Providing Emergency Wedding Party and Unique Wedding Favors

In some cases the hassles of the wedding may be too much on the wedding couple to the point that the wedding and unique wedding favors slip their mind till the event is too near. The bride and the groom have to rush and get the favors in a very short time. Also in other situations something may go wrong during delivery of the gifts as accidents, delay, wrong address or the supplier may fail to meet the deadline set. In event of any of the above quick measures must be taken to acquire the favors as fast as possible. In such predicament it is very hard to have your guests' favors personalized with complex methods; the use of printed labels can be used for temporary personalization.

To get emergency wedding and unique wedding favors the couple needs to consult the nearest gift shops to check on their products. The stores may not have enough tokens at the time so you can either buy some different shops or buy different favors. In the latter you can use the criteria as in different gifts for men and women. It is very unlicensed for most gift shops to miss something that you can use as wedding and unique wedding favors. Here the options to consider most of the factors affecting the choice in other situations are put aside, but if the choice is wide then try as much as possible to look into them and get the best as possible.

Another source of emergency favors is any supermarket near you; most of the supermarkets have wide range of products on offer ranging from edibles, electronics, decorations and many other items you can use as gifts as beauty products and containers, shavers, picture frames, watches and many more. If any favor desired is in not up to the number needed you can combine several favors knowing exactly who to give as some for the maids, best man and maid, parents, friend and guest of honor. In any locality there is a supermarket or a mall since this will be an easy source of emergency alternatives.

You can also use the clothing stores to quench your thirst for emergency tokens. Small items as handkerchiefs, scarf's and other cheap and affordable items can be used. Due to the double cost resulting from the failed delivery these gifts can stand in before the former arrives. Simple items will economically the spending especially if the earlier ordered goods will arrive later or the refund has not been received. These items are always themed so you can choose the theme that is closest to the occasion.

Edibles can offer the best wedding and unique wedding favors; they are cheap, easy to prepare in the shortest time and can be purchased in the shortest time available. Gifts as candies and cakes can be accessed from several shops around your town or city. In worst situation; little time and lack of funds you can go for the option of preparing …

Boldly Beautiful Summer Bohemian Fashion

Bohemian women’s dresses made from recycled sari silk are designed to make a statement with forever-stylish silhouettes. The silk dresses can make you look and feel sexy, uniquely printed upcycled sari dresses make you stand out in a crowd. Vivid bohemian tribal and floral patterns are for the adventurously bold. Be dress obsessed or possess one versatile piece, the 2 in 1 silk skirt dress that flirts against your body while taking a romantic stroll on the beach.

This season’s boho statement can be a printed silk halter top and ruffled skirt with leather beaded flip-flops for a totally bohemian girl child look. Boho tiered full-length maxi skirts create a lasting impact when paired with the mala bead necklaces. Cute casual day dresses, fitted and flared at the hips are perfect for an outing with friends or traveling and going from inside holiday cottages to beach parties. Explore cotton embroidered tunics and midi dresses that are great for mixing and matching, the spaghetti strap sari dresses bring out the best in you.

Kimono maxi dresses lend the perfect touch of bohemian elegance with effortless casual style for a sun-filled beach day or a spring wedding. The summer sherbet flowy, floral strapless sari layered dresses that barely touches your ankles, pairs with a denim jacket and sandals for an upbeat combination. Kimono sleeve long kaftan dresses in digital prints and soft georgette flatter the silhouettes for every outing.

Spring and summer are incomplete without floral colorful dresses. Mid-length and fitted dresses in vivid hand printed cotton with a waistcoat to shapeless loose and extra short, bohemian printed dresses, each carries their own style and make you feel cool and pretty regardless of the weather. Floral dresses in dusty colors and soft hues, and zig-zag cuts elegantly drapes your body. Extra long maxi, high low dresses to wrap skirts with layered and ruffled bottoms, there is so much to choose from.

