Starting Social Networks for Women

Women are innately social creatures, and new technologies such as a social network have helped us connect faster and communicate better. Women can now find forums and chat rooms for just about anything they are interested in whether it’s business, parenting or just learning more about arts and crafts. These new kinds of online social structures allow us to share our stories, ideas and advice with other like-minded women.

But what makes one social network great versus any other? Let’s take a look at what we have discovered:

1. It all starts with a great idea that women are passionate about and an authentic leader. Pick a passion, niche, theme or topic that you love with a clear purpose. Ask yourself, will this be fun for me, and will other women want to join my network and tell their friends about it?

2. Set the right mood and invite people to your party. At first it’s easier to start with people you know and trust to convey your message in a friendly and clear manner. Your first 50 members will set the tone for a new social network, so be careful who you choose.

3. As the host you need to lead the way. Set up your own profile so people can clearly identify who you are and what your message is all about. If you have a brand or unique point of view, make it known right up front. You need to show people how to chat, add photos, videos or create their own blogs by doing it yourself first or providing training videos.

4. Get the word out by linking your social network to your blog or website. Include your URL in your signature on blogs and your social forums such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. You can also advertise on other websites geared to the same interests or begin a pay-per-click campaign. If you find someone that understands search engine optimization well, make them a friend real fast – you’re going to need their services.

5. Turn up the music. People want to be where the action is so start new discussions, add new posts, photos and new videos on your network often. Ask your first 50 members to help you promote this new material as much as you can.

A great social network distinguishes itself with quality content that women feel compelled to share with their friends. Once you plan, build and promote the party, you have to keep the excitement going. Then provide women with the ability to communicate with each other via chat rooms, instant messaging and email so they can easily share ideas, events and interests with each other.

Before you know it, the party is out of control!…

Elegant Wedding Favors Add to Memorable Weddings

At their weddings, most couples offer stylish little gifts called wedding favors to their guests while celebrating their love and unity. A wedding favor is an elegant gesture, expressing the couple's gratitude to their guest for attending their wedding.

As far as creating memories of a wedding is concerned, wedding favors have to be as important as the artistic invitations and thank-you notes. It is a pity that sometimes, rather than the couple's choosing the wedding favors, this significant component is left in someone else's hands. Although wedding favors can be thought of as minute details in a wedding, they are what will be left in the families 'and friends' possessions as mementos of the happy day for a long time to come.

From the various weddings I attended, I kept an ID button, several key chains, a bunch of silk daisies, candles, a bud vase, a tiny photo frame, a bottle opener, a wooden treasure chest box with its candy ateen, a demitasse spoon after I used the small package of espresso coffee that came with it, small sachets of dried flowers, and glass coasters with the names of bride and groom embossed on them. In addition to these treasures that could remain, the couples cave me a lot of chocolate candy, cookies, and even cupcakes. The truth is, I do not remember what I ate, but when I look at each souvenir, I remember the source.

Giving wedding favors probably started a long time ago when the bride and the groom wanted the people who watched their wedding carry an extra proof of it with them also. Wedding favors, to this day, serve the same purpose as proofs of a union as well as being keepsakes.

The favors you want to offer to your guests have to represent you as a couple while promoting longevity in some way. For my son and daughter-in-law, since their wedding theme was the beach and the dolphins, their wedding favors reflected their theme. After five years of their marriage, our families and friends still keep their dolphin shaped candles, tiny plates with dolphins on them that once had held chocolate candy, and the small china statuettes of two dolphins leaping.

If you decide to give edible wedding favors, it is a good idea to have the favors in reusable and stylish containers, so the guests can still keep the containers as reminders of your special day. If you want your guests to enjoy your wedding favors as long as they can, make sure that at least some part of the favor serves a purpose or is usable in some way. Otherwise, it may be left on a shelf to later make an appearance at a garage sale or in a Goodwill store.

Although there are no set rules for giving wedding favors, the presentation of the favors has to be taken into account. Their packaging style and colors have to complement your décor of the reception, since they will most likely be …

The Greatest Gift to Give a Child – Teach Empathy

SITTING with a little girl in tears, Aaron, himself just a little boy, doesn’t say a word. He just sits there with her, trying to imagine how she feels. She soon felt a little better.

Aaron expressed empathy in a very simple and profound way. A significantly foundational character building block, empathy is possibly the greatest gift a child can receive.

