Corporate Gifts – The Simplest Way of Branding Your Business

August isn’t too early to think about Diwali gifts when you are talking about the true gift for Diwali especially Diwali corporate gifts.

A corporate gift plays very important role in fast progression of any corporate organization. The secret of the success of a corporate house today depends entirely only on the relationship that a company develops with its business clients and customers.

Companies are becoming more and more picky about their gifts. They just cannot have a better way to impress their customers at the same time put their brands into the hands of the clients by giving a personalized gift.

Here are some ideas tips to select best Diwali corporate gifts.

Gourmet Gift:

Diwali is the time to indulge in every way and this definitely includes nice food! So this can be the best Diwali corporate gift. Gifts consisting of sweets, dry fruits, cookies and chocolates make an excellent Diwali gift for employees. This festive hamper reflects the prosperity and joy and will also convey your best wishes for your dear business associates.

While selecting gourmet gift items, go in for popular and exotic tastes. Since Diwali is a family festival keep in mind the taste of kids and other family members so that everyone finds something interesting in the hamper.

Decorative Items:

On Diwali it is very common for most people to go in for house re-decorations hence decorative items make a highly appreciated Diwali gift. Preferred gifts in this category include sculptures, candle holders, hanging bells, flower vases, Rangoli, show pieces and paintings. On the auspicious occasion of Diwali stylish Puja accessories like Diya and silver Puja Thali can also be considered.

Crockery Item:

Crockery items is a traditional but top-selling gift for Diwali. If the recipient is a connoisseur of wine, an attractive gift would be a range of bar accessories like an ice bucket, cocktail shaker, bar tool set, wine bottle rack, leather hip flask, wine glasses, surahi / pitchers etc. For the homely ones go for a tea – dinner sets and stylish glassware. On the high end you may go for stylish silver accessories.

Stationery and Desktop Items:

Stationery and Desktop items make a perfect gift for corporate Diwali Gifting. You may easily gift them to your business clients and partners or employees. Interesting gift items in this category include coaster sets, business organizers, timepieces, reading lamps, portfolio bags, silver pens and other writing instruments etc. It makes a remarkable corporate gift. Also utility gifts like – coffee sets, watches, Thermos flasks-there is an interesting variety to consider.

Everybody wants something unique and something different. After all it is not only a commodity. It’s a message. A gift says a lot about the giver and about the receiver. About the relationship, the connection between the two.…

Planning a Wedding at Home – The Challenges

Planning a wedding at home has a lot of benefits, hence a lot people tend to overlook the negative side of having wedding ceremony at home. Having said that, first of all, it is obvious that you will save a lot of money. There is no cost cutting exercise to go through, no rental of ceremony or reception venue, no bookings of wedding hall to deal with. When it comes to food and beverages aspect, you have the freedom because everything is close by and can easily be monitored. cake cutting fees is non-existence when planning a wedding at home.

You need to remember that planning a wedding at home can go wrong big time if careful attention to safety, strict monitoring and all necessary guidelines is put in place and followed. The first constraint to deal with when planning a wedding at home is the number of guests you house can accommodate; and therefore you need to plan for more toilets facilities. If Statistics of planning a wedding at home is anything to go by, it is said that the comfortable number of wedding attendants per toilet is thirty five.

There are other several important factors to considered when planning a wedding at home. One of those is the ceremony place, where you and your sweetheart will exchange vows. You should make sure your guest are not exposed to sun, hence they will get sun burnt. And also, too much of light ray might ruin your photos. Iam talking from experience here. You better take note. Holding a wedding ceremony at home is not very pleasant as experience has taught me and my lovely wife.

Lastly, l hope you have learn a thing or two from the article. When planning a wedding at home you need to keep in mind of the weather situation. You should be observing the weather and make provision for a tent to guard against sudden downpour of rain. As l have pointed out in this article, planning a wedding at home is not risk free, therefore proper attention should be paid to the safety of the children about their movement to the toilets(they might accidentally block the tap and leave the tap running and every where flooded)and around the swimming pool. Planning a wedding at home is a challenge without doubt and the same time a great joy if all went well.…

1600 Century Weddings

Are European weddings as glamorous as the US weddings? I think so since Europe is the founding place for wedding favors and its very old traditions. Back in the 1600 century Europe was a country of noble men and women. These noble men and women would have wonderful events to celebrate their love for one another.

