History of the Brahmin Handbag

In 1882, Joan and Bill Martin began Brahmin Leather Works which was a small entrepreneurial enterprise in Massachusetts. The company began in their home where they were to create handbags that would capture the imagination of high society women in Massachusetts. The term Brahmin originally comes from the caste system of India where the elite class, the highest caste, were called Brahmins. The term also means learned one, and denotes one of the highest societies of the Indian caste system of the 1800’s. In Boston, the socialites of those days who were of high standing were called Boston Brahmins. The term was embraced by Bill Martin and stuck ever since.

As the years went by, the Martins realized that the company would amount to much more than a small Boston handbag shop. They soon began working with others to create a brand name and the Brahmin name took off like a shooting star. The high quality of Brahmin bags coupled with their fashionable designs are what made the company a symbol of fashion and the finest craftsmanship. Made of Italian leather and polished with a unique sheen, the bags became popular with the well to do of the New England area very quickly.

Today, while operations are large scale, there remains only four Brahmin handbag retailers. All of these are in the New England area. The company is still very much family owned, but has cooperated extensively with sales professionals from all over the country to promote their products. A recent big step for Brahmin was to collaborate with Dillards to sell their handbags. You can now find Brahmin hand bags in Dillards along with all your favorite high end brands. The only difference is that their handbags will be at a surprisingly low rate compared to other high end brands.

There are literally hundreds of styles and colors of hand bags to choose from. Brahmin has come up with a unique style of naming their purses to categorize them for easy reference. They use girls names like Rosaline, Alyssa, and Dana, to name a few to tell styles apart. You can find a variety of wrist purses, cross body bags, business bags, as well as party hand bags. The list is endless to what you can find. If you would like to locate a specific color and style you can do so easily by logging on to the Brahmin web site which is the official site for the renowned handbag.…

Last Minute Gifts

It always looks like you are rushing out the door for one thing or another, and it might feel like no matter what you do, you are often forgetting things. Gifts are something that can easily be forgotten. It might be that birthday party for your niece, graduation for your cousin or that anniversary for your friends that snuck up on you. No matter what it might be, you want to figure out a way that you can have gifts available at the last minute in case you did not get one so that you do not arrive without a present in your hand.

Sometimes, it might be a good idea to have some gifts in your home that you can give, if you tend to always be short a gift and short on time. Things like manicure sets or other toiletry sets, picture frames, travel cases, passport holders, pencil and pen sets, and sweet decorative knickknacks are often great items to have on hand, and keep at your home, so that if you have forgotten a gift , you will find that you have one to give at the last minute if necessary.

For almost any age group gift certificates to the local department store or any number of the huge amount of online stores on the Internet, or even local restaurants work great because they can be easily afforded and can be given at a moment's notice in a card. Cards are always good to have on hand, for all occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries, and retirements. That way, if a gift escapes you, and you have no time to get one, you will at least have a card to give them.

Getting birthday gifts at the last minute may seem stressful, but in reality, it is something that you can easily do if you have laid the groundwork for such emerging. All you need to do is know the age of the person that you are giving the gift to, and an idea of ​​something that they like. Someone turning 50 who enjoys golf will truly enjoy a golf accessory set, with things like golf tools, towels, and all of the other things that they will need for a day of golfing. A young lady who has an apartment of her own will always love gifts like candles, decorations, scents and even plants.

A particularly good idea for a last minute gift is getting someone one of the many different "Gifts of the Month" offered online at many web sites. At these sites you can choose from gifts like "Flowers of the Month," "Chocolates of the Month," and such diverse things as wines, beer, restaurants, ice cream, and on and on. When you buy a "Gift of the Month" they'll email you a gift certificate which you can print immediately and present to the recipient.

Also a good idea is giving someone an "experience" they will never forget. Many web sites offer trips to spas, vacation spots and …

Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015

Let it be that milestone moment of Donatella Versace sitting front row for Vaccarello’s first collection, since officially being appointed Versus Versace creative director, to begin Paris Fashion Week F/W 2015. Unlike New York fashion week’s oversize jumpers shrugging loosely over models’ shoulders, Paris seemed to reside in the tailored world of blacks. Vaccarello’s recent travels to the American West brought a, somewhat, rock ‘n’ roll vibe, where subtle, and not-so-subtle, metal stars encroach on the dresses of the collection. However, Vaccarello’s signature cutouts became a focal point – slim industrialized half-belts resting on the waist and the harsh angular shoulders formed the dominatrix attitude that now proceeds to challenge the sensuality of Italian craftsmanship.

