Coca Cola Gift Basket – The Perfect Gift Basket For a Soda Fan

For me and many more, a Coca Cola gift basket is the ultimate gift to receive. The Coca Cola gift basket is also very affordable and fun to put together when you go shopping. In case you have not tried this gift theme before, you should defiantly try the Coke gift.

You'd be surprised at the amount of Coca Cola paraphernalia there is out there. If you know someone who's a serious soda drinker, creating an affordable gift basket with a soda theme will be a cinch. First things first, get them some cola! Coke makes some fantastic "vintage" style coke bottles that come in a six pack, that can be a good gift bag filler, and adored by any soda drinker. And what else to drink the cola out of than an authentic Coca Cola cup!

Next, search on eBay; you can find vintage Coke signs, Coca Cola calendars, and more! For the true Cola fan, anything vintage or original will be adored. Since these items are not very rare, they should not be too expensive! You can put together a Coca Cola themed gift basket for under fifty dollars if you put your mind to it.

Try to steer clear of tee shirts, since they are a common gift and one that may get tossed aside. When it comes to such a popular brand, your options really are endless, and making a Cola themed gift basket, is sure to be a blast! Just imagine how fun it would be if you were to get a Coca Cola gift basket. …

The Passion For Gothic Clothing

Gothic clothing is related to the Goth Subculture. The roots of this subculture can be traced back to the Victorian period when women used to mourn at specific occasions by wearing black clothes. Slowly and gradually, this type of clothing developed into typical Gothic fashion has many other characteristics like black velvets, lacced corsets Gothic dresses, magical / weird / religious jewelry, leather dashes with red or purple color etc.

In the recent times, Goth clothing turned out to be rebellion against the prevalent fashion trends of the 1970's and 1980's. Today both modern and traditional Gothic shirt is available as per liking and panache. People always link Gothic corset with fancy, romance and classiness. They just love and die for the stunning look that this kind of clothing provides them. That's the precise reason for its craze right up to the modern time.

The feel of Gothic clothing is also well received by the body due to the dominance of silk, velvet and other extremely smooth materials. With Medieval clothing one tends to have a very 'individual look' that is individual's pride and others' envy in one go. In the same line are the Gothic corsets that are essential for the classy silhouette look that many a woman dreams of. The seductive style and modernity of today's Gothic costumes crazes many a mind.

Traditional Gothic shirts with black lacing and coiled steel boning are also quite a rage these days. Well fitting Gothic dress not only reduces your waist proportionately but highlights your curves as well, making woman beauty all the more defining and striking. Custom made Gothic costumes are also a good option and can take away much of the uneasiness that some women tend to feel with the ready made ones.

Over bust as well as under bust corsets have their distinct role in enhancing the beauty of Goth clothing and therefore must be studied in detail as regards their effects. Similarly, bridal Goth clothing has a special class of Gothic corset called the 'Bridal Corsets'. These and other Gothic bridal accessories make a bride pretty, gorgeous and special. These are available in different patterns, styles, tints, prints and materials. …

How To Choose The Right Wedding Cake

There was a time when couples planning their wedding had only three or four flavors from which to choose a wedding cake. They might get lucky with someone that enjoyed experimenting with different flavors and frosting, but for the most part, their options were limited. Today, couples have numerous options that they can choose from. These range from a huge list of catalog cakes to custom cakes. Here are a few tips on how to choose the perfect wedding cake.

For your wedding, keep in mind that when it comes to the wedding cake, there is no right or wrong. You select the flavors, designs, decorations, and size you want. Even if you were planning a completely traditional wedding, you still have options that will make your cake stand out from the crowd. For a truly amazing wedding cake and a cake representing your personality and character, you should think about working with a confectionary artist.

Although finding a confessional artist in the United States can be a bit of a challenge, this form of artist has actually been in existence for more than 150 years. This type of artist does not simply decorate a wedding cake they actually sculpt and script it, making it magnificent and unique. The cakes they design are very ornate and lavish works of art. True masterpieces.

