Free Online Dating Advice For Women – The Big 3-0 and You Are Still Dateless! What to Do About It

Okay, that may not be absolutely true, you must have dated or are openly dating right now. But who are you dating? Is it the man you think could be right for you or are you settling for just about anyone as long as they are able to talk? In the modern world of gender equality, women still have to contend with one thing that men do not – we still want to find the right guy and have babies, before we grow too old to have kids safely. This is why when we reach 30 and we have yet to find a guy to marry, no matter how much we try to deny it, we feel a bit scared.

Career-wise, we are already stable; we can even support a family of five! But the thing is, at the end of the day, you realize that you have spent so much time building a career that you have forgotten to seriously think about the other important factor in your future – a companion.

With online dating, you just might have another opportunity to find the right guy. You do not have to settle for someone that looks okay, you can have options. You may be wondering what difference it makes, you still need time to get to know him, to build a relationship with him. That is true, but the good thing here is that you get to choose the most possible matches to your personality or to your ideal man. And you do not have limits – the world becomes your playground. You get to meet people from other states, other countries even.

For a time, everyone thought that the bad press online dating suffered from is still true, but here's a newsflash – online dating has now become too mainstream for it to be dangerous. While it is true that some unscrupulous animals still hunt online, people like you are more knowledgeable of this technology and can readily take decisions against these predators. Additionally, the safety is better; most dating sites do background checks on their members at the very least. Moreover, you are smart enough to protect yourself by not giving out too much personal information until you are sure that he can be trusted.

So what are you waiting for? Your next successful date might just be in cyber world, waiting for you to show up. …

What Is Amazon’s Choice?

So you’ve received an email that one of your products have received an Amazon’s Choice badge. What is it? How can it help your business? This article will give you an in-depth definition of this feature.

What is Amazon’s Choice?

Amazon’s Choice is a feature that helps people save time and effort when looking for common, everyday items. Initially meant for Alexa-enabled devices like the Amazon Echo and the Echo dot, this feature has now paved its way to the website and the Amazon app.

The Amazon’s Choice badge is a recognition given to select products that meet a certain criteria. The criteria are a closely guarded secret; however, judging from products that received the badge – highly rated products and well-priced ones with Prime Shipping are the ones usually selected.

Amazon’s Choice vs Best Sellers

Amazon’s Choice is mainly a suggestion for customers buying a product for a specific query for the first time. So, if you have looked for pet seat cover for the first time, this would be on top of the list. When you asked Alexa for a car seat cover for the first time, Alexa will suggest products with the badge first.

This will not affect the customers repeat purchases, as what they’ve bought before would still be the one that Alexa will suggest.

Best Sellers on the other hand, are rated by the volume of sales of the product (while taking into account the historical data), relative to other products in the category. The rank is based on sales, not reviews nor ratings. So, unlike Amazon’s Choice you may find that some Best Sellers have low review ratings.

How to We Get the Amazon’s Choice Badge?

To receive such recognition, the seller must have an Amazon Prime, has received positive ratings from the customers and provide excellent service (mainly focused on fast delivery). These factors may or may not be the reason products get chosen as we know that the reason a product is chosen is a closely guarded secret, but it doesn’t hurt if you try to improve on these criteria.

The badge cannot be bought like an ad would nor can it be suggested. There isn’t any means to suggest your product to Amazon for eligibility.


Amazon is keen on making it as easy as possible for customers to find products that would satisfy their needs. It makes it easier for people to find what they are looking for faster and much easier than before. Thanks to Alexa shopping for a product for the first time is as easy as asking Alexa for it.…

Pakistani Wedding Dresses – What a Joy

Traditional Pakistani bridal dresses are a must for Pakistani brides. Otherwise she does not appear to be getting married. This is a life changing day for her. She will want to look elegant and beautiful. Some affluent families go to the point of buying very expensive dresses. This could be designed by a professional Pakistani fashion designer. But a graceful dress can be bought at a reasonable price. This is also a part of the expense and should be taken into consideration for a Pakistani wedding day.

For a groom the wedding dress is not that expensive. He wears a churidar pajama and kurta or shervani. Churidar is a tight fitting sort of a salwar. This is mostly made of silk which is a high quality fabric. He may also wears a topee on his head. The groom may look simple but the dresses are colorful. Some Pakistani weddings are getting westernized now. The males have started wearing trousers and jackets.

Brides are expected to keep their faces hidden in a veil. Some prefer to wear a burkah. Still they look beautiful and colorful. Both brides and grooms look elegant on their wedding. They are hero and heroine of the day. They wear lot of make ups. Wedding day is very memorable for both bride and the groom. They remember it for the rest of their life. Pakistani wedding dresses are becoming very expensive now days. Rich families wear lot of gold, diamonds and other jewellery. Girls wear expensive lehnga. This may cost to the amount of thousands of rupees. Pakistani lengha is rich with gold embroidery. Red is the most popular color. Some prefer to wear ghagra choli. Friends of the bride also look very beautiful in their colorful Pakistani suits.

