Some Great Gift Wrapping Ideas Just In Time For The Holidays

The traditional way of wrapping gifts through colorful ribbons, wrapping paper, tape and scissors added a personal touch to the gift. A lot of time, attention and energy were devoted to gift wrapping. Today there is no time to spend hours on innovating ways to wrap gifts elaborately. Here are a few suggestions on traditional as well as modern gift wrapping to be used depending on your time and mood.

For wrapping gifts the traditional way, you have to decide on the wrapping paper. There is usually a wide range of papers to choose from, depending on the occasion, be it birthdays, Christmas or Easter. The ideal wrapping paper sets the mood of the gift and communicates the right impression.

Traditional wraps can be complicated. Thanks to modern technology and creativity, most of the wrapping papers have grids and lines behind them. It is now easier to measure the amount of wrapping required. The paper should be cut along the lines to create the perfect shape and make your gift attractive.

While cutting the wrapping paper, make sure that there is enough space, at least one and a half times the size of the object, on either side of the paper. Use a cello tape in the middle where the papers meet. Fold the sides of the gift into a triangle and tape it on the gift neatly. Ribbons can be used to make the gift look stylish.

You might be a too busy to wrap a gift in the traditional way even for a loved one. If that is the case then here are some tips on the hassle free, modern way of wrapping gifts. This way you can still add a personal touch without getting involved in too complicated presentations.

You can wrap the entire gift in a trendy fabric bag or with a designer material that would match with your mood and your relationship with the receiver. The gift can be sealed with a single ribbon used all across the gift. Adding a bow will make the gift look special. This works well for gifting colleagues, friends, relatives as well as your loved ones.

There are readily available decorative boxes for gifts. One has to find a box best suited to the gift size. However, extra spaces in the box can be filled with tissue wraps, trinkets and even sprigs for adornment. For a final touch, a ribbon or bow can be used to make the box look warm and creative.

Lastly, you can also put the gift in a convenient yet stylish gift bag. They are chic, beautiful and very popular. Often shrink wrapped for branded items; there are a lot of retail stores which have amazing gift bags to further the brand status of your gift.
Since there are numerous gift wrappings readily available, making your gift pretty is actually quite an easy job. …

Personalized Gifts – Healer For Harassed Souls

One of the troubles with modern times is the fact that people have become too engrossed in their work. So much so that they rarely find time to meet their near and dear ones. It probably is one reason that has given rise to problems like emotional disorder and nervous breakdowns. Yes, the increasing workload also has contributed immensely in this problem but it is not that this was not the case earlier but earlier there were more frequent visits to the relatives which used to pacify the matters. Unfortunately with that option out of consideration people are suffering. However, there is one way out of it. If one is so busy that he simply can not take time of to meet his relative then he can at least send a gift to him from time to time. Indeed, personalized gifts go long way in comforting people that they also have a well wisher in this world.

However, people must understand that while purchasing these gifts it is essential that money should not be allowed to call shots as it is not the money but feelings that matters. It must be understood that it's not the price that ever makes a gift special but the feelings with which it has been purchased drives it into people's heart.

A few examples would go a long way into explaining the above mentioned points clearly. A simple get well soon card sent to an ill friend goes a long way in cheering him up. Similarly a CD of the collection of songs of your father's favorite singer would go a long way into making his day memorable. These are all personalized gifts which cost very little but exhibits emotion and caring approach in a big way.

If personalized gifts are purchased with these points in mind then there can be no doubt in the fact that they would go a long way in exhibiting warmth and feeling. …

Brides Can Add a Personal Touch to Wedding With Do-it-Yourself Flowers

Do-it-yourself wedding flowers have become more popular in recent years as resources for creating them have become more available. However, many women do not have the time or other means to take advantage of this option. One simple alternative is to do a little of both – hire a professional florist to handle the bulk of the flowers and save some DIY projects for yourself.

Take on Only What is Realistic

Some brides might like the idea of ​​lovingly creating every arrangement, bouquet and boutonniere. However, that romantic notification often goes out the window after several hours of work results in only miscalculations, wasted supplies and endless frustration.

A good rule is to take on only a few DIY arrangements, ones that will mean the most. For some, this might be the bridal bouquet. If that project looks like a bit too high-profile, consider smaller touches. Hand-crafted corsages for the mothers of the bride and groom would take on special meaning. Realistically decide on what projects you could complete, and leave the rest to your florist.