Another option, which is not as expensive, but will still give the cake originality, is to work closely with a florist and have tropical flowers bought in to adorn the cake. You can choose the color, flavor, and style of cake you like and then use exotic flowers for the decoration. In this case, you could have a larger piece created for the cake topper and then have various flowers drape down the sides of the cake, creating a breathtaking piece. If you like, you can even choose edible flowers that can be served with the cake.

Just remember that the options for custom wedding cakes are endless. With a little creativity, an ordinary cake can be completely transformed. Talented bakers or cake decorators can make something special, something unlike any other couple's wedding cake.

If you want to offer your guests some variety, think about ordering a smaller wedding cake, say two tiers, along with several other cake cakes made of different flavors. This way, a little more money can go into the larger cake's design without skimping on flavor for your guests.

One of the most exciting aspects of choosing your wedding cake is the wonderful new flavors. Sure, you could stick with traditional flavors such as chocolate and vanilla, but you have literally hundreds of flavor options. For instance, you might consider a Pina Colada cake for a tropical themed wedding, a cherry and strawberry cake for a Valentine's Day wedding, or a banana shortcake flavored cake for a casual daytime wedding. Remember, if you can not find what you like, most of today's wedding cake makers can come up with something completely unique for …

Top Twenty Funeral Songs for Men and Women

A Funeral Directors List:

In days gone by, music at funerals was probably made up of the traditional funeral march and a couple of selected hymns. In most cases the service was held in a church. These days funeral music has modernized dramatically with more and more people ditching the church for a more casual chapel service. A celebration of the persons life is embraced rather than the old fashioned Bible readings.

Music at a funeral is an important part of the ceremony with most services containing 3 or 4 songs. The songs are usually reflective of what you have shared with a loved one. I have put this Top Twenty list together from my first hand experience as a Funeral Director. These songs were the most requested songs during my 15 years serving families in Australia during their time of loss.

It is interesting to note who the most popular artists are.

Top Ten Funeral Songs for Men

20. Looking Forward, Looking Back – Slim Dusty

19. Amazing Grace – Harry Secombe

18. Yesterday – The Beatles

17. Wind Beneath My Wings – Bette Midler

16. Bridge Over Troubled Waters – Simon and Garfunkel

15. Because You Loved Me – Celine Dion

14. Green, Green Grass Of Home – Tom Jones

13. Danny Boy – Foster and Allen

12. Always On My Mind – Elvis Presley

11. Hero – Mariah Carey

10. On the Road Again – Willie Nelson

9. True Blue – John Williamson

8. Unforgettable – Nat King Cole

7. You Raise Me Up – Josh Groban

6. We’ll Meet Again – Vera Lyn

5. He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother – The Hollies

4. What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong

3. You’ll Never Walk Alone – Gerry and the Pacemakers

2. Time To Say Goodbye – Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman

1. My Way – Frank Sinatra

Top Ten Funeral Songs for Women

20. Goodbye My Friend – Linda Ronstadt

19. Angels – Robbie Williams

18. Maggie – Foster and Allen

17. The Prayer – Anthony Callea

16. Ave Maria – Celine Dion

15. Somewhere Over The Rainbow – Judy Garland

14. From A Distance – Bette Midler

13. In The Arms Of An Angel – Sara McLachlan

12. Unchained Melody – The Righteous Brothers

11. Time To Say Goodbye – Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman

10. Goodbye’s The Saddest Word – Celine Dion

9. Candle In The Wind – Elton John

8. Amazing Grace – Leann Rhimes

7. My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion

6. The Rose – Bette Midler

5. I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

4. Because You Loved Me – Celine Dion

3. Wind Beneath My Wings – Bette Midler

2. We’ll Meet Again – Vera Lyn

1. Unforgettable – Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole…

Joan Baez Celebrates Her Life Gifts – More Inspiring Words from a Rosie's Daughter

"I was born gifted. I can speak of my gifts with little or no modesty, but with tremendous gratitude, because because they are gifts, and not things which I created, or actions about what I might be proud.

