Minimum, Medium, and Maximum Security Prisons – Differences in Security Levels

Our prisons facility is designed to house those people convicted with an offense. One reason of putting a criminal in jail is for rehabilitation. While undergoing treatment inside the confinement area, each criminal is provided with appropriate security to ensure that no one will ever escape. Security measures is undertaken to make sure that the inmates while serving sentence is safe from harm. The rights of all the prisoners inside the facility is also preserve, although there are restrictions on some of the privileges but as far as possible they are accorded with the equal protection of the law. However, the degree of the security given to its convict is dependent on the intensity of the crime committed.

Safety measures in the establishments that housed a criminal is categorized into minimum, medium and maximum security. This is done to separate the first time offender from the most highly dangerous criminal. It is also one way of ensuring that those low risk criminal will not be influence by those seasoned inmates. To understand the different level of security implemented by the management of jail and penology on prisoners let us elaborate further the discussion on the three classifications of security so that we can appreciate the beauty of prison.

Minimum security prison – this is one of the classification of prison wherein the security being implemented is lenient. It is designed to accommodate people convicted with light offenses. Prisoners are not so well guarded because most inmates are classified as low-risk. Most crimes committed by the offenders are minor and majority of them are first time law-breaker. Inmates have more freedom of movement within the prison facility and they are not restricted to interact with other convicts.

Medium security prison – the security level applied in this particular category is not so loose but not also really tight. However, there are restrictions applied on some privileges and on the movement of the prisoners inside the area of detention.

Maximum security prison – those inmates sentenced to life and with penalty of death were placed in this prison facility. This serves as the home of those high risk and most dangerous criminals. Prisoners movement is highly restricted and the inmates activity is closely monitored. A very high level of security is being implemented in this prison facility.

Extremely hazardous prisoners is given a maximum security while lesser precaution is employed to the first time law-breaker. But no matter how we treat those criminals in jail we still have to respect its rights as human being.…

A Guide to Choosing Your Wedding Cake & Cake Maker

When should you order your Wedding Cake?

You should try and order your wedding cake approximately six months in advance, especially if you are getting married during popular wedding months such as March, April, May, August and September.

Look for Cake ideas

Turn to bridal magazines and websites to find wedding cakes and styles that suit your taste. Think of other wedding factors that may influence your cake choice, such as, number of people attending your wedding, the theme or colors of the wedding and even the time of the reception or ceremony. Ask friends for referrals of cake makers. Once you have an idea of ​​the cake you would like, contact cake makers for quotes.


Remember that large cakes with a lot of detail can be extremely expensive but this does not mean that you can not have an affordable stylish cake. It comes down to detail – to create intricate flowers out of marzipan takes time and will be expensive but decorating the cake with real flowers, between each tier for example can look just as nice but for half the price. A polka dot marzipan pattern which is quick and easy to make, will be much cheaper than intricate flowers or weaves. The size of the cake will also come into play – typically the larger the cake the more expensive, but you can request the caterer to make one or two "dummy" tiers with polystyrene – this gives the extravagant look without the extravagant price!

Also bear in mind flavors and shapes. A cake with one flavor will be cheaper to make than one with two or three different flavors. In terms of shape – Round cakes will not serve as many people as square cakes (of the same dimensions).

Determine Numbers

Finalise your guest list before meeting with the caterer because he / she will need this to determine the minimum size of the cake and the cost.

Make an appointment with the cake maker or caterer

Speak to the caterer in person and ask to see photos of previous wedding cakes before deciding on using their service. Ask what their specialty is and whether they have any ideas or recommendations for your wedding cake – they are the experts so you want their creativity and advice as well. Butter icing, for example, is not a good choice for a hot summers day wedding because it will melt. This is the type of advice you need take heed of. If you have a particular cake design that you like, ask the caterer if they have experience in making that type of cake.

Taste test

Not all caterers do this but it is something that you should definitely request to avoid disappointment! You want your cake to taste just as good as it looks. If the caterer is not willing to do a taste test, then consider looking for someone else.