One of the key barriers to empathy in children, however, are social biases that all people tend to experience, like the in-group bias that suggests we tend to favour those we like; those we’re already in community with.

A 2014 study from the Netherlands found that such an in-group bias can be overcome by inducing empathy in a child toward another child in need of help.[1] In this study, children aged between 8 and 13 were asked “How do you think [name of recipient of help] feels?” A control group of children were not asked this question. Both groups of children were asked, “Would you help [name of recipient of help]?” In a significant number of situations, children overcame the in-group bias and were prepared to help out-group children when they were asked the simple question to induce empathy. This suggests that empathy crosses social boundaries in a powerfully positive way.

In simple terms, if we want children to help other children, we ought to realise that empathy helps. We should want our children to help other children, because it helps quantify the status of their moral compass. The practice of empathy helps draw out helping behaviours. When we know how someone feels we are more likely to help them.

Sierksma et al did not explore children’s empathic responses to disliked or stigmatised children. Perhaps the suggestion is that help given to such children may highlight an enhanced skill for empathy in children who would be prepared to help. Sierksma et al do note that empathy “has a critical role in morality… [and is] a powerful intervention strategy early in life.”[2]

Probably most significantly, Sierksma et al show that, through empathy, typical group boundaries can be transcended, simply by asking a child how another child feels – whether they are in the in-group or not.[3] Additionally, another study has shown how empathy in adults helps them value the person in need of help more.[4]

So, to teach empathy to a child can be as simple as asking them frequently how they think other children (or animals or adults) feel. This is an attempt to connect them with their own feelings, for our own feelings are always important to us.

Teaching empathy to children is powerful in their development, because empathy is shown to transcend social biases all humans struggle to overcome. And, because empathy is also a vehicle for empowering a person along a forward trajectory, it gives back to the person giving it out. What parent would not want this for their child?

When children are empathic they show kindness, care and compassion that overcomes barriers to …

The Handbag – A Logical History of Handbags and Purses

Have you ever thought about the origin of the handbag and purse? Handbags are now an essential part of most women's wardrobe and like shoes they command the high ground in terms of clearing your look. Walk into a room with a Fendi or Chanel under your arm and you will be noticed no matter what else you are wearing. So where did it all begin and what is the origin of the handbag?

The Logical Origin of the Handbag

Pouches or bags are depicted in Egyptian hieroglyphs and there are many references to pouches through early history. But it really is common sense that there must always always been some sort of bag our pouch for us to carry our essential possessions in. We have only ever had a maximum of two hands and you can bet that we learn very early on that if your hands are full you can not do anything else like for example fight, hunt, farm or climb. So I think it goes without saying that 'man' has evolved with a bag on 'his' shoulder. So, while we are making bold assumptions lets assume that the only thing holding back the evolution of the bag was the available materials and methods of manufacture. If our predecessors had the where-with-all to make garments to keep them warm and protected they would soon realize that if you take a small square of animal skin, put your stuff in it and tie the corners together you can now look after your valuables whilst on the move. They would not have called it a Hobo until the 1890's!

OK, so having established that the handbag was limited by the available materials and methods of manufacture it is probably safe to conclude that the early pouches were lacking in functionality and other aspects (not the available range of colors). So, continuing this downhill slide of assumptions. Someone is bound to have made their bag in a way that was better than the others. So this bag would have been bought after item. Ah now we are getting close. So "I will make you handbag but you have to pay me in return" and it goes without saying that the best bags will command the highest price (human nature). But it will also be essential that those who have the best can be seen to have the best so that we all know who is on the top of the tree (human nature). So I want my bag to look different from their reasons because I want them to know I have the best. So there are going to be those who have it and those who want it because the others have it. Ah Fashion I think!

Fashion YES but still with a complete sensitivity and practicality. During 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th centuries clothes and handbags or purses were driven by a tangible need but limited by the development of materials and manufacture techniques. The quality of fabrics …

5 Important Traits of a Good Girlfriend

I have asked some of my guy friends about what they think makes for a good girlfriend / partner in a relationship. Most of the time my friends said sex. That was it. Just sex. Well, I did get a few other nuggets out of them when I pressed for deeper and more meaningful answers.

