Bomber Jackets – Fashionable Functionality

Bomber jackets were originally designed with functionality in mind. Pilots in WWI needed something to keep them warm while they flew at freezing high altitudes. They were immortalised in fashion when Tom Cruise wore one in the movie Top Gun. Every man, woman and child wanted one as they epitomised the virtues of suave and cool. Bomber jackets cave wearers an edgy, intrepid-adventurer look. It's doubtable that many slaves of fashion gave any thought to the fact that their latest acquisition saved the lives and limbs of countless airmen in both world wars.

Aeroplane cockpits in WWI were not closed as they are today. It was clear that pilots needed something to prevent them from being frozen to death or losing limbs to hypothermia as temperatures could go as low as -50 degrees Celsius. In an effort to resolve the problem the US Army established an Aviation Clothing Board. In 1917 they started distributing heavy-duty, fur-lined leather flying jackets. On the opposite side of the Atlantic, the British Royal Air Force was trying to come up with a solution of their own. It was only in 1926 that Leslie Irvin found a solution when he designed a sheepskin flying jacket that was immediately snapped up by the RAF.

While they have kept the classic look and style of traditional bomber jackets, modern designs have been tailor to fit modern men. In general, men were smaller in the 20s and 30s than they are now. They were thinner and did not have the V-shaped bodies that define today's fit young airmen. The shoulders in particular have had to be broadened to fit modern physiques.

In the late 80s and early 90s, the period after Top Gun, bomber jackets were at their peak fashion-wise. Their popularity is slowly declined after that, with only bomb die-hards keeping them in the front of their cupboards. But they are expected to make a comeback, as fashion fundis predict their resurgence in autumn and winter of 2007/2008.

The prospective trend is borne out by the fact that some of the hottest celebrities have been spotted out and about wearing bomber jackets. While it's doubtable whether Tom Cruise will be able to lead the fashion trend again due to his steadily declining cooling factor, Johnny Depp is more than capable of taking over. While it must be acknowledged that Johnny could make plastic rubbish bags look like haute couture, his appearance in a bomber jacket is enough to send hordes scuttling to the nearest retro shop.

Nowadays the jackets are made from a range of materials ranging from traditional leather to silk and synthetics such as nylon. They are even available in metallic colors, as opposed to the traditional black or brown. Those in the know say that they can be worn with tailored shirts and skinny ties: a trend that is sure to amuse war veterans. It seems that however you choose to wear them, they will always carry the air of a maverick.

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Collecting Things Made Of Celluloid

Celluloid is generally regarded as the first modern plastic. It was introduced in 1871 by the Celluloid Manufacturing Company of Albany, NY. The use of celluloid began with the manufacturing of billiard balls and was intended as a replacement for ivory. However, by the late 1800s it was used for all sorts of products from billiard balls to bobbin lace prickers, bracelets, button hooks, buttons, cameo brooches, cameo earrings, charm bracelets, dolls, folding toothpicks, fountain pen bodies, guitar picks, hair combs, hand mirrors, hat pins, knife handles, letter openers, match safes, mechanical pencils, money clips, necklaces, paperweights, pin-packs, pocket mirrors, ring boxes, rulers, shoehorns, stick pins, tatting shuttles, thimbles, toys, vanity boxes and many other items.

The celluloid products mentioned above were made between the late 1800s and 1940s. Buttons were made by the millions for use on clothing and jewelry such as brooches, earrings, bracelets and necklaces also saw wide spread use. Vintage fountain pen bodies made of celluloid are a very popular collectible today.

Some of these products were advertising giveaways distributed by every kind of business all across the United States. The most popular advertising celluloid giveaways were pin-backs and pocket mirrors. The principal producers of advertising celluloid pin-back buttons were the Whitehead and Hoag Company of Newark, NJ, American Artworks of Cochocton, OH, The St. Louis Button Company and Bastian Brothers of Rochester, NY. This same group of manufacturers, along with two others in Chicago, the Partisian Novelty Company and the Cruver Manufacturing Company, used celluloid for the backs of advertising pocket mirrors.

Celluloid was not the best of all materials to use for the prized collectibles, as it was very flammable. Table Tennis balls are the only products known to use celluloid today.

The best place to find vintage celluloid products and advertising celluloid products is eBay.…

Nursing Clothes for Breastfeeding Moms

Becoming a mother for the first time is one of the most beautiful things in the world. The idea that you and the person you love have just become a family is an idea that can bring many people to tears. The addition of a baby to your life will completely change everything. Your life will take on a new and exciting direction, like nothing you've ever experienced before.