An already overwhelmed bride-to-be should use her DIY projects as a way to release stress, not create more. Consulting with a florist is a great place to start. Ask for advice on which arrangements are good for DIY projects. A good florist will share ideas, designs and other information that the bride can use to create her DIY wedding flowers. Working together with the florist will ensure that the DIY flowers complement the professional arrangements.

DIY Is not Just About Saving Money

Using DIY wedding flowers in combination with a professional florist offers many advantages. Saving money is definitely one of those benefits – sometimes up to 50 percent or more of a florist's cost. However, DIY wedding flowers can offer something more valuable than money: time, memories and a personal touch.

Some brides have the resources to create every last floral arrangement themselves. However, most women do not have the time, patience or creativity to spare. But by taking on just a few DIY projects, busy brides can still enjoy a sense of accomplishment and pride that no amount of money can buy. Plus, they always have the security of knowing they can call on their florist to help with any unfinished work.

Of all the wedding day expenses, flowers will be one of the few things that last, through photographs, scrapbooks and other mementos. DIY wedding flowers also give the bride an opportunity to invite bridesmaids, friends and family – even the kids – to have a hand in making the wedding come to life. Just the time spent with loved ones, sitting around a table creating bouquets and centerpieces, will create a lifetime of memories.

Resources to Get Started and Stay Motivated

Creating arrangements takes not only creativity, but also other skills such as budgeting, time management, organizing and delegating. Questions in these areas will most definitely come up as brides begin their DIY projects. The Internet is an invaluable resource …

Christmas Shopping Stress – How to Fight it

People are all excited for the Christmas Holiday Celebration. However, we all know that happy holiday such as Christmas has a corresponding negative afterreffect and that is stress. During Christmas, we get to be stressed due to many activities such as Christmas shopping, gift wrapping, visiting friends and others. But do you know that you can still easily manage your stress like these five New Jersey residents? Here, they share how they cope up stress during holiday season.

Anne Gadsden of Newark, a mother of three has literally avoided the crowds in the shopping centers but still gets everything she wants for the holiday season. Do you know what she did? She practically shopped online. Online Christmas shopping is the latest craze for shoppers nowdays, Aside from the fact that you can conveniently shop around the world, you do not have to go outside to get your stuff for Christmas. It can also lessen your expenses because online stores usually offer free shipping of their purchased products. Ms. Gadsden has already done holiday shopping for her family and now emotionally and physically ready for Christmas Celebration.

"Whenever we go to beaches during summer, I usually sneaked out just to shop around the stores nearby," said Tasha Crimson, a grandmother of eight. She also shopped during 4th of July, Labor Day and even until Thanksgiving Day. When holiday season comes, she has already done her holiday shopping. She chuckled: "That's definitely the benefits of early shopping; you get to settle all the things you want." Beside, Tasha hates the freezing weather during Christmas holiday, so, she does retail by retail holiday shopping when the weather is still good.

According to Bob Caprioti, he simply delegates all Christmas tasks to his wife Rita specifically Christmas shopping, because he hates doing it. On the contrary, his wife loves shopping for the family. "I let her do what she wants and let me do what I want to do for Christmas," Bob of Wanaque, contended. When he was asked if his wife bought something for herself and mark it with "from Bob", he replied: "I have not gone that far. shopping style, or may be his wife's, is according to him, painless and stress free on his part.

Being away from home town and living alone in New York City, Angela Rodriguez of Fair Lawn chuckled when asked about her styles of shopping. "I usually do shopping right after Christmas Day," she said. Her family comes from Peru and although they are all living in America, they still altogether celebrate the Feast of the Three Wise Men coming early in January. After spending Christmas in New York with her colleagues and friends, she would fly to Florida on New Year's Day to meet her family. As for her luggage, she ships it ahead of her departure which makes her travel a stress free one.

As a full time University student and part time store keeper, Tamara Williams loves holiday rush shopping. She even finished …

Suggested Careers For Myers Briggs Test Personality Types

During times of a major economic downturn many people decide to change their career. Usually a major career change will require that you go back to school. Going back to school can be a tough decision especially if you have already started your career. To help decide which career type you should follow we have created a list of careers that are best suited for each of the 16 Myers Briggs personality types.


Military, business administrators, managers, police/detective work, judges, financial officers, teachers, sales representatives, government workers, insurance agents, underwriters, nursing administrators, trade and technical teachers, mafia dons. Natural leaders, they work best when they are in charge and enforcing the rules.