Disproportionate wafts of felt, poplin, ribbed knits and corduroy stitched together, as a naïve youth would have done in Kindergarten art class, came hand in hand with the bare breasted models of Parisian fashion label Jacquemus’ collection. Unlike the usual orange pink hues and geometric aptitude of designer Simon Porte, this Fall collection dwells in the far-from-systematic realms of fashion land, where his style of dilapidated chaos is swooned over. Nevertheless, this seemingly childish parcel of amusement had an added visionary texture. Berlin-based photographer Sebastian Bieniek’s “Doublefaced” series was central inspiration in Lyne Desnoyers, MAC makeup artist’s, graphic kohl facial art that endearingly complimented the abstract jigsaw puzzle atmosphere.


Camouflaging in the psychedelic realm that could easily be mistaken for the sixties, Raf Simons’, of Dior, F/W 2015 collection traversed into an intoxicating vibrancy that could only be described as an ode to Austin Power’s infamous mojo. One of which radiated sexuality, nevertheless, subdued in the refined tailoring of Dior craftsmanship. A skintight suit of fluorescent orange, moss green and white marbling, sultry in stature, is definitely not for the faint-hearted. While the acrylic-like mesh high neck, sleeveless tops in washed greens and pinks were paired with ink blotted mid calf skirts, broke up the bright colour blocking and brought back elements of the clean-cut atmosphere from Spring 2015 Ready-to-wear.

On another note, however, Simon’s collaborative effort with Danish Textile Company Kvadrat came with a sophisticated tweak, as androgynous suits and F/W coats were constructed with tweed combinations of soft pastels and condiment colours of mustard and tomato.

Although, in this ordered disorder of fanciful design, what seemed to be the focus, and presumably the next style phenomenon in the 2015 fashion game, was the vinyl knee-high and ankle boots. Paired with the seemingly Veruschka-like inspired doll-eyed, “color-blocked arches of opaque eye shadow”, the collection of boots glossed there way up to the pinnacle of fashion heaven.


Pleats, stripes and diamond tassels are back, according to Oliver Rousteing of world-renowned fashion label Balmain. With a fifty-piece collection, Rousteing took an alternate route after last years Fall/Winter khaki and leather basket weave constructions.

The recent Fall/Winter 2015 collection, however, “celebrate[s] that Parisian tradition as well as the evolution of [the] city into a truly global …

Which Men’s Suit to Wear at a Wedding

What to wear at a wedding is actually one of the more easy dilemmas ever you will get to solve. If you are the one getting married, the order of the day is to come in something elegant yet comfortable for you; sometimes a play-safe dark men’s suit does the trick. If you are a guest, it’s going to take you around looking for hints from the wedding planners. Don’t worry however, since it is obvious that what you will wear will be something equally handsome, but not as handsome as the groom himself.

If you are a guest, read behind the invitation’s message if the dress code is not explicitly stated. If the type on the paper, the paper itself, the language… all signal “formal”, then you can count on it that the wedding will be formal, too. On the other hand, the invitation may be something that simply announces straightaway that you need to see your friends get hitched. With this, guests are being encouraged to go for a nice casual outfit.

Style icon Amanda Brooks opines that wedding garb falls under three categories: exceedingly formal (white tie, tails, or morning suit), respectfully traditional (dark men’s suits or tuxedos and black ties), and eccentric (I’ve seen capes, seventies three-piece suits, floral shirts, etc). She rightly conceded that all three are sensible as long as they jive with and complement the overall atmosphere of the wedding, its location, what the bride is wearing, and even the background or occupation of most of the guests. A smart tip from her is that the groom must send out the message that he is the man of the hour, so why not the subtle flower on the lapel?

An example of the many headaches that the planners may encounter is that what if the soon-to-be-couple are at odds–fashion wise, at most. As in any debate, a solution is reached the moment both agree to meet in the middle on their wedding day. If she is the one with high class elan, then she can go for a less elaborate hairdo. If he has the devil-may-care attitude, a silk tie and pinstripe men’s suit is the answer.

The style blogger also shared how some good styling can result to setting the theme and atmosphere. The invitation to a South American wedding instructed white jackets and black ties for all men. Factoring in the tropical heat and the (presumably landscaped) exotic location, the period look was a hit, which harks back to the days of the landed cream of the crop.

