Wedding Gowns Of Some Cultures

We used to see traditional white wedding gowns and dresses worn by brides. As per tradition, the white gown is said to represent the virginity of the bride wearing it. Yet not all brides all over the world wear this traditional wedding dress as they tie the knot with their groom. All countries and cultures have their own traditional wedding attire and it is quite interesting to know them.

For instance for the American Indians, a long dress that is finished with lots of fringes and embellished with many beads is traditionally worn by the bride. The garment’s different colors are representation of directions like North and South.

For the Africans, the traditional bridal attire is comprised of matched fabrics with vivid and bright colors. The bride also wears a gele headpiece, an iro wrap skirt, an iborum shawl and a buba blouse.

While most brides of the world stick with white gowns for their weddings, Chinese brides are different as they use a bolder color red in their wedding attire. The Chinese culture believes that red is the color of good luck and thus the Chinese people uses it as an essential element in most practices they have including weddings. The bride’s gown and the venue decorations like a lantern have to be in red. In China’s northern part, the bride’s traditional attire is a single piece of dress called the Qi Pao. It is intricately designed with silver and gold. While in Southern part of China, the bride traditionally wears a Cheongsam or Qun Gua or Kwa. These are outfits consisting of two pieces of garments with golden dragon or phoenix embellishment. When arranged marriages were still normally practiced in China, the bride wore a red colored veil during the entire ceremony. It will only be removed to reveal her face on the wedding night.

In Hispanic culture, brides usually wear a slim fitting dress with a bolero over it. An alternative to this is a dress in flamenco style. A Spanish-influenced mantilla veil is worn by the traditional Latin American and Mexican brides. Also a bride can wear the dress passed down to her by her grandmother and mother as a way of showing her pride for her family and as a means of paying respect to the ancestors. Beneath the wedding dress the bride has to wear a lingerie which she has sewn with red, blue and yellow ribbon to symbolize passion, money and food which all brides wish for their marriage. No traditional Hispanic bride would wear pearls on her wedding as these people believe that pearls are like tears which may bring grief to the married life ahead.

In India, Brides wear white and red saris. These colors for them symbolize purity, wealth and fertility. During the days before the wedding ceremony, the bride’s feet and hands are painted with elaborate henna patterns. These paintings called mehendi are made by the female members of the family.

While in Ireland, brides often wear a dress …

Wedding Guest Etiquette Advice

There is quite a bit of etiquette and tradition surrounding weddings, and it is not only meant for the bride and groom. The wedding guests also have their part to play, and if they abide by the rules governing good taste and decorum, the wedding will end up being a more pleasant event for everyone present. These are a few simple things to keep in mind when you are invited to a wedding.

The number one thing that a guest should remember is that it is in fact an honor to be invited to a wedding, not a chore. Nor should a wedding invitation be seen as an attempt at bribery. It is actually an invitation to participate in a very momentous event, no matter what the cynics see. Because of this, wedding invitations should be accepted, unless you have a pressing conflict, such as another wedding on that date, or if you can not afford to travel to a far-flung destination wedding. Dinner at the White House would be a good reason to decline a wedding invitation; an interesting movie being released on the wedding date would not. Either way, do your hosts the courtesy of accepting or declaring the invitation as soon as is practical.

Assuming that you have accepted the invitation, the next thoughts on your mind are likely to be your wedding attire and the wedding gift. Etiquette does hold that a guest has up to a year after the wedding to send a gift, but it is really much better to send it before the wedding while the excitation of the event is at its highest. Contrary to what many people believe, you should not bring a gift to a wedding as you would to a birthday party. The only exception would be if you are bringing a check, which you could discreetly slip to the groom at the reception with a handshake and a heartfelt "Congratulations!".

The dress codes for weddings have relaxed just as they have for everything else, but there are still a few basic principles that it would be wise to obey. The number one rule is that only the bride should wear white. A female guest who wears an all-white ensemble will certainly be the recipient of the shocked stares of people who think she is trying to upstage the bride, even if that is not her intention. An all-black outfit used to be equally taboo, although you do see a quite a bit of black worn at weddings these days. Just save the solid black dress for an evening wedding, please. In general, the female guests should wear pretty dresses with exquisite jewelry to an afternoon wedding, and can break out their fancy cocktail dresses and more elaborate wedding jewelry after 6pm. The men will wear suits during the day (or a blazer and trousers to a semi-formal wedding), and tuxedos or suits in the evening.