1. She does the little things – No, I'm not talking about your undersized rated R superstar, guys. If you're working, does your girlfriend offer to get you something to eat or maybe stuff to drink? Does she get you random funny toys and trinkets just because? Does she send you messages telling you she misses you? These are a few things that let you know your woman cares. If your woman does this, you might have a keeper. If it's some random girl you do not know and have not met, then you may have a stalker. Tread cautiously. 😉

2. She waited to have sex with you – There was a time when I thought this was kind of BS However, it turns out that if a woman waits to explore the depths of your, errr, loin, then she cares. The woman wants you to know that she thinks your special and wants to wait to share that intimate connection with you. So if you go out with a woman and she will not sleep with you, do not be discouraged, she's probably into you, especially if she keeps agreeing to go out with you. Just be prepared to have your manhood questioned by your "boys."

3. She has a life of her own and it is not all that bad – You've been there. You've dated that woman; the clingy one. She's more akin to saran wrap on the face or a life sized magnet than a person. Oh yes! You know what I'm talking about. This is the woman that gets pissed off when you want to go out with your buddies and not spend time with her. She can not be alone; she can not be in some type of relationship. That type of woman is insecure and needs to suffocate you for something that she's lacking in her own life. A strong and confident woman will have her own life that she wanted to share with you because she wants to, not because she needs to. This is exactly the type of woman that is ideal to be in a relationship with.

4. She makes a hell of a wing man – I'm not talking about the wing man that helps you pick up chicks at the bar, though, that would be kind of hot. I'm just saying. What I mean is that your girl makes you look good in front of your superiors at work at the company parties. She makes you look good in front of your friends, too. That is, when she's not too busy dissin 'your bedroom antics. Okay, I'm kidding there; but a gal …

Learn How to Make Your Hips Look Narrower

Girls, if you have wide hips then there are ways to have them appear slimmer. You can dramatically change the way your body looks simply by wearing the best clothing for you. Although it cannot eliminate pounds, the right wardrobe can give the illusion of a slimmer midsection. To make your waistline appear slim and trim, give a few of these tips a try.

Select bottoms that have wide legs. A great way to make your hips appear smaller is to avert attention away from them. This can be accomplished by buying pants with wide legs (not pants that are too big! Pants that have wide legs!) This will create symmetry with your hips and legs, creating a consistent look. Wearing pants that are looser in the thigh area can help to make your thighs seem smaller and is a good option for women with fuller figures.

Try an A-line type skirt. Wearing tight skirts that pull or highlight every curve on your body tends to make your hips look larger and brings more attention to them. Wearing an A-line skirt can help minimize your hips. This type of skirt is also great for pulling in the stomach and shaping the bottom.

Shift the focus off of your hips. Wearing shirts that have embellishments on them helps to draw the eye away from your hips and keeps them from being the center of attention. Choose tops with attractive neckline, sparkles, or an unusual pattern. Since people’s attention will be drawn to your top, they will not notice your hips.

If your hips are a problem area, minimize them by wearing blouses that keep them under wraps. You can also minimize your hips by wearing tunic-style tops. These overlap your hips and behind, hiding the exact measurement of your waist. Do not confuse a loose t-shirt or bulky sweater with a tunic. If you wear clothes that are too large, you will appear to be larger than you really are. Rather, choose fashionable tops that fit well and cover your middle section.

Try not to wear clothing that fits too tightly. Wearing clothes that are too small is just as bad as wearing clothes that are too big. If you want to minimize your hips, do not wear something that is tight and form-fitting. When you wear clothing that is too tight it actually brings more attention to your hips which is the last thing you want if you are trying to make them look slimmer.

To look your best, make sure the bras and underwear you buy fit you well. The easiest way to get your hips to look slimmer is to wear some underwear that shapes you. It is important that the lingerie you choose makes your waist look tight and smooth. Not merely will you look thinner, but your rear and your thighs will come into view free from cellulite! A set of waist-slimming underwear is a must to help minimize your hips.…

Top 9 Teeth Whitening Myths Busted and Common Questions Answered

Myth 1 – Teeth Whitening ruins your tooth enamel

Not generally true! Professional Teeth Whitening product suppliers mostly use Hydrogen Peroxide or Carbamide Peroxide as the active ingredients in their tooth whitener gels. The chemical Hydrogen Peroxide (HO) is a bleaching agent which converts into water (HO) and releases an Oxygen molecule (O) in the process of the chemical reaction. Both Water and Oxygen are common, safe components of our everyday lives.