Pakistani wedding dresses are woven in different fabrics. It could be silk, cotton, zari, georgette, or crape material. They have a lot of embroidery work done on them. This may be mirror, bead and cutwork. Pakistani shaadi as they would say it in Urdu is very different from other cultural marriages. The unique colors and designs stand out the most as traditional western mix, to create an exotic blend for the guests to see. This also includes the eye catching art of henna or mehndi.. This is where original floral patterns are painted on the bride’s hand and feet.

To find out more about Pakistani outfits it is the best to do a search for Pakistani clothes online.…

Bacterial Vaginosis Treatments for Women – How to Get Rid of Your Embarrassing Vaginal Odor Fast

It can be difficult to tell when bacterial vaginosis is present because sometimes the symptoms are hard to differentiate from what is normal to what is not normal. This is why so many women go without any form of treatment at all because they do not even realize that they have this infection. Although this is not a severe problem, it can become a separate one in the future. Recurring infections can become a problem as well as the infection actually gradually worsening into something else. You want to avoid that, so you want to treat it.

It can be difficult to tell if you have bacterial vaginosis since the only symptom is the smell. There can be a funky discharge, but it is not a direct symptom of this infection. The smell is really the only way that you can tell if you have an infection or not. This smell is very fishy and it is very strong to the nostrils. It is different from typical or regular feminine smell in that it is very strong and it just smells like something is not quite right. Once you know something is wrong with your body, now is the time that you did something to treat it.

There are plenty of bacterial vaginosis treatments for women that you can put your trust in. You do not have to have a prescription in order to get the best treatment possible. If you want to get rid of your embarrassing feminine smell, you can do that and you can start doing that from the comfort of your home today.

A great and very natural treatment for humanine odor is to treat the infection from the inside out. Your immune system plays a very vital role in your ability to fight off infection, so if you got this infection, you need to make some changes. Ensure that you are getting the right amount of vitamin C that you need everyday. Without an adequate amount of vitamin C, your immune system will function at a lower level. To make sure you are able to fight off infection, including your current one, you need to get your vitamin C levels at an acceptable level.

As well, another form of treatment for you is to use baking soda. Baking soda has the tendency to grow and to foam up when it is used with vinegar and this can work to "flush" the infection out of your body. All you need is a very small amount of baking soda and an even smaller amount of apple cider vinegar. Place the baking soda inside of your body, followed by the ACV and allow the entire mixture to bubble and foam up. This will allow your vagina's pH to return to a balanced level as well as kill off some of the bacteria that have been calling your body home.

You do not have to feel embarrassed by your vaginal odor when there are bacterial vaginosis treatments that can …

Today’s Fashion Defines Who You Are

My father worked in the military in the early 1940’s. His services came to an abrupt end with the conclusion of the Second World War in 1945. About twenty years later and being advance in years he use to tell us that, the best part of his work was in the laundry room where he pressed the officer’s army uniforms after they have been washed. The military uniform of those days were made from khaki materials. When you press it with a hot flat iron the lines will stand straight in the front and back of the trouser. This is when you apply a starch which also in addition makes the clothe shine after being pressed..

When he retired from the army we use to relish such stories from my father. He also taught us how to press clothes using a flat iron. Why am I narrating this story?. It is a story about fashion, which my father because he wanted us to be smart with our outfit kept telling us as we were growing up. I like fashionable clothes. My wife not always though, selects what I should wear, particularly on important occasions. She feels that she is the one qualified to select my outfit and I cannot wear anything until she has made her comments. If she feels that I am not appropriately dressed she will protest and I will have to change. She would always make a right critique and at the end of it all we will all feel happy and satisfied

To appear in your best and smart is the rule of a successful man. In my first year at college, I spent quite a bit of money dressing up, not necessarily to impress but, to look good like other students on campus from various cultures and countries. When I entered in a classrooms to attend lectures, I felt so confident and good about my appearance and my morale was also always high. In the end I graduated with a good degree and went on to pursue graduate studies.…

First Anniversary Gifts – It Just Takes a Little Imagination

Marriage is, at first, a testing time. Establishing a home together, getting to know each other, seeing what makes your partner tick are all things that are done in the first year of marriage. Then the first big test comes – what to get for the first anniversary!

The traditional symbol for the first anniversary is paper. This gives a lot of options if you use your imagination. Try to stay away from things like gift certificates unless you know your spouse particularly wants one, or it’s very specific such as a spa gift certificate.

