20 Items You Need to Remove From Your Shopping Trolley NOW!

A recent poll from the Co-Operative Bank has shown that inflation is already beginning to kick in – and the public are changing their shopping patterns to suit. This is a classic example of how inflation can change society in unexpected ways. If there was a massive tropical storm and the banana crop was wiped out people would eat more apples rather than pay extra for bananas. This type of thinking is now being reflected at Supermarket checkouts up and down the UK. The interesting point to me is that the list of 20 luxury items being left on the shelves by shoppers shows nothing (absolutely nothing) that a frugal shopper would be buying anyhow. Here is the list, alongside my comments:

1. Flowers – available for free in every woodland and hedgerow in the UK.

2. Magazines – it's hard to find a magazine nowdays that does not have the same (or very similar) content available on the web for free.

3. CDs – rather than buy a new CD just listen to your current one, or adapt a "one in / one out" strategy – for every new CD you buy; you need to sell an old one on one of the online marketplaces.

4. Bottled Water – Evian backwards is Naïve. Enough said.

5. Hand wash – nothing beats good old fashioned soap.

6. Quilted toilet paper – "ownbrand" does the job.

7. Candles – these might look nice, but they have not served a valid purpose (outwith power cuts) since the days of Thomas Edison.

8. Branded washing up liquid – as per the toilet roll, "ownbrand" will do the job. Think about it this way, Tesco, Asda et al do not have their own brewery. The "ownbrand" cans of Lager on their shelves are being made somewhere. It may well be the case that Tesco's own lager is in fact very, very similar to the brand sold elsewhere on the shelves. The same applies to almost every other item in the store.

9. Organic produce – organic produce could be available for free every day of the year … In your own back garden.

10. Branded food – use the Credit Crunch as an excuse to go fresh. Lay off the macaroni and cheese and go for a homemade dish.

11. Fresh coffee – I'm not a coffee drinker so it would be unfair for me to comment too much on this one. I do know, however, that your body craves whatever you have to eat or drink a lot. If you drink a lot of Coke then your body will crave coke. If you drink a lot of wine then your body will crave wine. Taking things forward, if you drink a lot of low cost coffee your body will end up craving low cost coffee – problem solved (the knack of course is sticking to an inferior product while your body adapts).

12. Uncut bread – the best thing sliced ​​bread is (wait …

How to Look Slimmer

No matter what their size, most women want to look slimmer. By wearing clothes that are suitable for your body shape you can look as much as 10 pounds slimmer. For those who are tired of dieting or just can not seem to lose those last few pounds choosing clothes that are right for you and suit your body type will make you look slimmer – instantly. This is how it works; we are all built with our weight distributed in different places, which makes us unique. Manufacturers are not concerned about how clothes look on the average female but how looks on models. They create fashion looks for the ideal body type. If you do not have the ideal shape and wear whatever is in style or looks great on someone else you may be hiding your assets and dressing to make yourself look bigger, out-of-proportion, or unattractive. The last thing we want to do is create a look that makes us appear larger or out-of-proportion; however, that's what we do when we are not aware of the impact of line, design, proportion and color. Line and design is much more that wearing horizontal stripes, it is how the lines in the garment are formed, the shape and proportion of garments and how they are used to create the best look and how the lines of the body interact with the lines in clothes. Also, with color, it is not simply what color looks best on you (which is very important) but how color works with the lines of a garment to determine the final look. Here are some general guidelines that will create a slimming look but is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dressing to your full potential and looking slimmer.

Tips to Look Slimmer:

1. Do not wear frills or extra material that adds bulk. Do not wear bulky sweaters, or sweatshirts.

2. Avoid shiny fabrics such as velor and satin.

3. To make your legs appear smaller wear dark hose. Do not wear patterned tights.

4. Do not wear oversized, shapeless clothing to hide bulges- they will make you appear larger instead.

5. Wear undergarments that have good support.

6. Dress in monochromatic colors without patterns. Darker colors will make you appear smaller – navy, dark green, gray or black.

