Summer Makeup Bag Essentials

Summer has arrived, and it’s about the time where we begin to think about reinventing our signature look and trying out something different. Investing in your makeup bag essentials is a great place to start on a journey to a “new you”. With so many trends to embrace this year, there’s never been a more exciting time to experiment with your makeup look. Take a look at our favourite summer makeup bag essentials for this year:


First things first, the base needs to be perfect. In summer, sometimes it’s not ideal to wear a heavy base as this prevents your skin from having time to breathe. That’s where the summer saviour BB cream comes in. Using a BB cream is essentially just moisturising your skin with a light colour tint, for a flawless light coverage, meaning your skin still absorbs the best bits from the sun. In most cases, BB creams also have a built in SPF, so you get added sun protection. For something even more delicate on the skin, then consider using a powder for during the day. This works perfectly when you use a primer as the base, then build upon it with a light dusting of power. Ideal for a breezy daytime look, but equally as glamorous for those long summer nights.


Nowadays, nothing is more important than getting your highlight right. There are so many options to choose from it can be overwhelming. Why not indulge in an excellent range of liquid highlighters to make your skin look naturally golden and sun-kissed? They’re also great for layering on top of your BB cream. For those who like their highlight to be more visible, then try amazing compressed powder highlighters for a more obvious glow – ideal for brushing on top of your power base.


Summer wouldn’t be the same without a little sparkle. Glitter makeup is ideal for festival season& we all know festival glitter is amazing, musicians and actors are all big fans of using glitter at festivals like Coachella and Stagecoach. So, whether you’re at home or travelling abroad, a little shimmer can go a long way! Glitter is best used around the eyes for maximum impact, paying particular attention to the cheekbones. It can also be sprinkled on your hair for fully dazzling look, why not try adding some glitter with your everyday braids.


Keep it simple and stick to a gloss lip this summer. There are some fantastic pocket-sized lip glosses out there, so you can take it with you wherever you go. There is nothing better than beaming healthy skin accompanied by a fresh coat of luscious lip gloss to complete your summer look.


Waterproof Mascara is an absolute must have for your summer makeup collection to avoid the humidity ruining your perfectly applied makeup. You can also get fully waterproof liquid eyeliners, guaranteed to stay on even if you go for a swim in the sea or take a trip to the waterpark! Overdoing …

Bespoke Clothing and Accessories

In 2016, Charlotte Stockdale commissioned Savile Row tailor Huntsman to ensure she made a grand entrance at the Met Gala. Huntsman created a formal white tie and tail’s in a traditional men’s style for her custom creation. The stylist talked with several notable fashion entrepreneurs, including Daphne Guinness, Nicole Kidman, Katharine Hepburn and Coco Channel. Huntsman had outfitted these leading ladies throughout the years and used this experience to create an exceptionally tailored bespoke outfit that exuded a sense of authority and confidence. Charlotte Stockdale’s choice of bespoke clothing was bold and helped to push the creation of boundary-pushing suits. This year, the runways of Paris and New York are filled with beautifully designed suits, allowing you to create a powerful image through bespoke attire and accessories. Once you decide to have a suit jacket custom-tailored to your exact style and shape, you will never want to purchase another suit off the rack because a bespoke suit will accentuate your assets while minimizing your flaws.

The Tailor Made Suit Every Woman Deserves

Huntsman, which is now in its 169th year of business, is one of the top tailors that offer women’s bespoke suits. This London-based fashion house allows you to order a suit. The creation of your suit begins with meeting with a cutter at the flagship store on Saile Row or at the store in New York. Here, you will select the fabric, the buttons and the lining material. All of your measurements will be taken to ensure the perfect fit. Typically, the garment will require three fittings. The price for a bespoke suit begins at £7,400 (*note: Huntsman’s cutters travel internationally to key cities throughout the year to meet privately with their clients).

If you live in or visit Paris, the best source for a women’s bespoke suit is Cifonelli. This company has served some of the best-dressed men for many years. The Cifonelli House, run by fourth generation cousins, Lorenzo and Massimo Cifonelli, is located on the Rue Marbeuf and is by appointment only. The cousins will meet with clients, take clients measurements and cut the patterns for the bespoke suit. A team of in-house well-trained artisans will then sew the suit to the owner’s specifications. The cousins are often travelling around the world to meet with clients. Cifonelli House bespoke suits begin at £7,000.

Isaia is one of the best kept Neapolitan secrets. The men’s suit brand will also make women’s tuxedos and suits. Isaia has shops in San Francisco, Milan and New York. Isaia uses luxurious, colourful fabrics to create their women’s smoking jackets, tuxedos and suits. The starting price of a bespoke jacket is #3,925.

