Budget V's Blow The Budget

We all know anyone can splash thousands of euros on their dream wedding, thousands on the dress alone in fact! But does it really matter if you have EUR10,000 or EUR100,000 to spend. Can you have just as beautiful ceremony and party ??
Remember the largest and most costly mistake people make when planning their wedding is going over budget. If you have worked out you have EUR15,000 to spend but you really want those Jimmy Choo's to finish off your outfit, think again. You will be just as married without the Jimmy Choo's and probably will sleep better the night before!

The Dress:

If you have bucks to spend on this take a trip to Vera Wang in Brown Thomas, or contact one of the many top designers around to design a dress for your big day. You can spend anywhere between EUR2000 – EUR10,000 on the dress and for many they will! But will it really make you happy. Ask your self this before you sign the slip of paper!

One way to save a significant amount of money is to find an off-the-shelf dress in a department store. Or if you have access to one, wear an heirloom dress of your mother or grandmother's. With a bit of alteration, this can be a memorable, sentimental wedding dress. It just takes a little more planning and some careful shopping and you can look just a stunning, make just as impressive an entrance and still glow like J-Lo!

You could also plan in advance and get your dress in the sales or on-line. Also, consider less expensive fabrics and generally the less ornate and beaded the less expensive. Although it would be nice to have those Jimmy Choo's, save up and buy a gorgeous pair after your honeymoon when you will be in need to some cheering up!

In most cases, your shoes will not be seen and even though us girls do it time and time again do not wear new shoes on your wedding day. What would be worse than being really uncomfortable or worse, have blisters!

The Groom's wear:

I know, I know, it's his one chance to sit on the thrown David Beckam style. But is it really what he wants? Many of us brides-to-be get so caught up in the plans we forget who our fiancé really is and that he may want to do it his way!

There is nothing wrong with simply wearing a dark suit you already own. The same goes for the groomsmen. There is no law that says you must rent a tux. Add a boutonniere and your outfit is complete. But if you want to go the tux route, some tips include sticking with the standard black rental tuxedo, which is inexpensive and classic looking.

The Bridal Party:

The smaller the bridal party, the less the cost! Bottom line! In addition, the more bridesmaids you have, the greater the stress and hassle you will have.

For every bridesmaid …

British Baby Clothing Designers Coming Out On Top – This Year's Must Have!

The last ten years has seen a noticeable increase in the amount of British children's clothing brands, possibly aided by consumers now showing an interest in both the origins and manufacture of the products they buy.

For some the term fair trade is purely restricted to buying a bunch of bananas & organic for the supermarket aisles but more and more people are asking what they are about to dress their children in and how ethical was it's creation. British designers are absolutely keeping this in mind with award winning designs made from ethically sourced materials which still manages to provide good value for money.


Launched in 2004 under the original name of cut4cloth by Lucy & Kurt Jewson, they were prompted to start their own baby clothing company after being faced with the difficulties of finding baby clothing that fitted over their son's cloth nappies. Their aim to come to the rescue of big bottomed babies while offering ethically manufactured organic cotton clothing was a success and managed to scoop them an armful of rewards. As their popularity grew so did their ranges with 2008 seeing the arrival of children's clothing & breastfeeding wear, by now they thought the name cut4cloth was not quite as apt and the name Frugi was launched. Achieving what some can only dream of Frugi has developed children's clothing that parents love but more importantly that children love to wear. Organic cotton is softer, comfier and kinder on children's sensitive skin and the clever designers at Frugi have gone one better by making waist bands adjustable, seams stronger and all their children's ranges wash beautifully.

Frugi's organic cotton comes from their "Frugi" farmers in India, because organic cotton does not use nasty pesticides it's safe for the farmers & they receive a much better price for their crop. Frugi designs it's clothes in sunny Cornwall and then the designs go on to be made in factories in Turkey, India & Portugal. All workers who make Frugi clothing are over 19 years, work sensible hours and receive a fair fixed wage for all their hard work.

