I Do

A wedding is a very special event in a person's life. How we view our future wedding commensurate to how thirsty we are for a lifetime commitment. However, have we ever surprised what we mean if we say "I do" in our wedding? If we only had the liberty to defend and detail out our "I dos", we need a year to finish a ceremony.

To prepare before saying "I do", the need to hire a coordinator should have considered in helping you to make the moment more romantic and memorable. Minnesota wedding planners suggest a variety of options on how to sprinkle more love in the air during a quick or long wedding. Why not expanding the budget a bit wider? After all, a wedding is the beginning of your lifetime commitment. Try to add more essence to your "I dos" as you honestly prove your love and loyalty with your partner. Do not just dream of a perfect wedding, make it real and coat it with different colors and styles to celebrate the beginning of forever.

As we all know, music is generally food for the soul. It enables one to express a genuine feeling. In a wedding, it is important that all the songs must match the feelings of two people who are bound to be united as one. Secular or sacred songs matter a lot during a wedding. Some religions are strict when it comes to the songs that will be played during the ceremony. It is highly recommended that ministers should be informed a week or a month regarding the type of songs that you will incorporate during the day of the special event whether it is secular or sacred to avoid possible problems.

For some who would want to have a garden wedding, to make the moment more memorable, the time of the day matters a lot. Usually, for soon to be couples who would want to experience the breath taking experience when they say their "I dos", they prefer to have the ceremony in the afternoon between 4pm to 5pm whichever is closer to sunset. The collision between day and night adds more spices to the event.

Personalize you vows before saying it to your partner. Embrace the moment with love to make it more sincere. When you face your partner before saying "I do", look closely to your partner's eyes and let your genuine feelings of lifetime commitment speaks. Hold hands together with sincerity that your vows will be fulfilled even during the height of tides. …

Women's Self-Defense – I Got This Feeling

That was a great song, was not it? Girl, I'm hooked on this feeling, high on believin ' … It was a song that just transported you and was pretty catchy in the process. It was a song where the melody and words were easy to remember.

So what does this have to do with self defense you ask? Everything! How many times have you had " a feeling " that something or someone was not right and decided to ignore it? Did you compromise your safety in the process?

Guys call it a "gut feeling" and embrace it. You know, trust your gut! For women, it's labeled as "women's intuition" and made fun of as in "over-reacting", "being silly". You get the jist. Unfortunately, the very thing we are told to ignore may be the very signal that keeps us alive and out of arms way.

Our intuition is our lizard (animal) brain's survival instinct. It is a homing beacon for danger and when it picks up a potential signal, it sends out that feeling that says, " something's not right ." That should be your cue to remove yourself from the environment or engage your personal protection options to ensure you can deal with whatever is coming your way. In other words, wake up and pay attention!

The more we hone and listen to our intuition, the more precise and accurate it becomes. Do not let your "rationale" mind talk you out of listening to your "animal" brain when it comes to your own personal safety. Pay attention to the feelings you are receiving. They may just save your life some day. …

Personalized Pet Blanket

Are you looking for a personalized pet blanket? Do you want a blank with your dog's name on it? Do you need a blanket with your cat's name on it for a gift? Personalize that blanket with these tips.

People really do not mind spending for their pets. At least, that's what the pet lovers at the Animal Pet Products Manufacturing Association (APPMA) say. Pet product manufacturing is a $ 35 billion per year industry. Who would have ever thought that people could spend so much on pets?

Well, if you are a pet lover too, then you might understand the feeling. Pet owners typically spend $ 250 on their pets – for items that can be personalized. These items include blankets leashes, pet bowls, and others.

Pets are more like family members nowdays. There are even people who get offended when their pets are referred to as an 'it'. They would rather that they be called a 'he' or a 'she'. Each pet is unique and has an endearing personality that is his or hers alone.

This has led to an increase in the need for veterinarians, pet grooming stores, and other services (and who has not heard of the pet hotels stars get to pets in). Given this, giving pets gifts has become extremely fad. And building on that thought, giving friends gifts intended for their pets has become a fad as well.

Blankets are a great choice for pets nowdays – especially ones that can be personalized. If you are looking to give a friend a gift for their pets, a personalized blanket can be the epitome of thoughtfulness and generosity.