7. Avoid horizontal strips. Thin vertical lines will give a slimming look.

© Copyright Sheila Dicks 2005 …

Attract Gorgeous Women – 3 Useful Tips on How You Can Make Beautiful Women Fall For You

In order to routinely attract and seduce gorgeous women, you need to approach your game like a Science. You have to examine every angle to find out which techniques work in a given situation. This strict attention to detail is what separates dating experts from the average Joe.

True, each woman is unique and their tastes in men vary broadly. However, there are common exercises that are considered attractive by all women. It is these hits that you need to showcase and highlight every time you meet a woman that you want to seduce.

Here are 3 easy and practical tips to get you started on how you can make yourself more sexually attractive to most women, including those whom you think are out of your league:

o Make sure your grooming is impossible.

The first thing about you that will seize a woman's attention is your appearance. It's no secret that the tall and handsome men are attractive to women. But even if you are not naturally good looking, there are a lot of things you can do to improve your appearance. The way you dress, the way you fix your hair, your posture, the accessories you use – these are all things that can help you make a strong impact. And also, a very important detail – do not overlook how you smell because if you smell bad, no one will notice how good you look.

o Exhibit great social skills.

Having a lot of friends or being being able to make friends easily with other people reinforces the idea that you are a great guy. It's like proof that you must be an amazing guy because a lot of people think so and are willing to be friends with you. So next time you're in a social gathering and you see a gorgeous woman that you'd like to seduce, make sure she spots you have a great time with a bunch of people. In her mind, you'll be labeled as a definite date material even before you approach her.

o Reveal a healthy amount of self-confidence.

We're not talking about cockiness here. Self-confidence is all about being secure about who you are and what you can offer. Women find self-confidence in men very appealing. This is because confidence is one sign that the man is used to approaching women and commanding their attention.

Most men put gorgeous women up on a pedestal and idealize all of their exercises. But the truth is women do not like to be treated this way. Gorgeous women typically want a man who can see and relate to them as equals. Therefore the best way to demonstrate confidence is by treating them no differently than how you would treat your other female friends. If you approach them casually and spontaneously, that will send a strong message to them that you are in their league.

Now, these are very general guidelines on how you can be a man that gorgeous women everywhere will …

Weddings Under An African Sky

South Africa’s rich cultural heritage (where else do you find 11 official languages?) makes it the ideal destination for couples from all over the world to get married. From a typical Western wedding with the dress, the bridesmaids, the flowers, the formalities; to the paying of lobola (bride price), there is something to appeal to all tastes.

South African Wedding Venues and Honeymoon Destinations

Whether it’s a wine estate in Cape Town, the Knysna Heads, stark Karoo farmhouse, Drakensberg mountaintop or Big 5 game reserve, couples will find the South African wedding venue of their dreams; followed by an awesome honeymoon.

Take, for example a traditional Shangaan wedding, which is celebrated with much ceremony and jubilation. Wives and husbands enjoy separate ceremonies leading up to the actual wedding, and the whole community is involved, thereby ensuring a blessed union.

A Safari Styled Wedding

At Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve in the Sabi Sand Wildtuin, a unique wedding ceremony has been create that combines elements of Shangaan culture (the local communities are all Shangaan) with English and Afrikaans traditions.

One of the most beautiful areas on the Sabi Sabi property is called “Fig Tree Crossing” -a sandy river bank and a huge rock, behind which grows an enormous Sycamore Fig tree, which spreads its dappled shade across the top of the rock. In the shady riverbed, a simple wedding table is prepared, with a white linen cloth, champagne on ice, some driftwood, pods and wild flowers. Next to the table are safari chairs for the guests and priest and a zebra skin sprinkled with rose petals for the couple to stand on.