Business executives, administrators and managers, accountants, police, detectives, judges, lawyers, medical doctors, dentists, computer programmers, systems analysts, computer specialists, auditors, electricians, math teachers, mechanical engineers, steelworkers, technicians, militia members. Similar to the ESTJ, they have a knack for detail and memorization, but work more behind the scenes instead of up front as a leader.


Home economics, nursing, teaching, administrators, child care, family practice physician, clergy, office managers, counselers, social workers, bookkeeping, accounting, secretaries, organization

leaders, dental assistants, homemakers, radiological technologists, receptionists, religious educators, speech pathologists.. They do best in jobs where they can apply their natural warmth at building relationships with other people.


Interior decorators, designers, nurses, administrators, managers, secretaries, child care/early childhood development, social work, counselors, paralegals, clergy, office managers, shopkeepers,

bookkeepers, homemakers, gardeners, clerical supervisors, curators, family practice physicians, health service workers, librarians, medical technologists, typists. Tradition-oriented and down-to-earth, they do best in jobs where they can help people achieve their goals, or where structure is needed.


Sales representatives, marketers, police, detectives, paramedics, medical technicians, computer technicians, computer technical support, entrepreneurs, comedians, agents, race car drivers,

firefighters, military, loan sharks, con men, auditors, carpenters, craft workers, farmers, laborers, service workers, transportation operatives. They have a gift for reacting to and solving immediate problems, and persuading other people.


Police, detectives, forensic pathologists, computer programmers, system analysts, computer specialists, engineers, carpenters, mechanics, pilots, drivers, athletes, entrepreneurs, firefighters,

paramedics, construction workers, dental hygienists, electrical engineers, farmers, military, probation officers, steelworkers, transportation operatives, hit men. With the ability to stay calm

under pressure, they excel in any job which requires immediate action.


Actors, painters, comedians, adult entertainers, sales representatives, teachers, counselors, social workers, child care, fashion designers, interior decorators, consultants, photographers,

musicians, human resources managers, clerical supervisors, coaches, factory supervisors, food service workers, receptionists, recreation workers, religious educators, respiratory therapists.. Optimistic and fun-loving, their enthusiasm is great for motivating others.


Artists, musicians, composers, designers, child care workers, social workers, counselers, teachers, veterinarians, forest rangers, naturalists, bookkeepers, carpenters, personal service workers,

clerical supervisors, secretaries, dental and medical staffers, waiters and waitresses, chefs, nurses, mechanics, physical therapists, x-ray technicians. They tend to do well in the arts, as well as helping others and working with people.


Teachers, consultants, psychiatrists, social workers, counselers, clergy, sales representative, human resources, managers, events coordinators, politicians, diplomats, writers, …

Simplicity of Ordering Men's Clothing Online

Ordering men's clothes online has become the easiest way to shop! You can do it anytime of the day or night. There are no line-ups and no jostling shoppers to get in the way. You can order the size, color and design you want and if you are not happy with it, put it back in the package and drop it back in the mail. Slam-dunk. Could it get any easier?

Shopping No Longer a Bad Word

Shopping in a traditional store, sizes are limited, colors are not always available in your size and if you have any special needs you will have to wait for days or weeks for them to "special order" a product for you. And, let's face it; some sales clerks are just plain annoying. Then, if you need to get it altered there is another investment of time and money to get your item to fit properly. Often, you can order the same or equivalent product in the right proportions.

Cut Through the Line Ups

Shopping for men's clothing online cuts through all the red tape and gets right down to business. It saves time and energy. You can find everything online from low-end affordable jeans, used ski equipment or high-end custom made suits and everything in between. You can pick the best boxer shorts, premium quality pj's, or print your own t-shirt. What ever you are looking for is out there on the Internet somewhere!

Simplified by Search Engines

There are search engines that specialize in providing detailed information and reviews of men's clothing online. Just as you ever find the stores in a mall or downtown center that cater to your particular taste and style, you will find websites and online stores that cater to your needs. Even if your tastes lean the pecicular or further out into fetish, it is out there and there are probably more than 10,000 hits for it.