Skirts with a bohemian spirit, mix and match styles, wrap around sarongs to gypsy flared skirts, casual chic or urban fashionista? Endless options in colors and styles, unusual prints, unique boldly colored flared gypsy skirt with a neutral top, accessorize at the waist with a cute belt. Try the divided skirts with chunky heels with a crop top for the daring you. Perfect for your vacation because they go with all kinds of tops. Crinkled rayon maxi or tie-dye midis, toss a pixie top and create an entirely quintessential wardrobe for the bohemian fashionista.…

The Most Popular Choices for a Mother's Day Gift

It is the month of May, and that means that it is time for us to start thinking about our Mother's Day gift choices. This year you need to have your Mother's Day gift purchased by Sunday May 12th. Some people have very difficult times thinking of things to give their moms on this day. All of our moms are pleased to just have a little of our time given to them so do not stress, whatever you get your mom will be appreciated and liked.

The all-time most popular item that is given as a Mother's Day gift is cut flowers like the ones from a florist shop. Most people order their mom some pretty flowers and if they can, they have them delivered. Mom gets the surprise of receiving a beautiful bouquet and she knows her child remembered her. Roses are the number one flower choice for Valentine's Day, but tulips and carnations are bought more to send to our moms.

Another popular Mother's Day gift that is chosen each year is some type of jewelry. After all, mom is female, and females like jewelry. The jewelry pieces like the rings and necklaces that have a birthstone to represent each child are very popular at this time of the year. Lockets that hold pictures are also popular items to give to mom.

Taking mom out to dinner after church is a great way of telling her that you love her and you appreciate all she did for you. The next best thing to taking her to dinner is to give her a gift card to a restaurant so she can go out to dinner anytime she likes in the next year. If the mom had to choose she would choose dining with you, so if you can be sure and go with your mom.

A new item that is gaining in popularity is the digital photo frames for mom. The digital photo frames hold many different pictures and the pictures are displayed like a slideshow, changing every few seconds to a new one. Some of these can even be loaded from remote locations so people who live far from mom can send her new pictures of the grandchildren easily. Before the digital versions were introduced the old version of picture frames was one of the most popular items to give to mom. Of course, the old version required you to have you photograph taken so you could place it in the frame. …

Help, My TI-83 / Ti-84 Won’t Graph

It’s 8 o’clock at night. Dinner is over. You’re sitting down to watch a movie or Monday Night Football — and then it happens . . . “Mommmmmmmmm (or Daddddddddddd), my calculator isn’t working. I have to turn in my math homework tomorrow, and my graph isn’t showing up.”

“This can’t be so bad”, you think. “I passed high school math. Heck, I even installed the Quicken Accounting System at work. How complicated can a calculator be?”

The last time you looked at your child’s TI-83 or TI-84 was in August at the office superstore; it was in the front of a shopping cart with on top of a pile three ring binders and notebook paper. It didn’t look so bad then, but now you take a closer look and there are all kinds of keys you never saw before on a calculator. At the bottom is something familiar — a normal looking array of number keys, and at the right are the usual add, subtract, multiply, and divide keys. But what the heck are “MODE”, “DEL”, “STAT”, “ZOOM”, “TRACE”, etc. ? What are you going to do? Who ya gonna call?


Here are a couple of really simple things to do; but remember, the title of this article is “Help, My TI-83 / Ti-84 Won’t Graph”, and that is really all that is addressed in this article.

The Graphing Buttons

Look at the top row of buttons on the TI-83/TI-84 calculator. There should be five of them, set apart from the other buttons; and they should have the following labels:

      [Y=]   [WINDOW]   [ZOOM]   [TRACE]   [GRAPH]

This is where all of your activity is going to take place.

The Three Major Problems

Most of the time when a graph is not displaying, there are three reasons:

  1. Graph Function.The graph function is not entered properly, or not entered at all.
  2. Graph Not Turned On. The graph function is entered properly, but graphing is not turned on.
  3. Viewing Window. The viewing window for the function is set to the wrong size or location.

We will deal with these one at a time.

