10 Tips for Honeymoon Bliss

With all the wedding preparations sometimes planning and getting ready for the honeymoon is put on the back burner and is the last thing on your to-do list. If your honeymoon is the very next day or a few days after, you may not have the energy to pack several suitcases after a long wedding day! Here are some helpful honeymoon tips to keep your newlywed journey stress free.

1. If you need one, apply for a passport early, several months before the wedding, it can take up to fourteen weeks before it is issued. Go to the post office and pick up an application, and send it in as soon as possible.

2. Decide if you have enough luggage, if not, purchase what you need. If you are planning on traveling to a location with a different climate, purchase any new clothing items you may need.

3. If you plan on traveling to a foreign county, consider purchasing a book book and / or a translation book or dictionary. A guide book will help in planning activities; a book to help with the language barrier will also come in handy.

4. Consider honeymoon insurance. Mother Nature can have completely different ideas for your honeymoon or an emergency can offer. Your honeymoon is a big financial and emotional investment, so you will want to be covered just in case.

5. Confirm your honeymoon reservations a week or two in advance. It's easier to work out issues before you leave rather than deal with problems when you arrive at your destination.

6. Make sure your hotel, resort or cruise knows you are newlyweds – they often will hand out special treats. You can also book a "surprise" for your loved one – such as chocolate covered strawberries, champagne and roses for your arrival.

7. Pack your bags at least a week before your departure date. Many couples forget to do this or put it off thinking they can pack right after the wedding. After a long wedding day, this will be the last thing you will want to do.

8. Pack some of his clothes in her bag, and some of her clothes in his bag. If one of your bags is missing upon arrival, you will have some clothes in the other to hold you over until your luggage can be located.

9. If you can, do not leave the day after the wedding. If you think planning a wedding is stressful and tiring, wait until your wedding day. The day itself will be filled with excitement, stress, and a plethora of emotions all at the same time. Many couples stay up late celebrating, and plan on sleeping on the plane, which without an is extremely long flight, usually is not very restful. You will feel more refreshed and ready to go if you have at least a day of after wedding recovery.

10. Remember to have fun and bring a camera with you. Like your wedding, this is a once in a lifetime event, document your most romantic days together.