A Success Story

After freezing for 4 hours skiing yesterday, I opened my computer, looked for thermal wool underwear and found, after tooling around for about 15 minutes, what the average price was for good light weight, merino wool long underwear. I had the choice between well-established companies, designer brands or off brands. I determined what my budget was and what I might order from. Compared shipping cost and less than 30 minutes later had them on the way. It would have taken longer to get dressed, drive to town and find the stores that carry these products. I might have found a few choices and I probably would have bought what ever I found regardless of price just to save time and energy. (That is assuming that I had time to go and spend 2-4 hours looking in the first place.)

Keep the economy going. Shop for men's clothing online and save time, money and the economy! …

Some Outrageous Groomsmen Gift Ideas

When couples exchange their wedding vows, it usually means that it is time to get serious. They have to save up to buy that dream house or get a new room set up for the baby on the way. They have to become mature and responsible adults without time for games or goofy antics. The newlywed has to survive the real world. But this is an utterly gloomy depiction of how life will be after the wedding. In fact, couples should envision the opposite. They should see themselves still able to hang out with their friends and live their dreams. The groom, specifically, should show to his groomsmen how much they could still enjoy life together as friends. And a perfect way to prove this is after the wedding, the groom and his groomsmen do something adventurous (but safe, of course!).

One reliably secure but adventurous activity is bungee jumping. Although some may contest the safety of this sport, as long as the group is in the hands of an expert, then things should go well for everyone. With state of the art equipment and protective gear and materials all around, there is no reason to fret. Just get the assurance that all the participants do not have a medical condition that might put their health at risk. And make sure all those jumping have not ate for at least four hours, to prevent anyone from throwing up in the air. If all the requirements are checked and approved, then go ahead and take the breathing plunge!

Since bungee jumping is not for the faint-hearted, one can still opt to join exciting group games. This activity should not just be the usual mini-golf tournament or bowling competition. Find an alternative game that only a few have ever tried. For example, look for an artificial military or war camp where the members are allowed to shoot paintballs at each other. Surely there's a location or sporting area that offers this. The place should be complete with camouflage norms and safety gear, as well as working guns and machinery and a wide area for running and hiding. A leisure time like this will surely bring out the boy with soldier dreams out in the open!

If finding the perfect alternative routine is proving to be impossible, then resort to the foolproof boys' fun. Go fishing in the lake with the great view, go rock-climbing or play pool in the house with some beer on the side. Effort to have an adventurous groomsmen getaway is great enough, but it all boils down to having the presence of the ones closest to the groom. So as long as everyone's complete and cheery, then fun will make itself known all too soon. …

Plus Sized Clothing – Fashion Business Vs Fashion Fantasy

The Plus Sized clothing market is a booming industry. And there is certainly some evidence that the Fashion Industry is finally embracing this growing market rather hiding it at the back of the store.

Mintel, a leading market research company, has recently released a study highlighting the importance of this segment. According to Mintel:

  • Nearly 25% of UK women now wear a size 18 plus
  • Over 33% of UK men are squeezing into XL or larger.
  • The women's plus-sized clothing market has grown 45% over the past five years, compared to a 15% increase for total womenswear.

But, while the plus size is a tremendous opportunity, it also presents retailers with a conundrum; how to promote plus sizes next to regular sizes.

  • Over 50% of women who are size 18 find that not enough shops offer a range of choices to cater for different sizes.
  • More than 40% of women wearing size 18 and above believe that plus-size clothes tend to be less fashionable than smaller sizes.

For example, we've seen Macy's open and close plus Sized boutiques, as it struggles to find the right tone to appeal to the plus sized woman (without making here feel uncomfortable) while not damaging the brand's fashion forward image.But there seems to be hope. The popularity of certain models / body types is the best leading indicator of fashion direction (remember Twiggy and Kate Moss). And, the latest news from the runway suggests that the designer attributions are finally getting their head's around the idea of ​​a fashionable plus sized woman.

  • The emergence of Super Plus Models (eg, Ashley Graham).
  • For the first time, NY's Fashion Week will have a Plus Sized runway show.

This suggests that over the next few years we'll finally see Plus Sized womenswear emerging from the racks at the back of the store. You can expect to see greater integration of Plus Sizes and regular sizing, as well as the emergence of more Plus Sized designer boutiques. This also suggests that ad agency's will soon start putting more Plus Sized models in ads for unrelated products and services; as the stigma attached to a larger body size diminishes.