Check that the Graph Function is Entered Properly

Push the [Y=] key at the top of the calculator. This puts you into the Y= editor screen. You should see a screen that looks something like this:

Plot1 Plot2 Plot3

Y1= 2X+1






The expression “2X+1” is just an example, but you need to see some kind of expression in the Y= editor screen, not just a bunch of blank “Y=” lines. If all you see is the following, then you need to add an expression:

Plot1 Plot2 Plot3







If you want to try a really simple expression to make sure that the calculator can plot, use “Y1=X”. This should plot a nice 45 degree line directly through the origin of the graph screen.

Check that the Graph Function is Turned On

It is possible that graphing of the …

Tips on Strategies to Create Free Printable Wedding Invitations That Look Superb

Free printable wedding invitations can be found all over the Internet, or you can even design your own. But, can you make them look good? From the paper you use to the quality of printing, it all affects the final printed product.

So, what are the tricks and tips that can take a ink-jet printed wedding invitation from shoddy to professional? To find out, keep reading and you'll learn exactly what is involved in turning free, printable wedding invitations into classic, professional-looking masterpieces.

Buy a High-Quality Paper Stock

When you go to print out your wedding invitations, you're not going to reach for a no-name package of copier paper. Instead, you want to invest in a heavy card stock that has texture, weight and an expensive feel. Not only will your wedding invitations be more fundamental and durable, they'll also look better. Aim for at least an 80lb card stock.

When buying card stock, you can purchase pre-cut card stock which is already laser cut into a classic invitation shape. These kits typically also come with matching envelopes and RSVP cards, though they can be expensive. Alternately, you can buy plain, uncut card stock and cut it yourself, but be sure to use a reliable paper cutter for a clean and straight cut every time.

Print With a Dependable Printer

The last thing you want is for your home-printed wedding invitations to be marred by streaks and running lines of ink. If you have problems with your printer, whether it's frequent paper jams or streaking ink lines, you may want to ask a friend if you can use their or have the invitations copied at a copy shop with laser printers or copiers.

Add an Embellishment

While sometimes a simple piece of white card stock with a well-worded and well-placed message can make a strong and classic impact, you may want to dress your wedding invitations up with a few embellishments.

Try adding a small bow at the top, or affixing a small charm or die-cut paper charm (these can often be found at scrapbooking stores). A style that's becoming increasingly popular is to print your wedding invitations on vellum paper, which is see-through and creates a soft, ghosted effect.

Pick a Font That's Clear

While many free printable wedding invitations are great – offering word suggestions, pre-formatted layouts and more – you need to be careful with the font selection. Look for an invitation that has a clear and easy-to-read font. Remember, a script font may look pretty and classic, but it could be a nightmare to decipher. …

How to Make a Woman Have Multiple Orgasms – 3 Sure Fire Tips to Blow Her Mind With Numerous Orgasms

Is one of your biggest fantasy is to have women moaning and screaming out your name from enjoyment during your interval? To really become the perfect lover in bed you must put away your desires and put all of your focus and energy into her. By not being selfish and giving her your undivided attention you will become incredible in bed and leave her body shaking and quivering from orgasms after orgasms. Below are 3 proven sure-fire tricks that will leave her dreaming about only you.

Understand her emotions and put it at ease

Women are much different from men. Women feed off feelings and emotions, while men feed off pleasure. When dealing with women put off your own pleasure's and keep her best interest in your brain. Talk to her, women love to talk, but do not be afraid to talk to her in a sexual matter. Explain to her your sexual fantasies in a way that you are not defending her and she will become comfortable enough to reveal you her fantasies. Once you know what she likes, bringing her sexual desires out until she is hot, and then do what she likes. Once you reach her sexual desires she will let you do more.

Have confidence and take control

Woman like men who are experience so they can take control in the bedroom. You should act very confident; confidence is the true key to success. Acting clumsy will make you look like an amateur and will only turn her off. If you can show her that you are determined and in control, because she will definitely respond to that. You can start by touching her genteelly, kiss her passionately and start slowly removing her clothes. Also, tease her a little bit, women love to be teased and by doing so she will only want you more.

