How Women After Divorce Survive Special Memorable Days

You are alone like many Women after divorce and now, on these special memorable days, everyone else you know is in your mind doing something exciting with somebody they love, all except you.

The "normal noise", even all the unpleasant ones, is not there and somehow it makes you terribly depressed.

You have that restless feeling that just will not leave anything matter what you do.

You try to watch some TV you normally like but it does not catch your interest, you clean something and at least see some kind of result, but it is not enough, then pick up a magazine, put it down again, looking at some bills does not help either. The feeling of having to do some activity with someone is there and the idea of ​​feeling terribly sorry for yourself is sneaking up on you and you may be thinking "how do I survive this?".

Stop now!

Take a couple of very deep breaths now and think.

# You got divorced, yes!

# Your social level is finished, yes!

# Your income is diminished and you may have deep economic trouble, yes!

# Some of your friends have disappeared and turned out not to be friends, yes!


That's life, in different ways it happens to everyone, and great you found out all these things now and not later in life.

No matter how big a jackass you now think your former spouse is, done is done and there is no way back, this door is closed.

You must have had good times, after all you got married, so think of those good times and let those tears out, probably because you feel hurt, wish things were different and miss the good times. However history is history and recreating it never works, we know that from experience. So smile and enjoy, and add those good feelings ignited by memory to your surroundings now, this moment.
Fix yourself up a little, smile an extra big smile a couple of times, even if it is difficult and take a long walk. While you walk notice all the pretty things you see, feel the good in the air, watch the sky and enjoy, little by little you feel lighter and the smile comes out naturally. People you meet on your way may even smile back at you so you find out that life being alone is not bad, it actually has a lot of possibilities. You now have a possibility of meeting someone who really appreciates you as you are with what you also have learned from going through the divorce.

You now can create an added fresh social life. This does not happen from one day to the other and requires activity from you, but it will happen if you want it.

Your social level can become more satisfying, different and much better than before and the friends that turned their back on you are anyhow not interesting for you any more.

Income to satisfy

Male Chastity Belt – The Pros and Cons of a Full Belt

A full male chastity belt or a small, more convenient cage or tube? That’s the choice men and women have to make once they’ve taken the decision to control and deny the man’s orgasms through male chastity.

First let’s look at the

Full male chastity belt – Pros

There’s no denying they’re secure, if you’re prepared to invest in a high-quality one. You can get “off the shelfmodels, but there’s no doubt you really do get what you pay for and the hand-made and made to measure belts like the Tollyboy, the Neosteel belts and the formidable Latowski are both incredibly secure and extremely high quality. Generally a full belt is made from surgical-grade stainless steel and finished to a high quality. I suppose it’s possible to get them made from titanium, but I don’t know anyone who’s making one and the price would be horrendous!

I had my husband, John, locked in a Tollyboy for some time and while no device is 100% secure, they’re as secure as anything else on the market. Probably the most secure belt on the market is the Latowski, but you pay for what you get…

A well-made belt is also comfortable and safe to wear, even for long periods of time. I’ve corresponded with men who are kept in very secure male chastity belts for months on end, and then after being released for visual inspection, are locked up again. In other words, their lockup in these belts is to all intents and purposes permanent (as is their orgasm denial, but that’s another thing…).

And finally… there’s the psychological aspects. Many men report a profound feeling of submission when they’re locked in a full male chastity belt, not just because they are no longer in control of their orgasms, but because they can no longer even see their penis. If you’re into male submission, then a full male chastity belt is virtually certain to enhance your experience.

Full male chastity belt – Cons

A full belt is often inconvenient — they can be the very devil to get on and off (not necessarily something that happens often – but it can be a problem if you travel by air frequently); what’s more, if you’re heavily into sports (John is a keen cyclist and also lifts weights), then they can effectively make it impossible unless you take them off. Most designs of male chastity belt are also very sensitive to weight-loss and weight-gain (one reasons I took John out of his Tollyboy and replaced it with a Lori cage is he lost even more weight and it became too small).