Frugi's new spring / summer 2013 range is available now, it's theme this season is the good old British summer fete from their baby bunting dress to rainbow lollypop leggings!

Powell Craft celebrated their 50th anniversary last year! Again based in Cornwall Powell Craft started out trading in traditional wooden toys, moved on to lace & linens and now has a beautiful range of children's clothing, rag dolls and nursery bedding. Ideas behind the designs are quintessentially English, their girls nightdresses somewhat Victorian, and made from pure cotton. Powell Craft is a family-run company which supports fair trade and many charities including the mobile creches in India and the children's hospitality in Cornwall.

Powell Craft clothing is reminiscent of children past from vintage style fabric pyjamas to 50's style sundresses with matching hats. For babies they …

Getting Expert Beauty Tips From Beauty And Fashion Blogs

When it comes to beauty and fashion, many people really need guidance. The regular gal can always use and appreciate a good trick. The passionate, meanwhile, consider the daily posts nourishment to thrive on. Beauty blogs abound all over the world. They vary in style, in topic, and in many other different aspects as well, but particularly in quality. You don’t want a case of the blind leading the blind, or even just a case of settling for something good enough. You want to follow blogs that are definitely a good fit for you.

So in deciding which blogs to follow, you need to establish a set of criteria. Expertise is essential, of course. The proof is in the pudding. Check out the picture of the bloggers. It should be evident that they practice what they preach. There are world-renowned beauty and fashion bloggers, but you need to keep in mind that location is also relevant. What works in the wet and humid places or areas may not work in the hot and dry areas, so if you’re from that place, it makes sense to follow a beauty blog that focuses more on the kind of fashion that’s perfect for the place you are in.

On the other hand, if you want to cover all bases, it’s also good to follow blogs from some of the most fashionable places in the world. You want to be up-to-date on the latest, so it still makes sense to follow beauty and fashion bloggers even if you’re from elsewhere. As you know, the place is one of the top playgrounds for the rich and the famous, so you can expect its fashion industry to always be front and center. If you’re not convinced, you should know that beauty is actually part of today’s tourism. So many people flock to the emirate to take advantage of its world-class cosmetic services. If you want to know what the latest, most innovative offerings in the field of beauty are, turn to expert beauty bloggers.

Since each reader has her preference, you need to find out if you like tutorials more than you do reviews, if you prefer a casual tone or a professional tone, if you care about natural and organic beautification or have some other specific penchant like frugal primping, etc. Blog followers usually seek balance, so many bloggers try to vary their post to meet different needs. Some of them even run advice columns to better interact with their readers. Click here to know more.…

Six Pack Shortcuts Review – Mike Chang’s Abs Program

The Six Pack Shortcuts program is a fitness and eating plan created by Mike Chang, a guy who went from being overweight and out of shape to an internet fitness sensation. Looking at his physique now, it’s easy to see why his transformation is so impressive. He certainly made a dramatic difference in how he looks and he does have six pack abs.

The Six Pack Shortcuts program is an online video program in which Mike Chang shows you how to workout and eat to burn excess body fat and develop six pack abs.

This is a 12 week program which is divided into 4 phases. During each of these phases you follow a 5 day a week workout routine which involves doing an assortment of strength exercises. Each of the workouts should take up to 45 minutes to complete. You need access to a gym or workout equipment such as dumbbells, barbell, and a bench to do all of the exercises.

The purpose of the first phase of the Six Pack Shortcuts is to help you build additional muscle mass in order to boost your metabolism and create a situation in which your body simply burns a lot of more weight than usual. Later on you start to work on muscle definition and core muscle power. The workouts often include supersets and even trisets as these help you squeeze in more work into less time and create an intense experience.

As you continue through the 12 weeks of the program you should see a big increase in your muscle mass and a reduction in your body fat percentage. This is what is required in order to get flat abs. You have to get lean in order for the underlying abs muscles to show.

This is something that I like about Six Pack Shortcuts and Mike Chang should be applauded for this: he doesn’t try to trick you or sell you any quick fix solutions. He knows that to get a six pack requires a lot of work and you need to get your entire body into shape in order to actually get to such a low body fat percentage.