"My greatest gift, given to me by forces which confound genetics, environment, race, or ambition, is a singing voice. desire to share that voice, and the bounties it has heaped upon me, with others. From that combination of gifts have developed an immeasurable wealth – a wealth of adventures, of friendships, and of plain joys. "

With these words, Joan Baez begins her second memoir, And A Voice to Sing With. Few women are as talented as Joan Baez and fewer still have used their talents to promote peace, non-violence, and civil rights. Baez is one of Rosie's Daughters – women born during World War II who owe much of their courage, strength and accomplishment to the legacy of Rosie the Riveter (their spiritual, figurative and literal mother).

While the lessons of childhood teach us that it is better to give than receive, Baez's words are an elegant reminder to be thankful of the gifts we have received. Particularly the intangible gifts – the life gifts. Further, we do not have to be famous to recognize our life gifts and strive to use them in the best ways possible.

My father gave me one of my greatest life gifts. He held firmly to the "glass is half full" theory. No matter what happened, he would either find something good about the situation or at least acknowledge that it could have been worse. His mother, in turn, cave him this gift of a positive life perspective.

This story about my grandmother captures the lengths she could go to find the positive. It's a story that's been retold in my family many times over the years. One evening, the conversation in the living room turned to the subject of Grandmother's brother. Everyone in the room criticized him. Well, almost everyone. He was a gambler and a drunkard judged some. Others said he was "just no good." After many criticisms had been expressed, Grandmother quietly and firmly said, "But he was a really good milker." She found the positive in the glass of her brother's life.

I'm grateful for this life gift. I'm not sure I have always put the gift to good use but it has influenced me and shaped my perspective on life. It has enabled me to speak generously of others and to look for what good can come of situations. I can not take credit for this view of life. It is the legacy of the gift my father gave me.

My mother, too, brave me a gift. Her legacy to me came directly from Rosie the Riveter. The poster of this iconic World War II woman carries the caption, "We Can Do It." As a teenager I'd mention a career I was considering, and Mother always responded, "You can do …

Why Is Eating Insects Disgusting? How to Change People’s Attitudes

Many researchers, including Haidt et al., 1997, have shown that people feel disgust mainly to animals, including people, animal waste products, items that show resemblance to any of those, and lastly, anything that has come into contact with the former. Other elicitors of disgust are sexual deviance, bodily violations, poor hygiene, as well as contact with death. The fact that something is “disgusting” means that we have a strong internal urge to avoid it, so in terms of animal and food products, this would have been partly to avoid pathogens. Fundamentally, disgust is a food rejection emotion, but over time, disgust elicitors have developed from many other cultural, social and moral domains (Rozin et al, 2008).

Why do people find insects more disgusting than bigger animals?

Insects are often found in large groups, they have 6 legs, are often wiggly and move very quickly. In other words, compared to the sight of a larger mammal like a cow or chicken, insects could be considered to look “very animal- like”. This might help explain why we would find the idea of eating them disgusting (Haidt et al.,1997).

Insects are also more similar looking to bacteria and parasites, which are known to spread filth and disease, some of the core disgust triggers. Furthermore many insects live in garbage, and the thought of cockroaches rushing out from the sewer will induce disgust in most people.

The association to sexual deviant behavior may also play a role in why we feel disgust. Insects like grasshoppers and flies can be seen in massive swarms in summer, copulating in midair. This induces the feeling of “flying orgies”, and hence, evokes feelings of disgust (Lockwood, 2013).

It has been argued by Haidt et al.,1997, that these disgust- eliciting events remind people of their animal nature. People in most cultures have a need to set themselves apart from animals, both in terms of physical and symbolic boundaries.

The origins of disgust and why it was beneficial

Unlike many animals who instinctively know what to eat, humans are omnivores and must learn what to eat. The advantage of being an omnivore is the flexibility and adaptability this brings, but on the downside, there is an increased risk of consuming toxic ingredients. An omnivore will always explore and study new foods, but apply scrutiny before they taste. This is why people are “neophobic”, meaning vigilant about new foods, in particular animal foods (Haidt et al., 1997).

Haidt et al., 1997, have tried to show how the emotion of disgust has developed from helping humans to know what to eat in the world around them, to later, what to do in the cultural context of the world (Haidt, Rozin, McCauley & Imada, 1997).

