Relationship Tips for Women – How to Ask Men to Wear Condoms

In the modern setting, people are very open to the use of different types of contraceptives. However, through the years, there is one observation that women are crying foul about. Women, in most cases are left to bear the burden of responsibility in ensuring the sexual encounter would be safe and protected. Many experts and feminists argument that it is way too unfair and stressful, and as such can make sex much less appealing for women.

If you are into a relationship and you and your partner decide to be intimate, there is a need to put contraceptives in place. If both of you are already aware of the numerous types of intercepts available in the market, for sure, there would not be much problem about the contraceptives to be used.

Typically, there surfaces a problem about who would be responsible for the contraceptives. While there are many forms of contraceptives for women, like birth control pills, injections, sponges and IUDs, there are only two known contraceptives for men. Those are vasectomy and the use of condoms.

Vasectomy is seldom chosen. That is because this surgical operation is done to cut a tube within the testicles that is essential for the passing and release of the sperm cells, which together with women's egg cells to form fetuses in women. For some men, the process is frightening because of its permanency. That is because the man's ability to induce pregnancy or conception would be removed for life. Some men do not welcome the operations because of fear that sexual performance would be altered.

The use of condoms is then quite obviously the most common form of contraceptives for men. Through condoms, the semen that contains the sperm cells would be prevented from entering a woman's womb. The condom is the most accessible, cheapest and easiest to use form of male contraceptives. It is also significantly less costly compared to almost all female contraceptives.

Now the problem is how to ask men to wear condoms. Some men, when caught up in the moment, are just not sensitive and considerate on women's basic rights and feelings. It is old-fashioned and archaic to think it is the woman's sole responsibility to put contraceptives in place because she will be the one who will conceive and get pregnant.

As simple advise, it would be effective if you would open and randomly ask your partner to wear condoms. If he requests why you do not want female contraceptives, tell him it is because condoms are the cheapest and most reliable. There would be no side effects for the both of you, unlike in female contraceptives that incur several noticeable and negligible adverse side effects.

You could both attend a safe sex counseling session. If the efforts still fail, it would be time you assess your relationship. Men should also be sensitive and considerate about women's feelings and rights. Sex is both enjoyed by both genders. Why would women completely bear the burden of contraception? It is …

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Wedding Planning List

When you begin planning the most important day of your life there are so many things to consider and put into effect that it can be overwhelming, especially if you have other commitments and jobs to focus on. This is why a wedding planning list is so necessary for your process and your wedding to be a success.

1. Just like any event a wedding requires time and effort to plan. It needs you to have a plan of action to get everything done on time and to make sure that everyone knows what they are doing. You need a list to be ready.

2. You will need a planning checklist to ensure that you remain something sane during this planning process. Things will go wrong and it will be stressful, but a list will eliminate a lot of that.

3. This list also serves as a to-do-list, so that you do not forget anything. You will have absolutely everything written down that you have to do and when you have to do it by, so that you do not get to the venue on the day and say, "Oops! I forgot to buy wedding shoes".

4. Another reason that you need list for planning a wedding is that it will help everyone to be ready as well. If you give deadlines to companies that are involved in your flowers, catering, venue, DJ and other aspects, you can ensure that everyone knows what they are doing and you will have time to overlook it all properly.

5. Do not leave anything to chance and do not assume that you will remember to do everything. You probably will not and if you do not have a wedding planning list you will be running around like a headless chicken the day before your wedding, instead of relaxing, which is what you need to do. …

Stage One Of Female Sexual Response

Female Orgasm and Foreplay

For men who want to please their partners, foreplay is not optional. I make that point because I've worked with lots of men who hated foreplay and just wanted to get down to business without realizing that foreplay has an important role in female orgasm. I've also worked with men who enjoy foreplay just as much as the women in their lives. What's important to realize is that foreplay should be about what makes her feel good because at this point you're probably already in a state of arousal. She is probably not at that point yet.

In this article, we're first going to discuss the female sexual arousal cycle and compare it to yours. Then, we'll look at some types of foreplay which you can try with your partner in order to help her become physically and psychologically ready to orgasm.

Female Sexual Response

The famous sex researchers, William Masters and Virginia Johnson, were the first to outline the four stages of sexual response in human beings. These stages apply to both men and women, but each gender experiences the stages differently. Men typically race through the stages faster than women do, but that's only on average. In some situations, women may be ready for orgasm much faster than a man. We'll look at each of the stages as they occur in women and we'll tell you what signs to watch for so you'll be able to determine when your partner is ready for the next stage.