Vows are exchanged against this magnificent setting, and rings are blessed on a porcupine quill. It is a Shangaan tradition for the couple to exchange gifts; in this case the groom gives his bride an Ndbele blanket, which signifies his willingness to protect and shelter her during their marriage. The bride then is handed a traditional beer pot filled with juice for her to offer to her husband, a symbol of her intention to care for him and provide for his needs during their marriage. Lastly, there is the exchange of bracelets: a beaded one for the bride and a metal one for the groom – gifts that have high value in the local community.

After the ceremony, the couple has photos taken around the rock, the tree and on the sandy river bed before celebrating with champagne. They then travel back to the lodge for the wedding banquet.

Exquisite Wedding Receptions

Back at the safari lodge the wedding table is recreated and the festivities kick off with singing and dancing from the local community. It is customary to make a lot of noise – singing and beating drums – before starting the wedding feast. Singers will sing ancient songs as well as improvising with a new song made up with the wedding couple’s names. All guests are involved in the dancing and celebrating and …

The Jamaica Kincaid We Do not Want to Understand

Hail King Kincaid, for she is ferocious uncompromising honest and brave. Jamaica Kincaid spends a lot of her time dispensing what a critic so accurately put, awful truths; truths people spend a lot of time trying not to acknowledge. Understanding this Jamaica Kincaid takes us on a journey of discovery. We did not intend to travel on or wanted to, but once there we are familiar with the landscape. Even though we've never been there before; however our existence now, depended on our familiarity with said scene, then.

In "The Autobiography Of My Mother" Jamaica Kincaid has us on this road. Strange at it may seem Jamaica Kincaid's autobiography of her mother is similar to the autobiography of my mother, your mother, our mothers, of mothers past and mothers to be. For, in revealing Xuela's story that starts with her mother death. Jamaica Kincaid's story is the story of her mother. Kincaid's mom's story like Lamarckism or osmosis unveils itself in Kincaid's amniotic fluid, like the colonial history of her beloved island is exposed to Jamaica Kincaid in a foreign land. Xuela did not have to live on that little island or meet her mother. They're consequences of her upbringing. Like genetic evolution or ideology repeated over and over; her identity her island pride revealed in another country; a set of contradictions and ambivalence that come to define, or mess with, our lives.

But what is so awful about that. Well, this is the exciting part. Kincaid is sexual, very sexual without apology or shame. A big deal, because sexuality like a lot of contradiction, interlopers, shame, and guilt. Present themselves in all matters sexual hell-bent on clearing us. Their presences are Kincaid's nemesis. There to be conquered with Kincaid's empowering sexuality. Shame and guess make their appearance in "Girl" for criticizing the preadolescent daughter for squeezing bread. And for being the kind of person for whom the baker will not let squeeze the merchandise. Criticized for playing marble in a skirt. Criticized for the way, Xuela wears her hair or Lucy's smells.

Kincaid's mother like her island's morality is there to engage her. And if you pay attention they will reveal awful truths. Not just in your life but that of your mother. However unremitting, Kincaid is showing a need for love with her willingness to engage. This quest for love will eventually define her. Like her little island. And her dead mother. Available only in the arms of someone else's husband to be acquired. Or in a foreign land and symbols: the white man, white lady; Also to be captured by this woman who arrived on a banana boat.

Xuela Claudette Richardson, our protagonist, is sensual like Kincaid. She revels in sexuality exposed in her unloved life. What Xuela seeks in her sexuality is the feeling she is missing. A nemesis, not a lover. She is looking for someone to love or, hate; Her sexuality like the Phoenix raises from the ashes of her mother, like all of …

What Size Penis Do Most Women Prefer?

The answer may upset some of you guys, because it seems to be an issue of more importance than we once believed! For decades guys were told that size does not matter. The only thing you need to know is how to use what you have. Well, according to some recent online surveys, we have been fed a line of pure baloney! Women today are very vocal when it comes to expressing what size they want their lover's penis to be. They say it should be between 7 and 8 inches long, and they want it to be thick and muscular, too! Since the average erection is only 6 inches long, and between 4 and 5 inches around, this news is quite a shock to most men.