Evolutionary reasons for disgust

One factor, which might explain why we experience disgust at the sight of insects, and less so for bigger mammals, has to do with the history of our farming traditions. Traditionally, the wild animals, which would give the “biggest return” when farmed on a …

Why Do Women Love to Be Seduced by Men?

Seduction is a primal urge in women. They can lust for it and in some sense they need it. Any guy knows that every relationship with a woman has a place for seduction. Whether he has been with that woman for 20 years, 20 weeks or 20 minutes.

Lets break the desire for seduction down to those three phases and see why a woman craves seduction for each phase.

Seduction of a woman you have known 20 minutes.

Your relationship is new and fresh. Like a summer breeze. You really mean nothing to her and she nothing to you. How could you after 20 minutes. So the seduction game is played. As a man you show your confidence and your swagger, you lead the dance of seduction and she follows. Women enjoy this dance because though a man feels like he is in control he really is not. The woman has the power to stop the dance at anytime she wants. She is really in control.

Seduction of a woman you have known 20 weeks.

The freshness of a relationship has worn off by this time. It is at this point that thoughts of how "serious" it might become enter a woman's mind. Do you care? Do you want to be with her forever? Seduction at this point is about showing her that you do still care. Taking the time to let her now that she is still special and you see good things in your future. No commitment yet your feeling toward her is growing and deepening

Seduction of a woman you have known for 20 years.

This is a long time to have been with someone. Little things about each other may constantly grate on you both. Again seduction at this point shows her that even 20 years later you care for her the way you did when you first met. You still find her attractive and want her. You make her feel special.

When a guy is seducing a woman his true feelings come to the surface. He shows her we wants her, he needs her and demonstrated his affection clearly. This can be toxicating to a woman and whether a guy has known a woman 20 minutes or 20 years he should take the time out occasional to bring some passion into the relationship and attempt to seduce his woman. …

The History of the Ballotin – The Classic Belgian Chocolate Gift Box

This year celebrates the 100th anniversary of the ballotin. I am sure that every Belgian chocolate connoisseur has opened one – or many – of these ballotin boxes in their life. In fact, since its creation in 1915, the ballotin has always been around, carefully filled with chocolates in a countless number of shops or voraciously enjoyed by thousands of chocolate lovers around the globe. This box is elegant yet understated in its appearance, and it shows the content while successfully protecting it.

The beginning of the last century saw two major inventions that changed the way people enjoyed chocolate:

In 1912 Jean Neuhaus developed a technique that made possible, for the first time, to create chocolates with a soft filling. This first invention was called the "praline". These chocolates continued to be sold wrapped in paper, a traditional method that however had two major drawbacks: it was not able to display the chocolates in an elegant way and even worse it offered very little protection, often damaging or compromising the look of the pralines .

As chocolates were becoming more and more sophisticated, with attractive designs and complex fillings, the Belgian chocolate kitchens were crying out for a box designed specifically to suit their needs. A gift box that would be beautiful and elegant but also practical in their ability to protect the chocolates from being damaged on the way home.

In 1915 their crores were answered, Louise Agostini, wife of Jean Neuhaus Jr, designed the first ballotin (from ballot, French term for "small package of goods"), a box in which the chocolates could be packed safely. It was also an aesthetically marvellous design, simple but elegant, easy to fill and close with its flips elegantly secured with a ribbon. To the delight of the other chocolate houses of the time, Jean Neuhaus decided not to patent this invention, and that is why nowdays all the top tier Belgian chocolate manufacturers sell their chocolates in this timeless gift box.

One hundred years on, the Master Belgian chocolatiers use the ballotin more than ever, in fact this box can be considered the signature of the finest Belgian chocolatiers. While there have been a few minor changes in design over the years to allow for more efficient manufacturing processes the simple aesthetic beauty of this gift box remains the same making it one of the most recognizable items in the world of luxury foods. …

Product Visualization Aids Consumers In Shopping

Buying stuff on the Internet can be kinda addictive-once you start, you can’t stop-as it can be done anywhere, anytime.

Before the dawn of giant marketplaces and eCommerce websites, though, everyone had to include shopping in their list of tasks, whilst nowadays you can just plop on the couch, swipe the screen of your device, and click on a button to make a purchase.

