Shopping Mall Leasing Strategies for Real Estate Brokers

The leasing of a shopping mall is a specific strategy relative to the location, the property type, the customer demographic, and the landlord. All factors come together to contribute towards a successful leasing outcome and tenancy mix.

It should be said that a successful leasing strategy will contribute towards the greater the benefit of the property. More customers will be encouraged to visit the property and purchase goods or services. On that basis retail leasing is quite special.

Here are some tips to help you with leasing a retail mall in today’s property market:

  1. Understand the vacancy factors that apply to the precinct or location. An excessive number of vacant tenancies will have an impact on market rentals and incentives. Check out the factors of supply and demand that apply within the region. Look for any new property developments that could have an impact on tenant movement and market rentals.
  2. Understand the types of incentives that can be offered by the landlord to attract tenants. Also understand the requirements of tenants when it comes to incentives in today’s market. Any vacancy that you have available for lease needs to be matched to the prevailing market conditions. That will include the rental types, and the incentives offered. The landlord needs to adjust to the prevailing market conditions. Get some details of comparable rentals and other properties nearby to help the landlord understand the packaging of their vacant tenancy.
  3. It should be said that a lease incentive cost should be recovered through the rental structure over the lease term. In other words, any money that is lost or offset in the incentive availability should be recovered by rental growth and escalation across the lease term. You can do this calculation through an assumption of market rentals and a discount cash flow calculation. The net present value of the deal can be compared across the duration of the lease.
  4. Successful leasing executives usually have a substantial database of retail tenants to contact. Any new leasing opportunity can be offered through the database to targeted tenants, anchor tenants, retail specialists, franchise groups, and other industry professionals. Any vacancy can be directly marketed to these groups through cold calling, direct contact, e-mail marketing, and direct mail.
  5. It is acceptable and normal to market a vacant tenancy through the generic media. That will involve newspaper advertising, and Internet listing. There are costs associated with that marketing activity and the landlord should contribute towards those costs.
  6. Most successful leasing transactions occur through the involvement of the leasing executive and direct marketing to the right people. I go back to the point that the database for each broker or agent is quite important to converting more commissions and listings.

It should be noted that any quality property in a good location will create good inbound enquiries. If you are selective with your property appointments and vacant tenancies, you will create more churn and activity in property leasing.…

A Cheap Wedding Can Be Fun

A cheap wedding does not have to be a second-rate affair. In fact, if properly organized and planned, it can be very much a five-star event. Here are some simple tips to save money and reduce the cost of your wedding.

Why not restrict the number of guests to the main event? Starting with the two simple facts that no matter how many people you invite, you will always leave someone out (who will be deeply offended) and also that the further removed people are from you, the more of them there are, it is an obvious solution to reduce the number attending the wedding ceremony to the bare minimum. A suggested shortlist for a cheap wedding would be the mother and father, siblings and best friend of both parties.

Write (or better still, visit) everyone before the marriage takes place and explain what you are doing and why. Spend quality time with each in proportion to how close they are to you.

Church may (arguably) more 'romantic' but a registry office is more practical and is more relevant if you are looking for a cheap wedding.

If one of the guests is an accomplished photographer, get him or her to come along to take the pictures. Save money on hiring an professional photographer.

Organize the reception for later that day as normal but why not make it a bring-a-bottle affair with a funny theme to it? It may not be traditional but the idea is that it is fun and something that everyone can let down there hair at.

Instead of buying clothes that are likely to be worn only once, wear something smart from your existing wardrobe or buy something practical that you can use again. Likewise go for a simple but appealing bouquet instead of hundreds and hundreds of flowers.

Do not get married in June, July, August or at Christmas or Easter as it will mean you paying a premium price for your honeymoon.

When you are purchasing your holiday, see if the price includes any special deals for newly-weds. If not, try telling the holiday company and ask what they can offer. Most companies will be pleased to include a package for honeymooners in return for a few public shots.

When you have chosen your honeymoon location, why not ask for cash presents towards the cost? If you feel it is a little 'too personal' receiving the money yourself, why not ask one of the parents to receive it on your behalf?

Another way of getting a cheap wedding is instead of sending out lots of expensive photographs afterwards and being tied to postcards during your honeymoon, get photos printed by a color laser printer and send them out with a newsletter. Add in a short personal comment to each.