1. Pet blankets are an intimate gift. Pet blankets make perfect gifts because they show the recipients that you have an intimate knowledge of their loves – in this case, the pet. Also, knowing the pet's name, and having the name embroidered on the blank shows your interest in the things the person loves.

You could also consider getting matching stuff for the pet and the owner. Such gifts are hard to ignore and besides from actually being useful, they gain a great deal of sentimental significance immediately.

2. Pet blankets bring a great measure of comfort to the pet. Loving your pet means giving him or her the best that money can buy. And no self-respecting pet owner would like to give anything to their pet that was not unique. This is where pet blankets come in.

While most pets can basically live without blankets – their ancestors used to live out in the wild, remember – they make cold, drapty nights a lot more bearable. You would not want your pet to lay shivering in the cold.

Blankets can assure your pet a good nights rest uninterrupted by the weather. They sleep with a greater sense of comfort and security. That is more that what most pet owners could ask for.

You will find out that pets easily warm up to their blankets. They …

"What Happened to My Face?" Make Up Tips For Caribbean Brides

"What happened to my face"? No bride wants to ask that question upon viewing her wedding photos. Unfortunately this occurs more often than one would like. This is usually the result of using an inexperienced make-up artist. Your make-up artist needs to be knowledgeable and be experienced with different types of make-up and how it is affected by lighting used in photography. In order to achieve a spectacular look on your special day you should strive for the following. vibrant, healthy-looking skin an experienced make up artist tried and tested colors Your wedding make-up is as important as your wedding dress. Your face will be the highlight of the photos and there will be many close-up shots. Your artist's expertise will determine the success of the finished product – you.

Choose Your Make up Artist Carefully

One of the benefits of choosing a well-known artist is that he or she has experience and has already developed a reputation. You never want to look like you are wearing a mask in your photos or look like you are going to a night club. There are however, many little known artists who are very talented. They may be new in the business but that can sometimes be an advantage as they are enthusiastic with new techniques and can achieve the same result or even better than the more famous ones. If you select one from this category, then you must have good recommendations and you must have about two trial sessions before you make your decision. A portfolio will help you decide what the artist is capable of but remember, everyone's face and skin are different. More importantly make-up trials must be done prior to your wedding day. Even if you have to pay a small fee to do this, this will save a lot of disappointment and heartache on your big day. You may want to bring along some bridal magazines with different looks that you would like to try out so you can see which one suits you best. If you are not satisfied with the results of your trial, do another or choose a different artist. Do not pay a deposit until you have done a trial and are satisfied with the results achieved. Any legitimate artist will expect this.

Achieve the Fabulous, Flawless look that you want

Make-up should be fresh and should accentuate your natural beauty. Never overdo your make-up on your wedding day. Bridal magazines offer different looks that are bronze or coral shades. Decide which look is right for you. Color choices are very important. For a soft, dewy look, local make-up artist Renee-Liza suggests, the use of cream foundations, blushes and eye shadows paired with moisture rich lipstick / gloss. This of course depends on your skin type. An oily type would have to use a matte finish. The modern bride might prefer to use 'airbrushed' make-up for a more flawless and long lasting finish. Some brides even opt for the use of false …

3 Reasons Why You Have Not Learned How to Pleasure Your Women

Do you know how to make your women? Most men think they have the skills to make women orgasm on command, but statistics tell a different story. Let me reveal the three core reasons you're leaving her sexually unsatisfied.

Once you understand where you are going wrong, then it will be much easier for you to begin bringing her intense pleasure she has been craving.

  1. Your lack of understanding concerning her erogenous zones is a reason she does not enjoy sex more. Too many times we place focus on one area and hope it brings her enough to make her orgasm. There are more sensitive areas on a women than you can imagine and only focusing on one area for long periods of time will not bring her pleasure. Neither will jumping around and trying different areas every two seconds.
  2. The G-Spot is not some mythical area. It exists and is a key in arousing women, helping them reach a climax when you know how to arouse it properly. You probably heard about using your fingers and rubbing on it, but have you ever tried a light tapping. It works wonders if you tap on it while performing oral sex. It's a great way to make a woman orgasm. Do keep in mind, women want someone who understands what he is doing. Make sure you have no hangnails and your fingernails are clean and clipped. It's a humble way to show you care about her and want to make each sexual experience enjoyable.
  3. It's not about how deep you penetrate her. Stop trying to see how deep you can get, it does nothing for her sexual arousal. You want to be able to not only stimulate her vagina but also her clitoris at the same time. And the best method for finding out what works is by trying different sexual positions.