Once a baby comes, it is no longer about you and your needs. Now, at least for the very near future, everything will be about the baby. For this reason, many women have a lot to consider after becoming a mother for the first time. There are many things to think about, like how much time you will take off from work after you have the baby. What will you do for childcare? Will you bottle or breastfeed? There are many benefits of breastfeeding. For example, breastfed children get sick less, have fewer allergies and are proved to do better in school than bottle fed children. However, for some women, breastfeeding can be a challenge. But for those women who are able to breastfeed, it may be the best decision you can make for you and your child. After deciding to breastfeeding, there are a few supplies to get in order to streamline the process. When breastfeeding, you will need a breast pump, nursing clothing and an assortment of bottles.

If you are a working mother or even if you are a stay at home mom, you will need a breast pump to express milk for the baby to drink during times that you are not around or when it is inconvenient to breast feed. You will also need nursing clothes. Nursing clothing is clothing that is designed to help facilitate the process of breastfeeding. Nursing clothing is a necessity, and can make the entire process a bit easier. For instance, nursing clothing includes specifically designed bras with quick release cups to make it easier to breastfeed the baby. Also included in nursing clothes are lactation pads to help stop leaks.

Finally, you will want to make sure that you have an assortment of bottles. Make sure to purchase the ones that are specifically designed to eliminate air from the milk. There are also many styles available that mimic a natural nipple. Sometimes, it can be difficult to get breasted babies to take a bottle, but by purchasing these types of bottles, you can increase the chances. …

Gift-Giving From the Heart

If "A picture is worth 1000 words", then a picture frame are those words' sentence structure. A beautiful frame can really make a picture stand out in a room. A meaningful photo in a charming frame can be an excellent gift for the holiday season.

The holiday season is upon us and I'm sure that gift ideas are becoming harder and harder as we get closer and closer to the gift-giving season. Well here are some ideas and tips for gift giving for this year's holidays. Photography can be a delightful present for anyone to receive. But with a wonderful photo you also want an exquisite frame to go with it.

Photograph ideas:

  • A picture of you and the person you are giving the gift to.
  • Any picture that has deep meaning between you and this other person.
  • A great family photo, if family.
  • A picture of a place the two of you have been together.
  • Artistic photography can be a great addition to any room décor.
  • Basically any picture you think would bring a smile to their face.

It's a season for gift-giving and there is not anything better than a gift that took some time and thought. A thoughtful inexpensive gift will always beat out an expensive gift card to X shopping store. People love the idea of ​​being thought of and love feeling like you care enough to spend time and thought on them. There is no better way of showing this than a thoughtful holiday present. People just want to be reminded that they're cared for, so show them you love them by taking some time to take or find a beautiful picture that you can frame and give as a gift.

As the gift-giving season approaches, the stress and chaos of people struggling to find the perfect gift also approaches. But do not let yourself get cooked up on the holiday whirlwind of the "perfect gift". Gifts are supposedly to be something that meets a need or fits a personality. Gifts are really just supposedly to be an extension of who we are. Give a little piece of yourself and who you are as a gift.

A picture in a frame is not only a thoughtful gift and a gesture of kindness, but also a gift of home décor. People always want to add new pieces of decoration to their living space. So add to their decorations by gifting an elegant glass photo frame! Along with your meaningful picture, add some beautiful glass art that will be a great addition to any room. …

Deadly Chemicals in Popular Beauty Products – What's in Yours?

Until the cosmetics industry is regulated properly, it is up to us to be aware of what is contained in the products we use on our face and body. It is well know that deadly chemical substances are used in beauty products all the time.

My daughter, she's a bit of a chemistry nerd, was soaking in the tub recently when she decided to read the ingredients list on one of her bath products. She was breaking down the chemical composition of each ingredient, when she came to one she could not figure out. So she Binged it on her iPhone (yes even though she was in the tub, the iPhone was right by her side). Any, according to the search engine, the chemical that she was asking turned out to be asbestos. That's right, asbestos. Right there, lurking in her bath, was a product commonly known to cause cancer. Unbelievable. The nasty item was trashed and is now staying in our local landfill. The offensive product is now being handled by Mother Nature.

Be wary of what you put on your skin. It may not seem like much, but our bodies are continuously bombarded with chemicals in our beauty products, food, air and water. Our bodies are not equipped to deal with such vile substances and over time they simply build up inside us. Most of the time, these chemicals are simply unnecessary.

More and more, companies are using organic ingredients in their products. But be wary of ingredients labeled "natural". Just about anything can be labeled natural, but it could have processed so much that it is no longer good for you. There is no set guidelines on what is can be labeled as natural. Keep an eye out for products labeled 100% organic. Olive oil on your skin or milk in your bath, are simple, good for you, and inexpensive. Many basic beauty items can be found at your grocery market, in fact, they may already be in your kitchen.

Many of the expensive beauty products found in department stores are not good for you. Do not believe that a product is good for you just because they have a wonderful marketing campaign. Read labels. Do a little research. Look for "100% organic" on the label.

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Relationships: Why Do Some Women Find It Hard To Say No?