Now, while I was in college I was constantly asking myself, 'Is my penis too small?' Of course, I knew it was because a full inspection only measured about 5 inches long, and I was not even 4 inches around. Male enhancement pills had just hit the market, and, of course, I gotbbled them up like candy. After a full year of taking them with absolutely no gains, I decided they may as well be candy, too! I tried a penis extender, then a penis pump, and even considered surgery to help increase the size of my tiny package. Even though the extender and pump did not work, I just could not afford $ 10,000 for a surgical procedure with no proven track record of success.

Finally, I discovered a program of penal exercises. It guaranteed that it would make me longer, and said it was the best way to get a thicker penis, too. The exercises only took about 10 minutes a day to perform, and all I needed was my hands to do them. They seemed almost to simple to do any good, but after about 2 weeks I noticed something strange. My penis actually felt heavier, and the one girlfriend I had that stayed loyal to me said I felt thicker to her! I measured, and while it was not a big change, my length was about 1/8 of an inch longer, but my girth was actually over 1/4 inch thicker!

After about 7 months of steady gains My new and improved penis checked in at a whopping 7.5 inches long, and over 6 inches thick! All from following a natural penis exercise program! No other method that I tried produce even a fraction of an inch of growth.

What size penis do most women prefer? The size you will have if you follow a good program of penile exercise! Remember, women really like a man with a thick penis. Penile exercise is the best way to get a thick penis that you will ever find. They worked for me, and they will work for you, too! …

40th Birthday Presents – Finding the Perfect Gift

Turning 40 can be a great reason for a birthday celebration – its a nice milestone, still plenty of life left, but old enough not to make the mistakes of youth. For someone buying a 40th birthday gift, it can be a nightmare age to buy for. Most milestones are easy to buy for – if you know someone turning 50 or 60, then you probably have a good idea what they would like as a birthday present, but people often struggle for present ideas for someone turning 40. Here are a few suggestions – not all of these suggestions will work for every 40 year old, however, there is bound to be a 40th birthday present idea here that is just perfect.

A Blast From The Past

Things change a lot in 40 years. For someone turning 40, maybe its a great time to remind them of the 'good ol' days'. A lot of stores are starting to introduce 'retro' ranges, and there is bound to be something from the recipients earlier years that they are fond of. Perhaps its a children's tv program from when they were young, or a band they were into as a teen. Whatever it is, a piece of nostalgia is often a great present.


Whenever someone finds a milestone birthday, there is always room for a 'getting old' joke, and 40th births are no different. This only really works if you are younger than the person turning 40, but as long as it is good natured, then an 'over the hill' gift can be a great gift for someone you know well.

Try Something New

It is often said that 'you are never too old to try something different', so prove that point with an experience gift. You will have to make sure it is something that is at least similar to their interests, but there is plenty of room for a track day, a spa day or a climbing weekend as a great 40th gift idea.

Something As Old As They Are

Another popular birthday present is something as old as the recipient. There are plenty of 40 year old whiskeys, brands and wines out there, which would make a great 40th birthday present for someone who enjoys the odd tipple. Alternately, how about a match day program from their favorite sports team from the day they were born?

There is no reason why buying 40th birthday presents should be a difficult thing to do. There are a wide range of ideas available, and I am confident you will be able to find the ideal 40th birthday gift, no matter who you are buying for. …

Earrings for Women: How to Choose Fashion Earrings That Flatter Your Face

Earrings for women aren’t simply just another fashion accessory to pair with an outfit. Fashion earrings can make or break a look based on the earrings that you choose, your face shape, hairstyle and outfit. For this reason, there’s much more to choosing a pair of earrings than simply buying a pair that strikes your fancy. The earrings you choose should compliment your face shape, build and hairstyle in order to produce the beautiful results you’re looking for.