To wrap up, some last minute advice on your get up depending on the wedding’s time, and theme. For daytime weddings, light-colored men’s suits will totally be the in thing on summers, especially linen or seersucker. Tying the knot in colder climes will have the men in wool suits, a navy blazer with charcoal pants, and perhaps a sweater and tie underneath a blazer. If possible, do not do without the suit, or …

Four Benefits Of Visiting Hair And Beauty Salons

The beauty industry is booming as more and more people prefer to look and feel great. Ladies and gentlemen who are concerned about their appearance and health regularly visit professional hair and beauty salons to get new hair-dos or enjoy facials. In spite of the fact that services may be a bit pricey, there are four popular benefits of visiting beauty parlours regularly.

New hair styles

Whether you want to sport a new hairstyle or take advantage of great hair services, book an appointment at the beauty salon of your choice. Extensions and Brazilian blow-dry services are ahead of the top of the latest hair care trends. Whether you have always dreamt of fuller and longer hair or wanted to try out a new hair color, extensions can do the trick. Revolutionary products allow you to experiment with subtle highlights and try out a new look. If you want to benefit from smooth and straight tresses, go for Brazilian or permanent blow dry. Formulated to restore and repair, Brazilian blow dry lasts up to fourteen weeks giving your hair a healthy shine. When booking an appointment at hair and beauty salons, choose professionals offering exceptional customer services.

A beautiful complexion

If you fail to achieve a radiant complexion by using expensive creams and serums, it's time to book for facials. According to a recent study, facials may sometimes boost skin detoxication and help relieve stressed facial skin, reduce excess liquid and toxins around the face. Specialists can easily identify any current problems like dehydration, sun damage, blackheads and find the right treatment depending on your skin type. Contemporary hair and beauty salons offer a wide range of procedures like pro-collagen quartz lift, hydra ultra-lift, tri enzyme facial, oxygen skin calm facial, visible brilliance facial and herbal lavender repair, to name only a few.

Clean and beautiful hands

A simple manicure and pedicure can make all the difference in your appearance. Manicures and grooming for hands and feet is an easy way to enhance your confidence as beautiful hands never go out of style. Ladies are not the only visitors of beauty parlours who enjoy manicures and pedicures as a lot of gentlemen also want their hands to look healthy and soft. No matter what products you use at home experts from hair and beauty salons can deliver better results as they use the finest products in their procedures.

Silky smooth skin

Whether you want to benefit from hair-free skin for longer or diminish hair growth, waxing may be the right solution for you. It is considered to be an effective method of removing unwanted hair from legs, arms, bikini area, face and eyebrows. In spite of the fact that the duration of growth of new hair varies from person to person, the results usually usually last three to eight weeks. Beside removing hair, waxing removes dead skin cells and rejuvenates your skin.

Modern hair and beauty salons offer a wide selection of services to keep your body look healthy and …

History of the Wedding Dress Part 2

Prior to new medicine, a long and healthy life was not really that easy to attain, but other people tried to make sure that they had outstanding chance for success by following superstition. Many superstitions grew over the years around weddings, to bring about the brides happiness in her new house and of course to guarantee her fertility. The color of the wedding gown was believed fashionably to bring luck to the couple.

White, or a form of white, was, after all always the favorite and symbolized a woman's virginity and virtue in the face of her imminent change of circumstances. White, though, was not always the favorite choice and was considered not practical for most purposes. Blue (worn by a bride in 1870, whose wedding dress is displayed in the London Museum), with its connection to the Virgin Mary, represented a robust image of purity, which, by tradition symbolized faithfulness and never-ending love (this gave rise to the reason that sapphires were used in engagement earrings). Brides, who wore blue at their wedding, believed that their husbands would be faithful to them, so even when the wedding dress was not blue, they would ensure that they wore something blue on their wedding day. This is where the tradition that has lived to present day, came from.

Another popular color was pink; this was considered very appropriate for a May wedding. Pink flatters most complexions and is associated with the bride's girlhood, but a few superstitions said it to be unlucky, as the quote state "Marry in pink and your fortunes will sink"! Mrs Joseph Nollekens was very much considered fashionable in 1772 in her saque gown made from brocaded white silk embellished with delicate crimson flowers. She also wore shoes made from the similar material, which had heels of three and a half inches (approx. 8cm). Deeper shades of red were unquestionably taboo by the Victorian era, with the reference to scarlet ladies and hussies.