Bespoke Leather Accessories for All Occasions

One of the favourite leather houses is Moynat. Moynat creates bespoke gloves for both men and women. It should be noted that creating a set of bespoke gloves takes approximately three weeks. Moynat offers gloves for every occasion. Another great option is Centaurs, which offers made-to-measure signature handbags. This service allows you to …

Essential Tips for Writing in the Fashion Industry

There are just as many opportunities for writing within the fashion industry as there are for anything else. It may seem like a difficult profession to take on, but there have fortunately been many high profile tips shared over time. Judith C. Everett and Kristen K. Swanson, in particular, have done much to forge the path.

If you want to get started writing about the fashion world, it’s useful to separate the process into six different stages:

  • Planning. Here, you’ll sort out the purpose of the article, the audience you’re writing for, the attitude of the piece, and decide the angle you’re approaching from.
  • Organization. Here, you’ll start shaping your earliest material into a workable outline.
  • Drafting. It’s important to start with a first draft and then work out the kinks from there.
  • Revisions. After you’ve written the article, you can read through and easily see what needs improvement.
  • Editorial. You can then start checking out all of your mechanics, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Proofread. Finally, you need to read the finished product at least once more and do any final corrections that you deem necessary.

Having a Purpose

The best writing is always done with a particular purpose in mind. The audience and attitude are also integral. The best way to start is by picking an exact subject and then researching it as much as possible. The angle you hope to approach the piece from will come along the way. It will also become much easier to know what you’d like to say. Writing is effectively a means of communication; only through your own understanding can you deliver as well as hoped.

Logical thinking also helps develop the primary idea that the entire piece will be based upon. It’s a good idea to decide upon a definitive purpose statement that will guide the entire article you’re working on. You can even use it as the leading sentence in order to hook the audience. You can choose to be as direct as possible or intentionally indirect, but your stance should be clear from the jump.

Audience You’re Writing For

Every piece of writing should ideally be generated with a particular audience in mind. In the case of fashion writing, you’ll obviously be targeting fashion enthusiasts and those looking for the latest clothing trends, such as plus size corsets. Ideally, you should be able to answer questions that the audience may have while also entertaining them along the way. Here are four important factors to consider when it comes to understanding your audience:

  • Who’s going to read the piece?
  • How much do you expect the readers to know already?
  • What kind of relationship exists between you and the audience?
  • What style of writing would be most appropriate?

Try to be as specific as possible about the intended audience. Think about them throughout the entire composition process. It’s impossible to know them all individually, but you can at least come to a general understanding. Age, occupation, education, needs, wants, and …

4 Special Ways to Surprise your Mother This Mother’s Day


A mother is definitely the living God form, who not only gives birth to the child but also nurtures the kid all throughout the childhood, from getting the child ready for the school to helping the child in studies and from cooking delicious and healthy food to cleaning and washing his clothes. She spends her entire day taking care of her child, and simultaneously manages the household work and her professional life as well. She puts in a lot of hard work and always performs all her duties with perfection, even when she feels tired or is not well. Although she is not bound to perform all the duties but it is her love towards her child that she does everything happily with love and care.

Well, we all are busy in lives and hardly gets any time to surprise our mother or express love to her. But with Mother’s Day around the corner, we have a golden chance to make her feel special on the day especially dedicated to her. Let’s take a look at 4 ways by which you can surprise your mother on Mother’s Day.

Give her morning a pleasant start

You can give your mother’s a pleasant surprise in the morning by presenting her an exquisite bouquet of fresh flowers. You are suggested to place the flower bouquet on her dressing table or any other place of the house where she definitely goes in the morning in order to surprise her. You can also present her a Mother’s Day card with the flower bouquet with your emotions and feelings written on it.

Appreciate her efforts

One of the important things that we usually forget is to appreciate our mother’s efforts and hard work. So, on this Mother’s Day, surprise her and make her day special by appreciating her efforts. You can present your mother an apron and express gratitude to her for cooking delicious and healthy food for you. You can get the apron customized and get her pictures or Happy Mother’s Day printed on it.

Midday surprise is a good option

You can also surprise your mother midday to make the entire day special for her. In order to surprise her, you can hide the gifts at different places of your house; your mother will get surprised every time she finds a gift. You can buy different gifts, such as jewelry, perfume, accessories, home décor items, accessories, etc.

End the day on a sugary note

After all the surprises you have given her all the day, you can end the day on a sweet and happy note by presenting her a sugary delight, a yummy cake. You can add your own touch to the cake and present your mother a personalized cake, such as a photo cake, theme cake, or cupcake. You can also present her a heart shape cake which will convey your love to her. You are advised to present her a cake in her preferred flavor.

Now that you know …