Stage 1 – Excitement

This is one of the easiest stages to reach for both men and women. A woman can become excited just by smelling your cologne or having your hand brush against her breasts. She can become excited by fantasizing about sexual encounters or by flirting with you during dinner. In fact, during the average date, women may become excited ten to fifteen times. Most of those times do not lead to the next level, however.

The female body responds to this stage in very specific ways. Let's go through some of those physical signs of excitation:

– Her nipples become erect

– Her vagina starts becoming lubricated

– Her clitoris begins to swell and grow larger

– The inner parts of her vagina begin to expand

– Her breasts may even increase in size if she becomes highly aroused

These are not the only physical signs, but these are probably the ones you or her may notice. Notice that during this early stage, her vagina is already becoming lubricated. Many men have the mistaken announcement that this is a sign that a woman is ready to engage in intercourse. That is not the case. A lubricated vagina only means a woman is aroused. All of these signs do suggest, however, that her body is preparing for the possibility of sex.

In my next article, I will talk about the next stages of the female sexual response cycle. …

5 Maid of Honor Wedding Speech Tips

Weddings are generally a stressful time for both the bride and the groom. However, they can also be very stressful for a maid of honor who is planning her speech at the wedding. Tradition calls for the maid of honor to give a speech at the wedding reception. And even for a maid of honor who has given numerous speeches in her lifetime, it can still be a very stressful time. Like many speakers, the maid of honor is often left wondering what to say, that will make the day an even more special. Here are five tips that will help any maid of honor plan out her wedding speech.

1. Traditionally speaking, the maid of honor gives her speech after the best man. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that the guests have already sat through one speech. Try and keep the speech short and to the point. Keeping the speech short and brief will allow other speakers the opportunity to speak, as well as hold the guests attention. If the speech becomes too long and winded, the guests will often lose interest in the speech.

2. No matter what type of wedding the bride and groom are having, make the speech one from the heart. Probably one of the most important aspects of any speech is to just be yourself. If you are naturally a serious person, incorporated that into speech. Likewise, if you are not naturally a comic, then do not attempt to make your speech a funny one. By doing so, you will only make the speech seemed forced and unnatural. If you are giving the speech in a church, be sure to make the speech appropriate, with some correlation to the religion.

3. Although you will want to make the speech a personal one, try and keep it from getting too personal. Ask family and friends for stories that you could share with the guests. But keep in mind not to tell stories that will embarrass the couple or their guests. Avoid topics such as politics and sex.

4. Begin by writing a first draft of the wedding speech. After you have completed a first draft, read it to a fellow friend or family member. Ask that they give you an honest opinion of your speech. It will be easier to hear criticism of the speech before it is read in front of the entire wedding party.

5. On the day of the wedding, bring a set of note cards with your speech printed out on it. If you have the speech laid out in front of you it will help you to remember the entire speech. Do not rely on your memory of how the speech should go. The note cards will help keep you from stumbling and babbling during your maid of honor wedding speech.

Giving a maid of honor wedding speech does not have to be a stressful event. So the next time you are called to give a maid …

Your Prom Dress – Save Time and Start Your Search Online!

Are you ready for your long awaited Prom Night? One of the most exciting steps of preparing for your very first prom is picking out your dress. You definitely want to start this search early on so that you have plenty of time to find just the right dress for you and before the most popular styles sell out. The best time to shop before styles are sold out is December to January, even if your prom is not until late spring.

If you are one of many teens that prepare for prom through the entire school year – dreaming about it, thinking about it, planning it – rest assured that you certainly are not alone. In fact, most teen girls will start to think about and plan for their prom their entire high school careers! If you are like many other girls, you are no doubt going to stress over the kind of dress you want to wear and how good it will look on you. Finding the right dress for the prom is very important to many young women – you want to remember this magical night forever!

Search Smart

One way to start your search is by looking online. Not only will you find the best opportunities to comparison shop and save money, but you also have the option to view many different kinds of dresses and decide on the types and styles of dresses (and colors) that will best suit you. You get a much wider variety to choose from and you will have a great opportunity to find a prom dress that you will really enjoy wearing to the prom.

Finding a prom dress online also saves you lots of time, because you do not have to physically travel to many stores in order to find the right prom dress. You can search by category from your computer, which will save you many hours of driving and shopping time. Many online prom dress sites have very detailed pictures, as well as size charts customized for each designer's line – so do not waste your time running around from store to store! Save yourself the hassle of lost time and shop online.