The Oxygen particles penetrate the rough surface of your tooth (even though they appear smooth, they are microscopically rough, rod like crystal structures) and dislodge staining particles. I like to explain this by imagining the TV commercials which show how a clothes washing powder with oxygen lifts stains from your clothing.

The “bleach” Hydrogen Peroxide is not the same as household bleach containing ammonia, or other low-end, acid based tooth whitening products, and can be swallowed, within limits. In fact our own bodies produce Hydrogen Peroxide naturally!

Acidic products can remove enamel from your teeth. Look for teeth whitening products using Hydrogen Peroxide which is pH balanced, meaning they have no, or low acidity levels. Putting acidity into perspective, you should be aware that everyday Orange Juice is shown in lab studies to soften (and potentially erode) tooth enamel by many times more than a professional hydrogen peroxide based tooth whitening gel could, if used correctly.

Myth 2 – Teeth Whitening is not Safe

Not true! Cosmetic Teeth Bleaching with Hydrogen Peroxide has been in use for 100 years. Most recognized dental bodies worldwide endorse tooth bleaching as a generally safe practice, when simple safety steps are followed. Any professional supplier of teeth whitening products will include adequate instructions for the safe use of their product.

Safety vs Risk with tooth whitening is generally centred on 2 main issues: Exposure of the gel to the gums and soft tissue of the mouth or lips, and tooth sensitivity. Both can be minimized by using professional products and minimizing the amount of time the bleaching gel is exposed to the gums or teeth.

As with any cosmetic procedure, there are potential risks. Thankfully with professional teeth whitening any side effects experienced are temporary and are not permanent. As with most cosmetic procedures, you may have to endure some discomfort to look better. Sometimes I call this “Vain Pain”.

Myth 3 – All whitening Gel is the same

Not true! Of the two major professional gel options, there is Carbamide Peroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide. Both produce the same active ingredient Hydrogen Peroxide, but Carbamide Peroxide acts SLOWER on the teeth and is recommended for use only with an Accelerator Light (I will talk about that later) or for overnight use. Carbamide Peroxide concentrations contains roughly 1/3 of the active ingredient, Hydrogen Peroxide. As an example, 35% Carbamide Peroxide is roughly equal to 12% Hydrogen Peroxide.

Because Hydrogen Peroxide is an unstable chemical which reacts immediately, it is more expensive to produce. Many vendors offer only Carbamide Peroxide based products as a …

You Need not Be an Amateur Juggler on the Lead Up to Your Wedding Day – Use Experienced Jugglers!

The venue, the cake, the dress, the bridesmaids, the suits, the flowers, the accommodation, the button holes, the honeymoon, the cutlery, the tableware, the celebrant, the photographers, the ….. – oh my god ! have I forgot anything!?!

You have a 9-5 job, a social life, a weekly gym schedule and 365 days (or maybe less) to organize your dream wedding. Your mum keeps asking you "what date are you getting married and have you chosen the venue yet" your bridesmaids are wondering what they are going to be wearing – YOU ARE WONDERING WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO BE WEARING! and how much will you have to spend. What flowers are in at the moment? When can you get to the florist to sit down and discuss bouquets – oops! you've got another wedding to attend so probably not today. Maybe you decide to sit at home and look through the internet tonight but you are so tired and just need to sleep! OVERLOAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Breathe deeply dear beautiful bride-to-be you do not need to carry this WHOLE thing on your shoulders!

Wedding coordinators work to satisfy the wedding couple so as to make their special day truly memorable. They have creative vision, are highly flexible, outstanding people / relationship skills, their organizing is second to none and they can negotiate with wedding suppliers and save you a lot of money. If tense situations arise they will be there to smooth things over for you and their maturity and wealth of experience in their field will mean that they are fully equipped to handle emergencies.

Having a wedding coordinator will save you time, money and sanity on the lead up to your special day. They will know all the latest decorating trends and of course all of the traditional styles. They will keep in touch with you on a regular basis and let you know when you need to sit down with certain suppliers (or of course – they can do it for you). You may choose to have a wedding coordinator to help you plan all of your wedding day or just some of it – its your call and at the end of the day – the final decision on how your wedding will be all down to you.

Here in Byron Bay & Tweed Shire we have some of the most experienced, passionate, and professional wedding coordinators – weddings are their forte so use them as best you can.