Use the "10 o'clock and 2 o'clock" trick

No, I'm not talking about a specific time you should have sex with her. What I'm talking about is the positions of her clitoris (on either side). Use your tongue in a 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock motion right under the hood of her clitoris. By stimulating her clitoris in this motion she will very orgasmic, be sure to be gentle but consistent at the same time and she will be very appreciative.

Here's a bonus tip: You can really have your woman's thighs quivering from multiple orgasms by using this mysterious technique ! …

Your Prom Dress – Save Time and Start Your Search Online!

Are you ready for your long awaited Prom Night? One of the most exciting steps of preparing for your very first prom is picking out your dress. You definitely want to start this search early on so that you have plenty of time to find just the right dress for you and before the most popular styles sell out. The best time to shop before styles are sold out is December to January, even if your prom is not until late spring.

If you are one of many teens that prepare for prom through the entire school year – dreaming about it, thinking about it, planning it – rest assured that you certainly are not alone. In fact, most teen girls will start to think about and plan for their prom their entire high school careers! If you are like many other girls, you are no doubt going to stress over the kind of dress you want to wear and how good it will look on you. Finding the right dress for the prom is very important to many young women – you want to remember this magical night forever!

Search Smart

One way to start your search is by looking online. Not only will you find the best opportunities to comparison shop and save money, but you also have the option to view many different kinds of dresses and decide on the types and styles of dresses (and colors) that will best suit you. You get a much wider variety to choose from and you will have a great opportunity to find a prom dress that you will really enjoy wearing to the prom.

Finding a prom dress online also saves you lots of time, because you do not have to physically travel to many stores in order to find the right prom dress. You can search by category from your computer, which will save you many hours of driving and shopping time. Many online prom dress sites have very detailed pictures, as well as size charts customized for each designer's line – so do not waste your time running around from store to store! Save yourself the hassle of lost time and shop online.

Online Retailers – The Ultimate in Convenience

Stores that are traditionally good places for finding a prom dress will often have a great deal of options online for you to look through. For designer dresses, order early as styles are in limited production and hot prom dresses sell out quickly. Be sure to read the size charts carefully and, if in doubt, choose a size up. The money saved online can be used for custom tailoring locally after the dress arrives.

Multiple places on the Internet will allow you to search for both designer style prom dresses and discount prom dresses. Depending on what you are looking for, all of your options are usually laid out inside each prom dress store. The great thing about shopping online is that you will be able to …

All About Chef Uniforms Traditional and Latest Styles and Fashions

One very instantly recognizable uniform is the chef's uniform. The distinct chefs hat or toque, double breasted jacket and checkered trousers are easily identifiable and with the recent popularity in celebrity TV chefs, the recognizability has been pushed even further. One most distinct way of identifying a chef is by the toque or chefs hat. Even with varying colors or patterns of trousers and jackets, the hat is the single most distinguishing feature.

While no strict or stringent rules exist for the uniforms worn by chefs, a few common articles of clothing which serve several purposes are constant. The most widely used colors and textures are a pure white double breasted jacket and a checkered pattern, also known as hounds-tooth, for the trousers. The toque is always white and has always remained this way. One other important article of the uniform is the apron. The apron advances stains of the chefs uniform from food splatters or spills.

The chefs uniforms are not there merely for show, however. They also serve to protect the wearer and also, in some cases, display rank. The double breasted jacket is made of very thick fabric that protects the chef from the high heat of the stoves that he works with. The long sleeves also protect from splattering of hot oil or the spills of hot liquids.

The jacket itself is reversible so that it can quickly be changed over to hide major spills or stains. The buttons on the jacket were traditionally made out of knotted cloth. This rendered the buttons more robust and capable of withstanding numerous washing cycles. This would also serve to prevent plastic buttons from melting or disfiguring for the heat. The checkered hounds-tooth chefs trousers were useful in hiding minor stains because of their capacity of camouflaging minor stains. As with the jackets, the trousers are also made to withstand heat and flame.