Sometimes you need to lay that ego aside and learn why she is not receiving pleasure, having the chance to make love to a women is an incredible experience and you should not only think about herself. Just imagine is she has a rocking good time, the odds are she will want to experience more pleasure with you. …

Beauty Tips For Women – How To Choose The Right Dye For Your Hair

Is not it true that when you want to change your look surprisingly and dramatically you change your hair? Coloring your hair always gives you a new look. Here's my advice on how to choose the right dye for your hair.

So you decide to color your hair. You are positive about the change and well prepared to see your new look. First you have to decide on the dye you are going to use. I will leave the color choice up to you. I will just mention that there are permanent dyes and not-so-permanent ones and each type has its variations.

There's also a third type of hair dyes. The vegetable dyes which are made out of natural ingredients and which are highly recommended. Vegetable dyes are similar to henna and belong to the not-so-permanent types of dyes.

Ok, you are ready to color your hair. Before you proceed you need to know what color method to choose depending on your hair style. Your new hair color must look good with your skin color / type. For example if your skin is light, you wont look good with very dark hair because you do not want your hair to draw the color out of your skin.

If you decide to be blonde then never attempt to color your hair alone the first time. It's better to take some advice from an expert / stylist or leave him / her do the job for you, especially if your hair has been permanently tinted.

If you decide you should have the sexy red hair, then you should know that red color really draws attention. It should be painless except if you are blonde in which case you should go at least two shades darker than your natural hair color in order to have a successful coloring result.

If you choose the good-old brown colors and want to be a brunette then you should know that this is your safest choice. Brown colors will fit almost any skin / hair type. You can achieve all sorts of looks by using combinations of shades.

Last but not least. Black color. It will give you a dark / goth look. If you decide to color your hair black then you should know its the easiest color to apply to your hair. It will usually cover all hair types easily and effectively. Just make sure black colors look good with the rest of your face and will add to your skin, since black hair usually looks good on dark-skinned people only. …

Chihuahua Clothes and Small Pet Carriers- Dog Fashion to Make You Look Good

Many models that walk the runways of New York City fashion shows may never have expected to be modeling things like Chihuahua clothes and small pet carriers, but with the huge surge in canine fashion over the past several years, that's just what they're doing. What this means to the average pet owner is that you can now coordinate your outfit with your dog's. There are actually dog ​​clothes that will make you look good rather than just your furry baby! Of course, this can be overdone or look plain silly if the wrong styles and colors are chosen, so if you're going to take your canine baby out on a walk and the two of you will be twinsies, carefully plan what designs to use . Chihuahuas are great at wearing clothes since Paris Hilton and Tinkerbell made Chihuahua fashion chic. Dog carriers look more like regular, fashionable purses than every before. With the right planning, you can look good while out on the town with your pooch.

Color coordination is a big part of looking good with your dog and their clothes. For example, if they have a green turtleneck sweater on, you can have one on, too, but make sure it's in a similar shade. If your chi has a dark forest green, you do not want to be wearing a lime green color. This same idea applies to what carrier you choose to carry your little doggie in, too. Shop for a dog carrier as you would for a purse. Find one that integrates many of your outfits, which means getting one that is a basic, earth tone. You can get one in just about any material, from cotton cloth to leather, so it can match any style or budget. …

Why Men Love Women From Indonesia

Men often look to Asian countries to find mail order brides. Many women of Western countries are often curious about why a woman would ever be a part of a mail order bride. The truth is that Indonesian women are not really that safe in their natural culture. Women are not treated equally, although the constitution requires them to be. In fact there are hundreds of thousands of murderers and rapes of women there each year.

With this in mind, men of the Western world also think that Indonesian women are also quite beautiful and attractive. They are often attracted to the ethnic look that Indonesian women provide. In addition, Indonesian women often take very good care of themselves. Their personal hygiene is excellent and their beauty is natural.

In addition to natural beauty and a willingness to take care of themselves, Indonesia women are often quite smart as well. They are trained by society to be able to hold great and intelligent conversations about many things. They are very interested in politics and other worldly issues and make perfect dinner partners.