Having said that money can be a great gift if it is presented well. There are lots of things to buy in the first year of marriage and sometimes people sacrifice personal things to make a home together. You could actually think of something to stuff the money into that is connected to their interests or hobbies. If your husband is really into cars, you could get a toolbox and stuff one dollar bills into it. If your wife really likes gardening then a garden tool set with one dollar bills in won’t go amiss.

Books are an obvious choice. Don’t just get them the latest paperback bestseller but get something they will cherish. Perhaps a whole set of books on one particular thing – car mechanics for example. Another option is to get a first edition of a book you know they like – this will have a special meaning for them and could actually go up in value.

Tickets to an event are always a good idea. Go and see a concert or a show. You could precede it with dinner and present the tickets to them in a really nice card.

Along those lines, a poem or love letter can really go down well if written from the heart. Always include another gift such as jewelry just in case though!

If you spouse is into technical stuff or photography a really good printer will be really well received. Another gift along the lines of photography is a photobook, perhaps of your first year together or of your honeymoon.

The first anniversary should be celebrated by both of you so something you can do together is always a good idea – perhaps plane tickets for a surprise vacation at the beach, or even a cabin in the woods.

All it takes is a little imagination and your first anniversary will be a great success.…

The Benefits Of Feminism

Divorce, custody, reproductive rights:

How come 85% of the children of divorce end up in the custody of their mothers? How come fathers are still not considered as "equal" parents to their children? How come families receiving Welfare prohibit the father from being present? How did abortion come to be a "woman's" right to choose instead of a "parent's" right to choose?

Crime and sentencing:

How come women routinially receive 50% less jail time for committing the same crime as a man? How come women can utilize the "abuse excuse" and men can not – a woman can shoot her husband, plead in court that he abused her, and receive a light sentence – but a man can not shoot his wife and get away with that? How come when a woman and a man face off in court, and it's his word against hers, she is believed and he is not? Is it possible we still regard women as being "morally superior" to men? After all historical evidence to the contrary, do we still believe women are less likely to lie or cheat or manufacture deceptions?

Health care:

How come 19 out of 20 people who die on the job are men? How come women live 8 years longer than men? How come 4 out 5 suicides are men? How come 85% of the homeless are men? How come breast cancer funding receives 5 times more support than prostate cancer funding even though they both kill about the same number of people each year? How come, since domestic violence is a 50/50 proposition – just as many women beat up men as men beat up women – government funds women's shelters and not men's Shelters?

Military Draft:

How come women can be Senators and Supreme Court Justices and Secretaries of State, and yet they never have to register for the Selective Service to defend the very form of government that allows them these high privileges? Are we creating an Aristocracy of Women? If our society allowed a special category of men who were born into a privileged position where they were never expected to perform hard physical labor nor fight in time of war, would we not consider these men a class of aristocrats? Why is it different for women?

The Real Problem Between Men and Women

The real problem between men and women can be traced to the fact that the pundits of popular culture have turned everything upside down. They have managed to completely misunderstand men's nature and women's nature, male habits and female practices.

"Mater", the Latin word for mother, is the root word of materialism. For thousands of years human beings have known that women are more materialistic than men. And yet we live in a culture which tells us men are the materialists. But if men are object-oriented and women are people-oriented how come six times more retail space is devoted to women's personal items than to men's items? And how come men play …

Taxation on Gifts

Receiving a gift or giving someone a present may have tax implications. Generally, the person donating the gift pays for the tax if there is tax to be paid. There are various rules that govern the taxation of gifts. Some of these rules are given below:

  • General Donation Rules – Gifts donated to individuals other than your spouse, a charity organization, or a political party, are subject to taxation if the value of the gifts is more than $13,000.00 a year for the 2010 and 2011 tax years. Form 709, “United States Gift (and Generation-Skipping Transfer) Form” is filed for the gifts that exceed this annual threshold. The annual cap is for gifts donated to a specific person and not the total value of the gifts donated to different people. The person who receives the gift is not taxed on the gift. Even if the utilization of the gift is to be in the future, a tax return still needs to be filed, irrespective of the value of the gift. For example, if a donation is given towards an individual’s retirement fund that cannot be accessible to the person until he or she retires, a tax return needs to be filed for such a donation, irrespective of the amount. However, if the donation is below the annual cap, no taxes will be paid.
  • Donation to a Spouse – A donation made to a spouse is not taxed, irrespective of the value of the gift. However, if you give an interest of a property to your spouse or receive such an interest from your spouse, and such a gift is set to lapse at a given future event, then a tax return needs to be filed on the Form 709.
  • Gift Splitting – If a married couple makes a donation of a gift to someone, then the value of the gift can be split for taxation purposes. In other words, the cap for such a gift will be $26,000.00 a year as each spouse will be utilizing their portion of the $13,000.00 tax-free-gift allowance. This is called gift splitting. You will need to file a tax return, even if the total value of the gift is less than $26,000.00 and you need to indicate in the Form 709 that both spouses were in agreement to the gift splitting.
  • Charity Organizations – Gifts made out to charity organizations are generally not taxed for qualifying organizations. Furthermore, donations made to charitable organizations are tax deductible. This means that you reduce your tax debt by claiming deductions with the amount of donations made.
  • Political Parties – Donations made to political parties are not taxable. However, such donations need to be used strictly for the purposes of political use, such as campaigns.
  • Tuition and Medical Expenses – Any gifts given to individuals for the purposes of education and tuition fees or for medical expenses are not taxable. However, such gifts need to be donated directly to the medical or educational institutions and not to an