Consider Your Face Shape

If you have a round face to begin with, you want to stay away from hoops or fashion earrings that are circular in shape. Ovals would be a better choice for you because they would help to make your face appear longer and not so round. Dangle earrings would be another great choice for those with round faces. If you have a square shaped, or more angular face shape, you can get away with earrings for women that are round, such as hoops.

Think About Your Hairstyle and Hair Color

Your hair should be considered when you’re shopping for earrings. You want to choose earrings that compliment your hair color and your hairstyle as well. People with long hair should opt for dangle earrings while those with shorter hair can get away with wearing hoops. Those with blonde hair look best with metals that are gold in color while women with darker hair can generally get away with gold or silver. Women with red hair look beautiful with copper colored metals.

Enhance Your Body Type

Each of us has a specific body type that will work best with certain styles of fashion earrings. Taller women with longer necks can easily wear dangle earrings or any type of elongated earring style. They can also get away with wearing larger earring styles. Petite women can begin to look overwhelmed if the earrings they are wearing are too large, but this isn’t always the case. It all depends on the earring style you choose and what they look like when you try them on.

When you’re shopping for earrings for women always consider your face shape, hair color, hairstyle and build. While these rules aren’t set in stone, they are some good guidelines to start with. Just remember that smaller faces and those who are petite will also look best with smaller sized fashion earrings while those who are taller and larger can wear the larger styles more easily.

The colors of earrings also make a big difference because you want to choose something that compliments your skin tone and hair color. Gold metals look best with those who have blonde hair and those who have darker hair can get away with wearing silvers or golds.…

Gifted Children – Your Child Could Be the Next Einstein

Have you ever wondered if your child is gifted? Many parents do, looking for the traditional signs – the expression of a gift in verbal, numerical, or spatial reasoning. However, the truth is that not all gifted children display their talents in these means.

These three areas are highly regarded for good reason. Used in conjunction to measure the overall IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, of an individual, these three indicators are quantified and averaged into a score or overall IQ. The average IQ is 100; a score that would indicate a child can solve problems and analyze situations on par with the average intelligence of those in the same age group.

Traditional Measures ofifted Children

When a child has an IQ significantly above the average, they are consideredifted. However, there is more than one level of gifted when discussing an extraordinary child. The first milestone is around the 130 mark, rising as high as 150. This range is where children will often perform as much as one or two grade levels above their peers. They can grasp more complex concepts and ideas than they are being taught and seek greater challenges.

The next level is that of the substantially gifted – those children with IQs at or above 180. It is hard to numerically quantify the level of intelligence children at this tier display. It is manifest not only in the knowledge that retain, but in their ability to solve complex problems, understand the intricate rules of geometry and algebra, or memorize musical compositions instantly at ages as young as four. Children who are this gifted will display their gift in any number of wondrous situations, starting at a very young age and are almost always seeking a challenge intellectually.

A Comparison ofifted and Non -ifted Children

As reported in Gifted Child Quarterly in July of 2000, Thomas Oakland, an Education Psychology Professor at the University of Florida tested a sample of 1,554 gifted and non-gifted students between the ages of 8 and 17. He used the Student Styles Questionnaire, an advanced measurement of extraversion, creativity, decision making style, and a general preference for order.

The results show many general correlations in gifted students through the group. Some of his findings include:

o Gifted students are 29 percent more likely to have active imaginations than non-gifted students.

o Gifted girls are 55 percent more likely to have active imaginations than non-gifted girls.

o Girls of both groups preferred making decisions on the basis of values ​​rather than logic.

o Gifted boys are 28 percent more likely to prefer making decisions on the basis of values ​​(rather than on logic), as compared with non-gifted boys.

o Although more girls than boys prefer organized styles to a more flexible style, gifted students in general do not show a preference for organization over flexibility.

o Gifted and non-gifted students show no differences on measures of extraversion.

While these results show that there is a general difference between the gifted and non-gifted students, there …