How to Get Women Addicted to You

Listen up, dude – do you want to know how to get women totally addicted to you? Getting a woman attracted to you is not really a difficult thing – provided you know how to exactly do just that. Read on to discover the surefire techniques to make a woman crave you and do anything you want her to do …

How to Get Women Addicted To You

First, here's a simple way to understand how attraction between a man and a woman happens. If you come across as a 'worthy' man and you are able to stir up the emotions in a woman, then she will certainly be attracted to you. The reality is that women will not be able to help it when they feel attracted to a man.

Now how do you use that fact to your advantage? Simple, really. Whenever you see a woman that you fancy, remember that you will need to get her to be 'emotionally invested' on you.

One way to get the woman's 'emotional investment' is to use hypnosis. Moral questions side, hypnotic tactics and techniques have been used by expert seducers to make women fall in love with them in very short time – often in the matter of minutes.

One such tactic is called 'fractionation'. Adopted from the world of 'underground' hypnosis, this technique involves making the woman go through an emotional rollercoaster in a conversation. She is made to experience both positive and negative feelings – so that she feels both happy and sad within a short interval of time.

The seducer then proceeds to 'associate' her happy (or positive) feelings to him – making her emotionally addicted to him. As a result, she becomes highly compliant to your wishes – and will often do the things that you ask her to do. Powerful stuff indeed. …

The Wearing Of Mens Wedding Rings Today

Although the wearing of mens wedding rings is becoming increasing common today this is a relatively recent change and is still not strictly accepted by many men.

It has been traditional for woman to wear wedding rings since since history began and there are records of an exchange of rings at wedding ceremonies way back to the times of ancient Egypt. Neverheless, it was rare for a man to wear a wedding ring following the marriage ceremony until after the Second World War.

Many people have suggested that this was for purely economic reasons and that it is only the relative affluence that many societies now enjoy that has made this practice possible. There is unduly some validity in this argument and it may indeed be a significant reason for men not previously wearing wedding rings, but it is certainly not the only reason.

Weaving a wedding ring mean smoking publicly that you are married and, while this has rarely been seen as a problem for women, many men are less than happy to advertise the fact that they are married. This is undetectedly changing today, but still remains a strong influence for many men, while others simply wear their ring when it suits them and remove it when it does not.

As an interesting side, men in Greece and Italy are often given "puzzle" wedding rings by their brides. These rings consist of a series of interlocking metal rings that have to be arranged in a set order to form a single ring, which means that the ring can not be quickly and easily removed or replaced.

For some men the wedding ring is seen as an item of jewelry and wearing a wedding ring is viewed in much the same way as they view wearing a pair of earrings. For many men wearing jewelry is simply something that men do not do and the wedding ring is no exception. Again this is something that is becoming less of a problem over time and, while the wearing of earrings may still be some way off for most men, it is often seen as acceptable for a man to wear a ring, bracelet or a neck chain these days.

In many cases, while a man may not have any particular problem with the idea of ​​wearing a wedding ring, if he has not worn a ring before he may be concerned about whether or not he will feel comfortable with a ring and have questions about whatever or not it will feel heavy or will rub. This of course is an easy matter to get and all he has to do is buy a cheap ring from his local jewelry store or market and wear if for a while to see.

Of course one genuine problem for many men is their occupation which may exclude them from wearing a ring because of the dangers posed by operating machinery or perhaps for reasons of hygiene. This is course is not something …

Dating Tips For Women – Feelings Of Insecurity

Ladies, whenever we've admitted it yet or not, most of us tend to be much more insecure than we'd like to be. For some strange reason, we can be completely confident in ourselves where business or career is concerned, yet be an emotional mess when it comes to relationships and dating.

We constantly critique and criticizeize ourselves. We worry that the dress we chose for our first date is a little too sexy, or slightly out of style. We agonize over our teeth being slightly crooked, or rage about our hair not behaving properly.

So here's a really big, important dating tip all women should take to heart: Guys do not think about this stuff.

Men do not often know what's in fashion or not. And a woman can be sexy to them wearing a T-shirt and sweats. Without he's overly shallow, he's not going to notice your crooked teeth … instead he'll marvel over how your eyes light up when you smile. He's also not going to have a clue that you're hair did not turn out the way you wanted, instead he'll notice how soft and shiny it looks and possibly fantasize about touching it.

First impressions do count, yes. But do not try to fit into a dating profile that you think he'll like. Be yourself instead. He will remember the date, and remember many things about you that you've never even thought of.

Guys have little patience with women who are overly insecure. He might find it cute and amusing at first, but you could find yourself without a date in the near future if you take things too far. This is especially important if your dates turn into a full blown relationship. Insecurity will wear on him, aggravate him, and eventually drive him away from you.