We hope you will have found these suggestions helpful and, even if not, sometimes given you a starting point. This is your big day and what you say should go. Remember the best wedding is …

Six Great Gift Ideas For Friends – Birthdays, Holidays, and Just Because

Giving a gift to your best friend may sound like an easy task at first. You know what she likes and what she likes to do. But since she is your best friend, you may want to give her something extra special. This means that the pressure is on, which can make any gift-giver nervous. But by paying attention to the suggestions below, you can find a gift that shows your friend that you appreciate her.

If you want to give your friend a gift that you can share with her, try buying tickets to an event. Tickets to a play, a sporting event or a special museum exhibit is something that you can share together. The trip to the event is two presents in one; the event itself and a special memory for you both.

Some gift ideas will depend on gender. For women best friends, treat her to a relaxing day at a spa. You can even book two massage appointments and make it a trip for the both of you. Spending time together will be an added benefit of giving this type of gift.

If you and your friend are both male, a day spa trip may not be up your alley. In this case, you can book an afternoon at the golf course, a hunting weekend or a day of fishing as a present for your friend. Golf courses or tennis lessons are a gift that a best friend of either gender would appreciate.

You can put a spin on your friend's favorite books, movies or television shows by buying special memorabilia. You can find items such as props, posters, scripts and autographed items on online auction sites like eBay. Make sure to set a budget for your spending so you do not pay too much for the item. It can be tempting to keep raising the bid to get the memorabilia you really want, but try to stay within your budget.

Another great unisex gift idea is food. Everyone loves food, and you can make a food-related gift personalized by zeroing on your friend's preferences and tastes. If your friend loves sushi, give her a cookbook and a sushi starter kit. If barbecue is more her style, a selection of specialty barbecue sauces is a perfect gift. Gourmet chocolate is a great idea for a friend who has a sweet tooth. Food related gifts are always appreciated, and they can be very easy to buy.

If you'd like to get your friend a personalized gift, you can create a collage of your friendship that they'll be sure to appreciate. Collect pictures and other memorabilia from the times you've hung out, trips you've taken together or events you've attended. You can make a scrapbook of your time together, or buy a wall collage that will hold all of your photographed memories.

No matter what kind of gift you choose to give your best friend, she will appreciate the thought you put into the gift. Keep in …

Choosing A Boating Gift

Choosing a gift for someone special can always be a bit of a challenge. But when you're buying for a hobby enthusiast, your options expand as a host of hobby-related gifts becomes a possibility. For boating enthusiasts especially, a well chosen boating gift can be both enjoyable and functional.

There may be those people who are difficult to buy for because they seem to have everything. But when it comes to boats, "everything" is a bit more difficult to acquire; for this reason, giving a boating gift means that you'll always have something to buy that special someone – outfitting their boat with the latest and greatest in modern gadgets.

Today's renovated boats are outfitted similar to floating homes. Subsequently, you can easily find a boating gift that adds to the convenience and luxury of the boat's living quarters. Boating supply stores offer a wide variety of convenience items and appliances that are specially designed for onboard use such as blenders and coffee makers. Another boating gift could be a host of safe and attractive dinnerware that the boat owner can use to entertain. There are a variety of beautiful cocktail glasses, plates, serving trays, and utensils that you can arrange in a basket with linens that complement the boat's interior.

To go along with this boating gift theme, you may want to present the boat owner with an additional basket of easily stored, non-perishable food items to keep on board for entertaining purposes such as small jams, crackers, or a nice bottle of wine . If you are staying on board for the evening or for an extended period of time you could think about bringing along a pre-arranged meal for an onboard feast.

There are also a host of decorative items to give as a boating gift including small candles, placemats, picture frames, and non-breakable vases. You could even put together a lovely basket with miniature toiletry items including small towels, creams, lotions, soaps, and powder.

Of course, there are also quite a few practical items that would serve as a wonderful boating gift, although these tend to be on the pricier side. Check with the boat owner to try to find out what items he / she still needs but has not yet purchased.

No matter what you choose to purchase, the truth is that a thoughtful boating gift for the water enthusiast in your life will be well received and much appreciated! …