Many of the other rules of wedding guest etiquette are the same as …

How to Handle Women – A Playboy’s Method to Handle Women and Make Her Beg You For Sex

When it comes to choosing a partner, women pursue a very specific set of qualities in a man. Most men find it hard to get the women they want because they don’t possess these qualities. While most men seek the ‘silver bullet’ to make them better with women, the fact is that they won’t be able to shortcut the process because women are able to detect fakery very easily. Therefore, it is very important for men to know how to handle women, and to be able to display those desired characteristics effectively at the same time.

Now here’s the kicker…

The good news is that you do NOT have to change in order to be the man that women want to pursue. However, you will need to know some tricks that will enable you to handle women more effectively. I hereby bring you…

3 Deadly Effective Ways To Handle Women

1. Conceal Your Weaknesses. This is rule numero uno. Men fail in relationships because they expose their weaknesses too early in the game. It’s fine to show the ‘weaker’ side of you when you have already had sex with the woman about twenty times in five days, but if you come across as a total wimp in the first ten minutes then you can be sure that you won’t get into her panties. Ever.

2. Conceal Your Emotions. When you’re in her company, you might be in a vulnerable situation where you feel the urge to react emotionally. Remember that you are always being tested, so be as emotionless as possible. Act as if nothing bothers you at all. All (yes, ALL) women test their potential mates by making them jump through hoops. Call her bluff.

3. Bring Her Through An Emotional Rollercoaster. Learn this strategy and thank me for it. Women love drama. Give them pleasure, and then pain, and then pleasure again. She will be hooked on you like how she is hooked to those sissy tearjerkers and soap operas.…

Beekeeping Clothing and Tools

Most people are unaware that honey is the only food available that contains everything a person needs to live – including water. Since it joins and absorbs water, it is great to used on minor burns or as a treatment on dry hair. Many lip balms or creams use honey as an ingredient. In order to make a pound of honey, a bee has to visit more than two million flowers.

A beekeeper is a person who keeps bees in order to collect beeswax, honey, or to sell bees to other beekeepers. The oldest known evidence of honey collection goes back to 13,000 BCE. That is when rock paintings of honey collection were made.

Of course, there have been some advances in the art and science of beekeeping – especially in the are of clothing. Having the correct beekeeping clothing is of the utmost importance. New beekeepers usually wear a hooded suit and gloves or a veil and a hat. The face and the neck are two vital areas that need to be protected. Clothing is usually light colored and smooth which is the opposite appearance of bees natural predators. Predators are mostly dark colored and furry. There is even beekeeping clothing from for children being exposed to the beekeeping business.

There are additional accessories that beekeepers can use to help them. A smoker is a tool that is used to put smoke into a hive. It helps to keep bees from stinging the beekeeper. The smoke does not hurt the bees at all. Some say that the smoker is just as important if not more important than beekeeping clothes. A bee brush is useful for brushing bees off of clothes, hair, or other items without hurting the bees. A hive too is used for opening the bee hive frame or scraping.

Beekeeping is growing in popularity. It's partly because of renewed interest in learning how to produce food for yourself and the interest in eating organic foods. People can take beekeeping classes and learn about beekeeping clothes and methods of beekeeping that can help them on their journey into the field. …

Special Anniversary Gifts For A Girlfriend

Giving gifts on special occasions such as anniversaries requires an imaginative mind. When a man's goal is to please his girlfriend, he must think about the things she loves the most in order to be successful. Many fail to impress their loved ones by getting the wrong kind of item. When it comes to choosing the best thing to wrap though, there are no specifications regarding price ranges and class. All it actually takes is a keen eye on her interests which would later on guide you into picking out a product that will definitely be appreciated. Whatever idea you have in mind does not have to bear a six-digit tag for it to work. Rather than doing a rush buy in order to get to the future in time, plan ahead and you can be sure to impress your lady without reaching your credit limit.