In today's world, it is not uncommon for women to be in positions of great power and responsibility. They often have more control in their career and relationships and are not as limited as previous generations were. This is not to say that this sense of inner empowerment has become the norm for all women.

Some will find it reliably easy to stand up for themselves and others will not. Or it could only be a challenge when it comes to certain contexts and at other times it could be fine. But even if it is just a challenge in one area of ​​a women's life, it could affect their wellbeing and end up causing problems in other areas of their life.

Having the ability to say no is part of having healthy and functional boundaries. When these are not in place, one can end up saying yes when they should be saying no and saying no when it might be better to say yes.


To feel uncomfortable saying no is going to create challenges for a woman. What will feel comfortable will be to say yes or no when it is not in their best of interests. On the odd occasion this is illegally to affect their wellbeing and yet it will be a problem when it has become a pattern in their life.

This could then be something they are aware of and notice on a regular basis or something that takes place out of their awareness. So at the time they may be out of touch with their true needs and after it has taken place, they soon realize that their response was not right.

And upon reflection, they may begin to see that it is only affecting certain areas of their life or perhaps it is a general challenge they are experiencing.


If a woman is having difficulties in standing up for herself, it is clear the she will need to receive some kind of support or guidance. It is human nature to look towards others when it comes to how one should be and in what is or is not appropriate in thought, word or deed.

However, even though some kind of help is needed, it does not mean that it is available for the woman. This could be the result of being in environment where other women have the same problems.

Or they could observe other women standing up for themselves and think to themselves how it is not possible for them to do the same thing. These women could be classed as different in some way and as having something they do not have.

Perhaps the role that they play of being able to say no in certain situations or in general has become their identity. There is then no thought about it being a choice, it is simply who they are and how life is.


So some women will have a certain area where they should say no and …

Top 9 Tips To Date Very Attractive Women

Treat her like she’s nothing special

Talk to her like you would any other person. Don’t act awestruck by her looks, don’t gush out compliments and never stare at her with lust. Reduce the intimidation factor. Be debonair. Seem aloof, as if you don’t care about her looks. Whatever you do, don’t assume she doesn’t want to talk to you.

Don’t hit on her

This is what she expects from the typical guy, so just make like you’re ignoring her. This is a great technique to use if you run into Very Attractive Women on a routine basis at work, a coffee shop, or a health club. If you don’t give her any attention — while openly paying attention to other women — she won’t be able to stand it because you’ll be the only guy within a hundred miles who isn’t drooling over her. With luck, she’ll be intrigued. Avoid pickup lines at all costs.

Tease her

Very Attractive Women can sense fear and insecurity the way a moth smells pheromones, so be light, fun, and entertaining. Boyish charm can take you a long way with these women — many of the great-looking guys they date can be seriously personality-challenged.

Talk about her interests & passions

Stimulate her mind, as other guys probably don’t. Show interest on her intellect. Make her comfortable. Play on your good aspects, and not your looks — but don’t lie to impress her.

Don’t compliment her

Don’t put her on a pedestal; she’s used to hearing praise. If you do give her a minimal compliment, follow up with something off-putting. For example, “That’s a nice dress; my sister has the same one.” This says she has good fashion style, but that she’s not entirely original.

Tell her she’s not up to your standards

Tell her you’d like to ask her out, but she’s just not up to your usual standards (watch her jaw hit the floor). If you really want to throw her, steal her thunder and tell her that you think you should be just friends.

Wait a little while to call her

If you get her phone number, wait at least a week to call her — and then tell her you’ll try to fit a date with her into your schedule.

Don’t push for sex

She knows she’s got the goods, so when you’re out with her, she expects you to be a horndog. Make her wait. It will drive her crazy.

Run hot & cold

If you haven’t gone out with her yet, be extremely friendly, and follow it up with a period of aloofness. Or date her a couple of times, then drop her cold (with every intention of starting back up again). She’ll be stunned.

The idea is to keep her off-balance, intrigued and guessing — make her want to spend time with you just because you’re so different from any other guy out there. Just remember: Don’t let your guard down and start going wimpy on her …

3 Popular Types of Wallet Materials

Wallets are made in a variety of different materials. Leather is generally seen as the best material. It is a material that is appreciated for being luxurious, soft and durable. However, there are also options that are practical in different situations. Let’s take a look at a few of the most common wallet materials:


Leather is by far the most common material used to make a stylish and durable wallet that has the potential to last for the long-term. Also, there are several types of leather to consider.

Cow Leather – this is the most popular choice for making men’s wallets. It has a great look and is extremely durable. But, the quality of cow’s leather can vary significantly, so there is the risk of buying a wallet that doesn’t feel very sleek or luxurious. Calfskin or similar soft leathers give the most luxurious feel.