The chefs hat or toque is used to denote the rank of the chef. This is signified by the height of the hat itself. Another interesting feature of the chefs hat is the number of pleats it has. Supposed to denote how many ways a chef can cook an egg, the pleats on the toque usually number one hundred.

Some chefs have personalized their chefs uniforms by adding colors and patterns or changes in design. Traditionally, however, the chefs uniforms traditional white and patterned are widely used and accepted the world over. …

Preparing For a Summer Wedding

May-August period seems to be the most popular time of the year to set a wedding for many reasons. The sunshine and the nice weather allow you to enjoy a nice outdoor wedding.

The first thing to consider when planning a wedding is the setting. The most popular locations for this time of the year are a beach or a beautiful garden. The long summer days are very advantageous if you plan to have a late afternoon wedding or if you plan the sunset to witness your wedding. Flower arrangements combined with fresh fruits and vegetables complete the decoration perfectly.

Once the location and arrangements have been settled the next step is to choose the bride's wedding dress and attire for the party. Since most of the wedding dresses are sleeveless or strapless, the options are various when it comes to finding a beautiful light fabric dress for a summer wedding. The bridesmaids can opt for colorful dresses to be in tone with the season and straw hats. Regarding the guests, men can wear beautiful linen suits for example while women can be very elegant in a slip dress. To complete the summery look women can also tuck a large flower into their hair.

Regarding the food, for a summer wedding the best option is to add fresh vegetables and fruits to the menu. If you plan to have a very elegant wedding fresh seafood will be a perfect choice. In case you are looking for something less sophisticated, you can easily go for a barbecue or casual picnic food.

For wedding favors you have several options, depending on the location the wedding takes place: sand dollars, seashells, small pots of flowers or even wooden fans if is very hot outside. Flower arrangements for a summer wedding give you the opportunity to choose amongst numerous type of bright and cheerful flowers like roses, purple orchids, sunflowers. If you plan to give a nice summer look to your wedding white and light colored flowers like white calla lilies, daisies, roses and many others come as a perfect solution. Take advantage of everything the summer season has to offer and plan a unique wedding using these tips and ideas. …

Shawls and Brooches – Getting the Perfect Fashion Match

Broaches have been around for ages, even way back to the Bronze Age. They were primarily ornamental pieces in Early Rome and Greece and were also used by European nomadic tribes. Aside from being decorative, brooches also had very practical uses then as it does now such as holding a garment together like cloaks, shawls or a neckerchief.

The allure of these pretty and practical pieces is still present today, especially as wearing shawls have become a fashion statement. When you need to fasten your alley together or secure it in place, a careful-chosen brooch will do the job plus give a nice finish to your outfit. Just make sure the brooch is lightweight if you're wearing it with a hand-knitted or any other delicate wrap.

In ancient times, it was typical to find brooches made of bronze, silver or gold decorated with various gemstones. Today, you will find brooches made from a wide variety of materials, not just metals, from fabrics to glass, in multitude of colors and unique designs like that of a Geisha made of hand-blown glass or hand-painted ceramic beads.

You can even have your brooches custom made so if you have a shawl that has a unique print, you can purchase a fabric brooch and have a matching gemstone added to it. You can use your birthstone to make the piece more personal. That's also a great idea for a birthday gift.

While you can certainly find very affordable brooches for your shawls, making them yourself is easy and fun. All you really need in addition to a dose of creativity are brooch backs, which come in different sizes, beads or other appropriate charms. You can find all of these in craft stores and haberdashes.

To make a shawl brooch, you can simply glue the decoration you've chosen onto the closed side of the brooch or pin. Some stitch or crochet on the decoration. Remember, use materials that are appropriate to the shawl. For instance, make a brooch with a light adornment such as a silk flower for a similar lightweight shawl so as not to weigh it down and ruin it. Silk flower brooches are, in fact, very popular.

Designer ones can cost up to $ 60. You can easily make these and other pretty brooches and you do not have to spend more than $ 5 each. It's up to you whether you just want to shop or make your own brooches. One thing is certain – these functional, fashionable pieces are here to stay. …