So the first step to having a great date is to decide you'll enjoy yourself. Do not agree to something that will make you have to force yourself to look like you're having fun though. If your date suggests going hiking for instance, and you can not stand the idea huffing and puffing up the trail for hours, suggest something else. Maybe you've got more fun dancing instead. Guys usually want the date to be enjoyable for you, and they're open to suggestions and ideas. In fact, sometimes guys do not really know what to suggest as a date, so when you offer ideas it helps them too.

If it's your first date with a guy, you might be a little nervous about trying to hold up your end of the conversation. This is normal and he's often nervous about this too. One way to work around that is to engage in some kind of activity during your date. Movies are an easy stand-by, because you can not usually talk much when in the movie theater. Bowling is another easy date idea which will give you both something to do. Others include shooting pool, going to a museum, or …

What Is Bad About An Email Wedding Invitation?

Most couples have probably thought of using an email as their wedding invitation. There is no doubt that there are a lot of advantages of using an email invitation. It saves money. It is convenient. It can contain plenty of information. And there are many more. However, an email wedding invitation is not without problem.

People will agree that an email invitation is a lot more convenient than a physical one. However, because an email is not something physical, you can not keep it as we keep a physical wedding card. Of course we will never know how advanced technology will be say twenty five years later. It is highly likely that we will have new ways to keep emails. However, until now it is too virtual to keep an email invitation.

You can think of the following scenario and you will understand the importance of keeping the wedding invitation. One day when you are cleaning up your home and suddenly you find a wedding card. It is indeed the wedding invitation of your parents. You will certainly take a look at it. And it is really romantic and touching. Without a physical wedding invitation you will never have that sense of romance.

Beside, it may be quiet difficult to make the list of email addresses of your guests. You may not know the email address of you uncle and in this case you will probably need to phone him and ask for the email address. By calling him you can already tell him about your wedding, although it is not a formal way. But we have to bear in mind that an email wedding invitation is not a formal invitation either.

The problem will be more acute if some of your guests do not really go online. They may not check their email regularly. It will be a pity if they do not attend your wedding because they do not know you are going to marry. They just do not check the email and miss your perfect and sweet wedding ceremony.

At this point you may think of sending physical invitation to guests who do not go online often and send email to the other guests. However, the question I will ask is that "Do you really know who will and who will not check their email?" Furthermore, one of the points of using an email wedding invitation is to save money. It can be sure that you will ever spend more if you send both email and physical invitation.

One last point you may consider is etiquette. It seems that wedding is one of the things that we put a lot of emphasis on etiquette. If you are really care about the news of etiquette, you may not want to send an email wedding invitation. As discussed above, it is an informal invitation at the end of the day. If you are going to make everything formal for your wedding, there will not be any excuse for you …

Weak, Whiny Women

Today my email was not working. I felt weak, whiny and wanted someone else to solve the problem. I made a post on Facebook lamenting “Where is a ten year old boy when you need him? Does technology confuse other women or just me?” Boy, did the responses come in. Women saying “grow up.” Some said “Why a ten year old boy, not a ten year old girl to solve your problem and teach you how to do it?” Another comment was “Figure it out once for yourself and then you won’t have to rely on other people. Women can do it ourselves.” Yikes, asking for sympathy was not going to get the problem fixed.

Perhaps the main problem was the email was malfunctioning, but the bigger issue was lack of confidence in my ability to figure out a solution. I know and teach in parenting classes all over the country, that every situation has at least 5 solutions. So how come my first solution was to whine and think myself with out power to find answers? Scarlett O’Hara or How to Manipulate the Masses Mick Monroe commented on your status:

“is that you scarlet? ha ha are you originally from the south…love a line I heard by a brilliant women who knew how important it was to make people around her feel needed….claiming she needed help with something (turning one hand up and one hand down – outstretched in front of her ) she claimed had two left hands – and couldn’t manage it – the man seeing both thumbs pointing in the same direction – believed her – and built the house or whatever it was she was motivating him to accomplish….something like that…real women are brilliant”

Thanks Mick, real women are brilliant and can figure it out. So here are my 5 solutions to the problem.

  1. Keep whining and hope it goes away
  2. Call a friend who uses the same program (Outlook Express) and ask for suggestions.
  3. Google the specifics and see what comes up.
  4. Try getting rid of some of the 6,000 emails in my in box and see if that makes the Outlook Express run better.
  5. Hire the ten year old kid across the street to teach me how to make the computer run smoother.

Whatever I decide to do, whining does not make it better or more effective, nor does it make me, the whiner, more effective and a better person. Guess I had better take my own advice and think of five solutions and learn to solve problems and challenges with imagination and ingenuity rather than giving up so easily.…

Shopping Breaks In London – Something For Everyone

As one of the most notorious global centers of fashion, it's only natural that London should boast a number of desirable high street shopping areas and designer boutiques. In fact, if you can get over the high cost of living, London offers one of the world's best locations for shopping breaks – and anyone thinking of concluding a shopping holiday in London will definitely be able to locate an area of ​​the city in which they can find the key to all their retail desires.