Alligator skin – this is a type of leather with a very distinctive pattern. The craftsmanship and quality of a handmade wallet in this material is extremely attractive and stylish. But, there are plenty of fake versions of alligator skin products, so it is necessary to be cautious to ensure you are buying the real thing.


Cotton is a further popular material for wallets. They can vary greatly in relation to functionality and appearance. One of the most pleasing aspects is the endless color options, which makes it very easy to coordinate with an outfit or personal style. However, this material isn’t as hard-wearing as leather and there is the risk of the wallet wearing down over time from everyday use, such as pulling out of tight pockets.

Also, there are plenty of high-end fashion designers that are starting to create fabric wallets. This has influenced the market and now these wallets are much more appealing to the fashion conscious consumer.


The synthetic wallets are versatile and can be made with very interesting, fun and colorful designs. They can easily be styled to look much like cotton or leather. This gives the option of a much cheaper wallet that still has the ability to provide a real resemblance to the desired look. Also, the synthetic wallets can have very unique designs and can be made with random materials like old tires and seat belts. Even though this type of wallet doesn’t have the stylish looks of real leather, they are still a great option for the casual environments.…

Women Tour Choices – Compare Carefully

I recently received an email from a traveler considering two tours to Copper Canyon, Mexico. She indicated Tour B was less expensive than Tour A and there was the better deal. When I looked at two itineraries she was referring to, my initial reaction was: "She's right." But then I read a closer. Here were some of the differences:

  • Tour A's average group size was 15. For Tour B, the average group size was 38-44 people. In addition, Tour B was open to men as well as women meaning the travelers will most often be couples (which is fine – if you are a "couple").
  • Tour A had one Tour Leader for 15 individuals; Tour B had one guide for 40+ people.
  • Tour A guaranteed a roomshare (and therefore lower room cost) if you wanted one. For Tour B, you had to pay for a single room if you did not have a travel companion.
  • Tour A offered 4 days on the train. Most of Tour's B was by bus.
  • While Tour A and B overlapped one hotel, closer inspection revealed Tour B was using less quality hotels elsewhere.
  • A closer look at itineraries shown fewer included activities and meals on Tour B.
  • While Tour A's itinerary allowed for some free time, Tour B had several mornings of free time with no planned activities – meaning you would have to entertain yourself.
  • Finally, while Tour B advertised cost was lower, reading the fine print revealed government taxes and taxes were not included, making the advertised cost less than the actual cost.

It took a lot of close reading of the itinerary and the terms and conditions to dig out all of this information. In fact, some of the information was buried pretty far down in the fine print, where most people would not even take the time to read. Bottom line: when you compare similar tours offered by two different companies-there is always a reason for the price differential.

Consider the Intangibles

When selecting one tour over another, know what you are getting for your money-not just in activities and meals, but also the intangibles. Consider the value of traveling with a small group versus a large group, going with all women instead of a mixed gender group and having a guaranteed roommate if you want one. Doing this, you will find that what a company charges for their tour is reflective of what you are receiving. …

Practical Baby Gifts Ideas for Baby

If you're looking for baby gifts that are appealing as well as practical, there's nothing to beat a gift basket. When you present the new Mom with a basket full of the many essentials and luxuries that she will need in the days ahead, you have a gift that's guaranteed to please. You might go wrong with other present giving options, but with a baby gift basket you'll always hit bull's eye!

The best part about a gift basket is that unlike a sleeper or a stroller or any other gift that you could buy, the new Mommy has a range of little gifts that she'll find practical and useful. Moreover, these are always the things that she can not have enough of like size zero clothing, bibs, even diapers.

For a baby shower favor, a readymade gift basket is a great idea if you're short for time. These ready to gift baby gift baskets contain clothing (in pink and blue) bibs, baby soaps and lotions, and all kinds of other baby goodies. Mom will not thank you enough for the thought, and you can rest assured your gift will come in handy.

If you want to make a more personalized gift statement, put together your own personalized gift basket. Shop around for a number of baby goodies, arrange them attractively in a basket, wrap and finish with a bow and a present with a flourish!

Baby Gift Basket Essentials

Whether the gift basket is being presented before the baby is born, or the mother is having a shower after the baby arrives, there are some things that never go out of baby gift giving style. No mom can ever say she has enough clothing to last her kids for the first few weeks, leave alone months. Think ahead. That's the way to a perfect baby shower gift. Buy clothing a couple of sizes larger than a new born baby's … most people tend to gift clothing that can be worn in just a couple of weeks after the baby arrives. Babies grow pretty fast, and soon, those cute T-shirts will be way too tight to slip down over his head. Chances are the mother has not shopped for larger size clothes either, so your gift will come in really handy in a few months' time.

Diapers, bibs, baby wipes, baby towels, soaps, lotions, shampoos – these are all inexpensive ways to create a personalized gift basket to please. …