Online Retailers – The Ultimate in Convenience

Stores that are traditionally good places for finding a prom dress will often have a great deal of options online for you to look through. For designer dresses, order early as styles are in limited production and hot prom dresses sell out quickly. Be sure to read the size charts carefully and, if in doubt, choose a size up. The money saved online can be used for custom tailoring locally after the dress arrives.

Multiple places on the Internet will allow you to search for both designer style prom dresses and discount prom dresses. Depending on what you are looking for, all of your options are usually laid out inside each prom dress store. The great thing about shopping online is that you will be able to …

The Fresh Market Online Shopping

If you are looking for a store where you can shop online and see everything in the store by price, The Fresh Market store is for you. You can see the items that are seasonal, new, for cooking and baking, breakfast, and what is great for gifts. You will have a choice of jellies, jams and honey, oils, pastas, rice, grains and marinades. You will also be able to shop the sale items. If you are looking for fine coffee or tea, this store has what you need. Spice up your coming year with some new ideas for the kitchen.

New and Seasonal Products

The Fresh Market store offers many items during certain times of the years. There are cookie and brownie gift boxes, coffee blends, limit edition coffees from different countries, mixed herbs and spice rubs. The store also has cheese gifts and nut gift boxes. There are sampler packs and assortment packs. Anything you might imagine eating can be found at the store online. Every season brings new items to the store. You have to check back when the seasons change to see what else they have to offer.


When you shop at the store, you will have a large choice of departments to choose from including meat, seafood, produce, prepared foods, deli and cheese, bakery, coffee, bulk and candy. There are also beer and wine departments and a floral and gift department. There are so many products to shop for that you will want to do all your shopping in one place.

The meat section offers premium beef, all natural chicken, pork, ham, lamb, veal and more. The seafood section offers fresh fish, shellfish and specialty seafood. The produce department offers citrus fruits, neighborhood fruits, and Chile Nectarines and Peaches. If you need prepared foods, you can choose from rotisserie selections, sandwiches and soups.

The bakery department has decadent desserts, pies and cakes, rolls and exports, and breakfast Danishes, bagels and more. The deli has deli meats, cheeses and platters. There is a department for cooking oils, spices, rubs and sauces. There is also a department for store coffees and 2009 winter coffees.


You will find a guide for choosing the right wines and beers to go with your meals. There are guides to cheeses and a guide for reheating deli items. There is a guide for overcoming your fear of making seafood and a guide for buying and choosing seafood. There is a guide for everything you need to know in the kitchen at the Fresh Market.

If you need something fresh or natural, you will want to shop online or in the store, but you will want to shop the Fresh market. Everything you need for a spectacular meal is available at the store. All you need to do is check out the website and plan all of your shopping needs in the store or shop online and save some time. You will be guided with the selection of foods and condiments. …

Boring Beauty Bust – What To Do If You're In A Beauty Rut

When was the last time you changed the way you do makeup or style your hair? The old adage "if it is not broken do not fix it," may work for a lot of things, but your style is not always one of them. Many of us get into a beauty rut and find that the years go by but our style, for better or worse, stays the same. While it's good to know what works for you and what does not, it's not a good idea to rely on those things day in and day out for ten, twenty, or even thirty years. Here are some great questions to ask yourself to find out if you're stuck in a beauty rut and what to do if you are.

Are you in a rut?

  • What does your makeup bag look like? If the only change to your makeup bag has been to the bag itself, you may be in a beauty rut. Go ahead and look through that bag. Does it look the same way it looked five, ten, or twenty years ago? Even though you replenish and replace your makeup bag items (If you're not doing this regularly you need to start. color, and form of makeup.
  • Is there a difference between your going out makeup and your everyday makeup?
  • There should be clear differences between the makeup you wear when you go to work and the makeup you wear when you go out for the evening or to a formal event. Even though you may be comfortable in your everyday makeup, formal occasions or dates require something a little different. You should have at least two or three items in your makeup bag that are designated to formal occasions, events, or dates.

  • If you look through your old photo albums, can you pick out variations in your style and appearance? Your hair and makeup should grow and mature with you. If you can look at pictures of you over the years and find very little if any difference in your hair and makeup, then chances are you're in need of change.
  • Does your stylist know EXACTLY how to cut your hair? If you can walk into your favorite salon, sit in the chair, and not say words then you're probably in need of some change. It's great to know what kind of styles look great on you, but the key to keeping things interesting is finding variations of those styles.

If you answered yes to those questions, you may want to consider taking a few easy steps to get out of that beauty rut and put a little excitation back into your life.

