Finally! Gay Wedding Cake Toppers to Compliment Your Gay Wedding!

Gay wedding cake toppers … you'd think that it would be an easy mission to find the same sex figurines for your wedding cake right? Many traditional wedding supply stores and vendors really do not take same sex relationships into account because for some reason or another they refuse to acknowledge that you exist.

More often than not, you've got to buy two of the same looking figurines and they end up looking like twins. And even if do decide on going that route, who wants a stiff & cheap looking plastic figurine that looks like it is made of lego on top of their cake? Is not there some kind of way to make it look like it slowly resembles you? What if you've got different features that you'd like to accent on such as:

– Is your hair, is it blonde, brunette, long hair, or bald?

– Maybe your skin tone, is it fair, tanned or dark?

– What about your wedding clothes? Will they be traditional white, or maybe a nice pastel?

– Accessories? Do you have distinguishing things such as ear rings, tattoos etc-

Do you really need to go through all that hassle? It's supposed to be the ultimate occasion and your day of triumph where you commit to the person you'd like to go through life like it's a dance? Would not it be nice to seal your perfect celebration as a wedded couple by going through the ritual of cutting the cake with gay wedding cake toppers made to suit just you and your partner?

Imagine if you could get your own custom gay wedding cake toppers made and sculpted to your specifications; your desired clothing, poses, hairstyles, skin tone – everything. And all you had to do was to send in your desired photos and images to do so? Would not you find that appealing to make your wedding perfect?

Hey, maybe you'd like to surprise your partner with your own custom made gay wedding cake toppers too! …

The Fine Art of Corporate Gift-Giving

It's still summer, and it's hard to realize that the holiday season and the end of the year are approaching soon. But business owners need to look ahead to the winter holidays and plan for that annual issue: gifts for clients and business associates.

Corporate gift-giving is an established part of doing business, but it's not always a simple matter to do it well. Fortunately, there are some established guidelines that apply quite generally.

• Corporate gift-giving should make the participants feel good about their role in the company's life, whether as a valued business associate or a valued client. The gifts should let them know that they are appreciated. The gifts should be reliably uniform, with variations only to suit special circumstances. You do not want customers comparing notes and wondering why one got an authentic basket of fruits and fine wines while another got a box of generic chocolates.

• Gifts delivered in person should be prearranged. Dropping in on a busy client or associate who's in a meeting or consultation can be awkward and embarrassing. Check your recipients' schedules so you arrive at a convenient time. Or simply arrange for shipping with delivery on an appropriate date.

• Choose a gift at an appropriate price level. You do not want to overdo or under something that has a definite business significance. A handwritten card is better than an obviously cheap gift; a particular lavish or obviously expensive gift is inappropriate if your clients and associates know you've had a tough year economically.

• Gifts given during the holiday season should recognize different cultural and religious traditions. Specifically Christian or Christmas-oriented items are not appropriate gifts for Jewish or Muslim clients or associates, but similar gifts can vary for these traditions: wreaths, for instance, can come with decorations in Hanukkah colors of blue and silver or gold. Evergreen table arrangements are simply seasonal and most designs are appropriate for any cultural tradition. Many evergreens firms will custom- design a centerpiece for you and your recipients that reflect the specific traditions you specify.

Wreaths, swags and centerpieces of fragrant evergreens, specifically designed and selected for your gift recipients with your particular needs in mind, are the ideal answer to any gifting situation. They're shipped fresh and fast, and they're the whole holiday season and usually longer. There's simply nothing like their fragrance and elegance. And the whole point of corporate gifting is to say "Thank you. We appreciate you." Evergreens says "Thank you" as well as anything we can think of. Sometimes a little bit better. …

Weaving the Flag – Display American Flags on Clothing

Are American flags allowed to be posted on clothing? Some may say yes, while others no. In general, US flags should not be printed on clothing, although for certain types of clothing and in certain forms they can be seen. The location of an American flag on clothing is often viewed as debatable, as the position could be neutral or indicate disrespect. For the latter, students with a flag patch or bandanna on the seat of their pants have been called out for disrespect according to local flag codes. Although a flag should not be placed on average clothing, it can be seen on clothing worn by patriotic organizations, as well as military organizations, the police, and fire department. In all of these instances, if the flag is not printed, it should be presented as a patch or pin.

When displaying the American flag as a pin, the pin should be displayed at the left lapel near the heart. In this position, the union – the blue field with 50 stars – needs to be at the observer's upper left corner. For the wearer, this should be the upper right hand corner. Although flag pins are often sold in stores, this applies mostly for American flag pins appearing on uniforms. Never mindless, the average person wanting to wear a flag pin on July 4th should still obey this section of the national Flag Code, as well as any state flag laws relating to wearing the flag.

American flags are also worn as patches on uniforms. In this instance, the patch should either be close to the heart and displayed in the same manner as a flag pin or worn on the sleeve. When displayed on a sleeve, the patch should have the American flag appearing as if advocating. For left sleeves, the patch is a standard United States flag, but right sleeves have a reverse flag patch. Although this display is incorrect according to other aspects of the Flag Code, the reverse patch is needed for the advancing effect. In terms of placing the patch on the uniform, it should be one inch below the shoulder seam or, if other military patches are already on the uniform, one-eighth of an inch below other patches.

The only other restriction for American flags on clothing applies to athletic uniforms and costumes. Otherwise, if these rules by the Flag Code – as well as any state flag laws – are followed, a United States flag may be displayed on certain types of clothing. …