Aesthetically — and this is purely my opinion, so you make your own mind up — while there is something sexy and exciting about seeing your man’s penis completely locked away from his access, on balance I prefer to see him in the minimalist confinement of a cage (John has a lovely lean, tanned and muscular body and to me it’s …

Clothing to Hide January Excess Weight

She may be 65 years old, but Helen Mirren has the type of body that most 20-something ladies would envy. Her glamorous style has been the talk of the media for years, and is one which she has continued to develop, since her career began. Helen continuously turns heads with the elegant outfits she adorns on the red carpet, whether it be long, sophisticated evening dresses or short, classy dresses.

She is renowned in the film industry for being a talented actress, shown through her Oscar award, which she picked up for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth, in the film,The Queen. She has the ability to play in many different roles, giving outstanding performances, but it’s her style we are really interested in, how does she pull off such a fantastic look?

The reason why Helen is such a style icon, is that she wears her style with such ease and confidence. She is clearly, a very attractive lady, but she also has the self assurance to make the most of her look. It is sometimes difficult for older ladies to pull off shorter styles, but she does this by wearing lengths which sit at knee length or just above; avoiding the ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ look. She dresses for her age, but still manages to keep her look up to date and classic, and still manages to turn heads. Some of the styles we have seen her wearing on the red carpet, include a black long length, sleeveless gown, with bow and broach, a gorgeous gold beaded Christian Lacroix gown, and trendy metallic and floral dresses. Her style is elegant and graceful, but still manages to ooze sex appeal.

Helen has previously stated that the key to wearing a style well, is to ensure you feel completely comfortable in it. This is particularly true when attending important events, as it will instantly show to others if you do not feel at ease with your outfit. Helen has previously been named one of the sexiest woman in the world, and has even ranked ahead of supermodel Kate Moss in style polls. No mean feat for someone who is over 20 years her senior. She has also posed nude several times for films, including Calendar Girls, which shows the degree of confidence she possesses.

A photograph of Helen in a bikini, taken when she was on holiday in Italy, has become almost as famous as her films. The reason for this, was that she looked incredibly toned with not an ounce of body fat on display, and this has inspired older women to realise that you don’t need to be young to look hot! It has also raised the question around age and beauty, and whether there is really any age when you can’t still be sexy. Helen is one of those women who just seems to get more attractive, the older she gets, without the need for drastic cosmetic surgery, which some celebrities depend on. Lets all hope we age …

9 Creative Wedding Favors

With all the major planning of the wedding and reception out of the way, do not forget the small touches that will show your gratitude for the attendance of friends and family. Wedding favors are a wonderful way to say Thank you to all your reception guests and will offer them lasting memories of your special day. Here are some wedding favors that you can add your own sense of style and creativity to give guests a very special thank you.

Favor bags
Offer just about anything inside to say thank you to your guests with decorative bags that come in a variety of sizes and materials.

Favor boxes
Many hobby stores offer boxes in several shapes and sizes that can be decorated with paint, tissue, or other materials making these gifts functional items for each guest.

Lace wraps
These wraps are simple to make and present an elegant addition to every place setting. Offer candy, mints, or rice and on bells or other trinkets guests can take home after the reception.

Ceramic cups
Add an artistic touch to any table setting with small ceramic cups or vases either purchased or handmade. After the reception, guests can use the cups for salt, pepper, paperclips, votives, or rings.

Place card holders
Guests can take these useful items home and use them to hold pictures, notes or other cards.

Place card picture frames
Another way to seat guests at a reception is with place cards framed in a small attractive picture frame. After the reception friends and family can then use these memorable gifts to frame their favorite photo.

Personalized votive candleholders
Adorn glass votive with a tissue collage or other personal touches for a gift guests can use again and again.

Mini bubbles
Bubbles can be used in place of throwing rice. Small inexpensive bubble jars are also a fun diversion for kids at any wedding reception.

Personalized champagne glasses
Either have them engraved or decorate the stems of champagne glasses to give them a personal touch. Guests can use them for toasting the bride and groom, then take them home to enjoy. …

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Agile Development Software Methods

Agile development software methods have certainly been the hype for software developers everywhere since 2001. There are so many different kinds of agile methods available that it’s a bit of a challenge to choose the right one for your project. The simplest way to find out would be to read up on the pros and cons of each of the three most popular methodologies, and figure out which one suits you and your project best.

