1600 Century Weddings

Are European weddings as glamorous as the US weddings? I think so since Europe is the founding place for wedding favors and its very old traditions. Back in the 1600 century Europe was a country of noble men and women. These noble men and women would have wonderful events to celebrate their love for one another.

The early noble men would invite many people around to come and join their festive time, and to help them celebrate the coming together of man and woman in marriage. The early 1600 century noble men would give out different types of candies to the guests who would attend their wedding reception and helped them with their event.

As time moved on, the candles become gifts and larger types of items which these days we call them wedding favors or wedding favor gifts. So are European weddings as great as they sound, I would think so considering they were doing for many many years and probably have giving gifts for weddings down pretty well. but you may fill different, you might like certain things and feel that the wedding theme for you is not necessarily the same wedding theme for someone else. I feel that each person has the right to have their wedding look however they choose and they should be allowed to express their love to their reception.

If you like to see some really great wedding favor ideas that that I have put together then check out the information I have below. I hope you have a wonderful wedding and I hope all your planning works out for you.