The early noble men would invite many people around to come and join their festive time, and to help them celebrate the coming together of man and woman in marriage. The early 1600 century noble men would give out different types of candies to the guests who would attend their wedding reception and helped them with their event.

As time moved on, the candles become gifts and larger types of items which these days we call them wedding favors or wedding favor gifts. So are European weddings as great as they sound, I would think so considering they were doing for many many years and probably have giving gifts for weddings down pretty well. but you may fill different, you might like certain things and feel that the wedding theme for you is not necessarily the same wedding theme for someone else. I feel that each person has the right to have their wedding look however they choose and they should be allowed to express their love to their reception.

If you like to see some really great wedding favor ideas that that I have put together then check out the information I have below. I hope you have a wonderful wedding and I hope all your planning works out for you. …

Successful Dating – Women Over 40

One of most difficult things anyone of any age can face is dating but those over 40, particularly women, can have even greater problems. At this age career and children can present greater obstacles than those faced by younger women. So women over 40 would be well advised to seek out advise and carefully choose their methods to minimize problems.

Online dating can be a boon, especially if you find dating online services and chat rooms specifically for the middle aged. Using a service designed for those over 40 also eliminates the chance of being disregarded for age alone.

At the beginning, the chats and instant messaging give you an opportunity to feel out the other person before going further with any possible relationship. Caution is still advised, however, because the possibilities of deceit must always be kept in mind and personal information should not be divulged. Because of this you may want to move on to membership services.

In a membership service people are screened, must pay fees and have a credit card. This goes a long way toward eliminating those who may participate for less than honest reasons. Still, caution is advised. You should only meet a person from one of these services in a public place and you should let family and friends know where you will be.

Do not overlook the possibility of help from friends and family. Many people who are introduced by mutual friends or acquentions go on to very successful relationships. This can be a way to meet more trustworthy people also because someone in your circles already knows the person and something about him.

A non-traditional way to meet people that is gaining popularity is speed dating. Men and women sit down in pairs and interact briefly, then move on to another person and so on. At the end of these so-called speed dating parties the participants are given a chance to indicate those who would like to meet further and any matches are given each others information to take it from there. Events specifically aimed at middle-aged people increase the chances of success.

Clubs and religious organizations should not be overlooked just because they have been used for decades as successful places to meet compatible people. There are also special tours, events and even cruises set up for singles and these can be fruitful ways to find relationships.

Care should be taken not to mix dating and children too soon. Children easily attach to men that their mother's are dating and this can lead to heartache and problems if a relationship ends. Also, meeting your children can fix the image of you as a mother so sturdy in someone's mind that the person you are also is hard to notice. …

Top 10 "Save-the-Day" Fashion Fixes

You’re about to have your “red carpet” moment when you casually glance at the effortless swish of your knee-length frock and notice the hem has fallen. Or, perhaps, you’re radiant in head-to-toe summer white, when your dinner partner splashes a bit of red wine on your blouse. We’ve all had it happen-no need to fret.

We’ve consulted a team of experts- Vanessa Wakeman, owner of Indulgence event and wedding planning, in White Plains, New York; Renee R. Klein and Zoe Schaeffer, co-owners of Presse, a high-end fashion boutique in L.A.; and Jen Goodkind and Jayne Chase, co-hosts of “A Fashionable Life” radio show-to help you navigate even the most unexpected fashion emergencies.

Healing Heels

You’re ready to mix and mingle in your strappy stilettos and-as luck would have it-snap goes your heel. “You don’t want to spend an evening hobbling around,” says Klein. “Instant Krazy Glue To-Go is the answer. I always carry it with me.”

On the Spot

For treating spots and stains, Chase swears by Tide to Go sticks: “I carry at least one in my purse at all times.” Other remedies: get rid of makeup stains with baby wipes, which also help remove lint from clothing and dirt from shoes.

If you’re fortunate enough to catch a deodorant stain before leaving the house, Schaeffer recommends steaming the garment with a traditional steamer “or hanging it in the bathroom during a hot shower.”

A Bad Run

You can always rely on an old standby-clear nail polish. “Paint just a dab on a stocking run, and you’ll be good through your event,” says Schaeffer. Another quick fix, says Wakeman, “is a dash of hairspray.”

Weathered Leather

Nicked your leather bag, shoes, or belt? “Carefully touch up the area with a matching colored Sharpie,” says Schaeffer.