Toss tradition

There is nothing wrong with opting for something non-traditional like cupcakes, mini-cheesecakes …

Why Fall Wedding Ideas Are Essential to Perfect Wedding Plans

Come fall and the last thing that we can think of are some good fall wedding ideas. We all know the importance of a marriage in our lives. It is a promise that two souls make to each other wowing never to leave each other's side under any circumstances. And it does not stop just at that. Marriage is the union of two families and is a much celebrated event all around the world. Weddings are given a lot of importance in any custom, religion, sect or country.

Then why not go that extra mile to make it special? Fall weddings are the latest thing in town. It is new and can be experimented with beautifully. Good Fall wedding ideas can be instrumental in making the wedding look picture perfect for the bride and the groom, and of course for all the people attending the ceremony and witnessing the event.

Fall wedding ideas can range from the decoration of the altar or the tables at the dining hall. These ideas would also include the themes used for the return gifts to be given to the guests and the menu for the lunch or dinner.

One does not need to stick to the usual themes and matches. If you or any of your close friends have a good sense of color matching, wonders can be performed with the darker shades that are popular in fall. For instance, you can combine colors like red, orange and brown that will showcase the strength and the gentleles of the season. You can also incorporate purple color to add a touch of royalty to the proceeds.

Fall wedding ideas includes new ideas for the flower decorations. Since flowers are very important in all weddings, it is very important that the flowers turn out to be the ideal for the conditions prevalent. The cost of the flowers is not as important as its relation to the season. You can hop online for some fantastic deals in fall wedding flowers.

You have to cover a lot of ground before narrowing in on the perfect fall wedding ideas. Use this as a base and brainstorm with your friends to have a fantastic fall wedding! …

Monster High Gloom Beach Dolls Review

A new line to the Monster High toys

The Monster High characters were created by Mattel, and since releasing a line of Monster High toys in 2010, kids have loved these characters and of course have loved the dolls, plush toys and accessories that have also been produced.

The toy franchise has a new addition this year: The Gloom Beach Dolls. Gloom Beach in the Monster High story is the characters' favorite beach.

Characters included

The Gloom Beach Dolls line of toys includes only five characters from Monster High: Frankie Stein, Cleo de Nile, Clawdeen Wolf, Draculaura and a new character Jackson Jekyll.

Frankie Stein is the daughter of Frankenstein. She is bestfriends with Draculaura and Clawdeen Wolf.

Her usual ensemble consists of black and white stripes. In the Gloom Beach Dolls line though, she is dressed in an enmseble with black, yellow and green details.

The yellow detail is in a form of a lighting and is found just at the middle of her bathing suit. She's also wearing yellow sandals. The green details comes from the sarong that is wrapped around her waist.

Cleo de Nile is the daughter of The Mummy. Her usual fashion accessories are her headdress and her jewelry.

She goes without all these though in the Gloom Beach Dolls line. She still shows off her style in what she wears to the beach though and this is through her yellow and black swimsuit adorned with the teal sarong wrapped around her waist. Cleo usually has bandage wrappings on her and she is still with a bit of this even going to the beach.

Clawdeen Wolf is the daughter of The Werewolf. She is known to have a fierce fashion sense and it shows on how she looks in the Gloom Beach Dolls line. Cleo is dressed in a swim dress that has a stripe design at the top part and a leopard print in the middle and bottom part, showing off her funky fashion.

Draculaura is the daughter of Draculular, who is despite the most popular monster character of all time.
She is usually dressed in colors of black and pink, and also likes spicing up her wardrobe with laces and frills. This type of fashion sense is evident in her beach apparel in this new dolls line.

She wears a black swimwear with pink details and laces. Draculaura adds yellow to her ensemble though, with her yellow and pink sandals, and her yellow swimskirt.

Jackson Jekyll is the newest Monster High member out of the five. He is the son of Dr. and Mrs. Jekyll. He has a plain style and usually wears sweater vests. In the Gloom Beach Dolls though, it wears a patched-up black and white shorts and yellow and white striped shirt with black details.

Dolls come with cool accessories

Aside from the cool new envelopes the five characters are wearing, all of the Gloom Beach Dolls also comes with cool accessories that will make playing out in the sun …

Important Tips to Consider When Buying Embroidered Clothing

Buying embroidered clothing is not as easy as buying t-shirts. You have all the right to be picky. As much as possible you have to consider the design and the fit of course. With embroidered apparel, you can have as many choices as you can because the selection is endless and you can ask the clothes maker for customized types. Color and design preferences are a must. You can have different options for embroidery designs. You can also ask the dressmaker to do the designs you wish to see.