A personalized scrapbook is one thing that easily catches the heart of females. It too is the best way of making her believe in your innate thoughtfulness on top of love and care. You can include photos, sayings, and short stories relating to the times you have spent with each other so far. Make it very personal in the sense that it would look like an entertaining story between the two of you. Label the pictures with specific dates and time if possible. This type of gift does not really necessitate too much spending but demands you to sweat some ample time for preparation.

Searching for the perfect gift may still be a problem even for those who have set savings aside for this intention. The problem now is on narrowing the choices down to the most appropriate ones. While the idea flowers and chocolates have been practiced by men to the point of abuse, this has still been deemed a pleasant surprise for those of the opposite sex. Neverheless, setle with posh items if you really want to spend lavishly for the occasion. Offering a new jewelry set such as pandora charms bracelets is a very good example to win more of a woman's attention. Doing this will insure her that it is your goal to work hard for her happiness.

For relationships that need reconnecting, it would be wise to get gifts that would allow the couple to some private time with each other. Reservations to a romantic dinner for two followed by spa services before finally retiring to an exclusive suite will absolutely rekindle the magic. …

Women’s Faux Fur Coat – A Unique and Affordable Gift

Looking to make a killer impression this holiday?

If you are shopping for the the special lady in your life, why not add women’s faux fur coat to that list? It is sure to win her over, and your pockets will thank you for it.

Why faux?

Fur coats are associated with glamour and luxury, and for good reason – they are so expensive it is almost impossible for the average income to afford one.

They are also controversial. A real fur coat is made from an animal, and many groups and individuals are against the killing and suffering of animals. If you are among that group, you will be able to indulge guiltlessly in this fashion trend by buying the imitation fur.

Faux fur coats are more durable and well made now than ever before. It used to be that a mock fur was associated with cheapness, and they looked like a forgery. But those days are over. It is virtually impossible to tell the difference between the actual and fabricated coats that are on the market today.

Pseudo fur doesn’t just look good, the coat you buy yourself or your lady will be warm as well as stylish. There are different lengths to choose from, and if you want the epitome of glamour, consider a fur stole. Fabulous!

Don’t be late!

Shopping early is the best thing you can do, as the holidays create stress for everyone involved. The fewer mistakes you can avoid is the better your holiday will be! You will be sitting pretty sipping your favorite drink while the others are being trampled at the mall.…

Gift Ideas Under $ 50 for Your Brother

He is that guy who you grew up with and shared many memories with. He can make you laugh, cry or mad. He can be the guy who drives you nuts. But above all, no matter what, he is the guy you absolutely love.

After all these years of knowing him, sometimes you still get stumped on what to get him during special occasions. And if the gift is not the right one, you'll probably never get the end of it. So, how do you solve this? Try these gift ideas that just might work for your dear brother. Best of all, these items are inexpensive so it will not break your budget.

Usually, start with knowing your brother's interests. Some of his interest can vary from time to time so it is best to be updated with his current ones. Trends in the market may also interest your sibling so bear that in mind.

If your brother is a rabid sports fan, make sure you know his favorite team and get busy searching for a gift with his team's insignia. Examples are the coffee mug, key holder or even bike plates. Make the gift even more personal by putting his name or initials on it. He will surely love your thoughtfulness and maybe spare you some ribbings for an indefinite time.

Another sports fan favorite is the hooded sweat shirt or more commonly known as the hoodie. This gift is ideal for your teenage brother, who will definitely love wearing it over and over again. Having his team on his sweater will show his love for the game.

If, however, your brother is now more of the corporate dresser, sports team cufflinks might be more to his liking. Increase the bar of his sophistication by giving him a cufflink capturing his team logo in sterling silver. He is not only sending a message that he is a big fan of a sports team, he is also making an elegant fashion statement! And he has to thank you for making him look clever in a suit.

If your brother is more of a techie, he will surely love to receive computer accessories. A mouse pad is simple but useful. Make it more interesting by having his name on it. A USB bracelet is also a practical gift especially if it is still a student. A laptop accessory kit can also be handy for your techie brother.

