail stores offline. You can sometimes find a gothic clothing store offline, but in larger cities. Prices for gothic clothing are going to be a bit higher, as you are purchasing a specialty item, one that will take you back in time to a point where costumes where a daily habit, and the costumes wear worn by those who had the most power in that time, and the most wisdom.

Gothic clothing often times represents a more animal looking side to life. The animal prints of the leopard and the tiger are often times very popular with the gothic clothing you can find for sale online. The tiger prints in bold yellow, black, and sometimes in white with black are popular as gifts, for wearing, and to set your wardrobe out amongst the rest. Leopard prints in red, white, black and sometimes in yellow are exciting additions for those who want to have the gothic clothing feel extended in their life.

Gothic clothing purchases can be completed online. You can find many gothic clothing retailers online, from different countries that are going to add that something special to your wardrobe, and that others in your friendly circle are not going to have. You can mix and match gothic clothing to include pants, shirts, shorts, tops, tanks, and neckwear or head gear that is fabulous compared to the boring type of suits and outfits that are available through other retailers. The gothic clothing lines are exciting, sexy, and sultry, setting your own style to be one that will make you a step above the rest in your crowd. If you are in the rock scene, in the punk scene or if you are a partygoer, you are going to love what you can find online in the gothic clothing sections. …

How to Blow Her Mind – With Killer Oral Sex Tactics of Real Men

Not all men are into oral sex, which may explain the high percentage of women who can not climax at all during foreplay and sex. If you're one of the men who hesitated before diving in, here are some tips for you …

Blow Her Mind During Oral Sex – 3 Tips For a Great Performance

Tip 1: Do not Rush

The sensation of being fondled by a guy's lips is what increases sexual tension in a girl during foreplay. Rushing the whole process kills her excitement and makes her wish that it's over soon so she can sleep. It's particularly important to linger on a sensitive spot so she can feel your breath on her skin.

Tip 2: Look at Her

Seeing how you're having fun kissing her there will make a girl feel special. Look at her while you're giving oral sex to increase your sexual connection and to push her over the brink of climax. Make eye contact while you're moving your lips and be particularly naughty when she looks right back at you. Being kissed there is an awesome experience for her, and showing her that you appreciate every part of her will make her feel loved.

Tip 3: Be Unpredictable

A few minutes of being tongued can get boring. Purse your lips and land a wet one on her sensitive spot every once in a while. Smack your lips and make ooh-ing sounds. The fact that she does not know what's coming next will make sex exciting for her. Go at it diagonally, or use your fingers to complement your mouth's movements.

You have got to understand that women expect oral sex from you, the way you would expect her to blow you during foreplay. This is one of the keys to making your woman climax. In fact, some women only climax during this stage of the love making process. …

Fila Vintage Clothing Continues to Excel in Sportswear World

Sportswear brands and models come and go over the years as new styles are introduced frequently. And while new clothing items and styles catch the eye of consumers every year, it is the classics and vintage gear that seems to stick around regardless of what is newly released. One example of this is Fila vintage clothing, which has only excelled over the years.

As with any other sportswear company you would find, Fila has put out a number of different clothing items, styles and options for people to choose from. Anything from polo’s to training jackets to shorts can be found within this company, and there is a vast amount of to consider for your wardrobe.

Perhaps the most recognizable Fila vintage clothing item as been the tracksuit tops. This is something countless tennis athletes and athletes from other sports have worn over the years. It is a lightweight, comfortable, and rather stylish piece of apparel that can be worn with anything. Whether you are wearing it to the gym or out on the town, it is the perfect option for all sorts of events.

Fila clothing seemed to be the brand to wear in the 80s with athletes, move stars, and entertainers of all kinds enjoying the sportswear company’s finest attire. While the brand did begin to fade in the 90s as fashion had moved on, it began to creep back up in the late 90s with people beginning to wear vintage sportswear. The look only continued into the 2000’s as Fila vintage clothing has blossomed into an incredible industry.

The little red and blue “F” has become an iconic figure over time with countless tops, bottoms, hats, bags, shoes and more sporting the symbol. And with Fila vintage clothing now being found worldwide as a fashion style of its own, it is easier than ever to find the original classic design tracksuit tops, polo shirts, shorts and all of the other favorite clothing items from the 80’s.

As mentioned, a number of celebrities have grown fond of this style. Film director Nick Love has not been shy with his passion for the brand as he has often been seen wearing various tracksuit tops, polo shirts and shorts. His movie The Business in 2005 saw Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan wearing different attire while another movie in 2009 was full of vintage Fila sportswear.