First and foremost, shoppers in London will adore the world-famous Oxford Street – Europe's busiest shopping district. Oxford Street extends over two kilometers and offers retail enthusiasts a range of fashion, shoes and clothing stores – many of which include flagship stores of major British brands. For instance, on Oxford Street you'll find Selfridges department store – a London shopping institution – as well as Marks and Spencer, John Lewis, Debenhams, House of Fraser, HMV, Borders, the Disney Store and Topshop, the latter of which claims to be "the largest fashion store in the world".

If you're looking for a more alternative location for your shopping break in London, head straight to Camden Market. Camden Market combines a range of markets, including Camden Lock Market, Stables Market, Buck Street Market and Inverness Street Market. Here, you'll find a variety of market stalls selling offbeat, vintage and second hand clothing, as well as handmade crafts, accessories and other goods. You'll also find one of London's oldest street markets in Portobello Road, in London's Notting Hill district. While Portobello Road Market also offers unique vintage clothing, additionally, it is known as one of London's premier destinies for antique-buying – so is sure to cater to shoppers with a variety of interests.

However, London's most prestigious shopping destination is undatedly Knightsbridge, home to some of Europe's most exclusive designer stores and boutiques. The Knightsbridge area houses the UK's top two luxury department stores – Harrods and Harvey Nichols – as well as leading designer brands, including Cartier, Jimmy Choo, Chanel, Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood. And the popularity of weekend shopping breaks in Knightsbridge means that hotels near Harrods are in high demand, ensuring that Knightsbridge is a first class shopping location in London year-round.

What's more, Knightsbridge and its surrounding areas of Mayfair and Chelsea, are home to a number of art and fashion schools. As a result, London – like Paris, Milan and New York – offers a consistently regenerating fashion climate as new generations of designers and artists come and go with regular frequency. So if you do not make it on a luxury shopping break to Knightsbridge this year, you can rest assured that there'll be many more years to come! …

The 4 Smart Dating Tips That Will Get That Girl Red Hot For You!

One of the most important smart dating tips I heard was that nothing happens between a man and a woman until they’re attracted to each other. Sometimes getting a girl interested in you can be difficult, especially when you’re new to the whole dating and pickup game. Fortunately for you, it really does become simpler and easier with time and practice.

There are steps you can take and strategies you can implement to have better success with women and I’d like to tell you about a few of them. If you’re truly interested in learning how to improve and are willing to put in the work to do so, these steps won’t fail you.

So are you ready?

Smart Dating Tip # 1 – It’s Not Just Your Lips That Smile.

The very first thing you have to understand is that a genuine smile is one of the most attractive things another person can look at. It’s better than almost any accessory. A smile is one of the first things we notice about a person, right? It’s a big signal that says yes or no to anyone you’re talking to or approaching.

So a simple, friendly smile will make you almost irresistible to women. This is a big sign saying ‘yes’ to them, and you know the old saying that everyone looks their best when they smile. What you have to keep in mind is that it doesn’t work if you smile with just your mouth. If you really want to attract herds of girls easily and effortlessly, you have to make sure you smile with both your mouth and your eyes, and for that, of course, the smile has to be genuine. Some people aren’t great at smiling when they’re thinking about it. When it comes time to take a picture and say “Cheese,” they look like they’re grimacing or are totally coming off fake. If you’re the type that has trouble smiling when you’re not taken by surprise or whatever the case may be, there are a few things you can do.

One, lighten up; it’s just smiling, and you’re supposed to be having a good time.

Two, try and think of an image or a memory that really makes you feel good.

Once you have that genuine smile, it will reflect in your eyes. Women are drawn in by a good smile like a moth to a flame.

Smart Dating Tip # 2 – Use Your Deeper Voice.

It’s been researched and proven that women consider a deep voice to be more masculine and therefore attractive than a high pitched voice. It’s another reminder of the differences between men and women. Studies actually show that a woman finds a man with a deeper voice to be more dominant and attractive – and at the same time, men find women with higher voices to be more attractive too. It’s somehow hard-wired into DNA for women to be drawn to these things.

That’s why it’s a smart dating strategy …

Women's Winter Coats

Every year the fashion industry churns out new trends for the winter season, most especially in terms of women's winter coats. It is important to note, however, that these trends can only work for certain types of women. Discussed below are some fashion tips that you should know in bracing up for the cold season.