However, despite loving its convenience, majority of consumers would still drive to bricks-and-mortar shops to buy big-ticket items, according to a new study.

Nearly half of consumers polled by digital marketing firm PushOn said they prefer to buy expensive products like a new kitchen or bathroom in-store.

The reason being is that they can see and examine the products before deciding to buy it.

The report reveals 47% of 1,000 consumers actually research online, and once they have their heart set on a product, they go buy it in a physical store. On the other hand, 70% said they have bought expensive items online but only after seeing it in-store.

That only goes to show that despite the ease and convenience of online shopping, most people still want to see and feel a product, especially an expensive one like a car, to be certain that they’re not throwing money away.

However, they’re not close-minded at all; 45% of consumers said they’re willing to make expensive purchases online if websites offered a technology that allows them to experience a product so that they can make informed decisions.

Is AR the future of eCommerce?

PushOn obtained various opinions from their survey respondents regarding which tools eCommerce sites must consider to persuade them to buy pricey items online.

40% said they would love to use Augmented Reality (AR) to test a product before buying it. Because this technology merges digital images into the real world, online shoppers will be able to see and experience a product by placing an image of it over their view of reality.

On the other hand, 41% of the respondents said implementing a tighter online security will make them feel secure when buying expensive item, hence their confidence to spend more.

Here are the other items included on their wish list:

  • 52% think retailers should invest in technology that enables a better omnichannel experience – so the shopping journey is seamless in-store and online.
  • 32% would like to use online services so they can get instant answers to their questions.
  • 17% are calling for retailers to use AI and digital chatbots that bring up purchase recommendations based on their buying habits, and can answer questions about products.
  • 17% want to see one-click online shopping to make checking out easier.
  • 16% would like to use mobile payments more to make buying online quicker.

Aside from great products and speedy delivery, industry experts urge online businesses to choose the best technology that will aid shoppers in visualising their products.

As Sam Rutley, managing director at PushOn, puts it:

“By utilising technology, such as digital chatbots that …

6 Tips For Wearing Color in Summer

As the temperature increases and the sun begins to shine, it is time to put the Parka's and Duffel coats back in the cupboard and fill your wardrobe with your summer wear for the light nights and hot holidays.

Menswear summer fashion usually an injection of color into the pallet most men's wardrobe. If worn right this can really make you stand out on the beach while retaining a look of chic and keep you looking cool all summer long. Here are my top 6 tips for guys wondering how to spice up your like this summer.

1. Wear colors that suit your natural features

Summer is a time of enjoying being out sun and showing your natural features and the colors you wear should help bring these out and really emphasize what god wave you. For example if you have not caught the sun yet and you are still quite white, do not strut your stuff in pastel tones that could leave you looking washed out.

2. Do not be afraid of loud colors
If there is a time that you can wear a lime green t-shirt or a pair of purple jeans then the bright summer days are it. The trick here is not to clash them all into one mish-mash outfit and end up looking like a Childrens TV presenter. The trick to pulling off ostentatiously colored menswear is to neutralize the other half of the outfit with a neutral color. So if you are wearing those red shorts make sure you have a white polo or v neck T over the top.

3. Get some color on your feet

Its time to put away those black brogues from the winter time and jazz up your footwear with some new shoes that compliment any summer outfit to a tee. For casual wear, why not try Reeboks latest range of retro style trainers that add a twist of color to your footwear or for formal and evening wear check out Pointers range of desert boots which timeless look can be dressed up or down.

4. Loud patterns are a big No-No

Its not 1984 anymore! If you are disappointed to mix up the pallet of your clothes and have different pattern on your shirts then make sure that they are pastel tones as this will look less like your grand mothers wallpaper.

5. Use color to enhance your facial features

By choosing colors that are right for your skin tone and eye and hair color your can really extenuate these features.

6. Versatility is key

If you pick the right colors it can make an outfit that can be used in a number of situations. A prime example being a classic red crew t shirt, which can be worn both as a casual day time tee or under a light weight suit in the evening time to really create a smart casual outfit.

One thing is for sure with modern menswear this summer, you can not avoid the …