If he is more of a gamer, a game certificate might work for him. You do not need to choose the game for him, he can choose it himself. Or a headphone might be more to his liking, and yours as well. A headphone will muffle out the sounds of his game so that you can have more peace and quiet at home.

If he is a movie buff, a lot of collector's items can easily be availed. From t-shirts to action figures to clock radios, these items capture your brother's favorite movie. It …

Acrylic, Melamine and Tritan, Oh, My! Five Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Plastic Tableware

If you’re shopping around for plastic tableware, you’ve no doubt seen that plastic glasses and dishes come in a vast array of styles, types and even qualities these days. Since each promises a different set of features and benefits, choosing the right plastic tableware may seem a daunting task. But don’t despair! Here are a few tips to help you decide which type of plastic best meets your needs, and how to know exactly what you’re buying.

Tip 1 – Don’t just shop for “plastic,” because not all plastics are created equal:

So true! Ever had indestructible plastic glasses that last from year to year, while others break the first time they’re dropped? How about plastic dishes that scratch like crazy after a few uses? What about plastic plates that overheat after just seconds in the microwave — or glasses that clouded in the dishwasher?

Though frustrating, these common issues aren’t really defects in the plastic, they’re just differences. More than a half-dozen types of plastic are used to make tableware – from unbreakable Tritan and budget-friendly SAN, to scratch-resistant Melamine and decorative Acrylic. Each offers its own benefits and drawbacks.

Knowing how different plastics perform and how to tell them apart when shopping can ensure that the plastic dishes, glasses and serving pieces you choose best meet your needs. Tips two and three will help you do just that.

Tip 2 – Decide on the features that matter to you before shopping:

Shopping for plastic tableware would be a cinch if a single plastic offered it all -unbreakable, scratchproof, dishwasher and microwave-safe. Unfortunately, that plastic is not yet invented. So of the plastics that do exist, which option is right for you?

Do unbreakable, dishwasher-safe products top your list? If so, spending a little more on unbreakable Tritan or Polycarbonate plastic items is well worth the years of use you’ll enjoy. For a little less, SAN plastic products are almost as durable, and casual looks in Polypropylene are equally durable and very inexpensive. Avoid anything in Acrylic or Polystyrene.

Are scratched dishes your pet peeve? Then Melamine dishes are your best choice for long-term satisfaction. But you’ll have to forego the convenience of microwave heating.

Are microwave-safe dishes a must? The selection is slimmer, but there are some choices in plastics made specifically for the microwave. Look for dishes under the brand names Nordic Ware, Miracleware and ExtremeWare – and avoid products made from Melamine, Acrylic and Polystyrene.

Are you drawn to decorative or themed dishes? Trendy designs and seasonal themes are widely available in plastic tableware. Very decorative glasses are generally crafted in Acrylic, but be prepared to hand wash to keep them looking their best. You’ll also find plenty of decorative and themed designs in durable easy-care Melamine dinnerware.

Is cost more important than longevity? Inexpensive seasonal Acrylic and Polystyrene tableware is plentiful on store shelves. But with plastics, you do get what you pay for. These low-cost styles won’t hold up under impact or in the …

Personalized T-shirts Allow Consumers to Express Themselves

The personalized clothing industry is enjoying a recent boom, with celebrities from Madonna to Nicole Richie sporting their own personalized fashion all over the streets of L.A. Personalized clothing presents the opportunity to create something unique, that no one else has. Customers are only limited by their own creativity.

Many stores and sites allow you to add your own text and images to shirts and clothing. For the more conservative designers, most stores allow you to pick an already popular saying, or choose from stock clip art. From there, the customer can pick colors and fonts, and apply it to almost any item. Some of the most popular sayings include “Cowboy butts drive me nuts” and “Democrats are cuter, who ever heard of a hot piece of elephant”. Other popular items include bridal party, and bachelorette party shirts for the entire group.

Personalized T-shirts and yoga pants are already widespread in Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago. With this trend taking off, expect to see more and more personalized clothing in the more fashion forward cities around the country. Don’t expect this trend to die out anytime soon either. There will always be a want for something no one else has, and always be a desire to personalize clothing to make it one’s own.…