1) Scrum

Developed by Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber, this method involves one or more small teams (composed of a ScrumMaster, a Product Owner, and a development team) that work together to complete a project based on a list of tasks that are arranged according to priority. They do this by dividing the list into shorter ones that will be completed within a “sprint”, or a set period of development that lasts from 2-4 weeks. While this is one of the most popular agile development software methods because of its simplicity, the problem with it is that most programmers find it necessary to integrate other methodologies to cover for additional practices that fall outside of agile scrum.

2) Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM)

DSDM is an agile method that has multiple variations, but the most recent and popular version of it is the DSDM Atern method. This method focuses primarily on projects that have tight schedules and budgets, and adheres to eight main principles:

• Focus on what the business needs

• Deliver work on time

• Collaborate effectively

• Never, ever compromise quality

• Build the project incrementally using solid foundations

• Develop the project iteratively

• Continuously communicate with clarity

• Demonstrate control

Because of its strictness and eight principles, the main problem with DSDM Atern is that it can be restrictive and difficult to work with compared to other agile development software methods.

3) Extreme Programming (XP)

XP, developed by Kent Beck, is a methodology is somewhat similar to Scrum in that it “timeboxes” or uses short development cycles throughout the entire process. This helps reduce costs compared to having one lengthy process, and helps keep the project dynamic and adaptable. This method makes use of four activities:

• Coding – where the program or software is actually coded

• Testing – where the product created through Coding is tested

• Listening – where the developers listen to the needs and suggestions that the clients or customers point out after Testing

• Designing – where developers organize and design the system’s logic based on their experiences from the first three activities

This agile development software method is popular for its more laid back and non-restrictive method, but is highly criticized for its lack of a solid structure since everything is mostly done on-the-fly without any prior planning.

Based on the pros and cons listed above, you probably have a good idea which method to go for now. If you want something done in a more disciplined fashion while still adhering to the …

7 Promotional Products Every Business Needs to Attract Customers

Let's face it; consumers today are bombarded with advertising and marketing messages from virtually every angle. From billboards to television, print media, radio, and the internet, people are constantly flooded with ads. As a result, consumers have learned to tune out just about all of it. It's tough for a business to break through all of the advertising clutter in a way that gets the consumers attention and gets their advertising message across to potential buyers. The following seven promotional products are an effective way to do just that.

The aim of any promotion is to increase consumers' interest in your business. Your business card should be an extension of this philosophy and incorporated into the promotional strategy. Business card magnets and marketing magnets make this goal possible. Give a business card magnet to your business contacts and a marketing magnet to potential customers. The magnet will be hung on the nearest refrigerator, desk or filing cabinet, not dropped in a drawer to be forgotten like many other promotional brochures or flyers. People perceive magnets as a special, useful gift. The value of using business magnets results in your contact information being kept and viewed countless times after the initial interaction.

Utilizing a can coolie as a promotional product is a great way to create a springtime marketing buzz. It is the most effective promotional item you can buy in the hot summer months. The koozie is always a hit at any golf course, barbecue, sporting event, or trip to the beach. Why not play into this and gain priceless public exposure? Since so many people love and use coolies, your custom designed can coolie will be shown off all summer long, resulting in maximum exposure for your company. Giving your potential customer a can coolie is giving them a useful gift, meaning your brand will be thought of in a good light. A custom designed coolie is the most effective promotional item for the spring and summer.

Everyone uses cups. Stadium cups are a practical solution for your beverage holding needs at any launch event, gathering, or tradeshow. The stadium cup is a practical promotional product, they get used daily. The good thing about personalized cup and mugs is that they make a great souvenir, meaning consumers keep your branded stadium cups. The plastic cups are especially popular in households with children. Plastic cups are used in a variety of ways, for their common use of drinking, as well as impromptu storage for small toys, crayons, pencils, marks, as well as snacks for children.

Create a memorable promotion with branded seat cushions. Seat pillows are seen at most sporting events, whether it be little league, high school, and even professional sporting events, there is something about a cold, or sizzling hot, depending on the temperature, aluminum bench that just does not sound appealing for the next three hours. By giving your consumers a branded foam seat cushion, they will carry it to every sporting event they attended. This means …

Men’s Polo Shirts

Men’s polo shirts are a vogue style for which the composition is long or short sleeve, and do not button or fasten at the front. Polo shirts are pull over and should be used for occasional or ceremonial apparel, all depending on the adornments. Wear a long sleeve polo shirt with a exquisite blazer for a date or to the more casual setting. Long sleeve pull over polo’s with a short sleeved t-shirt over them are used for any climate, as you can remove the t-shirt if it gets hot, but the tightness of the polo allows for wear in inclimate weather as well. Women find this style very sexy, as you look like a casual guy who can haul in wood if needed. Short sleeve polo’s are the casual polo shirts in men’s fashion, but by clarification polo is any shirt but a t-shirt or tank top, as they usually are fabricated from a knit material and have short collars.