Select the Most Appropriate Fabric

Fabric is the most important thing to consider when having clothes sewn. The choice of fabric depends again on your preference, purpose, occasion, and climate or weather. If you want a garment with embroidery, you have to start with a good garment. A durable fabric makes a good garment. Embroidery usually looks better than prints. Prints could fade after a time. If you are particular with the thread, you can choose cotton, polyester, and rayon. Your vendor must know the difference.

Check the Price

As for any type of purchasing, the cost is important when considering which embroidered clothes to choose. If you are buying online, you can easily jump from one store to another and compare prices among different shops. Online sellers impose shipping charges on you, so you need to find out how much you are paying in all.

Look Into the Embroidery Design

The design and style of embroidery can affect the price. The more stitches needed and the more detailed the design, the more expensive an embroidered clothing becomes. You should really be aware of the costs, especially if you are buying plain clothes or tunics with embroidery. Try to go to a local clothes maker if you want embroidery designs on your plain garments. But if you want new embroidered dresses, you can go to a local boutique or you can go online to look for sellers on the web.

Choose Where the Embroidery Should Be

Tell the clothes maker where you want the embroidery should be located. The good thing about embroidery designs is that they can be done on any part of the clothing. If you are having your company logo embroidered, you can go for the classic side chest embroidery. Logo clothing may have embroidery on the sleeve or somewhere that can be easily seen.

Choose the Right Thread Hue

Have a good contrast between thread color and the background fabric color. If their colors are too close, the embroidered detail may not be noticeable. Be careful when you try to suggest something. Try to look for sample work to know if your suggestion looks good in the actuality. Sometimes good vendors or dressmakers will tell you which color combination would work and which would not. Pay attention because it is not always your preference that would count. For instance, if you want your company logo to be on the tunic or corporate attire, you have to make …

The Triumph Thunderbird Motorcycle

While practically everyone on the planet has heard of the Triumph Bonneville, the Triumph Thunderbird motorcycle has not achieved the same amount of fame. And yet, the Thunderbird was at least as important to Triumph as the 'Bonny' in terms of sales and popularity .. it simply does not get mentioned as often. Among the Triumph faithful and aficionados though, the Thunderbird is perhaps the most important Triumph to be produced.

It all started with three riders driving across 500 miles at 92 mph on three different – but recorded as stock – Thunderbird 6T motorcycles. In 1949, that was a testament to durability, reliability and speed. From that year until 1966, Triumph produced the Thunderbird motorcycle out of the Meriden factory and shipped them all over the world. All models had a 649c.c. two-cylinder engine – a big increase from the 498c.c. Speed ​​Twin it was modeled after – and was mated to a 4-speed gearbox. It proved to be so well liked – sometimes loved – in the US that, after 1950, Triumph sold more bikes in America than it did in any other country including in the homeland of England.

The Thunderbird motorcycle went away after 1966 only to reappear in 1981 as the Thunderbird TR65. It was simply an 'economy' version of the T-140 Bonneville and was only sold in the UK and a handful of British Commonwealth countries. It worn three model years and then Triumph suffered some very tough times.

However, John Bloor bought the company back to full-on production in 1990. Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. of Hinckley began another model run of the Thunderbird motorcycle in 1994. This beauty had an 885c.c. 3-cylinder engine connected to a six-speed transmission and rode on very confidence-inspiring 18 inch front and 16 inch rear wheels. A tractable 69hp and 52ft / lb of torque carried the 485lb dry machine over any distance in any place you could find fuel. It was blessed with classic good looks, two-tone paint and historical emblems and exhaust. Like the first T-bird, it was built for cruising and its parts and accessories catalog was ready to help with anything a rider may need or want.

The Thunderbird 900 Sport motorcycle was produced in 1997. It had many upgraded components – wheels, brakes, suspension, etc. – and put 82hp to the ground – a significant increase. The design was slightly modified as well, but it retained its lovely retro styling. The 900 Sport was the last 885c.c. Thunderbird motorcycle to be made ..