The second thing I like is that the workouts are effective and the videos showing them are clear and easy to follow. What I like less about the plan is that it seems geared primarily to men. I’m sure that women will be able to benefit from it but it still seems to be a plan for guys mostly.

Overall, I have no doubt that you can burn body fat and get lean with this program. It takes a lot of hard work but you will see results.…

Ideas for Do It Yourself Wedding Favors

Many brides are deciding to create homemade party favors for a variety of reasons. Some extremely choose to make wedding favors in order to save money. There are others that choose the do-it-yourself party favor since it provides them a means to express their creativity and is so much more personal than store bought favors. No matter what the reason is, making your own favors really is a delightful and a meaningful event.

Are you skilled in either drawing or painting? Go with your expertise when you are finding a favor that you can make for your guests. This will make the entire procedure much easier and you are not as soon to feel disappointed. Consider those who will be helping as well. If you are having a bigger wedding party, you are going to need to have help putting together the wedding party favors. Choose a wedding party favor that will be fun and simple to assemble in an assembly line with your friends, sisters or bridesmaids helping you out.

When you are choosing a wedding favor to make, explore where your talents are. Are you good at sewing? Lavender sachets make fabulous wedding party favors and are simple to make on your own. All that you will need is your preference of material or cloth (satin is custom), the essence of lavender or potpourri as fillers and sewing equipment. With a little bit of help, you'll be able to create a perfect sachet for your guests to use in their bureau drawers, vehicles or closets. Take a look at the article on how to make a spotted sachet.

Since you're making your own wedding party favors, you are going to want to decide on something that is going to reflect an interest or your personality. Think about the message you wish to show to guests. Is the wedding going to be more formal or laid back? These questions could assist you to select a wonderful gift to make for wedding guests. To make the gifts more personal, think about fashioning a wedding favor tag . Wedding favor labels can be made on your home computer and fastened to the wedding party favors.

You could make the decision to create a favor that is going to reflect your wedding's theme. Do some looking at the local craft store for inspiration and ideas. Find a wedding favor that is going to represent your wedding's theme. A Military or Patriotic theme has become a favorite recently. A simple homemade wedding favor may be a bag of candy with a small flag or flag pin and patriotic ribbons attached. Many brides these days are making Red Cross scholarships and giving cards informing party guests of the donation in their honor.

Holiday themed weddings make it easy and fun to create your very own party favors. Select a motif that will fit the holiday or season. Smaller pine trees can be ornamented for weddings that happen at Christmas time. The trees can be …

How To Choose A Wedding Bouquet That Is Right For You

One of the hardest parts of arranging a wedding is deciding what type of wedding bouquet to use.

It's definitely not easy, because you have to pick a wedding bouquet that is right for you, and at the same time, make sure it suits the rest of the bridal party, and suits the style and theme of your wedding.

And then you have to choose a bouquet that suits your bodyshape.

If you get this wrong, rather than show off your best features, the bouquet will actually highlight your worst flaws!

This is definitely something you should avoid if you dont want to be cringing every time you see the wedding photos!

I'll let you know how to pick the right bouquet for your body shape shortly, but first I'd like to give you a little bit of advice …

Friends, family, and even complete strangers will all want to help you choose which bouquet you get. They'll have advice on colors, shapes, and flowers. If you're lucky they'll all be agreeing on what they like. But more likely, they'll all be giving you different and competitive advice.

One friend will be advising on roses because she really likes them, while another friend will be telling you to stay away from roses.

One person will be advising that you need pale colors, while another will say that colors are not very romantic!

Do not listen to any of them!

It's YOUR wedding, and it's YOUR opinion that counts. Thank your family and friends for their ideas, but choose something that YOU like. Do not make any decisions because someone else told you to do it that way!

Now that I've got that out of the way, I can tell you how to choose your bouquet …

Start by looking through some bridal magazines, and getting a sense of what you like, and what you do not like.