Adding to the Fila vintage fever is a number of additional items that can be found today such as knitwear, basic t-shirts, and stylish hats. However, it is the track jacket that continues to be seen more often than anything else within the brand. The Fila Vintage Matchday track jacket in particular has been a hot selling item. With jacket is a men’s track top from the vintage series that features contrast under-arm panels, striped hem, cuffs and collar, with branding on the chest.

Another highly popular item within the vintage collection is the Match polo shirt. This shirt includes a button fasten collar, contrast …

What Will Embroidered Polo Shirts Mean For Your Company?

If you want your staff to look smart and give the impression of your company and all it stands for then you might want to think about introducing embroidered polo shirts to your staff.

Here's what you need to consider.

1. For many people, strictly speaking, a suit and tie is not necessary. Maybe your staff are office based, but are not seeing customers or clients all the time or they do not get to meetings very often. Why not let them wear polo shirts with your company details on, so that they still look smart, but are not wearing a suit and tie?

2. You'll want to get as much advertising for your company as possible, and so why not make sure that as many people can see your brand and website address as possible? All your engineers, drivers, warehouse staff, sales team and manufacturing staff will walk past people, or drive past people, and go into shops and other places, and so your brand will be exposed to many people. Why would not you want free advertising?

3. You'll need your staff to have a professional look at all times. If you're fed up with them wearing dirty and old T shirts, or paint splattered clothing, then why not suggest that they might like embroidered polo shirts instead?

4. Wearing company branded clothing will be reassuring for your for customers. Perhaps your workers install washing machines or kitchens, or maybe are only needed when something goes wrong, then looking the part will be important.

5. You'll want all of your staff to look the same and be easily identifiable, especially in a retail environment. Customers will be able to find your staff and get the help they need quickly, and without embarrassing themselves or other shoppers.

6. It might be that shirt and tie is not safe in your working environment. By wearing an embroidered polo shirt, your staff have no chance of their ties getting used in machinery, whether they work in a bike shop, a computer repair shop or a factory or farm.

7. Maybe your staff need durable and long lasting clothing for the job they do, and a work shirt just is not right. If your staff are lifting, or driving, or painting and decorating, then sometimes polo shirts and other work clothing will be better.

8. It's essential that your staff are comfortable in their clothing, so that they can work well. You would not expect an electrician to have to wear a suit, so if embroidered polo shirts would be better for your staff, then why not introduce them?

9. Having different colored embroidered polo shirts may be extremely beneficial for your company and staff. Maybe staff in different departments will wear different colored polo shirts, or more senior members of staff will wear a different color. What about in a warehouse, or factory environment? It will be much easier to identify staff or find who and what you're looking for, if …

Wedding Gifts for Groomsmen – Great Gift Ideas for Thanking Your Attendants

It is traditional to give your groomsmen a gift as a token of your appreciation for participating in your wedding. Coming up with a great wedding gift for the groomsmen is not always easy though especially with all the other wedding duties you already have to attend to.

Keep in mind that you do not have to get either groomsman the same thing. You can personalize the gift choices by getting each one that reflects their interests or personality. Although each groomsman does not have to receive the exact same gift, you should try to spend approximately the same amount on each guy with a little bit more being spend on the best man since he carries additional responsibilities when it comes to participating in your wedding.

Here are some wedding gift suggestions for groomsmen based on different interests:

  • Beer Lovers – Join them in a beer of the month club. It does not have to be for a full year. Three, six, and nine month subscriptions are also offered by many clubs. A home brewing kit also makes a fun gift idea for a groomsman that is a beer lover.
  • Golf Lovers – A nice golf polo shirt or a set of personalized golf balls and tees make great gifts for a groomsman that is a golf lover. If all the groomsmen love golf, a guys golf outing with the groom and all his groomsmen would make a gift they will all remember.
  • Sports Fans – For big sports fans, you could buy them tickets to go to see their favorite team in action or buy them gift items such as clothing, home d├ęcor, or car accessories featuring their favorite sports team.
  • Cigar Lovers – Groomsmen who appreciate a good cigar every once in a while may also appreciate a cigar humidor as a gift. A box of fine cigars also makes a nice gift for a groomsman who is a cigar enthusiast.
  • Outdoor / Nature Lovers – For groomsmen that love the great outdoors, camping gear or hiking gear makes a unique and thoughtful gift idea.

    Remember not to get stressed out over choosing groomsmen gifts. Planning a wedding takes a lot of work and worried too much over all the details and will take some of the joy out of it. If you still are not sure what to get them, a gift certificate or a traditional groomsmen gift such as an engraved money clip or flask will always work too!