Atmosphere Byron Bay Events is owned and managed by Wedding Stylist Deon Demouche. She brings years of experience in Event Management and coordination in fashion, corporate events and weddings to Atmosphere – Byron Events, to provide assistance with any stage of your planning. Elevate your event out of the ordinary.

Byron Bay Weddings & Events is owned and managed by Creative Director and Wedding Planner Jane Magnus. She provides professional wedding planning, efficient coordination and creative design with a modern approach to assist you in your busy …

Cellophane Bags Protect and Preserve Any Gift

Giving gifts for any occasion is always a fun thing to do, from picking out the perfect gift to finding the perfect wrapping options for the gift. And while it is true that a gift can be wrapped in wrapping paper, it is also true that it can be wrapped with attractive, patterned cellophane bags. Most of the time when you buy a gift, the gift is put in cello bags to carry them to home.

The most common misconception regarding these types of bags is that they are harmful to the environment so they should not be used. People think that by using them they are damaging the already damaged environment. But the truth is that these cello bags are made from regenerated cellulose. For that reason they are fully bio-degradable.

Additionally these cellophane bags do not shrink, but are rather heat sealable and are FDA approved for food use. For this reason you do not need to think twice before using them.

Cello bags have lots of uses, from the usual packaging of goods to microwaveable food bags for left-over food. One great use them is to use it as a gift package. These days we see bags which are made to look transparent and have a paper-like film. You will also find cello bags used to wrap gift baskets.

There are many varieties of cellophane bags used for small gift baskets and souvenirs, but there are also some traditional types of bags made from cellophane, such as the standard flat cello bags. They are made from high clarity film with a good stiffness to them. This film provides excellent moisture resistance and at the same time stops the oxygen flow in and out of the bag.

There are also heavy-duty flat cello bags. They are much thicker than the standard flat bags. These heavy-duty flat bags provide a perfect oxygen and moisture barrier which protects the objects within the bag. Another type is the standard square bag. The standard square bags are the same as the flat style bags. They are suitable for packing candy and chocolate due to their clarity. They also provide protection from moisture and oxygen.

The final cellophane bags style to be looked at is that of the heavy-duty square style cello bags. They are thick and heavy with a high clarity film that provides good stiffness with an excellent moisture barrier. These types of bags are usually used to wrap the food and other heavy stuff.

The effort that is taken on a gift to make it presentable and look more attractive can be achieved by wrapping the gift in a beautiful patterned cello bag. By taking this care you can leave a lasting impression on the heart of your loved ones. It is said that the first impression is the last impression so you should really make the best impression with your gift and choose beautiful looking cellophane bags to wrap your gift with and ensure your gift is well presented, …

Promotional Products – Show Client Appreciation

Promotional products have its greatest value in today's world. Promotional gifts or items create an everlasting impact on any of the client, as they would soon get attached to the business. These are the best way of showing one's gratitude towards the valued client. Gifts make a personal attachment with both the clients and the customers, making them attracted towards you and your business. Moreover, in near future it helps to receive more business from the clients. The gifts keep your company in touch with the clients and wherever they go along with this items, your company will be reminded.

Promotional products can be used to show gratitude towards the client and also it adjoins an advertising crusade. But the most important thing is to select the appropriate gift so that it can straight away touch the feeling of a person. Therefore, to assist you in a better manner and to find out the correct promotional item, one must visit online stores. Here one can get the perfect gift as required and that too according to ones budget. Promotional products like conference bags, printed pens, umbrellas etc. have special impact on the client and the customer as well. The gifts spread a company's brand message and identification providing the munificence of the company amongst the customers and the clients. These kinds of products provided by online stores are durable and worth valued.

Uniqueness of the company can be easily scattered, as the products generally go with the client to their homes creating an impression on the client's family members too. The gifts presented, must be eye-catching, so that it can convey the message of your brand to the others, which will greatly increase the number of your client. Any company can get the best gifts and items of its own choice from online stores -the real gift supplier of the trendy market. Furthermore, if you do not wish to face the hassles of the shopkeeper, you can do shopping in just one click online can get the best available information from there. The best assistance from the service online can be well assured and that too too right at your door step.

Online stores provide the customers with the fastest delivery services and endow with the most recent promotional products . These products compose a familiarity with your company's products. Therefore, if you wish to get success in a short span of time, you must start with the preparations of gifting from today. The best way to create the impression on the client is to gift them these items and that too of the best quality and within your budget. The best online shopping can be made from online stores where you can also get the best selection of different gift items. …