While looking through the magazines, try and answer these 6 questions in your head:

1. What colors do you want in your bouquet?

2. What type of flowers do you want in your bouquet?

3. What shape bouquet do you want?

4. What size bouquet do you want?

5. What type of greenery do you want?

6. Would you like fresh flowers, or silk flowers?

I'm not going to give you any advice on answering these questions, because really, it's up to you.

There are four things I'd like to consider though …

1 – Silk flowers are cheaper than fresh flowers, but look just as good, are not as expensive, and can be kept after the wedding without preserving.

2 – The type of stems you choose (natural or wired), will limit the types of bouquet you can make.

3 – You should try and keep the flower girl bouquets in a similar style, but try to make them smaller. After all, it's YOU who is the star of the wedding.

4 – If you want to make your own wedding bouquet, …

Wedding Anniversary Gifts and Favors

One of the most important celebrations that you will ever plan and look forward to is your wedding reception. However, we all know that it's definitely not all about the wedding party and the honey moon, there is actually a life time commitment involved in your vows to you new spouse. So, to keep everything going and checking up to make sure that you are really adhering to your vows and putting your whole soul into your wedding there are ways of celebrating anniversaries that kind of renew the meaning of your wedding night. Even though you had a great bash for your wedding, the work is definitely not over because you have to now get together and raise a family. Staying together is important to honor your wedding vows and you want to have an immense amount of anniversary celebrations in the future.

Sometimes it can be really hard to find out what you spouse would like as an anniversary gift but you can get a lot of great ideas by looking online. Also, for big events that mark a long period of time together it is pretty traditional to have a huge party to celebrate everything that you and your spouse have dedicated to each other. For big parties like tenth, twenty, or maybe even fifteenth anniversary celebrations it is important to make sure all the guests have a great time. This is where favors come into the picture. I bet you thought they were just for weddings, but you thought wrong because you can use favors in the same way at any celebration just make sure you pick out great favors that enhance your theme and your decorations.

There are some classic styles of gifts that go with set numbers of years, but that does not mean you should be tied down or feel compelled to pick something specific if you do not really think it represents your personality and the great times you've had with your spouse. The most important thing to remember with any gift or party favor is to really think about your relationship with whatever person it may be and then get really creative with what you can give to them. You have to think about what they like and what you mean to them in order to give them something that they can really appreciate and use to remember you and your love and affection towards them and everything that you have done to make them happy. …

What Things to Say to a Woman (To Make Her Fall For You)

Sweet talking was Casanova’s way of getting women to love him absolutely and helplessly. Women swoon at sweet words and they sigh when told something that touches them deeply. But not all sweet talk lines are effective.

There are some that really smack of cheesiness. This kind of mushy, cheesy talk is something that women hate. Why? In a while I’m going to tell you the reason why women hate cheesy guys. First, you have to let go of the thinking that words will do the job for you. It’s going to be your personality that will make the words matter. Simply put, it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

Here are Some Romantic Lines She Will Like

1. “I will love you forever.” If you’re holding her face in your hands while you’re saying this, it will work. Some guys overdo it, so make sure you don’t. Say it without dramatics, like you would say anything that you believe is true. Say it like you’re telling her about how great your mom is or how you’ve always wanted to find someone who will love you back.

2. “My future looks a lot brighter with you in it.”  Commitment. Girls love commitment. They don’t want one night stands or flings, regardless of how much they claim this. This line will make her swoon because it means security and devotion. Who hasn’t heard of boyfriends leaving girlfriends behind because of commitment issues? Bust her doubts about your willingness to commit using this line.

3. “How can I be this lucky?” Saying this is a humbling experience, and it will show her that you’re also feeling the magic. People have always wondered about fated meetings and soul mates, and you can bet she has been thinking of that, secretly or otherwise, too.…

Candace Parker – The New Women Basketball Star

As some many women basketball players like Lisa Leslie, Tina Thompson and Cynthia Cooper became the best players for years; Candace Parker is the light in this generation. Her skills and amazing heart for the game is projected in the court. She just loves the game and enjoys every minute of it.