Until the 2010 Thunderbird motorcycle was developed! The latest addition is a rather large twin with 1600c.c. in displacement, a comfortable cockpit, great handling and smooth character. It still lives up to the needs of a cruiser or touring rider, and it is a very exciting and well-balanced ride. The Triumph Thunderbird motorcycle enters a new century and a new icon is born. …

Some Best Romantic Birthday Ideas For Him

Whatever your relationship with your boyfriend is a new one or going on since years, he describes amazing birthday gifts from his girl at every birthday. Well thought of gifts are the best way to express your affection, love and care for your boyfriend, or even anyone on the occasion of a birthday. Men are usually not as emotively expressive as women; however, when they are extremely happy and overwhelmed they express their love by showering kisses and hugs on their lady love. Therefore, look out for such birthday gift items that will get you lots of affection, kisses and hugs from your boyfriend! Following are some great and even romantic birthday gift ideas for the special man in your life on the occasion of his birthday:

1. Romantic Gifts

Be creative and let your thoughts run wild (ahem! Ahem! Not that wild!) While coming up with romantic birthday gifts for your boyfriend. Plan a romantic day for him. Does he surprise you with flowers on romantic days, then why do not you start his special by delivering him a dozen red roses early in the morning with a love note? What can be a more romantic start of a special day? This gift will make him remember you for lifetime as the only girlfriend who gave him roses early in the morning on his birthday!

Now, next effort involves cooking! So brace up your culinary skills girl! Surprise him by cooking him his favorite dish. You can either do this at his place, or better still invite him over to your place. This way you will also be to decorate your pad for him. Along with a sumptuous lunch or dinner, also bake him a birthday cake! You can either plan a quiet and romantic candle light dinner for you two, or invite his friends over and throw him a surprise birthday party! If your guy is going to office on his birthday too, then keep showering him with love notes through the day! Or keep sending him flowers (preferably red roses) at every hour of the day. Make his day special by sending him different gifts at different times of the day, like one romantic gift each for morning, noon and night. Be creative and think of some amusing and romantic gifts that will remind him of you. You can gift him expensive pens, personalized cuff links, pen-drives, etc.

2. Gifts that he Desires

Think of something he expressed to possess the last time you guys went shopping. It could have some particular gadget, fashion accessory, an expensive perfume, latest music player, or anything else. If that something is way too expensive then another option would be to let him have the feeling of owning that item for a day! For instance, if he is a car enthusiast, then rent his favorite sports car or luxury car for the special day and let him drive through the city on his birthday.

The above mentioned gift ideas will surely …

Wedding Budget – Your Wedding Budget – Setting It and Sticky to It

With the average wedding costing somewhere in the vicinity of $ 30,000, it's important to have a set budget in mind and stick to it when planning your big day. A wedding is one of the most important, exciting times in one's life, a time that we all want to be absolutely perfect down to the last detail. But this does not mean you have to spend a fortune to have the wedding of your dreams. Here are five ways to keep your budget under control but still enable you to have what you want.

The Budget

As soon as you are engaged, it's time to set the budget and start planning for the wedding. A realistic budget is one that allows room for any unexpected expenses. Devote 25% toward the little extras that you were not planning on to ensure you do not go over that set figure.

The Dress

When shopping for your wedding dress, skip the wedding department and search for that perfect dress without going to a bridal salon. If a dress is labeled as a "bridal" gown, the price is significantly higher than it would be for a similar dress not intended for a bride. There are many prom dresses that look remarkably like bridal gowns in colors such as cream, ivory, white, and beige. Likewise, prom dresses are also excellent substitutes for bridesmaid's gowns, and usually go on sale in the beginning of June after prom season is over.

Also, check the internet and your local newspapers for advertisements for used or even brand new gowns, as weddings sometimes do get cancelled.

The Flowers

Flowers are a beautiful part of any wedding ceremony, however, it is true that they do only last for so long, which is why many bride's are choosing to spend more of their budgets on other things such as the photographers or the music. Instead of heading to the local florist, consider other creative ways of having beautiful flowers but without paying a fortune. There are many internet florists that charge a fraction of the cost traditional florists do, just be sure you're dealing with a reputable company and know exactly how and when the flowers will be delivered.