One of the most unpopular shades was green. This was thought to be the color of the fairies, and it was considered bad luck to call the attention of the little people to oneself through a time of change. Green was also linked with the lushness of verdant foliage and it was believed that it could cause rain to spoil the wedding day.

Reminiscent of the days of home clothes, any natural hue of brown or beige was once considered very bucolic. And the saying is "Marry in brown you will live out of town" and implied that you are going to be country bumpkin and that you would never be able to do well in the city.

The intenet shades of yellow have varied in popularity. During the eighteenth century it was considered the fashionable color for a short time and many would wear it for their wedding day, like a bride of around 1774 whose wedding dress is in the Gallery of English Costume in Manchester. Although prior to this time yellow …

Gift Cards Free – For Your Unending Online Shopping

Gift cards are an important part of several successful online marketing processes. These free offers allow sellers to lure in large number of customers to their website. The hope is that customer would find their site and products interesting and would want to visit again and again.

Why do they do that? Many marketers know that people are attracted to free offers, everyone loves to get something for free, and especially something they consider valuable. So by luring them with free gifts customers would discover their sit and hopefully come another time. To access the free gift you will need to provide your email information and in some cases your shipping info, phone number and DOB. This information on one hand can be used to deliver your offer to you. The email can also be used on a later day to market other offers to you. However, you can opt out of their contact list at any time.

How Do Free Gift Cards Work?
Simple! Since most of the offers only require you to submit your email and maybe name, you simply sign up at different times with different emails. Emails are free to open. To be sure of your offer, you may use different devices in different locations to sign up for the same offer. Here is a good reason to use the contact addresses of your parents, your friends, and even your neighbors who are typically not excited about such things. Once you receive your shopping credit, you simply order and ship to these addresses and then go pick them up. Use this method and you might be enjoying up to $ 10,000 in a single gift offer.

Types of Gift Cards
Gift cards come in various forms. But the most popular ones are coupon cards for online stores like Amazon, Walmart, Netflix, etc. The other very popular type of gift cards is Credit Card Offers. To get these cards, you are only required to join with your email. When you join the offers you are supplying your agreement to receive marketing materials to your email. These emails can sometimes prove to be a very great resource for you. But if you do not want them, you can opt out anytime just by sitting the unsubscribe button at the end of the email and you will stop receiving their emails. What I do is create a separate email for this purpose. And I have specific times when I check these emails. …

Buying Skateboard Accessories

Accessories are essential to complete any sports gear. Numerous skateboard accessories are available at online stores and in market which not only enhance your skateboarding experience but also help protecting you from injuries. Skateboard accessories also help in making the skateboards attractive. The funky skateboard clothing is very popular among skateboarders. Some skateboard accessories are optional while it is important to buy others. Lots of top brands are manufacturing and marketing skateboard accessories at affordable and competitive prices. Here are some accessories which are really popular:

o Skateboard Logos and Decals: The logos and decals are used extensively by skateboarders for decorating their skateboards. Skateboard logos and decals are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors and these can be placed anywhere on the skateboard. You can also go for customized designs to suit your personality. Some of the leading brands that offer skateboard logos are Baker, Alien Workshop, Black Label, Bones, Destructo, etc.

o Protective Gear: A protective gear is mandatory to protect you from minor injuries and accidents. Whenever you go out for skateboarding, do take care that you are never without your protective gear. A skateboard safety gear includes ankle brace, skateboarding gloves, skateboarding helmet and skateboarding pads. The protective gear is helpful in case of falls and helps in protecting a skater from cuts, bruises, sprains, and abrasions.

o Skateboard Apparel: Dressing up in proper skateboard clothing is essential to enjoy skateboarding comfortably. It is also a style statement in itself to dress up in funky skateboard clothing. You can impress your friends and other skateboarders with your colorful skateboard apparel. Skateboard apparel companies skateboarding hats, T-shirts, jackets, sweat shirts, shorts, trousers, etc. Various top brands like Alien Workshop, Fourstar, World Industries, Habitat and many more manufacturers appealing apparel for skateboarders.

o Skateboard Maintenance Accessories: Maintenance of a skateboard is equally important to enjoy a safe and smooth ride. Periodic maintenance of skateboard is essential for optimum performance. Various skateboard maintenance kits and accessories are available to help you in maintaining your skateboard. Some of these are skate tools, skateboard bearing lube, skateboard rails and skateboard wax. Skate tools can be used to replace the non working or worn out components of your skateboard. Bearing lube can be used for cleaning and lubricating the bearings whereas skateboard wax can be used for lubrication purposes. …

Advantages of Thermal Underwear

Thermal underwear is a sort of two-piece clothing that is normally worn under a shirt and a pair of paints to keep the body warm in harsh winters, when the body struggles against wind, fog, sleet or snow. This clothing normally has long legs and long sleeves and is worn next to skin. It traps body heat to provide warmth to the body. As the two parts of the thermal clothing are independent of each other, one can choose to wear either the top or the bottom part, according to the requirement.

