10 Reasons Why Women Cheat

Women are usually considered as the gender, which are more faithful most of the time. However, that seems to be a thing of the past. Both men and women are equally the same when it comes to infidelity now. Are the reasons to why men cheat and why women cheat similar? Let us take a look.

# 1 When a woman is lonely, she tends to look out for affairs. Women who are stuck in an unsatisfactory relationship can feel very lonely. It feels even more more lonelier when they were still single.

# 2 A woman who feels unattractive and uncared for by the partner would tend to seek for someone who she can depend on. Imagine if you are down in the dumps and someone chat up with you, saying that you look pretty tonight. How would you react? She would definitely be impressed to be with someone who cared and finds her beautiful.

# 3 Revenge is sweet. Women cheat on their men in the desire to inflict the same kind of pain and effect that men could have caused them. Maybe the man had, caused her to feel betrayed and rejected. She might as well cheat just to return the favor.

# 4 Some women go on illicit affairs at the expanse of pure boredom. Maybe the lady expected more in the relationship, but in return, she gets an unsatisfying relationship. Some kind of affair could bring excitement in her life.

# 5 Nowadays women get to have more contact with the men, unlike in previous generations wheree women only stayed at home. With more exposure to men, the tenders to have affairs would be greater.

# 6 Most of the time, working life causes the women to have affairs. This is large due to working circumstances like company secrets and working late nights. These encourage some kind of intimacy.

# 7 Both men and women lack of caution, which can lead to temptations. It is important to practice caution, such that both parties would not be upset. For example, if a bloke was flirting with your partner at the pub, would you be OK if she flirts back? It is important to prepare for such situations or it could cause serious trouble.

# 8 One of the main reasons why women cheat would include the ability of the man to fulfill her sexually. Sometimes the man is just tired to bones after work. But what keeps a relationship going are the things that happen behind closed doors. Just like how men think and react, women would do the same too.

# 9 A supportive partner is very important in a relationship. As a partner, you have to understand her dreams and goals. If failed to do so, she would think that you or not bothered about her life.

# 10 And the most common reason why women cheat is because of an unhappy relationship. This is the most popular reason which also leads to divorce and split ups.