Many supermarkets have gorgeous flower departments that charge no where near the prices you'd pay in a flower shop. Almost everyone knows someone with some craft skills, enlist the help of friends and family to create your own bouquets, boutonnières, and decorative flower displays.

The Venue

If you're having a fall, spring, or summer wedding, consider changing vows in an outdoor setting in a location such as a local park. Many parks charge a nominal fee for wedding ceremonies and offer plenty of outdoor space with gorgeous, natural background settings. This way nature helps to decorate without having to spend extra money on flowers.

There are many museums and historic places that allow wedding ceremonies who also charge very little for the privilege.

The Cake

Instead of devoting a large portion …

Interesting Facts About School Uniforms That Will Surprise You

Whether you love or hate school uniforms, the reality is that these garments do have many undisputable positive attributes. Here are some interesting facts about them that will surprise you:

(I) Uniforms Reflect The Reality In Society

If you though that the restricted clothing in schools is just an artificial construct that hardly reflects real-life, then you are truly mistaken. Have you considered how many occupations require wearing of specific attire? This includes emergency service workers, hotel staff, military personnel (the army has various categories of garments such as ceremonial, mess and general duty dress, as indicated by the Australian Defence Force), air hostesses, pilots and so many more.

Even the professions that don’t expressly state specific clothing requirement also have unwritten dress codes. Why else do bankers and lawyers dress up in smart suits usually with dark hues – no fancy colors or outlandish clothes?

Just as you would go to work dressed in official garments and leave all your casual attire for home or casual use, so also should you feel comfortable wearing formal uniforms when attending your classes. If you really want to express your individuality and unique personality, then let that wait until you get back from school – most probably, that is exactly what you’ll be doing in future after a hard day’s work.

(ii) Could Uniforms Make You More Creative?

Have you noticed which countries such top designers as Miuccia Prada, Vivienne Westwood and Rei Kawakubo come from? Well, they all come from either Italy, Britain or Japan – countries that are known for their uniform policies in schools. However, the interesting thing is that the works of these designers are well-known for pushing the boundaries of fashion and art.

On the other hand, we have a group of designers whose works have an uncanny resemblance to uniforms. These include Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren. Where do these designers come from? Of all places in the world, you wouldn’t expect them to come from America, which has had a lot of flexibility in its school dress code.

Could it be that the experience of abiding by strict uniform policies, throughout the learning years, leads to more unconventional creativity, rather than stifling it?

(iii) A Cheaper Option

Every parent is sure to lament at the extra cost of catering for a child’s education, simply because uniforms have to be bought, apart from buying books, stationary, and other school necessities. This may seem like a hefty price to pay just for your child to learn. Wouldn’t it be so much cheaper if your child didn’t have to get any other clothes apart from the ones he/ she already has?

If you think wearing uniforms is more expensive, you haven’t considered how picky young children are when selecting their own clothes. Just when you think your boy or girl has all the clothes he/ she needs, you find yourself going back to the store for another pair of trousers or a new shirt, simply because the one …

WHat Are A Woman's 3 Most Basic Needs And How Can You Satisfy Them Every Time – Do You Know It?

We all know that women demand a lot and it's a man's job to satisfy those demands to survive in the dating world. You see if you are single as a man it would take you a lot of time to get a date again whereas for a woman it's only a matter of minutes to get back on the dating scene. All she needs to do is go a night club and that's it. If a man does the same he would not get anywhere. You see this is the reason why it's becoming extremely important to know what their needs are and how to satisfy them. Read on to discover some of the most important needs of women and how you can satisfy them …

Need for love- This is something every girl looks forward to all her life. Every girl wants her prince charming to come some day who would love her all her life. Therefore learn the art of loving and being loved in order to survive in the long term.

Need for emotional satisfaction- Now this is another major need almost every woman out there has. You should be a good lover at the same time a great friend who she can talk to when she has problems. You see if you can become the complete combo package there is absolutely no chance that she would ever think about leaving you for another man.

Satisfaction in bed- Now this is the big one. If you cant do this than she would go out there and find someone who can help her with this. You see physical satisfaction is equal or sometimes even more important than emotional satisfaction therefore equip yourself with all the possible information and knowledge on how to satisfy women in bed. One of the best ways to do is to read as many books as possible on women and what they desire in bed. …