The new face of basketball has the potential to be Miller, Leslie and Cooper in one; she just has the skills to shoot, post and dunk the ball, whenever she wants. With only 22 years of age, this super woman has dropped off so many accomplishments as few have done. During this year she has achieved the NCAA title, being the No.1 draft in the WNBA, graduating with a degree in sports management; and just now, playing with the USA Team in the Olympics.

Looks like during her basketball career, Candace Parker, has done it almost all. When she was only 17 years old, Parker won the Slam Dunk contest of the McDonald's High School All-American Game, by beating five male participants in the contest; event that turned her into the first woman to do so. During her college career, Parker led the Tennessee Lady Val's to two NCAA titles. She was also named twice Most Outstanding Player of the Year, accomplishment only done by Miller, Holdsclaw and Taurasi. Moreover, Parker is also known as the first female to dunk in a NCAA tournament game and the second female after Lisa Leslie to dunk in a WNBA game.

According to some details given by someone close to Candace, she's getting a huge income through advertising, even bigger than most of the NBA players; and no wonder why, if she already has contracts with Adidas and Gatorade. Currently, Candace plays for the Sparks and if she decides to play overseas in the offseason, she may earn more money than any woman basketball player ever.

In the Olympics, Parker has done pretty amazing things helping the team reach their third win, and a 28-0 record internationally (since 1992). The team expects to win the next game and keep their record as further as they can, to eventually obtain the gold medal. Obviously, Parker hopes for her triumph and the first Olympic gold medal in her career.

Parker said that being in the Olympics is something she always looked forward to do, and talked about how pleased and proud she feels being representative the USA. "This is my first Olympics and I hope to come back numerous times" affirmed the American.

The WNBA and USA National Team Former Player, Dawn Staley, expressed herself about Parker and this is part of what she said "She has converted her game into something special. around the world. But things are better and out future incredible when you have someone like Candace who does what she does with her still needing to grow. "

For sure Candace Parker will show us a lot of her potential in years to come, but she still has a …

How to List Your Gift on an Online Giveaway

Adding a free gift to an online giveaway is a great way to build a list, so I have created a ten step giveaway guide on how to give your gift on an online giveaway.

(1) Find a site that lists giveaway events and click on the contributor link of the giveaway event that wish to add your gift to. Read through the page to check that your gift is appropriate and check the rules of the giveaway.

(2) At the bottom of the page is where you will need to enter your name, email address and password. In some online giveaways, a password will be generated for you. I recommend that you set up an email account dedicated to just giveaways, as you will receive a lot of emails as a result of signing up to them.

(3) You will then need to check the aforementioned email address to activate your contributor account to that giveaway.

(4) When you click on the activation link, it is likely that you will be taken to a One Time Offer page where you will be offered the chance to become an upgraded contributor. You should seriously consider this, especially if your list is not that large and you do not have means or traffic to invite new members and contributors.

The updated contributor status will mean that your gift will appear closer to the top of total gift listings, getting you more subscribers and allowing your gift to stay online for the duration of the giveaway as you will have enough points to warrant it. Often you'll also get the chance to add your own OTO and more than one gift. The price of this upgrade varies from about $ 17 to $ 47. If you are not interested in this option, you simply scroll down past the order button, to select No Thanks Continue.

(5) You'll then be taken to the login page where you enter your email address and password and press login. It is likely that you will be shown another OTO (or two). So read through these to see if you like the offer, or simply scroll down to the bottom of the page to select No Thanks Continue.

(6) You should now be on the main account page. There are only a couple of sections that we are interested in, depending on the giveaway software used to create the event. Usually the two sections we would be interested in would be Settings (or Profile) and Manage Gifts.

(7) Looking at the Settings (or Profile) page, we want to make sure to enter our PayPal email address (and sometimes Clickbank ID) so that if anyone that we do give this to giveaway buys the OTO, we will receive a commission . Once this is done, hit the save button, or commit changes button as is the case on this particular giveaway I am going through. This will take you back to the main menu.

Also be sure take …