Hem havoc

The beauty of a sewing kit is that it’s compact and multi-functional. Goodkind divulges, “I always take them from the last resort I’ve been to,” which makes them free, too! Masking tape or duct tape can also come in handy. Grab the lighting guy/gal or musicians at the event, who usually carry tape in case it’s needed for their equipment.

Simply Strapped

Falling or snapped bra/dress/shirt straps can be a real nuisance and the easiest and most obvious answer is: “A safety pin,” says Chase. “Always carry small ones, which are less visible but still secure.”

Zip It

If your zipper is not ready to rise, “a bar of soap or wax candle rubbed gently onto the problem area should help it loosen up,” advises Wakeman.

Cute as a Button

If you have a button that’s floor bound, clear nail polish will come to the rescue, again. Dab the top of the button to prevent it from falling off. Another way to keep it tight: a storage bag tie. Peel off the plastic and thread the button with the metal strip.

Better Sweater

Rub a piece of Velcro up and down the fabric to remove sweater pills. For snags, take the tip …

Catch Your Man with Gifts the Three Magi Did Not Think Of

It is said hat the way to a man's heart is through his stomach? Why take the longer route when you can immediately get his heart with the right gifts?

When a Woman Wants a Man

During courtship, a man gives the most romantic of gifts. Flowers, chocolates, jewelry and trinkets, and expensive dinners are always sure blockbusters with women. That is easy. But when a woman likes a man, the situation becomes tricky. If you were in this situation, you would not want to give gifts that would blatantly give your "honest intentions" away. You can not give him frankincense, myrrh, and gold. You are in the electronic age, after all.

Be honest. You want a gift that will keep him thinking about you even when he is in the middle of everything; something that will remind him of you the moment he gets out of bed; and something that will make him laugh and feel better after an 8 to 5 grind. Whatever, you want something far from corny or too impersonal. Just something cool so he will not suspect you're the one who wants him so badly.

Gifts So Right

If you're in this puzzler, the trick is to be honest with yourself. You want him to notice and appreciate your gift, short of prostrating himself before. With your gift, you want him to think about you, even when he is in another woman's arms. Your target is to get him, and get him you must with practical but memorable gifts. Men are boys and lovers at heart, and once in a while, they want to be pursed.

Before zero hour, think about your most wanted man before rushing out to get the gift. The gift should suit his personality type, job, and interests. At this point, you can not afford to give him titillating gifts. Wait until you are his girl, officially. By that time, you can give him adult cakes for fun, skimpy underwear, and big boy toys.

In the meantime, while you're waiting in the wings, get him a barbecue grill cover with his favorite football team logo. If he is a sleepy head, give him a travel alarm clock with your very special message engraved for eternity.

For the business man, give him an business card holder (with your name engraved) or a magnetic money clip. These are things he'll have to take with him everyday, mundane things, but with practical uses and with a covert purpose. Each time he pulls out his wallet holder or money clip, he'll think of you. Nice try.

Go goofy. Make your would-be darling laugh with fire starters that burn up where the face of Bush is embedded. It is comic relief for a busy man at the end of a busy day. Go for the gag keychains which blurt out funny movie quotes from his favorite actor. He can always have a little humor in his pocket to amuse friends at any place.

Gift-giving to catch …

Anti-Aging Beauty Makeover – What is the Best Makeup For Looking Younger?

Many women have a problem with makeup. Although they instantly spot another woman who looks great, they cannot copy that look no matter what they try. Often, it’s because they get stuck in a rut when it comes to makeup. Anti-aging is not simply eating right, exercising, and the like…it is everything from prolonging life to feeling good and looking your best.

Makeup can help you look great whether you are at home cleaning your house or out on the town. Choosing the right colors and the appropriate textures are the most important factors. Of course, the base can make all the difference. As skin changes over time, so should your makeup. The base or foundation plays a big role. Make sure you choose the one that complements your skin, and skin tone. Under the foundation you should have a clean slate. Then, the proper moisturizer.

Now, you can begin. Start by applying your base, preferably with a damp cosmetic sponge. This ensures proper coverage and avoids clumping and caking. Follow up with a powder. These two products will ensure that your cosmetics “stick” and stay on longer without running.

Eyeliner: The older you are, the more you should steer clear of liquid liners. Use a pencil liner instead. Also, perhaps you should opt for browns or dark browns instead of black liners. It softens the look.

Eyeshadow: As you age, the wrinkles of the eyelids are more apparent. Avoid creamy and sparkly shadows at all costs. Instead, try powders. They don’t enter the creases as much, therefore they give your eyes a more youthful look.