All in all, men love Indonesian women because they are the total package. For a man to score a mail order bride from Indonesia, is a blessing. They will get a wife that is dedicated to them and will do their best to keep their husband happy. In addition they will have a partner they can discuss worldly issues with and create a lifetime of great memories with. …

Do Women Like Sex Toys? 7 Things Every Man Ought to Know About Your Girl (and Her Toys!)

What kind of sex toys to women really like? What would a woman use a sex toy… when she can have sex with any man she wants, any TIME she wants? Do women masturbate as much as men do? If not… why not? Can a woman have an orgasm with a sex toy, faster than during sex? What type of toys are most common? Will buying a sex toy for my girlfriend, wife or partner turn her on… Or will it be wildly inappropriate?

Any of these questions sound familiar? If you are anything like the vast majority of men who enjoy our articles on sex, lust, love and relationships, the topic of sex toys and girls has no doubt come up for you more than once, right? (no pun intended, too)! The truth is, while women love sex as much as men do, it’s much more difficult for a woman to have an orgasm from sex. Why? Because girls have a much different sexual response cycle than men do, and our most sensitive sexual spots are often buried more deeply in our bodies than men can reach on their own.

Want some quick facts about women and sexual aids? Let’s take a look at 7 little known facts below!

Here are some random thoughts about women, vibrators, sex toys and things that turn her on when she’s NOT with a partner. (and sometimes, when she is as well)

1. The vast majority of women do masturbate. (not as much as guys do, it’s true)

2. Women DON’T use vibrators to play… As much as they use nothing at all. (just her hands, guys – she’s easy!)

3. Many women enjoy sex toys as part of an easy way to spice up a relationship and have better sex to boot!

4. Some women don’t want to discuss what they do in private, either… As this can still be a topical taboo.

5. Buying a sex toy may seem like a good and romantic idea, but in truth, it’s probably NOT what she really wants as a gift. Why? Because while some women might disagree with this, what she does in her alone time is probably best selected BY her, for herself. (even though many women do enjoy sharing these sorts of intimate experiences with their partners)

6. The vast majority of women can have an orgasm from a sexual aid of any type. While it’s not nearly as “open” a conversation in public as men’s habits are, some surveys show that upwards of 90% of women can achieve orgasm from self gratification, and most can (and frequently do)! Have multiple orgasms from the same activity.

7. Lastly, there are 2 different types of orgasms that are common while using sexual “props” or toys. The first is a sequential orgasm, which is a form of multiple orgasm where one quickly follows the other. The second type, called a “serial” orgasm, is more commonly found amongst women who enjoy longer, and deeper …

How to Choose Your Wedding Gown

Many people emailed me, telling me that they are clueless of how to choose their wedding gowns.

When I first went to the Bridal Studio with my wife in February last year, we were clueless too.

For guys, it was really easy to choose. I just took 10 to 15 minutes to choose my suit and coat.

For ladies, my wife took 2 whole day to choose her gowns. The assistant who was also our studio coordinator took out at least 10 gowns for her to wear and she liked none of them. Gowns include wedding gown, evening gown plus tea dress and Chinese Kua.

Her sister accompanied her on one day and her friends accompanied her on day 2. Her friend, who had some experience of helping her other gal friends to choose, told my wife that she must have this "WOW" when she looked at herself in the mirror.

She must literally fall in love with the gown and like it so much that she does not want to take it down.

There were some occasions that certain gowns look terrific as an art piece but looked other when on some body.

The coordinator was very patient assisting my wife during her trying and brave constructive remarks such as how she can look better or how they can add on some more beads and laces to make the gown look more glamourous, especially during our photoshoot in June 06.

As for husband's feedback, I think it is also really important. We can honestly tell the ladies that they do not look good in some gowns. If they look fabulous in others, honestly praise them and tell them that they look super and gorgeous.

Husbands 'comments and comments are improtant for wives' reassurance and encouragement.

I have heard of situations that the husband finds it a waste of time to accompany the wife during the fitting. I'm not sure if you have heard of it or it had even occurred to you.

Get them to accompany you and the process of gown-fitting can be so much pleasant and enjoyable.

Another useful tip is before gown-fitting, please cut out any pictures or photos of gowns with the preferred designs. Bring them for gown-fitting and show the coordinator and state your requirement. This can make finding the right gown for you so much easier and faster.

One more thing – bring your wedding shoes along to see if they really match your gowns. …