Agoraphobia Is Not the Opposite of Claustrophobia

Agoraphobia isn’t the opposite of claustrophobia – but a lot of people think it is. In fact I used to think exactly that. I used to think exactly that even when I was suffering from agoraphobia. I was even offered the opportunity to join an agoraphobics group, but I said no because I wasn’t afraid of open spaces. I quite liked open spaces as long as no one else was anywhere near me. In fact if there was no other human being in sight, then that was OK as far as I was concerned. But that was all a very long time ago.

The translation of agoraphobia is ‘fear of the market place’, not, as many people think, fear of open spaces. The essence of the market place is people and human interaction. This is what is fearful. Places that agoraphobes typically avoid, or have problems with, are supermarkets, theatres, cinemas, crowds, parties. Places where a rapid exit might be difficult.

The fear is usually of showing oneself up in some way in the eyes of others. Typically agoraphobes worry about things like: vomiting (usually as a result of severe anxiety); fainting; having a panic attack; or suffering from a genuine health emergency like a heart attack. The concern is usually one of embarrassment – perhaps fainting and finding oneself on a supermarket floor gazing up into a circle of concerned faces who will insist on making a fuss and calling an ambulance.

Many agoraphobes manage to get by with a trusted helper who accompanies them when they need to go shopping or out socialising. This person is there to rescue them and take them home should anything bad, like a panic attack occur. But when that helper is not available life is very restricted.

If medical help is obtained the most likely result is medication with tranquillisers and anti-depressants. Neither of which actually solve the problem, they just enable a minimum level of functionality. The problem remains, like a monster in the wardrobe, waiting to show its scary face as soon as you turn off the lights,  or look the other way. So you are trapped. The medication keeps the monster locked in the wardrobe, but doesn’t get rid of it. Stop the medication and the monster is free once more.

Life as an agoraphobe is no fun at all.

So if you are agoraphobic and reading this I want to reassure you about a few things:

  • This is not a disease, but you can ‘heal’ it.
  • There is nothing physically wrong with you.
  • Your brain is as normal as anyone else’s.
  • The cause is the way you think.
  • The cure is changing the way you think.

Changing the way you think is not easy, but it is a lot easier than living the isolated, fearful, life of an agoraphobe.

When you think about the totality of the change you need to make, it seems an insurmountable task.

When you think about the single next step you need to …

Babies – Our Future, a Parent's Challenge

A Baby, a newborn child, brings joy to a family. A new birth is held as a time for starting fresh and as a time when the family unit must pull together to support each other and the new addition.

A human baby usually weighs somewhere between 5 and 10 pounds, and measures no more than 20 inches in length. They are known by the term infant, which comes from Latin and means 'unable to speak'.

A baby is born with a head that is in much larger proportion to its body than an adult. The larger brain size of a human is what causes pain in childbirth. The skull is not fully formed at birth, allowing it to move through the birth canal. The head will initially have soft spots know as fontanels, where the plates have not yet knitted together, but the bones will become solid as the infant grows. A newborn can not see very far, but will respond to cuddling and caressing. They will suck their thumbs as an instinctive knowledge of feeding. They can hear from birth and will respond to a female voice more than a male voice, and have a sense of smell. A baby will usually feed from the mother but can be fed from bottled milk. A baby will soon learn to crawl, but once they learn to walk are usually referred to as toddlers.

Sometimes a baby is born premature, earlier than expected, causing the newborn to be underweight, fragile and in a critical health condition. Some side effects such as mental complications, cerebral palsy, vision loss etc may come later but usually a hospital will take good care of the baby in a special ward. The baby will be placed in an incubator, an enclosed environment that can be controlled and sealed from harmful germs.

Babies have a special place for most people. We spend attention on them, we care for them, and make concessions for mothers with children. Babies are at the heart of a very large industry of baby food, clothing and accessories. Babies are usually spoken to in a high-pitched voice, possibly coming from the fact that they respond to female voice easier than males. …