How to Get Out of the Rut:

  • Check out the Makeup Counter: Most department store makeup counters will give you free consultations in hopes of selling you their products. Choose a makeup company that you feel comfortable with and ask them if they can give you a consultation. The makeup artist who practices consultation should

Tips For Breastfeeding In Public

Breastfeeding in public can be a nightmare for a modest nursing mother. Some women dread the thought of breastfeeding in public so much that they may consider formula feeding their infant to avoid the situation. With a little preparation and practice, breastfeeding in public can be done discreetly. Here are a few tips to help you keep your sanity while breastfeeding your baby.

Nursing clothes with ties or fold over flaps can cause unexpected breast exposures while performing the most mundane of tasks like retrieving a dropped pacifier from the floor or struggling with a jammed shopping cart.

Purchasing nursing clothes with snaps, buttons or hooks will help ensure that your chest remains under wraps when out in public. Nursing clothes are a great convenience for a nursing mother and child but they can also lead to disaster if not fastened securely.

Keeping your breastfeeding feeding supplies stocked and ready to go at all times is great way to help discreetly nurse your child in public. Being caught in public with a hungry baby and no cover blanket can lead to disaster for the modest mother.

Keeping extra breast feeding supplies in the trunk of your car in an extra diaper bag will ensure that you are never covered without the items necessary to nurse discreetly. Packing extra breast feeding supplies like an additional blanket, burp cloths and breast milk pads in advance can save you from an embarrassing evening when last minute trips arise and you have little time to prepare.

Breast feeding women can choose to feed their babies in public bathrooms to limit their company to women only. Some breastfeeding feeding women choose to nurse in the backseat of the car in a secluded area of ​​a parking lot to provide more privacy.

Another option for breastfeeding feeding women is to pump breast milk into a bottle prior to any planned outings. While this option is not helpful for those sudden trips to the store or when a telephone call summons you away from home during a breastfeeding feeding session, it can help you avoid many public breastfeeding encounters.

Breast feeding mothers often grow accustomed to the glances of strains and an occasional snide comment while nursing in public. Some breastfeeding feeding mothers do not seem to be affected by the reaction of the public while she feeds her infant.

Other breastfeeding feeding mothers learn to be quick and discreet to avoid drawing attention while breastfeeding in public, never drawing a stray glance or awkward stare.

While your baby does not notice who's present while he or she is breastfeeding in public or at home, you may be crippled by fear at the thought of exposing your breasts in the company of strangers.

Breastfeeding in public does not have to have to be traumatic. With some practice and advanced planning, breastfeeding in public can be done discreetly. …

What Will Your Perfect Wedding Vows Promise About Emotional Intimacy in Your Perfect Marriage?

Your wedding vows are both the heart of your wedding ceremony and the foundation of your marriage. The best wedding vows are sweeping and fairly general formal statements. Each couple must choose their words and agree upon their meaning. Before you craft those vows, do some serious marriage planning. Determine how you and your partner will best balance your personal needs and your relationship realities in each of the ways in which you are intimate.

What does that mean for your emotional integrity and how do you want to structure your wedding vows and your marriage for the ultimate in emotional security for each of you?

  • Do you tend to need a lot of emotional support?
  • Are your needs very different from your partner's?
  • How are you used to solving your emotional problems? Are you a person who retreats to your corner to repair your heart or are you one who picks up your phone or heads to your friend's house for a little tlc and input? Or, do you call your shrink and make an appointment?
  • Has that changed over time? Have you found increasingly effective ways to cope with your emotional needs?
  • Aside from your partner, who are the people from whom you get consistent and specific support?
  • Do you feel guilty if you get support from someone other than your partner?
  • Does it bother your partner if you get support from someone else?
  • Does it bother you if your partner gets emotional support from someone else?

You and your partner can get better about responding to one another's emotional needs, and will get better over time, if you work at it. As you learn more about trusting your partner to be responsive to your needs or simply to be present when you're having problems, your sense of security will continue to grow.

Write down your answers to these questions and include them in your Marriage Planning Book. Keep track of the way your trust and security grows. If one or the both of you are having issues, get yourself some counseling immediately. Most of these problems have solutions that can be easily learned. Repeating the same process or not looking for outside help can cause untold problems. There is no reason to sacrifice your marriage because you're not learning the lessons you need to learn. For your emotional need, consider using something like the following sentences in your wedding vows: I will hold your heart as precious as my own, caring for you tenderly and being present to you the best of my ability. "Offer such a promise at your wedding ceremony. And then keep it and have a happy marriage. …