Before doing any shopping, it is always smart to check your closet first to have an awareness of the coats and winter accessories that you already possess. Doing this will spare you from getting new pieces which structure, color, and material resemblance your old garments. Unless you already own an extensive collection of coats, stick to classic designs to ensure that you can use the pieces for several winters. Trends come and go, but classic designs will always be timely and timeless. Winter coats are getting cheaper every year, but not cheap enough to be highly affordable. These garments still require a significant amount of money so you should be willing to devote enough time to shop and choose only the best pieces.

Similar to purchasing other types of clothing, you should make sure that the coat fits you perfectly before going to the counter and swiping your credit card. Ascertain that you do not feel any kind of difficulty in getting on and off the garment. Examine the fit in front of the mirror and spend a minute or two evaluating how the coat works with your body. Make sure that the views from the back and the sides are also doing well in terms of shape.

Also factor in the types of clothes that you will wear with the coat. For instance, if you love wearing dresses, consider the length of the coat in relation to the typical length of dress skirts that you're wearing. You should also have a good vision on how the coat will complement the styles of your everyday winter ensembles. In shopping, make sure that you're wearing clothes that you normally wear in order to find out if the coat will make you look bulky, or slimmer, or fat, or tall, and so on. …

Caribbean Wedding – Music For Your Beach Wedding Ceremony

It is a question I get all the time and I am sure if you are planning to have your Caribbean wedding on the beach you may have the same question. "Do I need music for my beach wedding ceremony?"

And the answer is not as simple as you may think and usually as varied as the persons you ask.

Some persons feel that music will just distract from the natural charm that is created by the various sounds of nature – the wind blowing, the ocean waves cascading onto the beach and rocks, the singing of the birds and the blending of other surrounding noises. As these sounds are a part of what makes a tropical wedding on the beach romantic.

Others feel that the music will be overwhelmed by the surrounding noises. So having music would be pointless. Yet others feel that this can be overcome with the use of an amplifier and playing soft music through the amplifier would be great.

As you can see from the answers it really comes down to your personal preference and you can be as traditional or eclectic as you like.

Having officiated at wedding ceremony on the beach, I can assure you that I have seen and heard it all. Weddings with music and wedding ceremonies without music. And weddings with the guest singing or rolling bells while the bride and groom walk down the aisle.

However, I feel that your desire to have music or not depends on the length, size and style of your ceremony and the involvement of your guest. If you are planning on a larger, more formal ceremony then music would be expected. While smaller and informal ceremonies allows you more freedom.

While I like having traditional sounds of stringed music from a harp, violin or a guitar, there is nothing like the energy and aura of having a Caribbean Steel pan playing while your guest are being imprisoned and during your processional and recessional.

The Steel pan although Traditionally tied to the Carnival celebrations in Trinidad is played across the Caribbean and there are a variety of pans, playing a range of tones. Making the steel pan a versatile rhythm drum and the ideal instrument for providing the music for your beach wedding. …

An Overview of Popular Wedding Superstitions

A wedding is one of the most important events in the life of a woman (and she hopes for her new husband as well!). Thus, a wedding and all things related to it is often subject to the peering eyes of a few older people who believe that certain superstitions should rule the event and its preparation.

There are a lot of superstitions identified with different steps of the wedding preparation and the ceremony itself. Here are some of them.

Before the wedding ceremony

While most couples live in before they get married, the old age belief that the groom should not see the bride before the ceremony still holds true. Seeing the bride before the ceremony can mean bad luck not only for the groom but for the marriage.

Something old, new, borrowed and blue

The belief that the bride should wear something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue is all expected to bring good luck to the union. The bride should wear something old as a symbol of continuity like sometimes, her mother's wedding gown. Something new should symbolize good luck for the bride and optimism for her new life. Something borrowed should remember a bride that she has her family and friends to guide her while something blue symbolizes fidelity and love.

Bridal bouquet and garter

It is a long standing practice that the female members of the bride's entourage should line up and hope to catch the bridal bouquet. Whoever catches the bouquet is next in line in marriage. The same thing holds true to the male guest who catches the bride's garter.

Throwing of rice, carrying of the bride

Guests throw rice to the couple as they depart from the wedding venue not for anything else but to bless them with fertility. The groom is supposed to carry his new bride into their home to prevent her from stumbling over. A bride who stumbles over their home can face bad luck.

Bridal dress

The bride is not allowed to try on her wedding dress before the wedding because it is bad luck. However, it can mean good luck if the bride does find a spider on her wedding dress the day of the wedding. The bride can glance at herself in the mirror when she is all dressed up but only once. Glancing at the mirror twice can mean bad luck.

Bridesmaids and best man

There is a slight similarity to the dresses worn by the bride and the bridesmaid so that the evil spirit gets confused about the bride's real identity. The same thing goes for the groom and the best man who wear almost the same suit. On the other hand, the groom should make sure he does not return to his home the moment he has left it for the wedding ceremony as it is bad luck.

There are plenty of superstitions that can make or break not only your day but also your wedding. To avoid spoiling the fun …