Mascara: Always use mascara. Again, you can go with dark brown. Mascara makes eyes livelier.

Blush: As we age, our “rosy” color fades. In fact, the older we are, the more gray it becomes. Brush on some blush in more neutral tones with a real applicator blush brush. Throw away the brush that comes with the product as it makes it very difficult to apply and often causes streaks.

Lips: Use a lip liner! Match the lip liner to the lipstick! The older you are, the more you should opt for a lip stain which will avoid any running.…

Is it a Gimmick Or a Real Sentimental Gift

Dad certainly does not need any more socks; mum's fed up with the sight of more flowers, the mahogany dresser is buckling under the weight of all the ornaments that have been bought for them over the years. This dilemma will come to all of us at some point and you really need to start to look for something a little different, something that the recipient would really enjoy receiving.

You can never tell if your gift is well received, most people are just too polite to say that its not what they really want or that they already have four of that item in the cupboard and two selling on eBay. We spend so much money on gifts that people just do not want because we are short of ideas and can not find any inspiration and so end up wasting our hard earned money on a gift that will end up in the back of a drawer or even given back to you as a gift 5 years later. so how do I find a gift that I know they would really like.

A gift that brings a tear to ones eyes are the best by a long way, the raw emotion the spontaneous reaction lets you know that you have made the right purchase.

We all have that favorite photograph of a loved one from the past or present but most end up in the drawers through fear of getting them damaged. Technology today now allows for such photos to be engraved on all different kinds of materials from men's cufflinks, ladies pendants, key rings and so much more. The idea is that you will always have a loved one close to you at all times and in my experience a treasured photo that is engraved means more then just a photo in a locket. Grandchildren engraved onto everyday items such as key rings is a great gift for mum and dad, certainly something they would have not received before. Personalized gifts are always a good idea when you are unsure what to buy, it can transform a simple gift into one that solely made for the recipient. Engraving technology allows for personalized messages to be engraved on champagne glasses that can be given to just about anyone for any occasion. …

Undercover Shopping

Close your eyes for a minute and visualize a world where the bare necessities were more than just oversize grandma panties and boys in their younger years learning how to unhook a bra. Underwear should not only be recognized as the body's first line of defense against the cold and uninvited guests, but it should also burst with character, exude femininity, and make a woman feel at ease all at the same time. Lingerie, as some of us prefer to call it, is as essential to a woman's wardrobe as syrup is to pancakes. Some women are turned off by the whole idea because they perceive it to be demeaning to the gender or painfully uncomfortable. But for the confident female and the appreciative male, lingerie is simply indispensable.

When people think about lingerie, they hastily imagine tight, raunchy bodices that could only fit a life-size Barbie. But in reality, lingerie could easily be the modern-day American woman's petticoat. As far as the essentials go, you'll need something versatile and comfortable without sacrificing the opportunity to be sexy such as the the Sheer Ribbons Collection from * Elle Macpherson * Intimates. This special range of lingerie makes use of exquisite ribbon textured mesh with narrow lace trims and satin ribbon detailing that creates a functional yet flirtatious experience. The underwire bra, in particular, seems to be a best-seller due to its wide hook-and-eye back closure, adjustable straps, and overall stylish comfort. You can get it for only $ 55 at and start being and feeling sexy anywhere, anytime.

Some women desire an extra flair in their strut. One way to get that is to explore how the world of lingerie can improve your swagger and raise that bar of confidence a little bit. For a more fearless approach, you could browse through and find that perfect little number you could prance around the city in. It can be quite intimidating for someone, but once you start clicking you'll find all your inhibitions slowly melting away. They have a good selection of corsets that I think can bring out the best in anyone who wears them. The Stretch Jacquard Corset takes the classic Victorian undergarment and adds a splendid modern twist. This form-uplifting bustier is made of comfortable stretch material, elegantly hidden underwire cups, hook-and-eye closures, and adjustable straps, and is available in black, red, or white. If you buy it now at $ 40.95, you can have the corset plus removable garters and a bonus g-string. To achieve the full effect, you can get the stretch lace stay-up stockings with silicone gripper elastic for an additional $ 13.95.

Who else can boast of time-tested, celebrity-hailed intimate apparel but Victoria's Secret. Their universal appeal and evolving creativity attract people from every nook and cranny in the world. For discount shopping at its best, check out the special lingerie collection on sale at and begin to understand the beautiful potential of the female form. The items are individually priced …