In-Depth Research, , is a full service market research firm providing strategic research services to global market leaders in many industries. …

Curtain Hardware With a Twist – Fashion Draperies & Tips to Buy Them

Curtain hardware has come a long way from the time when one had no option but to stick with boring white curtain rods. Today there are so many options in the curtain hardware industry that can dress up any room. An array of beautified curtain rings, interesting curtain rods and curtain poles can be incorporated to make your window look exceptionally large and stylish. You can now find drapery rods, curtain rods, curtain finials, curtain hooks, rings, and tiebacks in a mind-boggling assortment of designs in iron, wood, stainless steel, decorative ceramic, wrought iron, painted or not.

Once you step out in the markets to pick your curtain window hardware, you will be bombarded with many varieties offered by the building hardware industry. Once on the hunt it will be difficult to differentiate between two fabrics and designs. So one should be prepared before setting out. Following are some of the tips that will help you choose the best thing available in the market, of course for your home.

  • Make sure that before buying you ordinate all the drapery material, drapery hardware, and fabrics to ensure that they look good together. Select thin, light rods for sheer drapery panels. For heavier draperies, find a rod with a larger diameter and choose a bold curtain finial.
  • Make up your mind regarding the curtain rods as to whether you want them to be the prominent decorative element or if you want it to be hidden behind the draperies.
  • The size of the room will decide the size of the drapery rod and curtain hardware accessories. Select wide diameter poles, rods, and rings for large room and vice versa.
  • Before buying the panels, decide upon whether your draperies remain open most of the time or will they be opened and closed daily. Choose panels that can hang from the sides and can be arranged on a basic or decorative pole. To move the panels open and closed, you'll need a draw cord system or clip-on or sew-on decorative rings.
  • Layering the window treatment is important for an adaptable window covering. Further to avoid lighting or restore privacy, install a blind or shutters next to the glass.
  • Longer fabric lines will add height to a room. For this install drapery hardware well above the window frame, or even up along the ceiling line.
  • If you plan to install a two layered drapes or curtains then make sure you get a double rod or two separate rods. The inner rod closest to the wall will hold the drapery panels while the outer one will hold decorative panels or a valance.
  • A curtain tape, which is used to create decorative headings for curtains are available in nylon, polyester and other materials. Choose the fabric that synchronizes with the curtain fabric and the color of the room. Keep these valuable tips and guidelines in your mind the next time you go shopping for your curtain hardware. You can look at choosing drapery hardware as just another fun

Great Gifts for Young Grads – From Pre-K to Middle School

So your son or daughter has finally graduated middle school and is about to take that huge, nerve-wracking, terrifying but exhilarating step into high school. You can remember that feeling with almost perfect clarity, right? The fear, the excitement, the nervousness of the unknown … it was almost too much to bear!

What kind of gift do you give to commemorate such an event? Or a graduation from kindergarten to elementary school for that matter?

Buying gifts for younger grads can be a fun experience if you're willing to get creative. Whatever you go with something educational, commemorative, or just something fun, there are plenty of great gifts out there that any kid would love to have.

If you want to go the educational route, then dictionaries are always a good choice (they do make dictionaries geared towards youger readers as well). You can also buy encyclopedia software for homework, a globe that will tell them all about the country they're pointing at with a special stylus, or any number of cool kits that will allow them to disappear fossils, peer under microscopes, or mine for jewels. Remember, to a kid the world is still a reliably new place, so anything that will allow them to see or experience something new will be well-received.

You can also think about putting together a few different gifts. Sometimes a bunch of school supplies (but the really fun ones that you usually would not spend extra on). Themed pens, pencils, notebooks, pencil cases, etc. could all be put into a brand new backpack or messenger bag. PDA's or planners would also be good for the older elementary or middle school graduate.

Think about getting your grad a new desk if he or she does not already have one. It might get them excited to start doing all the homework they're going to be getting!

If you'd rather go with something a bit more fun and whimsical, the world's your oyster. What you choose is obviously going to depend on the age of the graduate, but here are a few fun ideas.

Why not give the new graduate their own camcorder? Of course, this is only good for the older graduate (can you imagine how long a camcorder would last with a 6 year old?), But it will allow them to start recording memories of their life and their friends. The videos will no doubt be treasured keepsakes after high school graduation.

If you'd like to take them on a special day trip, you could both go to the local aquarium or zoo, hit the special hands-on museum, and try lunch in a new restaurant you think your graduate would enjoy. It would be a whole day of fun for your child, and would make him or her feel like king or queen for a day.

If you're able to get away for a weekend and want to do something really special, why not take a train trip somewhere new? Sleeping overnight on a …