They can also be worn for sporting events such as golf or tennis, and other casual sporting events. They are known to being a “weekend” style shirt by the more buttoned-up buyer. Cotton jersey mix are the most usual, and the overall fashion does not alternate much, which means owning three or four in your closet of different colours means you will never have to worry that the one you are wearing is out of style. Ralph Lauren, Fred Perry – these are names which are popular but also further afield we find Great Republic, Chestnut Hill, and Harriton are the leading manufacturers of polo fashion shirts today.…

Speech For a Wedding – How to Write a Great One

If you've recently been chosen to be best man at your friend's wedding, congratulations. That's a huge honor. Now you've got your work cut out for you. As best man, you've got to write a speech for wedding.

Wow, a speech! Do you like writing speeches? Do you know how? These are things you should probably start thinking about, and sooner rather than later. Do not leave it all to the last minute so you're left with no other option but to start telling stories about past debauchery adventures with the groom, unless you like the feeling of standing in front of a huge group-cringe.

There are things that a speech for wedding should be and things it should not be. It should not be mean, for example. You are expected to speak in celebration of your friends' union; you are not there to roast anyone. You'll probably be bald too someday.

A good best man speech for wedding is at once appropriate (stop and think), genuine, and witty. You do not have to exhaust yourself; it does not have to be elegant, exactly, just from the heart. And if it's humorous and endearing, then these two are only bonuses. Bottom line, the most important thing is to give a speech that's both authentic and warm.

If you'd like more help on the subject, you can do a little research. Library books on speech writing may be helpful, but you're more likely to find further information online, including a speech writing workbook designed specifically for best men (the Classic Best Man Speech workbook ).

Do not let the task of writing a speech for wedding overwhelm you. Take it step by step and you will not offend anyone. …

Jetboat Rides – 4 Reasons Why They Make A Great Gift

The endless search for a perfect gift that would suit almost everyone in your friend and family list ends as you get to know about jetboating. A jetboat ride puts a halt to the never ending gift searching dilemma, where you spend more time in relentlessly thinking and searching for a perfect gift rather than the time to enjoy giving it! Put your reservations to rest, as you read on how a boat ride can be the perfect perfect gift for anyone on your list.

1. It's the perfect gift that is truly unique! Giving an adventure to someone is like giving them a new tank of fresh air. The activity is so refreshing versus the congestion of everyday living. A ride emulates a sense of tranquility and thrills at the same time. The speed combined with scenic locations provides a boost or adrenaline and a serene relaxation.

2 It's a gift perfect for everyone! Ages 4 to 100 can enjoy jetboat rides. Restrictions from enjoying this activity mostly apply to health conditions that can be affected by jetboating. These limits include pregnancy, back and neck injuries, as well as serious heart ailments. Boating and swimming experience is not necessary for one to take pleasure in this endeavor.

3. A gift for all occasions. As most adventure sports are limited to seasons and weather. Jetboat rides can be done in almost any type of climate. Summer or winter (as long as the water does not freeze over) can be a perfect environment for the thrilling sport. This fact makes a this adventure a suitable if not perfect gift for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, team building activities or even to show a token of your appreciation. You can share the gift you give! Do it with a friend or a loved one for an adventure that shares and creates memories, is the best gift of all.

4. A gift of vast diversity. Tangible gifts are mostly limited if not limiting. But when you give a jetboat ride voucher, you are actually gifting an adventure that your recipient can modify on site. If the recipient is more adventurous than you have expected, he / she can upgrade their trip into a more thrilling experience. Faster, longer, add a bit of related extreme sport, the possibilities are endless! For all you know, a jump start was all they have been waiting for, and they are so lucky that you have gifted them with that through a gift of a jetboat ride.

Not like the usual gift items that manage to bring out temporary "Oohs" and "Ahhs", a jetboat ride is a gift of adventure, something that will bring memories of a lifetime. …