Thermal underwear normally features long sleeve and long legs, but that doesn’t appeal to women who love to wear dresses like skirts and short-sleeved blouses. But now many designers are creating different styles that fit well under all sorts of clothing. One now has an option to choose short sleeve and sleeveless thermal underwear. It is a great way for professional women to remain comfortably warm at work where they are not supposed to wear long-sleeved jackets or blouses. Men can also wear the short-sleeved or sleeveless thermal clothing underneath casual clothing such as T-shirts.

Fabrics used to made thermal underwear:

Both natural as well as synthetic fabrics are used to produce thermal underwear. Wool and cotton fabrics have long been used to produce clothing for winter season as these natural materials have excellent power to hold warmth. Nowadays, synthetics like polypropylene, polyester, and nylon are also used. But, the majority of thermal clothing is made from a blend of natural and synthetic fabrics.

Qualities of good thermal underwear:

  • It should be light weight.
  • It should be comfortable and safe.
  • It should active fit, means it should easily fit under a shirt and a pair of pants.
  • It should capable of fast wicking, insulate and help regulate body temperature.

Advantages of thermal underwear:

Cladding the body in layers and layers of clothing is not sensible, particularly when you are going to socialize or perform some outdoor activity. But, thermal underwear efficiently lets you feel warm without the weird look of having too many layers of clothing. Thermal underwear guards the body against the four ways it loses heat, viz. conduction, convection, evaporation and radiation. Thus, thermal underwear is greatly helpful for those who love activities like ski, ice climb, winter backpack, snowshoe and mountaineer in cold regions.

There are many online stores selling winter clothing at reduced prices.…

10 Best Sexual Positions of 2007

How will you keep Hot Sexy Women coming back to you for great sex? One way is to be great in bed. I will tell you the 10 Best Sexual Positions to use.

Sexual Position 1

The Cowgirl Position (the woman is on top). This is extremely stimulating for the woman internally as well as externally. Why, because this sexual position she will be able to be in control of what she is feeling?

Sexual Position 2

The Lusty LeapFrog Position will cause her to have an orgasm, because she will have to squat above you instead of sitting, which will give her the chance to clench you tightly.

Sexual Position 3

There are many sexual positions that are great to do but this one,” The Titillating Trapeze,” is excellent for both you and your women. Why, because this like many other sexual positions will stimulate her G-spot intensely.

Sexual Position 4

The Sultry Sidewinder Position is a face to face laying on your side sexual act. The women’s leg is raised up while the man slides his penis in her vagina. This will help her to get intense clitoral stimulation, if done correctly.

Sexual Position 5

The Magic Missionary Position is the regular way with a twist. Both man and woman’s body stays in constant contact at all times with this position. The mans glutes and thighs will get most of the workout with this position.

Sexual Position 6

One of the Sexual Positions that I know a hot sexy women will love is,” The Canine Coupling.” This is a new doggie-style version. This position you’re actually touching the women’s G-spot. This is not a face to face contact position.

Sexual Position 7

This next position is a,” Face to Face On Top Of A Stool Position,” and should be performed on top of a tall kitchen stool. The women will be able to see your penis going in and out of her. This position also stimulates the women’s G-spot and clitoris.

Sexual Position 8

More sexual positions that put the women almost in mid air are,” The Stand At Erection Position.” The woman is sitting on the edge of a countertop or tabletop while you are standing between her legs. This also stimulates her G-spot.

Sexual Position 9

This is another position that will make your women feel in control. It is called,”The Lazy Man Position.” You are sitting down with your legs straight out and she is facing you sitting on top of you. You will be deep inside her with this position. She will do most of the work with this sex act.

Sexual Position 10

The Last position to satisfy a hot sexy women is with,”The Spork Position.” With this position you are somewhat intertwined, but there is an increasing penetration that you will both feel.…